LiveGiveServe: He also goes by Pete091
Amandasaline: Have a Great Monday Everyone and remember God is in control...
Veronica: hello
Amandasaline: OK never mind guys yes it was him
Amandasaline: Peter090 the guy who gave everyone problems
Amandasaline: What is Peter060 real name I think he messaged me
Me: Praise the Lord Jesus everyone
noblestrength77: Hi ya
noblestrength77: Amem
Amandasaline: Happy Sunday Everyone GET YOUR SMILE ON!!
okcapostoliclady 45: Im ok and happy 4th all
Amandasaline: Happy 4th Everyone Celebrate your freedom!!!
Mark: I'm alive. Does that count?
shalom: Is everyone ok in this chatroom?
shalom: Praise God
Mountain Goat: You will never have your crown experience until you've gone through your cross experience. Happy Independence Day, everyone!
rickrickdeanh: The best is already here. The greatest is about to come
Nerlyn: hello everyone! Hope evreything's fine. God bless
Ron: Hi there, BestZyet2come
Ron: Hi, BestZyet2come
okcapostoliclady 45: Happy 4th my BLESSED in it.
okcapostoliclady 45: Any1 here
ruthea: Godbless
Kiwigirl: Hullo
Kingskid: Good to hearr from you bro. rickrickdeanh alright everyone yall Have a blessed and safe fourth of July!!!
Mountain Goat: @rickrickdeanh...Doing great my friend. Pray all is well with you.
rickrickdeanh: Noooo! I'm blessed by the best.. 😁
okcapostoliclady 45: Im BLESSED by the BEST. ..
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all..
okcapostoliclady 45: Oh ok....wasnt trying to b mean lol
rickrickdeanh: & apostolic lady
rickrickdeanh: Mountain goat how have you been?
rickrickdeanh: & I was wondering how everyone is doing.
rickrickdeanh: I'm not married yet.
rickrickdeanh: Lol.... Was just thinking about you kingskid
Kingskid: Nothing bad was said Mountain Goat and I were just joking around.
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello what about me kingskid
okcapostoliclady 45: What about me kingskid
okcapostoliclady 45: Hi all
ElaineB: Thanks, Mark.
ChelleBelle: Hey everyone
Mountain Goat: Praise Him anyhow, and see what happens! Have a great week everyone.
Mark: elaine, click on the tools menu and then click report fraud
danielalmeida: I have already talked to scammers here... anybody who asks you money just ignore them.
ElaineB: Is there a way to report someone on here who is a scammer?
Kingskid: Havent heard from bro rickrickdean maybe he got married.
Kingskid: That's funny bro. But I dont think okcapostoliclady 45 thinks so.
Lynne07: I am from WV! Sorry I missed this
Mountain Goat: Fighting the good fight! Yes, it's WV. You get the prize. An all expense paid vacation...paid by okcapostoliclady45...LOL
Mountain Goat: PTL Kingskid. You are still in the race I see...That's good! Is rickrickdean still around?
Kingskid: Oops Praise the Lord be blessed. big fingers you know. Ps. Is it almost Heaven West Virginia?
Kingskid: Ptaise the Lord Mountain Goat havent heard from you in a while, be blrssed.
okcapostoliclady 45: Well ok off to bed, b BLESSED all.
okcapostoliclady 45: Umm colorado lol n yes I did
Mountain Goat: You failed geography in school, didn't you? lol Another clue, "The Mountain State."
okcapostoliclady 45: Lol ok which is
Mountain Goat: I'm from the place they call 'Almost Heaven"
okcapostoliclady 45: Right. Whats up ur way. .where u from
Mountain Goat: Just glad to be in the number, Sis! Very glad!
Mountain Goat: If I were doing any better, I'd have a glorified body! Hallelujah!!!
okcapostoliclady 45: How r u
okcapostoliclady 45: Amen agree
Mountain Goat: My prayer is that the Holy Ghost will detonate in somebody's church service in the morning! A Holy Ghost explosion!!! Glory!!!!!
Jimmers: Cut a rug Mountain Goat! That's what I'm talkin' about !!
Mountain Goat: Hallelujah! Feeling it tonight!
Mountain Goat: That's when you do it all....if you gotta shout, you can shout! If you gotta dance, you can dance! Real worship!
Mountain Goat: When you get in the presence of God, and you're really happy to be there, you won't have any hang-ups.
Mountain Goat: Amen, Kingskid!
Mark: nope
okcapostoliclady 45: Anyone here
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
okcapostoliclady 45: Amen preach it
Kingskid: Now that's what I call hot!!!! Can I get an amen Brethren?
Kingskid: One God Apostolic on fire for God Ladies!!!!!
Kingskid: Thank God for Holy Ghost filled Apostolic tongue talking
Miriamluna: Lets pray one for another!!!!
okcapostoliclady 45: Agreed totally
okcapostoliclady 45: Hi all whats up all
Miriamluna: Lol, never issss!!!!!!! We should set abtime to chat ladies, since man are shy!!!!
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
sandsummer: nope no one
okcapostoliclady 45: Nope never is lol
lyn: is there anyone around?
lyn: hey
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello from Oklahoma
miriam: hello from Mexico
okcapostoliclady 45: I guess
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
miriam: no one is ready I guess!!!!!!
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
okcapostoliclady 45: I get that same feeling on dudes
Mountain Goat: Is anyone there, there, there... I can hear the echo, echo, echo...
Mountain Goat: My profile just surpassed 300 hits, still no communication with a woman. Are they extinct? LOL!
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all
Kingskid: Thanks mariam
Kingskid: Wonderful,Beautiful, Glorious, Matchless in every way is what you are to me Jesus! !!
miriam: lol, that's a good joke kingskid!!!!
Kingskid: Ms Matches sure you go down the street and the first store you see ask them where is the closes Wal-Mart
okcapostoliclady 45: Anyone here
okcapostoliclady 45: Howdy in okie state
Jimmers: Howdy from waaaay up in Michigan!
okcapostoliclady 45: Lol right, I think u have to look urself lol
LiveGiveServe: We get matches? I haven't seen anything like that. JUst the advanced search.
ncgal02: goodmorning from NC
okcapostoliclady 45: Good luck on that, ive been trying myself lol
Mountain Goat: ♫ Jesus...Jesus...Oh, how I love, calling your name! ♫
Lynne07: hello can anyone tell me how you get your matches?
okcapostoliclady 45: Anyone here
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
okcapostoliclady 45: Hellooooo all. What's up?
Jimmers: His mercies are made new EVERY morning. So thankful! !
Celicia: Hi
Mountain Goat: We were unworthy to live....and not fit to kill (sacrifice). Man, Jesus did it all!
okcapostoliclady 45: Ty i hate missing work, n I hate not driving our church van on service nites
Mountain Goat: Will pray you get to feeling better.
okcapostoliclady 45: Well hoping to get to go back to work after being off for an injury..:(
Mountain Goat: Bedtime soon...another early day of work tomorrow. How bout you?
okcapostoliclady 45: Whats up ur way tonite
okcapostoliclady 45: I know. ...
Mountain Goat: okcapostoliclady 45....Glad you like it.
Mountain Goat: Great song below by the Hinson's. Mike Bowling does a good version of it. It'll minister to you.
okcapostoliclady 45: Man oldie but a goodie
okcapostoliclady 45: Man oldie but a goodie
Mountain Goat: ♫ Lock me up in a prison, and throw away the key...Take away the vision from these eyes, that now can see...♫
Mountain Goat: ♫ Deprive me of the food that I eat, and even bind my hands and my feet...But as long as I know Jesus, I can still go free ♫
okcapostoliclady 45: Hummm
okcapostoliclady 45: Any1 here
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all
Jimmers: My account was suspended for awhile. Anyone else have this happen??
sandsummer: no its not worth any money.. yes very poor of a website ;o) good luck
wendy67: this site is not worth the money no one my age on here very disappointing
JustMe: I'm probably going to delete my account.
JustMe: Pete091 profile is back up.
Cvallee: from Peter091
Cvallee: Thank you for telling me, I just got a message from him
okcapostoliclady 45: Im here usually about yall
okcapostoliclady 45: Ty how do u know if may ask
LiveGiveServe: Hey guys, the dude under Peter090 & Pete091 is a scammer! BE careful!
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all
Amandasaline: and dont forget the time zones
Amandasaline: Maybe we should all put times on here when we plan to check in that way we dont miss any LOL :p
okcapostoliclady 45: Hi all
mcm1962: How's life treating you today?
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
Me: Yes it sure does
Lindsey: Yes...helps me through the Rest of the week.
Me: Me too! But thank God tomorrow is Wednesday.. Church time.
Lindsey: Pretty good so far.. just waiting for fri. ;)
Me: I meant (y'all are)
Me: Praise the Lord everyone! Hope yaoare having a good week.
Lindsey: Amen Lynne07 lol
Lindsey: Amen Lynne07 lol
Lynne07: I haven't. Most of the profiles are old. But, I'm not giving up. Jesus turned water into wine. He can find me my apostolic mate.
Jimmers: Made some friends
Lindsey: Has anyone had any luck in here?
Peter090: Hello. Cant seem to reply to your message Peter, I cant seem to reply to your message.
okcapostoliclady 45: Any1 here
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all. How r u
sandsummer: this site is the worst set up
Katy: Click "ENTER CHAT" and wait a minute. If it doesn't appear update Adobe.
Hoss: I can not find the chat room ether!!
Apostolicwoman: It says on this page that the website was restored on July 13, 2014! I find that strange that it isn't restored or monitored more iften
Apostolicwoman: I have been a Paying Member on this site for 1 year and have not found out yet how to enter the chat room! Anyone else have this problem?
CreatedinChrist: Hello
Niecie: Hey Jimmers! How have you been?
Jimmers: This place is rocking this afternoon lol. How Ya'll doin?
HighlyfavoredofGod: Stop what your doing right now and Praise Jesus!!! Praise break
Jimmers: If you don't mind the long distance relationship thing, the results would probably be fair to good.
wendy67: I am new at this site how is the results on here Have a great day in Jesus
ChelleBelle: I don't get on here too often but just wanted to say hello, and have a blessed and wonderful day! :-)
ising4jesus: Hi
Jimmers: Jimmers on the chat line tell him what you want. Jimmers on the chat line now
Mark: Lynne, that was supposed to say, recruit some singles. LOL
Mark: I second that, MG! Well said!
okcapostoliclady 45: Ummm hello
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello any1 here
Mountain Goat: Women! If you're not ready for a relationship, don't imply that you are. It's a waste of valuable time and resources.
Mountain Goat: This place is as dead as three day old road kill.
Mark: Lynne, recruit so goes you know.
Lynne07: Why do I get the feeling that is not an active site? Any ideas what we can do to make it more active?
1sunshine: Does anyone out there know of a christian scuba diving group?
wendy67: Hi
Amandasaline: hi there
Jimmers: What's new everyone???
Amandasaline: hey there
lovingmyGod: I'm new
lovingmyGod: Hello
Jimmers: When life is at its worst, Jesus is at his best!!
Heavenbound: Shout
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello how r u all
lourdesmomongan: hello
Jimmers: Eat
Jimmers: You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him ear oranges. Hee haw!
SoldierOFGod: Hello
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
okcapostoliclady 45: Hi all..
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
okcapostoliclady 45: Same Just resting for now, have a busy day for church but I love it.
Me: Nothing ready for church tomorrow. How about u?
okcapostoliclady 45: Im ok n u..whats up
Me: Hi how are u
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
okcapostoliclady 45: Any1 here
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all..
Jimmers: Our church has doubled over the past few months. Revival is here and it's a blessing to be a part of. With or without a significant other.
Amandasaline: ya my town bout 12000
Marcell: LOL...It's hard to deal with small minded people too. LORD HELP!!
Jimmers: Hard to do in a smaller town in a smaller church but God is able. Just have to be patient. Not my strong suit lol
Jimmers: Long distance relationships are challenging. No doubt about it. I've been praying to meet someone locsl. Makes life much easier.
Amandasaline: Jimmers-I've heard guys same well if she cant come to me then forget it it.
Kingskid: What a day of rejoicing that will be good bye world good bye!!!
Kingskid: This world is getting ready to see God's wrath God's not mocked!
Kingskid: Won't be long before I get my new incoruptable one on the otherside
Kingskid: All s wer with my soul no job yet ss for my body
Jimmers: Amandasaline, why wouldn't she be worth it? There's no written rule that says the woman has to move where the man is. Just sayin.
okcapostoliclady 45: Way..sorry lol
okcapostoliclady 45: Howdy all.. whats up yalls wat..
Amandasaline: Do you think a woman is still worth it if the man would have to come to her if they were to marry?
rickrickdeanh: Praise God, I'm doing well kingskid. Are you doing alright? How are things going for you? Did you get that job yet?
Jimmers: Walleye is yummy!!!
Kingskid: Thank you Love you all church family!!!
Kingskid: going to check her boyfriend (a backslider) Brian to see if he is positive.
Kingskid: while in her pregnancy, now her son Camron has it too.They are
Kingskid: Please pray for a friend of mine her name is Rosa she got hepatitis C
Kingskid: Hows it going rick ol buddy hope all is well with you God bless you bro.
Kingskid: Oops Lord willing. Big fingers small pad bad combonation.
Kingskid: Hey Jimmers I have plans to fish for some Walleye Lorf willing.
okcapostoliclady 45: Hi all
ruthea: Hi everyone
OneGodgirl31: Hi
rickrickdeanh: Sounds good to me
daughteroftheking: good morning all may your day be filled with the joy of the Lord
rickrickdeanh: Good morning
rickrickdeanh: All is well here
okcapostoliclady 45: That's good to hear, whats up ur way
ElaineB: Great!
okcapostoliclady 45: Ok how's every1 2nite
Jimmers: Oh yeah!!
Kingskid: Save me some Jimmers I can make fried rice to go with it yum!
Jimmers: Limited out on panfish then fried em up. Mmmm! Great day!!
sandsummer: Help!!!! I've run out of weekend!!
ElaineB: Good Monday Morning to you all!!!! Have a good one!
Kingskid: Ya'll have a blessed day now hear???♥
Kingskid: Last week I made jumbo shells with chicken & broccoli really good.
Kingskid: First time for Gen Tso. IT'S FOR GAME NITE TONIGHT. Yay!!!
Kingskid: General Tso chicken on menue to make today with chicken fried rice
Lynne07: Not much what about you? Not much. What about you?
bruh: What's happening
Jimmers: Everyone raise the roof at church this morning. He IS worthy!!
Lynne07: I am. But I'm tired enough to go to sleep.
rickrickdeanh: Is any one awake?
Tyler: Praise the Lord everybody!!!!
okcapostoliclady 45: HELLO
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello I will
Jimmers: Anyone care to chat??? LOL
Lynne07: Hello everyone hello everyone
ElaineB: Hello!!
sandsummer: Jimmers!!!!
Jimmers: He's good like that! Happy Saturday everyone!!
rickrickdeanh: amen!
Rob: Amen
okcapostoliclady 45: Amen rob
Rob: Praise the Lord @rickrickdeanh what a mighty God we serve!!
okcapostoliclady 45: Awesome
rickrickdeanh: Wow, what an encounter with Him. He truly is wonderful
rickrickdeanh: The Lord visited me the other day & woke me up, healed me from my migraine and then left my heart boiling over with the joy of the Lord
rickrickdeanh: All is well. God is so good to us. Praise God
okcapostoliclady 45: Whats going on...hows alll
Jimmers: Nanu nanu as Mork would say
sandsummer: greetings earthlings and non earthlings ;o)
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all.. I agree totally lol
Jimmers: Good to hear about the Bible study though!
Jimmers: Hi Kimmy. Not much of a chat room here. Just an fyi.
kimmy72: hello
kimmy72: great bible study last night
ElaineB: Good morning! Another beautiful Friday!
Jimmers: Yup
sandsummer: especially for me!!! LOL
Jimmers: I have made a few good friends from ASN and for that I am thankful!
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all
Jimmers: Bingo!
sandsummer: Lynne07... with lots of faith and lots of prayers
Lynne07: How does one find their matches? How does one find their matches?
Jimmers: Hello hello!!
Miracle: Hello everyone
Miracle: Hello everyone
okcapostoliclady 45: Always, blessed by the best...
mstisjc: Hello guys glad to find this site :-)
ElaineB: Having a wonderfully blessed day!!! Hope you are doing the same!
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all. Hows y'alls day going?
Mark: Nope
Jimmers: I'm thankful that Jesus is not like this chat room lol
sandsummer: no
okcapostoliclady 45: Any1 here
Nickfire: Who can find a virtuous woman?
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello
maricel: waiting Gods plan is good
Jimmers: I chose to date shortly after my divorce knowing full well that it was waaaay too soon. Not a good outcome.
GodsChild43: Waiting is not fun but I would rather wait than be in a marriage not in the will of God.
Jimmers: Learn from my mistake and make sure it's God's timing and plan. DO NOT put the cart in front of the horse!
ElaineB: Hello, GodsChild43!
ElaineB: Waiting is not fun at all!!! LOL
GodsChild43: Hello y'all
GodsChild43: Putting your trust in God is a sure way even if it's not in the timing we would like.
Jimmers: Preach it Sandsummer! Hard to find someone local. Long distance relationships are not very fun.
ElaineB: I'm beginning to think there are a lot of visitors on this site and not many real members.
ElaineB: No one is ever in the chat rooms.
sandsummer: I have been single for a year and I know its tough but trust and things will somehow work out. ;o) good luck
sandsummer: My suggestion.. Is pray and trust that God will bring the right person into your life
sandsummer: Lynne07 this site is very lame to meet people, and although a christian site.. lots of creeps out there
Lynne07: I don't think there are very many people on here at one time. No one has answered the question about how to find ones matches. Lol
Jimmers: This isn't really a chat room...more like a statement box lol
WomanOfGod: =)
maricel: im here any here now talkto me
maricel: helojimmers
Jimmers: Have a great day everyone! Let your light shine!!
WomanOfGod: Hi there!
okcapostoliclady 45: Hi
febie: Hi
Jimmers: Guessin not lol
okcapostoliclady 45: Any one here
Jimmers: Howdy from the furrows of cyberspace
WomanOfGod: Hi
maricel: hi there
maricel: hi there
maricel: hi there
Marcell: Hello all, to the left it says that our matches won't be computed before we visit the Match. ??? Where
Melanie: To Mine: you can email me at
Jimmers: That He is!!
okcapostoliclady 45: Well I worked today but God is good all the time.
Jimmers: Just jazzy. Had a great weekend. Back to reality tomorrow lol
okcapostoliclady 45: How r u jimmers
okcapostoliclady 45: I see that lol
Jimmers: Not usually lol
okcapostoliclady 45: Any1 here
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all
Jimmers: Glad to see everyone had a good weekend besides a lil rain. Had a blast up north camping. Fish on!!
Lynne07: Thanks Mark! I was wondering.
Mark: lynne, walmart sells matches
okcapostoliclady 45: Ours was Awesome
Marcell: Nickfire answer to your question...u can!! Check me out. Now a member
Rob: Pentecost Sunday was great!! I hope everyone had a great one!
okcapostoliclady 45: Any1 getting rain lol
okcapostolicwoman45: Hows it going all.
okcapostolicwoman45: Hello all
bobby: Praise the Lord to you to.
Nickfire: Who can find a virtuous woman?
della: Praise the Lord everyone.
Lynne07: Can anyone tell me where the "match" section is?
bobby: I hope you all have a grate weekend.
jazz: @Jen yes yes praise the Lord
jazz: Amen @Miriam
Miriam: @ Jazz, you right!!!!!
Jimmers: Enjoy the weekend Ya'll!!
Jen: @Miriam: Yep. Agreed! I don't deceive people. I am what you see lol @Jazz: Tis true yo!
jazz: Hey we are all aliens because we are not of this world!
Jimmers: Right!!
Miriam: Be aliens or whatever just dont deceive people!!!!!
Jimmers: Lol. Guess we're both aliens then!
Jen: Jimmers: well I often claim I am from Pluto? Does that count? lol
Jimmers: No Aliens?? Awe bummer lol
Jen: Guess what.... I'm a real human. Yay me! haha
rickrickdeanh: As far as the fakes usually you can discern them by reading thier profiles or by testing them. God says to test all things
rickrickdeanh: I'm having success as far as meeting different people. Love is being patient and letting God unfold the rose 🌹for He is love.
Lynne07: Hello everyone
Jimmers: Amen to that Miraim!!
Miriam: There are some scammers!!!!! Oh welll, patience, its. God's time, His time is perfect, better wait!!!!
Mark: nope
sandsummer: I met 3 really creepy people.. lol
ElaineB: Anyone can if they truly look for one.
Jimmers: Here's another question. Is there anyone having any success on this site?
Nickfire: Who can find a virtuous woman?
Miriamluna: Hello fron Mexico!!!!
love2shout: Hello Everyone!
hi: Hello Rikki
Kingskid: Pray for Cleveland Ohio!
Jimmers: Any other Michiganders around here? I think I'm the lone duck.
Amandasaline: Hey there from Minnesota
Jimmers: Lots of those around here
Brittany: Ankeny Iowa!;) looking for a pen pal! Lol
ElaineB: Hello from South Arkansas!!!
Kingskid: Shout unto the Lord with the voice of triumph, shout unto the Lord with praise!!!
Jimmers: This IS the day that the Lord has made I WILL rejoice and be glad in it
sandsummer: Hooowwddyyy from Texas!
Kingskid: Greetings from Ohio.
Jonathan: Howdy from Louisiana!!
Jimmers: Howdy from Michigan!
Lynne07: Hello everyone! I am new here.
Brittany: Awee I wish I could go hiking and fishing:/ I gotta work.
Jimmers: Sounds like fun!!
ElaineB: I plan to be on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma the whole weekend. Well, taking a break for church Sunday and then going back. Can't wait!
Kingskid: Fishing Lord willing how about you bro. Rick?
Jimmers: Anyone have any big plans for memorial weekend? I'm heading up north camping with some friends
Kingskid: I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord.
Jimmers: Enter His gates with thanksgiving, His courts with praise and His presence with worship!!
Kingskid: Love this song Here in your presence!!!
Kingskid: I"m happy with anything over 60 its been a long cold winter here comes the sun!!!
Jimmers: I just love it when the weather peeps are wrong. Nothing but blue skies today and it was supposed to be a soaker
sandsummer: exactly! what Jimmers said....
Jimmers: Tread lightly and prayerfully around here lol
rsteele: Doing this is not normally my type of thing. I am stepping out of my comfort zone!
sandsummer: Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a great evening
Kingskid: Either 5 foolish vergins or virgins I don't want to be like tand be left behind.
Mark: *virgins
Kingskid: You too bro.!!!
Jimmers: Have an absolutely WONDERFUL day everyone!!
Jimmers: Amen. It's easy to get complacent. It happened to me awhile back. We need to keep our desire for sharing this good news fresh everyday.
Kingskid: God bless you bro.Jimmers FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT & KEEP THE FAITH!!!
Kingskid: It bothers me to see how some saints take these end times so lightly.
Kingskid: I don't want to be like the five foolish vergins and be left behind!!!
Kingskid: Amen bro. We are in a Spirital warfare and thr devil is mad but I'm glad greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!!!
Kingskid: I'm so home sick for heaven bro. I can feel it tugging at me
Jimmers: Awesome!! That's what we need!! Keep up the good work Kingskid! Time is short and folks need to know this truth!!!
Kingskid: I'm so home sick for heaven bro. I can feel it tugging at me
Kingskid: But glory be to God she went to church with me that night and we celebrated her birthday at my house the next day.
Kingskid: And found out that the next day was her birthday and she was going tp kill her self
Kingskid: About a young lady that I did not know and was reluctant to talk to her
Kingskid: God knows my burden for lost souls especially after God delt with me
Kingskid: Time is short I have been reaching out to my neighbors.
Kingskid: Amen Jimmers my pastor's wife's brother recently died and I don't think he was ready
sandsummer: this site is the worse spent $50 I ever spent .. lol.. someone needs to help whomever is in charge. ;o)
Jimmers: If not us, who? If not here, where? If not now, when???
Jimmers: So true Kingskid. In the meantime, there are souls to win. Let your light shine in this darkened world today!!!
Kingskid: Don' you want God's bosom to be your pillow when the world's on fire???
Kingskid: OH SINNER FRIEND DON'T YOU WANT GOD'S Busan to be your pillow when the world's on fire
Kingskid: Lord Jesus please come quickly!!!!!!
Kingskid: End time SIGNS are everyday now that shows how merciful OurLord Jesus is.
Kingskid: Good bye world Good bye!!!! I'll see you in the rapture wont be much longer.
Kingskid: I will be a happier peolpe when the Angel of God blows the trumpet.
Niecie: Lol Jimmers
Jimmers: Touch Niecie!
Niecie: I will be a happier people when I get off work. Lol
Jimmers: We're a happy people yes we are...
Jimmers: Back to planet earth today moms. Sorry. Have a blessed Monday everyone!
Kingskid: Happy Mother's Day ALL YOU LOVING MOTHERS!!!
Jimmers: Oops, the ? Shoulda been a , No question about it
Jimmers: Yes? God bless all you mommas for all your hard work!!
Amandasaline: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers out there!!
Amandasaline: hello from MN
bobby: Hi out there!
Jimmers: Hotel California ASN style lol! Like it or not apprently.
sandsummer: lol Katt I totally agree.. this chat is very generic to say the least... and you can check in but not check out. lol
Melissa: What's up Jesus freaks! haha! (;
Katt44: I have never done chat on here before, but I must say, this isn't much of a chat room, you can't even see all of it.
Jimmers: Could someone PLEASE hack into my profile and delete it lol. Thank you
Katt44: I notice also, that there are several male profiles that have women pictures
Katt44: I guess it's like the hotel California song, you can check out anytime, but you can never
Jimmers: I guess I'm a member for life lol. Anyone know how to delete your profile or do I just go back and erase it line by line?
Katt44: This site or my account has apparently been hacked
Kingskid: God bless you in all your endeavors Jimmers see you in the Rapture!!!
Jimmers: Guess I've just had my fill. Happy trails everybody
Jimmers: Reason #1. Having 18 year olds that are younger than my daughter ask me out
Jimmers: Reason #2. Many seem to be upci biased. I'm aljc
Jimmers: Reason #3 Nobody within 300 mile radius
Jimmers: I'm pulling the plug on my membership here at ASN
rickrickdeanh: Stupid spell check
rickrickdeanh: How much is the shipping fee Sands umber?
Jimmers: Lol. Say cheeeeese!!!
sandsummer: today only.. smiles are 50% off ;o)
sandsummer: Im sharing Jimmers for all the smiles
Jimmers: Whether we FEEL like it or not. Folks need to see the Jesus we claim to have in our life.
Kingskid: If someone don't have a smile, give them one of yours.
Jimmers: Thanks for clarifying Sandsummer. You're a good friend who can always make me smile
sandsummer: so girls... Jimmers is nice! feel free to send him messages if he is your dream guy ;o) but I must approve.. j/k ;o)
sandsummer: just to clarify .. I had had 2 people from here send me those messages... BUT its not Jimmers... Jimmers is a very nice and good friend.
sandsummer: sadly although this is an apostolic online dating website.. there are still lots of guys on here that don't know much about respect.
sandsummer: lol goof
Jimmers: Little Jimmers who cried wolf lol. That wasn't very nice of us. Sorry Ya'll.
sandsummer: hahhaha just kidding
sandsummer: Jimmers... is that all this was to you???
Jimmers: Lol everybody! Sandsummer and I were just giving an example of what a relationship should NOT be
ElaineB: Good morning!!! Praying you all have a wonderful week!
sandsummer: praying that you find peace Jimmers
sandsummer: get a life!
Jimmers: In done. Done I tell you!!
sandsummer: I want my money back!
sandsummer: says Mr. Heartless bonehead...
Jimmers: That's the last straw. I'm canceling my membership. People just don't care anymore!
sandsummer: well that is the smartest thing I have ever heard you say... you heartless bone head.. I actually agree with you
Jimmers: I'm sure those crocodile tears are pouring down your cheeks at this point. I guess I'm just a heartless bonehead
sandsummer: well if you at least had a heart then you would understand!
Jimmers: Ohhh, hear we go again with the heart thing. Are you kidding me?
sandsummer: at least I have a heart!
Jimmers: Yeah right. God gave BOTH of us two ears. Not just me.
sandsummer: well perhaps if you listen for once !
Jimmers: It was all going just WONDERFUL until somebody had to start being bossy ALL the time!
sandsummer: Yea rarely do those work out... I wont do it either
sandsummer: lol
Jimmers: I've come to the conclusion that long distant relationships are not for me. Rant over.
Jimmers: Another beautiful day in the sticks of Michigan. Thank you Jesus!!
sandsummer: Its Saturday and I have a 3 day wknd!! yay
Jimmers: It's Saturday and I'm...working!! Ugh. Hallelujer anyhow
ElaineB: I am interested in men and you don't have to be widowed!!! Oh my what a mistake I made!!!!
ElaineB: I messed up!!! I put my own information on the last screen of my profile.
Jimmers: Thank you all. God is good!!!
Kingskid: I'll stand in the gap for you brother Jimmers; God bless you!!!!
sandsummer: will do so Jimmers
Jimmers: I have a special unspoken request for anyone willing to pray. God knows, just mention Jimmers. Thanks
Kingskid: Jesus is coming quicker than we know we are already seeingthe beginning of sorrows as the Bible mentions
Kingskid: jesus is coming quicker than we know we are already seeing the beginning of sorrows
Jimmers: I'm glad there won't be any wobbly scaffolding in heaven. No work, no pain no sickeness. Come quickly Lord Jesus!
Niecie: That would be nice.
sandsummer: I think we should be off 5 days and work 2 but get paid the same 😜
Niecie: I agree! This has been a loooong week already and it's only Tuesday!
Jimmers: I'm def ready for Friday. Someone hit the fast forward button! Have a great week Ya'll!
sandsummer: I hope everyone has a great week!
sandsummer: oooppps I must be ready for Friday.. let me try this again
sandsummer: I hope everyone has a great weekend!
sandsummer: lol Jimmers
Jimmers: It would have me a bit concerned as well Scott. Maybe they were just scoping out their competition lol
sandsummer: hi everyone!!
sandsummer: Scott ;o) Im glad you like women ;o)
ElaineB: Happy Monday morning to you all!!
Scott: Does anybody else have a problem with guys looking at your profile because I like women
Niecie: Thanks. Hope you guys do as well.
Jimmers: And such were some of us...but by the grace of God go I. Have a wonderful time in service everyone!
Kingskid: Thank you sister Niecie have a wonderful service God bless you!!!
Niecie: Oops. Bro. KingsKid
Niecie: Thank you Kingskid.
Niecie: I don't mind sitting in church with hypocrites because I know that I can be saved and they can potentially be saved as well!
Mountain Goat: The evangelist said someone told him, "You have hypocrites down at your church."
Mountain Goat: He replied, " I sure do! Where else would you expect to find them? They're not sitting on the bar stool at the local honky tonk." RLOL!
Jimmers: Right on Niecie!
Niecie: Hey Jimmers! I agree! Humor is essential. I find that true the more I have to deal with people! 😂
Jimmers: Happy Sabado everyone!!
Jimmers: Humor is a necessity these days for sure. Hee haw!!
bobby: Hi
Niecie: Hey everyone.
Niecie: Hey everyone.
Niecie: Love people with a good sense of humor!
Niecie: Glad I'm not the only one! 😂
Me: Nicie - it's happened to me too. Some people! Rofl
Niecie: Joking gets me in trouble sometimes...especially when the person I am kidding with has little or no sense of humor. Hehe
Niecie: kidding
Niecie: You should totally move. To where it's cooler. Alaska maybe. Haha
miracle: yea 115 degrees isn't fun
Niecie: We thought our ac was broken! Lol
Niecie: This is true miracle. I've been through Arizona in the summer on my way to Cali. It wasnt fun...
Niecie: Is anyone else on?
miracle: well I won't be saying that in summer lol
Niecie: Cool.
miracle: Az
Me: Ohio
Niecie: You?
Niecie: You?
Niecie: La here
miracle: Where is everyone from?
Niecie: I agree miracle! It's Friday! Last day of the work week! Woohoo!
Niecie: Hey me and miracle
miracle: I am! Its been a great day
Me: Hope you are doing well
miracle: Good afternoon Me!
Me: Good afternoon everyone!
miracle: hello everyone!
bobby: I thought I who's the only one on here.
bobby: Hi
GodisLove: Hi agree with you to read your
sandsummer: Scott: I know, for a paying site its lame. Yea no one really talks I agree with ya
Scott: I no I spent 50 on here and nobody will talk
smh: I was hoping that this site would be different from the rest but its not
smh: I trust people to easily only to see they are the same.. well good night all..
just me: bye
just me: good night
just me: bye
just me: be a blessing to others
just me: and
just me: may you be blessed
just me: I hope you have a great evening
just me: good night everyone
just me: Friday!!!!
just me: is
just me: so glad tomorrow
hurry: type faster!
me: lol
SonofThunder: Bwaahahaahahahahaahaha, you are really funny :-)
silly me: im getting sleepy
silly me: lol
silly me: ok sent.. you must respond in 10 seconds or it explodes
silly me: ok sent.. you must respond in 10 seconds or it explodes
silly me: oh I was close, lol
SonofThunder:, did you try this email?
silly me: I tried your email but didnt work. just wondering if you can see what I wrote?
SonofThunder: Here, and I get an email when someone leaves me a message.
silly me: sonofthunder.. can you read the messages?
SonofThunder: Ok, :-) I don't have a membership. You can look at my profile for my email if you like.
silly me: I think im like the oldest one
silly me: sonofthunder.. oh I thought it was funny.... nothing personal.. it was one of my many personalities.. just being silly
SonofThunder: I was just playing. Nothing personal. Seems like someone took it that way. I won't comment anymore. Be blessed.
cuter than son of thunder: hello everyone
nuts: scott what is your name on the log and I promise to bug you endlessly ;o)
nuts: sonofthunder ... is weird.. just be warned... really weird
nuts: its kinda of a lame so I just make the best out of it..
nuts: Scott I feel the same way...
Scott: Is there anybody on this site to talk to my get on it there's nothing think I wasted my $50
Jimmers: Hey now!! Lol
SonofThunder: Yessy :-) sandsummer and Niecie are nuts! :-)
nuts: SonofThunder is beyond nuts... there is no help for him
nuts: Niecie is nuts
nuts: Jimmers is nuts
nuts: wait are we eating nuts?
nuts: who is nuts?
SonofThunder: LOL :-)
Some dude: The Apostolic Nuthouse Network lol
SonofThunder: Ya'll are nuts, hehe
I agree: true
something weird: something weird is happening
me: I have to agree
Me: oh yes I am crazy
Me: Only kidding.... I'm not that crazy....
Me: I could have some real fun with this!
Anything: See! Signed Me
Me: apparently anyone can be anything here!
Me: I am the real Me and you can be the real me. Haha
Me: I am a capital Me! Ha!
the real me: the other me is a fake
me: hey I am me!! who is copying me is not the real me!
Me: Lol
Niecie: Gotcha. It works. Lol
Me: Too funny! I just didn't want to put my name.. Lol
Niecie: Me ~ I feel like I'm talking to myself! Hahahah
Me: Hey Niecie
Niecie: Hey Me and Everyone!
Me: I'm fantastic.
Everyone: Great! How are you?
Me: Good afternoon Everyone. How are you?
Everyone: Good afternoon!
Me: No offense some dude. Lol
Me: I don't know Jimmers so I'm not sure if he's old or not! The person who said it could be an old fogie for all I know! Haha
Me: That wasn't me that agreed!
me: lol yes he is
Some dude: Yeah, that Jimmers guy is getting to be an old fogie. Raaant!
sandsummer: anyone awake in this planet?
Me: Hey everyone!
no one: Jimmers .... is like a very very old man ;o) lol
no one: Diane... hello
no one: James.. you had me at Hey .....hahahaaha just kidding
Diane: Hello!
james: Hey guys
no one: some chick: I try and make someone at least smile once in a while. lol.. hope they make this site better eventually..
no one: hobson.. yes they are cool ;o)
some chick: yeah idk what I am doing on here, this place is DEAD
hobson: Yeah calvin and hobbs are classic and tops on my list.
no one: lol some dude... yea this is not the best set up to meet people
Some dude: Hey, I'm here for crying out loud lol
no one: lol there is never anyone in here..
jojo: is ther any one here
jojo: hi every one
Niecie: Hey hey everyone! )
no one: hobson... that name reminds me Calvin and Hobs ;o)
someone: hiiiiii Is that better?
Amandasaline: Hello everyone!!! Just poppin in
Jimmers: That's right! Reveal yourself!! Lol
ElaineB: Who is "no one"? Everyone is someone!!! LOL!
ElaineB: Happy Tuesday Afternoon to you all!!!
Jimmers: Hey hey! One day closer to friday! God is good on every day ending in y
Lisa: Hello everyone... anyone?
Scott: What's up
no one: Scott.. hi!!
Scott: Hi
no one: Im ready for Friday!!!!!!
Niecie: Definitely Monday! 😳
no one: Happy Monday!!!
ElaineB: Good morning!!
Jimmers: Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness
no one: ahhhhh crazy storm
ElaineB: I can't complete my profile. It doesn't let me finish my "what I'm looking for" section.
ElaineB: A beautiful day to get some home projects completed. Unless Prince Charming shows up and wants to go fishing or fly kites.
ElaineB: Good morning! A little overcast today in South Arkansas.
Jimmers: Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! Make sure to rejoice in this wonderful day the Lord has given
Niecie: It's been rainy in LA for the past couple days. :(
james: North east Arkansas is nice
Scott: Hi
hi: Ladies if any man on this site starts talking to you or telling you that you need to be submissive to them RUNNNN they are a wack job
jon: Hey whats
ElaineB: Beautiful day here in South Arkansas, too.
Jimmers: What a GORGEOUS day up here in Michigan. Happy Friday to all
bobby: Hi
ElaineB: Happy Friday!!!!! Hope your day is going great!
miracle: Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great day
Scott: Hi
Cvallee: I find on here it is the much of the same click, I e mail and no one responds. I have enough of faith to try, I get scammers but I don't give up
Cvallee: there fear to meet a scammer, but if you talk on here first and you will be able to find the signs. to much fear and distrust on here to try
Cvallee: every looks to the outside instead of the inside.
Cvallee: I find on here the reason nobody finds anyone if because no faith and to picky every one want model
Act2:38: I am losing faith in finding the "one" maybe God just wants me to be single forever....
no one: making sure everyone can count
no one: hahahahha
Jimmers: Well alrighty then lol
no one: 4
no one: 13
no one: 10
no one: 9
no one: 8
no one: 7
no one: 6
no one: 5
no one: 4
no one: 3
no one: 2
no one: 1
sandsummer: oopsss tech issues. lol
sandsummer: r
sandsummer: m
sandsummer: h
sandsummer: g
sandsummer: f
sandsummer: e
sandsummer: d
sandsummer: c
sandsummer: b
sandsummer: a
sandsummer: hope everyone has a great day
sandsummer: ..
sandsummer: hi Steven73 how are you?
Jimmers: Get your shine on Ya'll
Mountain Goat: "Ye are the light of the world" Our light can never go out long as our wick is in the oil. Stay connected to the oil!
Jimmers: Yes mam!!
Niecie: Better to be alone than to be fooled!
Niecie: In the name of Jesus!
Jimmers: True Niecie. God, help us all to have discernment! Let every mask be uncovered!!
Niecie: The only bad thing is it's really hard to tell the wolves/wolfettes from the genuine peeps...
Niecie: Yes! That definitely goes for both genders!!
Jimmers: And the wolfettes ;)
Hi: watch out for the wolvessssss
Hi: Ladies remember this once a cheater always a cheater
Jimmers: The saga continues...hahahahaha!
Niecie: Bahahahhahaha! You know you'd be lost without us!! We are your comic relief.
sandsummer: ;o( fine Im not going to bother you guys anymore ... ever again...
sandsummer: oops didnt mean to put that twice. lol
sandsummer: Jimmers... you are fired
sandsummer: Jimmers... you are fired
sandsummer: Niecie is temporaily unavailable, she hit her head this morning .. and has some sanity issues
Jimmers: Lol Niece!!
sandsummer: I am single lady too... looking for prince charming.. with lots of money.. hahaah ;o)
Mckenna Taylor: I am a single lady with the fear of God, am searching for love and life in a man of my heart
Niecie: And yeah..sandsummer doesn't know me or jimmers but that doesn't keep her from talking to us ALL day long! 😂
Niecie: Hi McKenna! I'm Niecie.
Niecie: Lol sandsummer! Jimmers is not even here to defend himself!
sandsummer: Hi Mckenna..... yes I dont know anyone here.. not even Niecie or Jimmers.. just give them both a hard time.
Mckenna Taylor: My name is Mckenna and it will be good to know someone over here
sandsummer: hi
Mckenna Taylor: Hello
sandsummer: It's really all Jimmers fault!
Niecie: Or No matter the problem should a say.. Haha
Niecie: Whatever the problem, I'm pretty sure you're the root cause of it... 😂😂
Niecie: Of course!
sandsummer: Niecie are you blaming me for global warming too?? ;o) lol
sandsummer: Kingkid!!! wait!!! don't do it... lol
Niecie: Guess it's a "chocolate" kind of day for all of us!
Niecie: I didn't even look at the name kingskid. I thought that was sandsummer answering back. Haha
Niecie: Lol
Kingskid: I have 3 Lindt Chocolate carrots&I'm going to devour one or two now.
Niecie: I'm eating a skinny cow chocolate bar for lunch because I have an appt today and don't have time to run out to get something. Lol
sandsummer: Niecie... too funny... I need chocolate today... I already ate the ears... lol
Niecie: Bahahahhahah! Nice one but I'm not buying it! (Unless you plan on sharing with me and then we'll talk) haha
sandsummer: no!! Im thinking of helping the child... save her some cavaties ...
Niecie: What did I tell you about taking candy from babies sandsummer???
sandsummer: I wonder if my daughter will notice if I eat her chocolate bunny?
sandsummer: hahahaha that is scary
Jess: Oh ya know...LOL its earth.
sandsummer: Im doing great! How is earth? lol
Jess: How are you
sandsummer: greetings earthlings
Jess: Hello!!
sandsummer: Hobson ;o) hi!!!! lol
sandsummer: me? never? Jimmers....
Jimmers: I have a suspicion that you'll call me kermit with or without permission lol
sandsummer: ;o) Im doing great... thanks for asking...
Scott: How ru
sandsummer: Scott... hi!!
sandsummer: Jimmers can we just call you Kermit?
Jimmers: Fine as a frogs hair Scott. How bout yourself?
Scott: How is everybody
Scott: How is everybody
Scort: Hi
sandsummer: yes Jimmers you need to get back to work!!! lol
Jimmers: I'm more than ready to betray the trust of these blankets and get back to work. Hope tomorrow.
sandsummer: just kidding Im working today
sandsummer: If I move now I might betray their trust.... cant have that
sandsummer: Monday... I would get out of bed .. but the blankets have accepted me as one of thier own..
Miracle: Hope everyone is having a great day!
Jimmers: On a lighter note...Happy Monday everybody!! Lol
sandsummer: You are stronger than you realize and I can say this from personal experience
sandsummer: You learn to love yourself and forgive those that hurt you
sandsummer: to Hello... Im not sure one gets over a heartbreak completely but you let Jesus have your hurt
Kingskid: Amen Jimmers and staying bussy working for Jesus helps also.
Jimmers: God will heal the heartbreak but it takes time and prayer
Jimmers: Been there Hello. Not fun. Be patient and sensitive to the Holy Ghost. Easier said than done I know but it's a MUST
Hello: So how do you get over heartbreak when you feel like you never will?
terrika: Hi Marky
Marky: late hi
sandsummer: good morning everyone
sandsummer: for my God
sandsummer: special prayer request... thank you.. I know there is nothing to hard for my gd
Jimmers: Good morning Ya'll! Have a great day at church everyone!
Niecie: Hey Marky
Marky: hello
Niecie: Good to hear
Jimmers: Never did. My fever broke and I'm feeling a bit better. Lots of water and chicken noodle soup
Niecie: Hey Jimmers! How you feeling? Did you go to the hosp?
Niecie: Yes. I'm sure!
Jimmers: Thanks. Me too!
Niecie: And Jimmers ~ hope you start feeling better!
Niecie: K. Sounds good. You have a good day as well.
sandsummer: Have a good day guys!!!!! I will be sure to bug you later on fb ;o)
sandsummer: lol
Niecie: Geez! She's a slave driver!
sandsummer: Jimmers... you dont have time to go to the hospital.. you have to work. lol
sandsummer: of course we have tons of guys to talk about.. hahahha
Jimmers: 6th sense I guess lol. I havnt hardly moved. Probably going to the hospital this afternoon
Niecie: Ok....maybe we do. Lol
Niecie: We have other guys to talk about Jimmers!!
sandsummer: did you buy me a present yet???
sandsummer: now Jimmers how did you know we were talking about you
Jimmers: Hardy har har you two!!
Niecie: Somehow I doubt it...if he's like the rest of us he doesn't even necessarily want to have one job much less two! Haha
sandsummer: or maybe he is trying to get that second job
sandsummer: hahahhaha
Niecie: I think we do that most of the time anyway! Because he is either not on or ignoring us! Hahahahha
sandsummer: now we can talk about ... well you know... who... without him knowing.. LOL
Niecie: Lol. I'm sure he is
sandsummer: hahahhha
sandsummer: Jimmers is so excited.. I get to bug him everyday
Niecie: I'm guess that friend request I just received is from you? Lol
sandsummer: got it
Niecie: Try using my email.
sandsummer: I looked and didnt find you
sandsummer: hahahah I know right.. there is one watch that expensive.. mainly they start at 350 and up
Niecie: I love me some watches but there is NO WAY I would pay that much for one! I don't Care what it does! Lol
Niecie: What?? 😳😳 are you serious?? It's that much!! That craziness!
sandsummer: I would totally settle for the Special Edition watch.. it starts only at 17,500
Niecie: Look for me on fb...under Denise Winn
Niecie: Hahahaha...just a lucky guess.
sandsummer: He kept making all this excuses on being sick just so he would not have to work 2 jobs
sandsummer: Niecie ... how did you know?
Niecie: Or he wouldn't get that second job? 😂
Niecie: What happened? He wouldn't shower you with Apple watches??? Lol
Niecie: Hahahahaha
Niecie: Hahahahaha
sandsummer: Jimmers and I broke up! It's over...hahahahaha
sandsummer: Niecie!!!!!
Jimmers: Signs of the times Kingskid. We need to be on our toes spiritually for sure!
Kingskid: the government developed an Implant chip that has a virus that will
Kingskid: Just like the bible says without it you cannot buy or sell anything.
Kingskid: WARNING: Don't take the implant chip, it's the mark of the beast!!!
Kingskid: like you need to repent and you won't!!!! Come Dear Lord Quickly!!!
Kingskid: because you will lose the desire to live for God & you will not feel
Kingskid: think about God. Now I understand why you'll be lost witout hope
Kingskid: will attack and kill the gene in your brain that gets exited when you
Kingskid: The government hss developed an implant chip that has a virus that
sandsummer: aaaa aaaa chooooo ugh Jimmers
sandsummer: lol
sandsummer: oh great... you sneezed in here .. now Im going to get your germs..
Jimmers: God is good even when we don't feel good. Hachuuuu!!
sandsummer: lol
Jimmers: Lol. Ribbit ribbit
sandsummer: yea dont croak until you put me in your will!!
Jimmers: Yup
Niecie: Haha...well I guess that's good.
Jimmers: Not really. Still kickin though
Niecie: Feeling any better yet J?
Jimmers: Good afternoon
Niecie: Good afternoon SS and J!
sandsummer: Jimmers... hurry up..I want one now! LOL
Jimmers: I'd have to get a second job Sandsummer...that would be taboo lol
Jimmers: Good afternoon here...good morning to you though
Miracle: Good morning everyone!
sandsummer: Jimmers: you can buy me one!
sandsummer: Anyone getting the Apple watch??? pre orders start today
sandsummer: ;o)
Niecie: Haha! You are quite welcome.
Niecie: I am in complete agreement! Lol
Jimmers: Thanks for both the plethora of prayers
Jimmers: Ha! If this world is the norm, then call me crazy all day long!!
Niecie: *prayer
Niecie: Jimmers - will pray for both your physical and mental well being....although I fear one pray will be more quickly answered than the other! 😂
Jimmers: Thanks Niecie. Prayers appreciated. For my mental well being as well too it seems lol
sandsummer: hahahaha he escaped.... beware!
Niecie: Yikes! 😳 hope you get better Jimmers
Jimmers: I'm alive and...not really well. Got the flu bug that's been buzzin around :(
Niecie: Sandsummer! You NEVER sent me an email so I could answer your question! Lol
Niecie: Hey all! )
Niecie: Sandsummer - looks like he escaped!
Jimmers: Hee haw!!
sandsummer: *unavailable
sandsummer: Niecie... Jimmers was taken to the nut house.. so he will be unable for today unless he escapes
sandsummer: hi Niecie!!
steph18: Hey Mine I thought I would let you know I am not a paid member. I can't respond to your emails
Tammy: Maybe I have wrong number LOLOL
Tammy: Brother Robert I tried but your number is just busy all the time message me your number please
sandsummer: lol
Jimmers: Mayday mayday, emergency landing requested!! Lol
Kingskid: Sis.Tamy can you call me I have something I want to talk to you about.
sandsummer: I know I would not want to be in the plane Jimmers was flying. ;o)
Niecie: Bahahahah!
Jimmers: Men just want to land the stinkin plane!!
Jimmers: Women like to fly around the airport for awhile before touching the ground
Jimmers: I've heard it said that men and women are like airplanes
Niecie: You knew there had to be some drama in that household! 😂😂
Niecie: No...that one puzzles me too! I don't know how he dealt with all those women!! Rofl
Jimmers: How did Solomon last that long? Must of spent a lot of time on the corner of that rooftop lol. Jk ladies
Niecie: LOL! She's not letting you surrender! Man! She's tough!
sandsummer: Jimmers.. the problem is you think you are allowed to surrender ...
Jimmers: Yup. Who's next??? Lol
sandsummer: hahahahaha Jimmers surrenders...
Jimmers: Agreed. Totally outgunned!!
Niecie: Hahaha..Jimmers, I do not think you are going to win with sandsummer!
sandsummer: ooohhhh you dance with batons too??? nice
Jimmers: I've created a monster!!!
Jimmers: Alright guys, I'm passing the baton
sandsummer: he is from MI he can handle it. lol
sandsummer: yay it appears we have another memeber of the Jimmerella team
Niecie: Bahahahahahh!!! Hahahahahah! Hahahaha!
Jimmers: SOS!
Niecie: Hahahah! Jimmers is wondering "why's everyone always picking on me?" lol
Georgiapeach: Yeah Jimmers, watch out!!!
sandsummer: lol yea me either
Niecie: Lol...I'm not promising anything! Hahaha
sandsummer: Jimmers... don't worry Niecie and I will never reveal all your secrets on here.... or... will we? ;o)
sandsummer: lol
Niecie: Hahaha! This could get interesting...
Jimmers: Lord help us all!!! Especially me lol
sandsummer: stayed tune as the story of Jimmerella continues.....
Niecie: Hahahah...I guess you got a point. Good to know what you are getting into before hand!
Niecie: Hahahah...I guess you got a point. Good to know what you are getting into before hand!
sandsummer: hahaha I dont want to hook the fishy that are in a pond.. LOL
sandsummer: well they might as well know they now... or get a 2nd job. hee hee
Niecie: Suppose to drop that bombshell after you hook them. 😂
Niecie: Rofl! That's what EVERY man wants to hear!
sandsummer: I hope he is working and making lots of money!! I have expensive taste ;o) lol
Niecie: Jimmers - where'd you go again? Lol
Niecie: Hahaha! Well thank you for that reminder! But I want it now! Rofl
sandsummer: patience is good.. hahahaha ok will work on it
Niecie: Sandsummer - I'm waiting on my email... Lol so I can answer back
Niecie: Lol. I know I'm not normal and I would be upset with anyone who called me normal!
sandsummer: wait why are we shouting?
sandsummer: shout! shouted! shouting! hahhaha
sandsummer: I have no idea what normal is ... all I know is that Jimmers is not.. hahahha
Niecie: Hahahah! Yeah. Of course we may be getting on the nerves of those people who wanted to use it as a shout out thingy....
sandsummer: it was boring before.. lol
Niecie: And can't's kinda crazy but I don't think they intended it to be a chat. Haha. We just made it one...
Niecie: What is normal though????? Lol
sandsummer: on this chat you cant' even scroll down? seriously
sandsummer: ok Niece .. will do.. ha yea it was pretty funny the message
sandsummer: Im normal.. hahahhahaha
Niecie: Ok...can anyone else see that mesage from yesterday? I am not sure why I see it...I did not just post it! Think my phone has gone cray cray.
Niecie: Hahaha...jimmers! You are way too far away...especially if you are still having cold weather! 😜
Niecie: And btw...your message made me laugh.
Niecie: Please.
Niecie: Sandsummer - go to my profile and read my profile.. I seen your message but cannot respond on here.
Jimmers: As my dad used to say "Why be normal?" Or in my opinion..boring!
sandsummer: hahahahhaha
Niecie: He cannot help that he is dashing! Hahahah
sandsummer: Niecie.. good one.. fearfully ... hahahahha
Niecie: i think we may all three have a dash of that based on our conversation thus far... Lol
sandsummer: Jimmers now has a dash too!!!! Oh my
Niecie: Meant to say kidding.
Niecie: And jimmers - yes! But some of us more fearfully than wonderfully! Kiddi v!
Jimmers: Glad I could help out!!!
Niecie: Hahahah sandsummer. For real!
Jimmers: I just have a dash of oddily and quirkily lol
Jimmers: We are all fearfully and wonderfully made
sandsummer: hahhaha yes before us .. this was kinda of boring.. Im so glad for the drama Jimmers has created .. hahahah
Niecie: I, for one, have been laughing at us. 😂
Niecie: Hahahaha. Well one thing is for sure, whether we find our true love or not, at least we got so Laughs out of this site and our new friends here.
sandsummer: technically he should not be on a singles site if he has found his true love
sandsummer: hahahahaha.....
Niecie: There's Jimmers! I thought you got mad at us and ran away to Madagascar to sing and dance with your lemur love.
Jimmers: As the Apostolic Singles Site
Niecie: Bahahahhaha! Or maybe the site might kick is all off! And we will be destined to grow old and gray alone! 😂😂
sandsummer: Did you guys know that Jimmers....
sandsummer: yes team work!
sandsummer: Niecie.. hahahaha yes next thing you know this site is going to kick him out or he will never find the love of his life on here.. hahaaha
Niecie: But oh what fun we are having starting them about jimmers!
sandsummer: Niecie... lets write it before he gets back... hahaha
Niecie: Hahahaha! Methinks this is how rumors get started! 😂😂😂
sandsummer: I need to write a short story .. Jimmerella .. the long nosed chameleon
sandsummer: yes but it gets better... he falls in love with a Lemur
Niecie: So now he is a singing, dancing long nosed chameleon???
sandsummer: I can just picture him now.. singing... I like to move it ... move it.. ha
sandsummer: Niecie... wait are you saying that Jimmers sings and dances like the cartoon?
Niecie: That's a cute sight!! Haha
sandsummer: hahahhahaa
Jimmers: Jimmerella the long nosed chameleon. I've heard it all now haha
Niecie: But on the downside..I don't think it will sing and dance like in the cartoon. 😂
Niecie: Well...on the bright side maybe you could get a lemur as a pet..
Niecie: Madagascar???? 😳😳😳
Jimmers: Lol! Maybe I oughta move to Madagascar. Should be warm there. Bonus!!
Niecie: I'm running out of metaphors here! 😂
Niecie: A chameleon? Rofl
sandsummer: Niecie... not sure versatile is the word I was looking for.. hahahha
sandsummer: Jimmers = many tranformations... hmmmm... nevermind.. hahahhhaha
Jimmers: Gotta be a multitasker these days ;)
Niecie: Very versatile. 😜
Niecie: Jimmers is a man of many transformations! Hahaha
sandsummer: Jimmers.... I'm really getting worried about you... one minute you are turning into a pumpkin and the next into Pinocchio!??
Jimmers: Oh come on, it's not that bad(nose gets longer)
sandsummer: LOL yea Im with Niecie ... I will stay in my warm and sunny state ;o)
Niecie: Hahaha...jimmers! You are way too far away...especially if you are still having cold weather! 😜
Jimmers: Haha! I'm just plain rude ain't I lol Ya'll can come anytime...just bring that warm weather with ya
Jimmers: My Daddy owns a cattle on a thousand hills. He will provide!
sandsummer: Niecie ... no kidding... some people don't think about inviting us! smh... lol
Kingskid: Come Lord Jesus quickly!!!! I must be saved!!!
Kingskid: Come Lord Jesus quickly!!!! I must be saved!!!
Kingskid: welfare it is being made mandatory that you have a chip implanted in your handor you will not be helped with any assistance?
Kingskid: Get ready to go home. Has anyone seen the post that if you are on
Niecie: Oooooh! I LOVE gospel singings! You should have invited us! 😂
sandsummer: that's great!!
Jimmers: Nothing like His presence!!
Jimmers: Had a great time at our gospel sing tonight. It's awesome to watch God move on folks.
Jimmers: Why thank you
sandsummer: Jimmers, on it sir!
sandsummer: that's cool Niecie
Jimmers: You all and your warm weather. Bottle some up and send it this way would ya...
Niecie: I'm in LA. So we're neighbors! )
sandsummer: ;o) lol.. Im in TX
Niecie: Haha! It's 80 where I am too... That's why I was wondering! Lol
sandsummer: just trying to liven up this chat... so Im going to start singing christmas carols.. hahahaha just kidding
sandsummer: hee hee .. no its 80
Niecie: Christmas?? Is it snowing where you are, sandsummer?
sandsummer: Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! ;o)
sandsummer: Is it Friday yet???? ;o)
Jimmerella: oh ok.. just more ways to stalk you .. hahahaha just kidding
Jimmers: Jimmypete76
Jimmerella: oh no ... not Michigan... now I really have lots of reasons to give you a hard time! what is your username?
Jimmers: Perfect!! I'm from have to be a little crazy to live here
Jimmerella: just kidding... ok I will continue
Jimmerella: Jimmers..... you giving me permission takes all the fun out of it . now I have to be nice
Jimmers: Too late Sandsummer. Already been done by someone offsite. You're more than welcome to continue the craziness though lol
Niecie: Good morning Miracle! Same to you! (At least it's NOT Monday any longer !
Miracle: Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a great day
Jimmerella: hahahahaha Rockwinter
Jimmerella: *think
Jimmerella: I rhink I found my true calling in life and on this site..... to drive Jimmers crazzzzy
Rockwinter: Awwh, that's ok Jimmerella, we welcome you with open arms. Pumkins and all!!
Jimmerella: good morning everyone... I'm new here... rofl
sandsummer: sandsummer is scared and going into hiding
Jimmers: I see that I'm outmatched. Uncle!!! Hahaha!
sandsummer: whispers..... (guys.... don't you like the name ... Jimmeralla?) for everyone to hear except Jimmerella ;o)
sandsummer: really waves white flag of love... peace...kindness... forgiveness ....
sandsummer: Jimmerella ;o)
sandsummer: and forgiveness .....
sandsummer: Waves white flag .. of peace.. and love.. and kindness...
sandsummer: hahahahahaha
Jimmers: Better yet...spellcheck CinderJimmmers!! You just wait Sandsummer, I'm the king of nicknames ;)
Jimmers: Hey Meme! Don't mind us lol. Have a blessed day everyome!! God is good ALL the time
sandsummer: ha, just kidding
sandsummer: but wait CinderJimmers .... ;o)
sandsummer: Kingskid.... are you sure about that? ;o)
Jimmers: Roger that. Long day at the office... It'll do that sometimes lol. Ya'll will just have to put up with me!
meme: heyy
Kingskid: Jimmers I think you want to scratch that last one.Your NOT Cinderella
sandsummer: lol
Amandasaline: interesting conversation here (y)
sandsummer: Jimmers... part caveman... that turns into a pumpkin ... it just keeps getting more interesting... LOL
Jimmers: Have a good night all. I'm bout to turn into a Pumkin.
Jimmers: ROFL!!! I'm a hopeless case when it comes to that kinda stuff. Part caveman I guess
sandsummer: Miracle.. I thought about for a while although I work at Apple.. but man I finally got the 6 and wow its awesome ;o)
Miracle: Still trying to convince myself to get the IPhone 6
sandsummer: Reasons to date Jimmers: Free sunglasses and watches ... for life!!
sandsummer: Jimmers: Oh my.. things are worse than I thought ;o)
Jimmers: Haha Sandsummer!! I'm about as low tech as they get. Just got rid of my flip phone a few months back lol
sandsummer: *just got
sandsummer: Allan... Ok I will let it slide this time.... since I had an android phone too... just the iphone 6 and wow.. what a great phone
sandsummer: lol Jimmers.. just buy it... and loose it when I close by.. so then I can find it and end up with a free watch.. LOL
Allan: i just have mac laptop my phone is android lol samsung
Jimmers: Not me. Two things I'm famous for and sunglasses!
sandsummer: who is getting an Apple Watch??
sandsummer: Im trying... going at least 3 times a wk.. I go swimming
Jimmers: Anyone else trying to get back into shape? If so, how's it coming along??
Jimmers: Haha! Gym not gum!!
Jimmers: One of my new years actually USE my gum membership lol. So far so good.
Miracle: Hello everyone hope everyone had a great Sunday
sandsummer: Watch it .. Allan.. Macs are the best. lol.. just kidding.. but I do work at Apple
Allan: why don't my games work could it be because I'm using a mac ?
sandsummer: Is it Friday yet? ;o) Have a great week!
Jimmers: Wonderful presence of God, wonderful time with friends and fam. Thank you Jesus!!!
Miracle: Hope everyone has a great day
Miracle: Thank you! Sandsummer
Kingskid: Beautiful Day today Thank you JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sandsummer: Happy Easter! Hope everyone has an amazing day on this day of miracles and hope!
sandsummer: Miracle, I am but Im not sure I recommend it
Miracle: Do you recommend it?
Amandasaline: lol I know how you feel seems like everyone here is from the eastcoast or Texas
Amandasaline: yes
Miracle: Are you all paying members?
Miracle: Actually Southwest
Miracle: AmandaSaline that's cool. I feel like I'm the only one in this site from the Westcoast
Miracle: Thanks! I know I will
Amandasaline: @ Miracle originally born in MN but live in Southern SD now
Kingskid: Ya'll have a wonderful resurrection day!!! God Bless!!!
Miracle: Doing good. How about yourself?
Amandasaline: hello!! How is everyone tonight here?
miracle: Im reading The spirit of a python
miracle: where is everyone from?
sandsummer: hi doing great.. found a new book to read.. The Power of the heart
Miracle: Hello! How is everyone doing?
Miracle: Hello! How is everyone doing?
sandsummer: Happy Easter! Im thankful for God's love and his amazing grace.
SonofThunder: Hello!
sandsummer: It was a gorgeous day out!
Tammy: was nice out today
Boardwalk35: hello
medelyn: hello! everyone im new here in this site can you help me find new friends
Katy: Praise the Lord; HE IS RISEN!
Amandasaline: Happy Easter Everyone going to MN to see my family
Jimmers: Happy Easter in advance Ya'll. Make room for the Easter only folks tomorrow morning
GodisLove: Thanx
GodisLove: Thanx
sandsummer: dont think so GodisLove
GodisLove: Hi I'm new and not a paid member yet, will a person whose a paid member whom has sent you a msg receive that information?
sandsummer: TGIF!!!
sandsummer: so if the message says New... does that mean they can not open thier email?
Anon: How do you know if someone paid the fee? Or how do you know if they got your message?
Anonymous Apostolic: some people on here choose not to pay the $50 so they cant message
sandsummer: Also what is the purpose of this chat? just curious.. new to this site
sandsummer: Why do people look at your site several days but dont send a message?
Kingskid: Shout to the Lord with the voice of triumph!!! Ya'll be blessed!!!
Niecie: Hey all! Hope you are al having a fantastic day!
sandsummer: Have a great day!
sandsummer: Love everyone as Christ loves us. Never judge anyone, you never know what someone is going through.
Jimmers: Keep the victory Ya'll. He who the Son has made free is free INDEED!! Have a blessed day'
sandsummer: Merry Christmas!
..: Even in sorrow and pain crying tear drops of rain God is good.
Kingskid: This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it!
Miracle: Hope everyone is having a great day!
Miracle: Hello everyone!
sandsummer: Is it Friday yet?
sandsummer: thanks Jimmmmmers ;o) I even gave you extra m's ;o)
Jimmers: You too sandsummer!
sandsummer: I hope everyone has a great and amazing day!
sandsummer: lol
sandsummer: lol
Jimmers: Actually I did, his name is Jesus!!
Jimmers: April fools!
Jimmers: I just found the love of my life!!!
Miracle: Hope everyone had a great day
Kingskid: Everyone have a blessed day now hear?
sandsummer: hiiiiiiiiiiii ;o)
Mountain Goat: You may not win every battle, but you win the war!
Niecie: Hey hey!
sandsummer: ;o)
Sandra: Hi .. hope you have a great day
Miracle: Hello everyone
Niecie: Have to be a paid member
Kingskid: Your right Bro.Jimmers I can always put more clothes on when cold.
Louise: well no, i think you have to be a paid member to contact people on here
Louise: Blessed Love
Mullins74: I have a question. Will people be able to try to contact you even if you are not a paid member?
Jimmers: Ha! I think I'd stick with the brrrrr than that Kingskid lol
Sandra: lol, I will send some of the 100 degree weather your way too ;o)
Kingskid: Ok but hurry before summer gets here!!!
Sandra: lol ok sending some your way. I think it was like 80 in TX but with a breeze so it was very nice
Kingskid: Send some this way please I'm freezing!!!
Sandra: Yes, what a gorgeous day!
Jimmers: Loving the southern sunshine! Thank ya Jesus!!!
Sandra: we really need a day between Sunday and Monday... lol.. Monday came too quickly. Have a great week!
Act2:38: Praise the Lord! Jesus is the reason for every season!
Sandra: Have a great day! Be a blessing to someone today! ;o)
Mountain Goat: Yes I am, yes I am!!!!
Mountain Goat: I don't know about you, but I'm going to praise Jesus this morning!
Mountain Goat: If you're sitting beside someone this morning who thinks they deserve every blessing, everything is gonna be alright...
Mountain Goat: But, if you're sitting beside a grateful person tis morning, expect them to mess up their hair, expect them to dance on top of your pocket book!
Mountain Goat: With a sling shot and a rock, David went from obscurity, to notoriety. God will always give you something to get you over!
hi: d
hi: r
hi: o
hi: L
hi: e
hi: h
hi: t
hi: e
hi: s
hi: i
hi: a
hi: r
hi: P
Sandra: the right time?
um: or its just the right time ;;;
Mountain Goat: @Samiam I am SO happy for you. Jesus finds you highly favored.
Sandra: lol sm42
Tammy: Bro Robert I didn't see what you wrote :(
Tammy: I deleted my profile...but it hasn't deleted LOL
Tammy: Deb found him on here ? LOLOL
WonderfulPraise: Hello Apostolic friends, I havee not been on site for the last 2 months. I hope everyone is doing wonderful. Much Blessings!
samiam: @ Mountain Goat, I found a good fella in AL.
sm42: Looking for wife today only HURRY after today i may just stay single.
Kingskid: She lives in West Virginia is that close enough Mountain Goat lol
Mountain Goat: @Kingskid If a an findeth a 'mountain woman,' he findeth a good thing.
Mountain Goat: (Don't get mad ladies, I mean it for you all!) Pray the Lord blesses your relationship Bro Kingskid.
Jimmers: Glad to hear all is going well Kingskid!
Jimmers: Speaking of mountains, it's nice to finally be out of Michigan and see some foothills Anyway lol
Kingskid: Your welcome sis. Sandra God bless you and your family!!!
Kingskid: you'll be back on the mountain top shouting the victory!!!!!!!!!!
Kingskid: Mountain Goat you can't be in the valley to long before you know it
Kingskid: Doing good bro. Jimmers thanks for asking.
Kingskid: You all please keep me in prayer I'm alittle nervous. Love you all!!!
Kingskid: My pastor wants me to talk to sis Hope's pastor in W.V.
Kingskid: Hopefully in April sis. Hope and I will meet we have been skyping
Tammy: you meeting your lady Brother Robert ?
Tammy: runninggg from the wolves and weridos LOL
Mountain Goat: Not on the mountain, but I keep climbing. How are you Kingskid?
Sandra: thanks Kingskid!
Jimmers: Doing well Kingskid. Things are looking up How bout yourself?
Kingskid: How ya doing bro.Rick, Mountain Goat Jimmers, sis.Tammy?????
Kingskid: Thank you sis. Sandra you have an amazing week end too
Kingskid: Thanks for sharing that with us TexasGirl26
Kingskid: Thanks for sharing that with us TexasGirl26
Jimmers: Shout!!!
Sandra: Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!
Jimmers: That's awesome! We need to show them that God is real by the life we live.
TexasGirl26: Lol I loved it.
TexasGirl26: The proud atheist in the room was the first to say oh God help us
TexasGirl26: I have seen it happen when I was still in high school there was a gun threat and they locked us down
TexasGirl26: They say they are atheist but let some thing bad happen and they are the first to pray. Lol
Mountain Goat: If there is no God, why do people proclaim to be atheist (anti-God). I there is no God, there is no need for an atheist. There is a God,
Mountain Goat: and His name is ONE! I'm glad I know His name.
victoria: Anyone from nyc
Jimmers: Have a great Thursday everyone!
Jimmers: As my dad used to tell me "watch your own bobber"
LOL: you all sound like a bunch of Non denominal Baptists LOLOL
TexasGirl26: Well isn't this a refreshing Christian fellowship??
Jimmers: Yes, let's put our stones down. WWJD. Not Jimmers either. Lord help us all!!
Mark: Thank you, "tired"
Tired of self righteous judges: of course there will be both men and women scammers on here but dont judge all by a few
Tired of self righteous judges: its a shame that you have people on here accusing all men of being that way
Tired of self righteous judges: usually when a person or persons harp on this they are the ones with the problem
Tired of self righteous judges: Personally I am tired of self righteous judges on here accusing all men or 95% of being scammers and wanting only sex
Jimmers: Sorry to hear this Tammy. I believe God will make a way and guide you to the right person.
Jimmers: Maybe if we asked a question...are you more apt to send a note to someone or hope they make the first move?
Tammy: and men too lol
Tammy: so anyways Lord bless and becareful ladies
Tammy: a lot aren't right with the Lord and are adulters and who knows if they are even able to remarry ??
Tammy: sad sad sad
Tammy: and want money or sex
Tammy: most are scammers
Tammy: well Im deleting my profile....too many weridos on here and those who don't even know the Lord
Jimmers: Lol!!!!!!!! Laughter does good like a medicine! Thanks Rick, I needed that
rickrickdeanh: I wonder how many days Jimmers post is going to stay on here
rickrickdeanh: I wonder how many days Jimmers post is going to stay on here
rickrickdeanh: I wonder how many days Jimmers post is going to stay on here
rickrickdeanh: I wonder how many days Jimmers post is going to stay on here
rickrickdeanh: I wonder how many days Jimmers post is going to stay on here
rickrickdeanh: I wonder how many days Jimmers post is going to stay on here
rickrickdeanh: I wonder how many days Jimmers post is going to stay on here
rickrickdeanh: I wonder how many days Jimmers post is going to stay on here
Jimmers: Vacation time in Georgia next week. Cannot wait!!!
TexasGirl26: Hi everyone just figured out how to use this. Whats up?
Tammy: Hi hi time to go Praise the LORD
Jimmers: O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. Psalms 34:3
Mountain Goat: The Angels step aside this morning....the true chosen worshipers are beginning to sing His praises. Get with it!
Sandra: hi
rickrickdeanh: Praise the Lord
Ashley: Hi guys!
Mountain Goat: Thank you, my friends.
Kingskid: Mountain Goat remember HE MAKES ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL
Jimmers: Consider the lilies. This song has been on my mind today. So glad that God cares about every little detail in our lives!
Jimmers: Prayers
Mountain Goat: Please continue to pray, no answer received of yet. Thanks.
Mountain Goat: Catalyst: A willing vessel to be used as a source of ignition to spark a flame,
Mountain Goat: therefore propelling us into a supernatural realm. In other words, receive ye the Holy Ghost!
rickrickdeanh: Amen! Let us be His ministers of flame of Fire, In Jesus Name!
Kingskid: Amen bro.Jimmers!!!
Jimmers: So true. Our God is a consuming fire. My prayer for myself and everyone here is that we would be catalysts for this fire. Let it burn!
rickrickdeanh: Likewise, if your church is on fire you will not have to advertise it. The community will already know it. Leonard Ravenhill said this
rickrickdeanh: You never have to advertise a fire. Everyone comes running when there's a fire.
rickrickdeanh: I heard a man say "where their is a fire 🔥 the people will come
Jimmers: Uh oh! Buckeye territory!! Just kidding Kings kid
janay: hi
Kingskid: That's s good one Mountain Goat!!! Im in Ohio Jimmers.
Jimmers: Any Michigander's in the house???
Mountain Goat: The evangelist said tonight, "I want to be a spiritual arsonist, I want to light a fire." Well, he did! Glory to God!!!
Jimmers: Worship God in the sanctuary! We have much to be thankful for!!
Kingskid: Good Night Church Family!!!
Kingskid: Ya'll have blessed services Sunday now hear???
Kingskid: Your so right bro.Jimmers our flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing!!!
It's Me: Hello
Tammy: thank you... I just might do that LOL
Jimmers: I needed to hear it myself Kingskid. Sometimes our stinkin' thinkin' can really hinder what God wants to accomplish in us.
Kingskid: Love you all and God Bless & Have a Good Night!!! zzzzzzz
Kingskid: Thank You Jimmers I needed that!!!!!
Kingskid: to after you had a little talk with Jesus!!!
Kingskid: Your in my prayer sister Tammy call me if you need someone to talk
Tammy: thank you
rickrickdeanh: Jesus is the author and finisher
rickrickdeanh: That chapter of relationships does not end unless you close the book 📖
rickrickdeanh: This is not very mobile friendly
rickrickdeanh: That chapter of relationship does notyou close the book 📖 end Unless
Jimmers: This goes out to all those who have faced's not over and God is not finished!!
Mountain Goat: You got it, Tammy.
Tammy: I have a special unspoken when you all are praying would you call out my name. Lord knows what it is Thank you
Jimmers: TGIF!!!!! Have a blessed weekend everybody!
rickrickdeanh: All is well! How about you?
Amandasaline: hows it going
rickrickdeanh: Hello 👋
Kingskid: Hello
Amandasaline: hello friends
Florecel Flores: Virtuous Woman
Florecel Flores: Virtuous Woman
Kingskid: get to heaven God's Family. I Love You All my!!!! Blessings!!!!!!
Kingskid: we dream together of how it would be when we all
Kingskid: we cry sometimes we shear together heartaches and sigh sometimes
Kingskid: Wer are the body of Christ sometimes we laugh together some times
Jimmers: God is greater than the mulley grubs He understands and wants the best for everyone here. Thanks for the prayers Kingskid.
Mountain Goat: Thanks for your continued prayers. I pray you all have a blessed day!
Mountain Goat: Sometimes I feel like we are the 'lonely' or the 'forgotten'
Mountain Goat: few in here. If y'all we close, I'd invite you over for some grillin'....It's starting to warm up here.
Kingskid: Please intervene in the needs of there lives in your name Jesus amen.
Kingskid: Lord Jesus you know the needs in Mountain Goat and Jimmers lives
Kingskid: I'll stand in the gap for you Mountain Goat and you to Jimmers.
Tammy: yes I will Brother Mountain Goat
Jimmers: Will pray Mountain Goat. I have an unspoken as well. Thanks
Jimmers: Touch Rick! Sorry, Just trying to break the ice around here.
Mountain Goat: Hey folks, would y'all pray with me bout an unspoken issue that needs resolved? Thank you.
rickrickdeanh: When was the last time Jesus got some sleep before He went to the cross?
rickrickdeanh: I've got a question for everybody
Kingskid: Good come back bro.Rick!!!
rickrickdeanh: Are you saying Jesus never had patience?
JayneS: well thats comforting
Jimmers: Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. Seldom found in women, never found in man
samiam: Treasure is hear but its hidden..
rickrickdeanh: I like that Jimmers 👍
Jimmers: Hang on, hang in, just don't hang it up. God has a plan!
Iowa: A shout out to Liberty, MO. Preach it, Bro.
Antoine: Dis be da plaze dat be preechin bout eternal life?
Jimmers: People be like...ahhhhhh!!!
jayneS: I don't think they have enough paying members to update honestly
NeverDefeated: Sometimes it's updated, but mostly it's just floating around in the cyber abyss. If you listen closely upon logging in, you can hear the echo's!
Ashley: Hello. Is this site ever updated??
janay: hi
Tammy: Colby I cannot message you back on here ..but you can e mail me if you want
rickrickdeanh: Good morning
rickrickdeanh: Good morning
Jimmers: Good morning! Hope everyone has a wonderful day
jayneS: Morning
Jimmers: Our picture is still on the front page lol
Jimmers: I dated someone from here about 11 years ago
Jimmers: I'm new here. Just wanted to say hi to everyone
Tammy: hey did Carol ever get ahold of you ?
Tammy: Im good
Tammy: Ist day of spring It was 80 here
Kingskid: What's up sis Tammy how are you doing?
Tammy: I couldn't find your number I woulda just called
Tammy: hey hey
Kingskid: Here I is sister Tammy
LeRoy: It's slower than pond water in here tonight. LOL
Jimmers: Happy first day of spring everyone!! It's a balmy 42 degrees here in Michigan
Tammy: Brother Robert are you on ?
jayneS: Afternoon
Mark: No problem
Otis: My apologies, Mark.
jayneS: hello?
Mark: I'm aware of the proper spellings and uses of there, their, and they're. Thanks.
Mark: I was referring to another post, Otis.
Amber: Hi
rickrickdeanh: @mountain goat 🐐 You must of had some good coffee ☕ this morning
Otis: @rickrickdeanh...I'm planning to document it in a book, if it's the Lords will. I'll cue you in if it's ever published.
Mountain Goat: I'm cleaning my house today. I'm even mopping and dusting. What's wrong with me? I'll make some lady very proud, someday. RLOL.
rickrickdeanh: Then message it to me Otis
Lynn: so whats new in here?
Sanctified1: You are one smart dude, Otis. Grammatically speaking, I mean. LOL
Otis: "There's" is a contraction of there is: "There's the hotel we were looking for."
Otis: Therefore, Mark, you are grammatically in error in attempting to correct my proper grammar, which would have made you incorrect, correct?
Mark: *their
Otis: @rickrikdeanh....There's not enough bandwidth on this site, my friend. I know He loves me.
rickrickdeanh: Hey Otis? Will you share your testimony with me? I love to hear the work of our LORD in someones life
Kingskid: The people who have you on there favorite list.
Hi: What is this .. Favorite on remote list?
Kingskid: I understand bro.Otis God Bless You!!!
Otis: Well, me for one, if I were doing any better, I'd have a glorified body! To understand that, one must understand where I came from.
Necer: Praise the Lord! How is everyone doing this morning?
Mountain Goat: Well, it ain't beautiful here, but giving praise anyhow! I pray the power stays on.
Heatherhere: God is greatly to be praised! So thankful for such a wonderful day! It's beautiful here!
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all. BE BLESSED.
Jan Tanner: Shout! Shout
Jan Tanner: Praise Him
live4whatulove: Good morning! Have a blessed day all!
bradg24: We are going to get that freezing rainsnow today in Tennessee☔❄⛄
rickrickdeanh: We just got hit with some freezing rain ☔
no: nothing works
Kingskid: Snow is melting here and birds are singing!!!!
rickrickdeanh: SUMMER!.....
Tammy: Praise GOD !!
Tammy: its 86 degrees and sun shining in beautiful SW Florida SUMMER has arrived time to clean the POOL out wooohoo
red: It's working...
Snowbird: Does the chat room work? I seem to get a blank page.
Snowbird: Just checking to see what works on this page.
Mountain Goat: I rebuke every devil and demonic force, every disease and every affliction.
Mountain Goat: It's not a fanfare of flesh. Let us throw our weight around and show the devil who's boss, In Jesus Name!
Tammy: hi hi
rickrickdeanh: Praise the Lord Brother! That's because our God created it. Thank you Jesus
Kingskid: Praise the Lord bro.Rick and sis Tammy!!! It has been a beautiful day.
Tammy: hmmm well maybe the attitude isn't right
rickrickdeanh: They are right. But their motive isn't right
Tammy: well they are probably right LOLOL
Tammy: LOL well Praise God !!
rickrickdeanh: Looks like somebody needs something else to do
hi: oh you pharasees
hi: cast out devils
hi: heal the sick
hi: quit hanging around in your church pew getting fat and doing nothing
hi: help the fatherless
hi: relieve the widows
hi: help the homeless
hi: go feed the hungry
hi: go win souls
hi: righteousness
hi: joy
hi: Peace
hi: s
hi: p
hi: g
hi: H
Mountain Goat: ..Quoting the guest speaker Sunday morning... "Everybody knows there is a God..
Mountain Goat: ...They don't hate God, they just put Him off and push Him away, but they know He exists."
Kingskid: Here's what God gave me not long ago. I AM NOT A GOD OF PAST
Kingskid: Praise the Lord bro. Mountain Goat got a word from the Lord???
Kingskid: Tammy has my number you can call me I love to talk about God.
Kingskid: In doing that it erases all the messages that's childish to me.
Kingskid: Not sure who it is that keeps posting just one letter repeatedly and in doing tha
Mountain Goat: Oh, how I love Jesus, because He first loved me.
Cvallee: Tammy said you love talking to people about God. Anytime you like to talk Kingskid let me know. God bless
Cvallee: I am a member on here so I usually don't get much on the main menu
Cvallee: Kingskid, who in the world are you talking to? to grow up
Cvallee: I just checking in to see what is up.
Holyroller2013: Hey !!
Jeremiah2913: Kathyp: to answer your question, select my account & then contact us
Kathyp: How do you contact the office of this site?
Mark: *you're...
Kingskid: God is up to something!!!
Kingskid: Word to the wise When your down to nothing...
Kingskid: I didn't know they let 3 year olds on this site.
Kingskid: Grow up already!!!
Hello: M
Hello: M
Hello: M
hi: l
hi: l
hi: l
hi: l
hi: l
hi: l
hi: k
hi: k
hi: h
hi: x
hi: u
hi: e
hi: r
hi: h
Kingskid: I wish it was at my church but God knows how to reach a hungry heart like mine.
Mountain Goat: @Kingskid...Praise the Lord brother. Did he preach at your church?
Kingskid: The passion that led Jesus to do the forbidden by law.
Kingskid: He preached on things that Jesus was forbidden by law to do
Kingskid: I received some precious golden nuggets in that sermon.
Kingskid: From the beginning the Holy Ghost ministered to me and I cryed
Kingskid: Mountain Goat yesterday was the first time to hear Bro.T.F.Tenny
SoldierOFGod: Good afternoon one and all.
Mountain Goat: No need for preaching last night, the Holy Ghost came in like a flood. Healing and restoration power! Glory!
lulu: Hey Larry, what's up?
lulu: Shout
Kingskid: Halelujah Jesus will make a way out of no way!!!;)
Kingskid: Better days are coming just hold on and have faith in Jesus!!!!
Kingskid: God is still pouring out His spirit the waters are troubled.
Kingskid: Halelulia a man wr prayed with got the Holy Ghost during song service tonite.
samiam: There is only one God and I rejoyce that I know him, a
Sanctified1: Sing it, Goat! Sing it!
Mountain Goat: ♫♫He's got power...He's got power...He's a healer...He's a healer...He's rules over every nation, Praise His Name!♫♫
Mountain Goat: ♫♫He's my savior...He's my savior...He's the lily of the valley...the bright and morning star♫♫
Mountain Goat: He's the God of every nation, Praise His Name!
rickrickdeanh: All is well! How about you?
Michael Barker: how is everyone doing??
rickrickdeanh: Hi, how are you doing Dani
Dani: Hey everyone
rickrickdeanh: Is anyone studying anything special in the bible?
joe: you are welcome have a Blessed night
Andrew: Thanks!
joe: wow busy nite Praise the Lord
joe: that was the last untill they visited you
Andrew: Thats what i thought but they show visiting after that date. It didnt make since to me. Lol
joe: i think it was last time on the site
Andrew: Does anyone know what the last see date is on the visitor tab?
Mountain Goat: Here's another one..... ♫He never has left alone...He never has left me alone♫ By night and by day...He's with me all the way!♫
Mountain Goat: ♫I'm gonna live so...God can use me♫ Anywhere Lord...Anytime♫
Otis: Sing another one Mountain Goat!
Mountain Goat: ♫He's sweet know....He's sweet I know Dark clouds may rise....Stormy winds may blow♫
Mountain Goat: ♫But I tell the world....Wherever I go That I've found a Savior....And He's sweet I know♫
Sanctified1: Me too. @ Mountain Goat.
Mountain Goat: Still frozen here. I need to get out, I have cabin fever. I found myself arguing with none other than me over what was for dinner! LOL
Lynn: Tammy, omg that was our topic sunday morning for sundays school too..
Tammy: Fear = depending on self FAITH=depending leaning on the LORD
Tammy: Preaching was about Faith verses Fear when your In Trouble ....or in desperate situations tonight
Tammy: Amen Psalms 46 .....My chapter LOL
Sanctified1: I like that analogy, Goat. I'll keep that nugget for a good message sometime.
rickrickdeanh: Oh yes, He is as close as the mention of His name.
Mountain Goat: "A very present help in time of trouble." The preacher might have to get dressed and warm up the car to get there...
Mountain Goat: BUT... Jesus is already there. He's attracted to trouble! Glory!
rickrickdeanh: I'm not sure how the song goes but I'm feeling it anyway... Lol
rickrickdeanh: 🎶Oh I feel like, feel like praising Him...... 🎶
rickrickdeanh: Praise the Lord!
janay: hi
rickrickdeanh: Lord, let our sleep be sweet tonight. In Jesus Name!
rickrickdeanh: Me, I just drop in a word and leave if not to many people are on and I'll check back later. When a lot of people are on I'll stick around
rickrickdeanh: And some of us are on different time zones.
rickrickdeanh: That's because we are on here at different times.
Cvallee: Oh well, praise God anyway for he is Good all the time
Cvallee: There are humans on here, however not very many talk to each other. Go figure. I joined for this reason, but I get know one.
jennifer: hi
Mountain Goat: @Otis, You and those feet. LOL
Otis: My feet are cold...where's my doggone slippers?
Cvallee: HI
joe: nite all sweet dreams
rickrickdeanh: You're not a human?.... Uh oh we're in trouble
Apostolicwoman: There are no humans on here to say Hi😊
Cvallee: Hello, someone needs to say hi, for all the hi's on here.LOL
hi: Praise God
hi: hi hi
rickrickdeanh: Praise the Lord, How is everyone tonight?
Dani: Hey everyone
Michael Barker: hi
Tammy: and then they wouldn't be all up in everyone elses business
Tammy: having compassion
Tammy: going to work shushing there mouths helping the needy
Tammy: giving biblestudies
Tammy: best thing they could be doing is winning souls
Tammy: I don't hang with or even mess with church people who start talking about all that nonsense
Tammy: *most*
Tammy: Because lost of them are a bunch of legalists who need to understand that LORD is over HIS CHURCH ..not them
rickrickdeanh: Because they're living according to the flesh & not the spirit @mountain goat
Mountain Goat: @kingskid Glad you enjoyed it Bro. I love Bro Stoneking. I like his preaching style.
Mountain Goat: Why do we gripe at one another? Apostolics I mean. A UPC church and a WPF church being snooty to each other?
rickrickdeanh: you don't want to know what it is here
Tammy: its cold for Florida But back in the 80s this weekend
Tammy: LOLOL
Tammy: All I can say is thank you JESUS that I live is FLORIDA
rickrickdeanh: I don't know him to well but I here good things about him.
Kingskid: Joseph by bro. Lee Stoneking I needef that.
Kingskid: Thank you bro. Mountain Goat I just got done listening to the sermon Josrph.
joe: brother Stoneking is a awesome Man of God
Mountain Goat: Listening to Bro. Stoneking message titled..."joseph" He deliver it in a very good way.
Kingskid: But if you insist on bringing chocolate and strawberry cake I won't complain
Kingskid: Won't we have a time when we get to grilling!!!
Kingskid: T-Bone stakes but no road kill and if anyone can bring some KING
Kingskid: T-Bone stakes but no road kill and if anyone can bring some KING
Kingskid: spear ribs and chicken mountain goat suppose to bring
Kingskid: and your suppose to bring shark stakes Rick is suppose to bring the.
Kingskid: Sis my birthday is March 11 besides bro Rick and I settled on a bbq
Tammy: but shes gonna make me a chocolate chocolate too
Tammy: she makes Strawberry
Tammy: lol I ordered a cake from a sister tonight who makes them for Mothers Memorial
Kingskid: Ican use a nice hot latte right now
Kingskid: strawberry cake with whipped cream it was so good
Tammy: what kind of cake
Tammy: ohhh that sounds like fun
Kingskid: Hi sis Tammy just got back from church celebrating pastor Roberts birthday
Tammy: wowwwwwwwww did I ever need to hear that tonight LOL
Tammy: and despitefully use you and 1John LOVE the BRETHREN
Tammy: Brother Shaffer taught on Luke 1Corith 13 LOVE LOVE LOVE Bless those who curse you
rickrickdeanh: Or you can tell us where you live and we can come over and give you a hug bro
rickrickdeanh: If you think we need to be more uplifting here then why don't you be the one to set the example. That's what mountain goat does
rickrickdeanh: Why are you being so negative Joe?
Dani: So I guess I'm out the money since there's no refunds and it doesn't work but he accepted My money
Dani: I paid the other day through PayPal and even messaged the guy but still can't access the members only stuff
Dani: Hi Joe some of us use Facebook more because we aren't paying members
joe: Thanks for all your Christian advice if speaking the truth is critical than you are rite thanks for the advice
rickrickdeanh: @joe or maybe your being to critical. I don't have any problems
ACTS238: facebook has singles and lots of Girls waiting just for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joe: lol good night all
joe: this may turn out to be a big waste of money
joe: what do ya have to do to get a response around here lot of people are quick to ignore one another not very uplifting
Kingskid: No wonder Rick only brought 1 Rib sorry missouriman I was expectinga nice slab of pork ribs lol.
Kingskid: Lol In that case I'll settle for mountain goat's road kill.
Kingskid: Lol In that case I'll settle for mountain goat's road kill.
Kingskid: Lol In that case I'll settle for mountain goat's road kill.
rickrickdeanh: That explains where the spare rib on the grill came from. Sorry kingskid
missouriman: I'm looking for my rib, anyone seen it? Lol
Kingskid: Lol I think I'll pass on that. excuse me while I go puke lol
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello any1 here
Mountain Goat: @kingskid They have an annual road kill cook off here in WV once a year. I have never been, but people say it's good. Yuck!
Dani: Hey Aaron. That's my brothers name too lol
Aaron: Hey dani
Dani: How are you?
rickrickdeanh: Hi Dani
rickrickdeanh: That's good thinking brother
Dani: Hey everyone
Kingskid: So true samiam
Kingskid: Our God is not a God of past failures but of future VICTORIES!!!
Kingskid: Bro. I just thought of this a little while ago let me know what you think.
samiam: If you look with your sprit and heart and not the flesh you might just find something amazing where you least expect it.
Kingskid: That's it Bro. Gary Howard wonderful man of God.
rickrickdeanh: That might be a different Howard. I know there's Gary Howard.
Kingskid: I remember a bro.Howard preaching at camp I think I purchased a book of his.
rickrickdeanh: He's a Pastor in Mansfield Ohio
Kingskid: And by the way mountain goat, no road kill please.
Kingskid: The name sounds familiar I may have heard him preach.
Kingskid: Oops I meant shark steaks lol.
Kingskid: And deer or elk jerky yummy and sis. Tammy can bring shark straks.
rickrickdeanh: Kingskid do you know brother Ted Howard?
rickrickdeanh: mountain goat can bring the steaks
Kingskid: Oh yeah!!!
rickrickdeanh: Lol..... someone has to bring the brats
Kingskid: That would be sooo cool in both ways.
Kingskid: I would seriously consider having a barbecue if I can get some folks to come overand if my BBQ will crank up lol
Kingskid: Ok bro. Rick you bring the spear ribs and chicken just make sure there not frozen lol
rickrickdeanh: Lol!
Kingskid: 0 now with wind factor 10 to 24 below zero lets have a barbeque
joe: lol Praise the Lord
joe: wow
joe: sunny and 40f out here sunny and 40f out here
joe: Good morning
rickrickdeanh: Hi Joe
rickrickdeanh: Church was cancelled here too. Windchill here is -19 🐧🐧🐧
Kingskid: Church wad cancelled for morning and evening services :(
joe: Hi all
Mountain Goat: Church cancelled here for the morning, Otis. Your poor old dogs are barking tonight, huh?
Otis: By golley...the cold winds blowing tonight! Anybody seen my slippers....and my wool socks?
Tammy: yes I am now
Cvallee: Tammy on you on?
Kingskid: If they hated our Lord Jesus Christ they'll hate us His children&chosen.
Tammy: true
Kingskid: Count it all joy my dear sister.
Kingskid: Blessed art thou for being persecuted for my Names sake.
Tammy: amen
Kingskid: Thank God for the Holy Ghost and fire because it will lead us to the promise land just like it lead Israel in the wilderness.
Tammy: haven't had that happen in a while
Tammy: had this older lady threaten me LOLOL
Tammy: I was witnessing at work
Tammy: buy the truth and sell it not
Tammy: yes that's true.....
Kingskid: The truth will set you free just because they don't believe, God is not going to have a nervous breakdown.
Tammy: he was a on fire evangelist and then he got wayyyy off
Tammy: he got into it on the internet
Tammy: I had a really close friend who got into that
Kingskid: They have not the love of truth in their hearts therefore they are reprobates.
Tammy: yes they are its sad
Kingskid: They are a cursed people because the Bible says do not add or take away from the Word of God
Tammy: I have no clue why either cause I paid
Tammy: I cant message on here
Tammy: lol
Tammy: but I figured him out
Tammy: I was just gonna ask you about that guy
Kingskid: It don't matter if you spelt puketerist wrong it don't matter anyway.
Tammy: yes I did
Tammy: hold on
Tammy: I don't know I didn't look
Kingskid: I sent you my number on this site did you get it?
Tammy: no I don't have your number no I don't have your number I don't think
Tammy: I think I spelt puterist wrong
Kingskid: This the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.
Kingskid: Hey bro. Rick that glorious white stuff that they don't have in Florida is coming down again lol
Kingskid: I said end up on a spiritual skid smartphone needs hearing aids.
Kingskid: How can anyone start out Apostolic and end up on hey spirituals kid road???
Kingskid: Like I said you got to be on drugs to believe all that trash.
Kingskid: Not sure if I ever even heard of the pukerist false doctrine.
Kingskid: I don't have your number sis do you still have mine?
Kingskid: What rock did the crawl out from under I know there doctrine don't line up
Tammy: King do you still have my number ?
Tammy: Most of the time they come from independents and they are lonerangers
Tammy: they start off apostolic but they off into some wacked out stuff
Tammy: They think rapture already happened
Tammy: hes a puterist
Kingskid: Seriously I think he's on drugs I wonder if he sees pink elephants???
Kingskid: I guess his glory land must be boring thats why he came back to earth.
Kingskid: He said he is reigning in that glory land so why is he still on earth?
Kingskid: Bro. Rick I thought the administrators removed the non believer Nathan off the site.
Kingskid: To the pure all things are pure. Happy Valentine's day to all my sisters in Christ out there.
rickrickdeanh: If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain.
Nathan: Even preachers are not aware of what they preach, generational errors in their doctrine
Nathan: Certainly not the word of God, wake up and study the word for yourselves
Nathan: What kind of bulls*** are preachers teaching the saint
Nathan: don't you know valentines is pagan,
Nathan: I am in the promise land, in heaven already with Christ
Nathan: I reign with Christ, I have dominion, power and authority, I have the promises of God
Kingskid: Well to all you sisters out there HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY FROM SUNNY CLEVELAND OHIO
Kingskid: See what I mean I can't even type lol
Kingskid: I am getting jittery just thinking about all this coffee CAFFEINE ATTACK LPL
rickrickdeanh: ☕☕☕☕
rickrickdeanh: So far the I think dunkin donuts bean coffee is the best French pressed
rickrickdeanh: My favorite caribou coffee so far is "caribou blend" & I think it's called "morning blend"
rickrickdeanh: They got their own website
rickrickdeanh: In my kitchen chair. 😁
rickrickdeanh: In my kitchen chair. 😁
Kingskid: Where were you when you ordered your coffee brother Rick?
Kingskid: If I remember right I got it from sit in cofeeshop book store like Barnes and Noble
Tammy: King ....I DO
rickrickdeanh: Oh yeah, I ordered some & I got this flavor called "Obsidian" I've never had before
Kingskid: I had it before, it taste good.
rickrickdeanh: Does any one like Caribou Coffee?
Kingskid: Good night everyone!!!
Kingskid: I think I may have missed my callinginstead of construction I shoulda took cooking lol
Kingskid: so now I can cook Filipino MalteseMexicanSpanish andAmerican food
Kingskid: my dad was a professional cook mom cook Maltese food and dad cook Filipino food
Kingskid: My dad was from the Philippinesboth my mom and dad were awesome cooks
Kingskid: corned beef pie Is a traditional dish in Malta.
Kingskid: I'll send you a pic of it. My mom is from Malta I lived there about 5yrsafter my dad died
rickrickdeanh: In doing well brother, now never had it
Kingskid: How ya doing bro. Rick ever have cornbeef pie?
Kingskid: Made cornbeef pie and had bro.Andy over he liked it hey Andy he likes it!!! Lol
samiam: Nice to day but cold tomorrow,
rickrickdeanh: @bradg24
rickrickdeanh: steadfast love, justice and righteousness in the earth. For these things I delight, declares the Lord.
rickrickdeanh: but let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord who practices
samiam: I witness when the sprit indicates.
sm42: any women not never married on here?
bradg24: Bragging and witnessing the fine line between the two. What is your opinion
samiam: Nice in TX
Gilbert: My first time on hear how ever one
Kingskid: and fellowship was fine and fun!!! I love my church family that includes you all too.
Kingskid: Just came back from celebrating a bro. and sis.birthday at Quaker State food
okcapostoliclady 45: All lol srry I dont know an al lol
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello al
Mountain Goat: ♫♫ I'm satisfied with just a cottage below A little silver and a little gold ♫♫
Mountain Goat: ♫♫But in that city where the ransomed will shine I want the gold one that's silver lined ♫♫♫♫
Mountain Goat: ♫♫I've got a mansion just over the hilltop In that bright land where we'll never grow old ♫♫
Mountin Goat: ♫♫ And some day yonder, we will never more wander But walk on streets that are pure as gold. ♫♫
samiam: Maybe because I am..I am not good at this single stuff.
Tammy: samiam you sound down and discouraged are you ok ?
Kingskid: Thank you Jesus for another day of liberty to praise and worshipyour holy name.
samiam: Jesus, you know the need, but you all so know what's best. Just help me to accept your will in all things
Tammy: call HIM up call HIM up tell HIM what you want ..JESUS on the main line nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
rickrickdeanh: How majestic is His name in all the earth
rickrickdeanh: That wonderful name
Mountain Goat: There's just something about that name.....
gracelascuna: hello
rickrickdeanh: Hi
lovetolaugh: Hi to everyone from Michigan
Tammy: you are truly welcome King
Tammy: Ya know your blessed when you get one of those
Tammy: I want to thank the Lord for 1 black Ralph Lauren to the KNEE Black JEAN SKIRT Praise GOD !! For 4.99 cents
samiam: We all stumble and fall, its how we get back up that counts.
Kingskid: Thanks sister Tammy!!!
samiam: Sometimes I wonder is there a truly good man out there for me..
samiam: -3 yikes Mountain Goat..
Tammy: ok Im bored tonight LOL
Tammy: I'm praying King
Kingskid: the house belongs to my pastorthe price is right but has to go thru a V.A. loan.
Kingskid: Please pray that God will open the door so I can buy the house I'm in now.
Kingskid: I think there stuck in the snow.
Mountain Goat: 3 degrees here! Ugh!!! Has anyone seen Otis' slippers?
Kingskid: Good morning Church family hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!!!
samiam: Ready for some nice weather in East TX
Tammy: 70s tomorrow in Florida
humble: how are you?
Kingskid: my heavy load now I'm on that glory road do why why worry at all ♥
Kingskid: Why worry? Why worry? Walking down the King's highway JESUS took
okcapostoliclady 45: Its gonna b like in the 60s here in Oklahoma 2maro
Tammy: but my sister called me tonight from Ohio and told me its 4 degrees sooooooooooooo
Tammy: ok its going in the 40's tonight in Floridaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Kingskid: God is good all the time all the time He is good!!!
Amandasaline: Hi there everybody Jesus is so good!!
Kingskid: It's a beautiful day in the neighborhoodI♥it♣★●
Kingskid: I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!!
Kingskid: God is soooo good!!!!
jesse: Any one available to talk now?? Stay Blessed always
Kingskid: And please Lord don't let mister jaws catch up with sister Tammy on her jet ski lol
Kingskid: Faith faith faith just a little bit of faith you don't need a whole lot just use what faith you got
Kingskid: Walking by faith with Christ the Lord trusting completely and his word
rickrickdeanh: LOL! That's great brother
Kingskid: Ain't that right brother Rick
Kingskid: Yes Lord then my sister Tammy won't have to look at those improperly dressed people on the beach.
Kingskid: Yes Lord then Tammy won't have to see all those naked bodies on the beach.
rickrickdeanh: God Florida needs snow! Let your heavens open up and send snow upon the land of Florida
rickrickdeanh: Elijah prayed earnestly and the heavens opened up and gave rain. I should try this......
rickrickdeanh: God, I don't want to hog all this beauty of snow to myself. I would like to share it with sister Tammy. Could you send some of this her way?
Tammy: well me and my sandals will be getting the ole SUV and headin through the 78 degree weather and sunshine up to worship the Lord at church tonight
rickrickdeanh: we got about 3 inches yesterday and suppose to get 2 more inches this evening...... 44 more days til spring
Kingskid: just got message Pastor cancelled service tonight
Kingskid: it's snowing again bro. Thank God for brothet Andy!
rickrickdeanh: Lol...>kingskid
Tammy: about the Lord shes a really sweet lady
Tammy: or maybe just to chat
Tammy: Pray about it brother
Tammy: she would move to you
Tammy: King ...check out my friend Sister Carol shes from New Mexico
Kingskid: looking for a wife knows how to fish and clean fish, has a boat please send picture of boat.
Kingskid: I would love to have a contest fishing with you.
Kingskid: I would love to have a contest fishing with you.
Kingskid: if you want to talk about fish and I could talk to you about fishing all day.
Kingskid: I caught a 28 pound catfish on a lightweight Berkeley pole what a 10 pound test line.
Kingskid: include the fishing pole I let my roommate and lost it because of fish took it in the water.
Kingskid: Right now I have at least 4 fishing poles ready for action and that does not
Kingskid: I have caught buckets and buckets of white bass,cat fish,crappie Wipers
Kingskid: I could fished from sun up to sun down and some.
Kingskid: Sister Tammy do you really know howbto fish?
Tammy: redfish or sea trout
Tammy: anyone ever ate snook or cobia?
Tammy: shrimp and fresh fish dinners anyday
Tammy: and Palm trees and the Strawberry Festival
Tammy: thank you very much
Tammy: give me a boat and a fishing pole
Tammy: and you can keep the plow.
Tammy: again
Tammy: Its going to be 78 and sunshine today
Tammy: and the minus 10 degrees
Tammy: but you can keep the snow blaaaaa
Tammy: well Praise the Lord for Brother Andy coming into the kingdom
Kingskid: he said he'll let me do some plowing and I can't wait to get behind the wheel hold on Andy lol
Kingskid: Andy has a pickup truck with a lot of POWER it has a plow in front of it and man can he plow.
Kingskid: and he wasn't even baptized yet that goes to show when a baby wants to be born it's going to be born lol
Kingskid: Andy who just not too long ago got the Holy Ghost I gave him a Bible study and he got the Holy Ghost in the water
Kingskid: lately I've been going out with my friend
Kingskid: but I can't say that I don't like the snow because it gets too much but it sure is nice around Christmas time.poor Tammy lol
Kingskid: I hope the weather people are right this time because I can sure use a break in the weather
Kingskid: hey brother Rick have you been getting any more snow lately it looks like we won't have snow for a while just flurries
Kingskid: Oops I meant to say I'm going to school in Chicago for training then go to Indiana for the job.
Kingskid: top fun in the snow. Right brother Rick? Lol
Kingskid: that reminds me we can rent some snowmobiles and have
Kingskid: Not sure sis. Tammy but I am talking to someone in chicago and Lord willing I may go there to supervise a job.But thanks anyways.
Dan: Hello...where is everyone from...57 male Washington state here Where is everyone from...57 male Washington state here
Tammy: her name on here is Cvallee I think check her out Brother King
Tammy: And Brother I'll be thinking about you all while Im out jet skiing.....
Tammy: Shes the real deal ...very sweet sister
Tammy: King I have a friend who is on here name is Sister Carol she lives in New Mexico.....I think you two would make a good match
rickrickdeanh: 👍
Kingskid: Oops crazy me I meant to say don't worry we still love you sister Tammy
Kingskid: don't worry we still lpve you sodtrr tammy#!;)
Kingskid: I got your back too thanks bro.Rick you rock
Kingskid: chips and some nice hot cocoa fire wood burning fireplace.Sis. Tammy
Kingskid: this beautiful white snow sledding tobogganing and ice skating and having some chili dogs with nacho cheese
Kingskid: Will be thinking about you while you're frying in the Sun and we're enjoying
samiam: Lol raining hear, laughing at yall
rickrickdeanh: I got your back Kingskid. Lol
rickrickdeanh: LOL... 😂
Tammy: I was messin with Kingskid ...hes from Ohio almost where I grew up
Tammy: LOLOL NOOOOOOOOOO I rebuke that I hate snow....I'm tooo old for snow
rickrickdeanh: My sister Tammy needs a blessing. Let her see your beauty of abundance of snow flakes in her yard
rickrickdeanh: God, will you please bless my sister your daughter with some snow ❄.
rickrickdeanh: THANKS TAMMY! JUST RUB IT IN. "
Tammy: Florida state fair starts in a week Its wonderful
Tammy: I love the beach Palm trees Parks and Our Fair is going on right now
Tammy: I love Ohio In July and miss the fairs and my family ...but not worth living up there LOLOL
Tammy: gonna be 78 tomorrow not that Im bragging or anything LOLOL
Tammy: in the 70s here and Sunshining
Tammy: Lord knew what he was doing when HE moved me 30 years ago from Dreary cold Ohio LOLOL
Tammy: sitting by the Gulf drinking ice coffee
Tammy: another beautiful day in southwest Florida
Kingskid: A few years ago we went to see the Christmas lights downtown driven by horse and buggy, that was fun.
Kingskid: how about an outdoor skating ring??
Kingskid: brother Rick do they have ice shutes where you're at??
Kingskid: Cuddling up with the one you love next to the fireplace is the best part.
Kingskid: Just hold on and enjoy the ride
Kingskid: they shouldn't have to refrigerate the ice shutes for quite a while lol
Kingskid: And I want to go outdoor ice skating I was told that there's one nearby me
Kingskid: I mean sit by the fireplace and enjoy some chips and nacho cheese then go out and enjoy some more tobogganing.
Kingskid: and enjoy some hot cocoa nacho chips and cheese chili dogs and whatever else
Kingskid: and enjoy some hot cocoa nacho chips and cheese chili dogs and whatever else
Kingskid: I want to go sled riding or tobogganing on the ice used in Strongsville
Kingskid: Hey brother Rick are you expecting more snow? I heard we're supposed to get more thing for sure I can say we have all four seasons here
Tammy: *palm*
Tammy: sorry Im partial to sand ocean and Beautiful Plam trees in my yard
Kingskid: the trees look so beautiful with the new fallen snow on it.
rickrickdeanh: Praise God for His mighty river of living waters that continually washes me and cleanses me daily
Lynn: hello there from 75 deg. florida.. Lol
lovetolaugh: Hi there from Snowy Michigan
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all, whats up.
pamelew78: beautiful weather in FL. I was outside bare foot today.
rickrickdeanh: The ☀ is shining here too. No flurries til tonight
Kingskid: The sun is shining here with snow flurries it looks real beautiful.
rickrickdeanh: Many county's are declaring a snow emergency here
Kingskid: Snow is coming down again I'll send you another pic if we get 6inches more
rickrickdeanh: amen!
Kingskid: Oops again lol worshipping a bunch of proud haughty heathens who could care less about my Jesus who died for the world what a shame.
Kingskid: I would hate to be caught in a sports arena where should be a bunch of heathens and the trumpet sounds.
Kingskid: I would hate to be caught in a sports arena where should be a bunch of heathens and the trumpet sounds.
Kingskid: but when it's time to come to the dinner table at the house of God they don't have time just like the bible says.
Kingskid: Sports arenas originated from when the gladiators would kill Christians they can feel their seats in their arenas
Kingskid: Oops my Heavenly Father is the KING of all kings!!!!!!!
Kingskid: My heavenly Father is the king of all kings!!!
Kingskid: I am on God's team because I'm a King's kid!!!
Kingskid: ask all those who talk about sports to name the 12 disciples and see what kind of answer you get
Kingskid: I agree with you brother mountain goat professional sports makes me sick to my stomach
Mountain Goat: He brought me out of an horrible pit! How horrible was your pit?
Mountain Goat: Super Bowl Party??? NO THANKS!!! I'm going to church where the real party is!
Mountain Goat: Angels step aside and remain at attention for the chosen worshippers tonight. Glory!!!
lovetolaugh: The snow has made me cancel my Super Bowl party! Was looking forward to it but at least I know that all who were coming will be home, safe and warm.
Miriam: In mexico, it's been cold and rainy!!!!!
lovetolaugh: Hi everyone! Hope all are enjoying the snow!
Kingskid: 13in. is alot of snowmen lpl
Kingskid: Send me dome pics of your storm and send you some pics of Cleveland storm lol
Kingskid: Were getting our shear of snow here too bro. Rick
indiana: hi all
rickrickdeanh: This will make mountain goat want to put on his fur coat
rickrickdeanh: We are getting slammed with snow here. Word has it that we're getting 13" of that white stuff.
samiam: Church today..smiles
WonderfulPraise: I don't think that will happen. People on this site are very shy!!!
Amandasaline: No Im not desperate lol just want to see who will come out of their shell
Amandasaline: I am a paying member here just for some who worry bout that
Amandasaline: anyone want to chat find me on facebook Amanda Pacholl
Kingskid: Your welcome bro.just remember you are a child of the King of all kings!
Mountain Goat: Thanks kingskid. We need an encouraging word sometimes. Appreciate it my brother. Sorry, that was over 200 hits to profile.
Kingskid: Don't do it bro.have faith just be patient with God. He's working on a plan for you.
Mountain Goat: Might have to go to the Catholic site just to converse. Geesh!
Mountain Goat: Been here for six months...Just passed 2000 visits to my profile...and not one meaningful conversation. Geesh!
Kingskid: He has some growing up to do.I tutored him in the Christian school.
Kingskid: On the other hand, my youngest daughters husband has been growing up to do.
Kingskid: I love my oldest daughters husband he is very mature and loves God and not afraid to tell it like it is.
Kingskid: I love my oldest daughters husband he is very mature and loves God and not afraid to tell it like it is.
Kingskid: God luvin and fun lovin husband.
Kingskid: You sound like a real go getter sis. Amanda I hope God Blesses you with a mature
Amandasaline: I use to go for looks but God has taught me the true meaning of whats behind the mask.
Amandasaline: I have big dream I want to help people I am a giver. I get satisfacation out of pleasing others
Amandasaline: I love to have fun indoors and out. I am a risk taker why??? Cant be where I want if not.
Amandasaline: Ok here it is...When I meet a man I dont want a boy Im a grown woman and well it irritates me.
Amandasaline: Ok I may not have a super model body hahaha I am smart and I love the Lord with all my heart ;)
WonderfulPraise: As most men of the world do. I believe Pentecostal men does go for looks which is sad...
Otis: Amen!!!!! Amanda
Amandasaline: Otis people are funny that way but they really need to step back and take a look in the mirror
Amandasaline: * if they DONT have a ....
Amandasaline: Looks arnt everything if they have a good heart and carry the name of Lord with them daily
Otis: I find it not only amusing, but quite laughable when a lady says she seeks a man that's active and "fit" when upon receiving her pic,
Otis: she's about 75lb overweight, and I'm only about thirty. RLOL! Unbelievable!!!
Vicky 0809: Good evening
Kingskid: No problem bro it's getting late anyways
Kingskid: Ok I'll send you the pic
rickrickdeanh: My phone is on 2%so if you don't here back from me, you'll know why
Kingskid: Oops in june lol can't wait to see them!!!
Kingskid: my daughters and my son in law are coming down for my nephew's wedding angel
rickrickdeanh: Oh.. I just message it to you
Kingskid: in the comment section.
Kingskid: I have a pic I want to send you I think you'll really get a kick out of it if you want text me your phone number
rickrickdeanh: That's a good song.
Kingskid: I didn't realize how fun is could be until I got the app for it.yes by casting Crowns.
rickrickdeanh: By casting crowns?
rickrickdeanh: I am very rusty. I use to be decent.
rickrickdeanh: Last time I played chess was a month ago for the first time since high school.
Kingskid: I will praise you in the storm is playing right now I lift my eyes unto the hills where does my help come from...
Kingskid: We were tied 7/7 then I broke the tie and won the championship!!!!
Kingskid: I read Matthew, Psalms and now I'm reading the book of Saint Mark
rickrickdeanh: What chapters are you reading?
rickrickdeanh: January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd. 3rd question was what was God's name. Gump said Andy
Kingskid: now I'm getting spiritually smart too lol
rickrickdeanh: Second question was how many seconds are in a year. Forest thinks about it & days 12
Kingskid: lately I've been playing a lot of chest on my phone but I said for every game I play I have to read three chapters in the Bible
rickrickdeanh: I can't remember the first one
Kingskid: Can't forget those prossesed artificial flavored fish sticks lol
rickrickdeanh: Forest Gump had to answer 3 questions before entering into heaven.
Kingskid: The little kids thought that God's name was Andy lol
rickrickdeanh: Lol... There is a forest Gump joke like that.
Kingskid: Andy walks with me Andy talks with me Andy tells me I am his own
rickrickdeanh: Oh yeah.... I've had salmon, cat fish, white fish, tuna fish, & fish sticks... Lol
Kingskid: bro you just don't know what you're you eat fish at all???
rickrickdeanh: At my graduation I want the song "In the garden" hymn to play
rickrickdeanh: I haven't had walleye nor perch yet
Kingskid: At my funeral Lord willing or should I say graduation day, I want them to sing the song Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me.
rickrickdeanh: Oops... Jesus will never let you go
rickrickdeanh: 🎼 Jesus will let you gooo.... You've taken me from the miry claaay 🎼
Kingskid: We'rewell known here for catching walleye and jumbo yellow perch!!!
rickrickdeanh: 🎶Jesus.... Love of my sooooul.... 🎶
Kingskid: and maybe by that time you and your wife and my wife we can all go fishing together is that a deal???
Kingskid: we can hook up together and I'll treat you out to one of the best buffets in Cleveland Ohio.
rickrickdeanh: Lol.
Kingskid: if you're ever in Cleveland Ohio let me know I'll give you my phone number
Kingskid: I really like Chinese food it must be the Filipino blood in me lol
Kingskid: I really like Chinese food it must be the Filipino blood in me lol
Kingskid: I'm doing fine thank you Jesus!!!
Kingskid: I'm doing fine thank you Jesus!!!
rickrickdeanh: How are you doing?
rickrickdeanh: I enjoy eating chinese food. Especially a buffet.
rickrickdeanh: All is well brother. I just had an awesome time with Jesus breaking bread together (bible studying)
Kingskid: A brother from church took me out for a Chinese Buffet it was delicious as always. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!
Kingskid: Praise the Lord brother Rick hows everything going. I missed my mid afternoon prayer at the church:(
Amandasaline: Truth be told
Amandasaline: LOL
Otis: @Amandasaline...either way works sista! Even ruth went to the fields to glean, right? Then what happened? Oh yeah! Glory!!!
Amandasaline: ? Do you think the lady should contact the man or should the man contact the lady
Tammy: I love that song
Tammy: beautiful in Florida
me: Favorite song "I'll fly away" mmm good ole gospel hymn! Still waiting on the coming of the Lord!
samiam: Very nice in East TX
rickrickdeanh: Are you looking for a week sheep to go after?
rickrickdeanh: You know nobody one this site believes in your doctrine but yet you still stick around.
rickrickdeanh: Nathan why are you trying to deceive many with your doctrine?
Nathan: Kingskid you are already in Heaven, Jesus is already come back and he is in your heart
Kingskid: Oh when I walk up the streets of gold when I walk up the streets of gold,how my heart will rejoice
Kingskid: in that morning when I walk up the streets of gold!!! Hallelujah can I get an amen!!!
Kingskid: Oh when I walk up the streets of gold when I walk up the streets of gold,how my heart will rejoice
Kingskid: I'll fly away oh glory I'll fly away when I die hallelujah by and by I'll fly away!!!
Kingskid: Come Jesus quickly.How I long to be with my Jesus!! Don't you???
Kingskid: Hell is hot and eternity is long !!!!!!!!!! This world aint my home.
Kingskid: Anything but hell !!!! whatever you have to do to me don't let me be lost for eternity above all else I must be saved!!!
okcapostoliclady 45: Hi all how is everyone
Tammy: Had a great service tonight
Tammy: I know....been there done that many times through my walk with the Lord .....had to make way harder choices than that.......
Amandasaline: All ready to get my praise on with the children of the Lord
samiam: But its worth it Tammy ;)
Tammy: had to do that last week samiam Ugh :(
Tammy: AMEN !!!
Sanctified1: The Lord keeps blessing me....yes He does, yes He does!
Acts248mom: Hello
samiam: Sometimes when you do what is right but not what is easy..God will bless you for it.
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all
Nathan: I am a King and a Lord, for the KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS IS IN ME
Tammy: Nice here too 70 today
samiam: Nice in East TX
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all
samiam: Very true Mountain Goat, its a painful process for humans.
Mountain Goat: Sometimes we have to go to God's threshing' a place where he pulls the chaff out of your life. Thank God for His mercy and grace. Amen.
Tammy: thank you I appreciate it
Mountain Goat: Praying @ Tammy
Tammy: thank you :0
samiam: Praying Tammy
Tammy: I favour to ask I need prayer...Lord knows just call my name out and HE will take care of it Thank you
rickrickdeanh: My mouth is filled with your Praise, & with your glory all the day,
Kingskid: This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.
WonderfulPraise: Hoping y'all are having a great day. God is good!
okcapostoliclady 45: Shouting out from okc ok
Amandasaline: Hey there just dropped in to say hi and God Bless You all. God is so good and every day it gets better and better...
samiam: Like your song Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat: ♫♫ Hold to His hand, God's unchanging hand...Hold to His hand, God's unchanging hand...♫♫
Mountain Goat: ♫♫ Build your hopes on thiings eternal...You've got to hold to God's unchanging hand...♫♫
Mountain Goat: ♫♫ When your journey is completed...If to God you have been true...♫♫
Mountain Goat: ♫♫ Fair and bright the home of Gloooory...Your enraptured soul will view...♫♫
Mountain Goat: I pray ye all have blessed church, and a Holy Ghost explosion this morning...Hallelujah!
Miriam: At the time of no one in here!!!!! Lol
samiam: You are at the
Miriam: And sometimes it seems like Im talking to the chat!!!!
rickrickdeanh: we talk on the go here.... Lol! sometimes we drop in, say something, and then go. sometimes we stay & chat
braamjm: Hello missouriman
missouriman: Kinda quiet in here
missouriman: Nice day here in missouri
missouriman: Hello
Rick: Burr here too. We still have the same ole white stuff here & maybe get some fresh white stuff tonight
samiam: Soggy in East TX
samiam: Burr mountain goat...but I bet its pretty to look at, but not to live with.
Shelia: Hi
Mountain Goat: Ice cold here in the mountains. About three inches of the white stuff. Mornin' y'all.
Rick: Good morning!
Holli76: think its just you and me samiam
samiam: Hi yall
Holli76: Mornin everybody. Holli here from massachusetts =)
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Apostle: ...........
Nathan: The truth is Jesus Has already come back, he will never come in the clouds literally, cause you have been indoctrinated
Nathan: I think you better research it and not be afraid to find th e truth
Nathan: Woman are not lower than man in the chain but equal
Nathan: woman are and equal in the sight of God, they can teach become pastors
Nathan: Like tithing, second coming of Christ, woman are treated lower than men
Nathan: I think you Apostolic need to research the bible , cause there is error in some places.
WonderfulPraise: Amen!
Rick: Guy was trying to deceive us with false doctrine. I told Jesus & the site administrator kicked him out
Rick: Or you can tell Jesus... He'll take care of it... That's what happend last time on here
Rick: Let the site administrator know if possible
Amandasaline: Stuff like this makes me think twice to even hang out here and other places
Amandasaline: I dont remember where I met him he messaged me and his conversations were very vulgar/unappropriate
Amandasaline: Heads up lady man by the name of Jim Shrewsberry is possibly on this site
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all, whats up
samiam: Otis I am shure there is an app for lost slippers too. Lol
samiam: Otis get your thermals, and keep equip those slippers with a
Mountain Goat: SMH @ Otis. Snow storm coming to the mountins tonight and through the early part of next week. Brrrrrrr!
Otis: My feet are cold! Has anyone seen my slippers?
shyguy22: Anyone in st louis mo ?
Tammy: I hate coldddddddddddddddd
Tammy: O lord it better not come nigh unto Florida in Jesus name LOL
samiam: Every one is Frozen...cold in TX
hello...: Hi everyone ;)
ChelleBelle: Good evening :-)
okcapostoliclady 45: Any1 here, hello
okcapostoliclady 45: 1 here
okcapostoliclady 45: Hi all, whats up?
samiam: Well Otis needed
Tammy: UGH
Mountain Goat: SMH @samiam
samiam: Otis some nice lady's at the nail salon can do wonders for the mangled up old dogs, I mean
Mountain Goat: Good grief, Otis. ounds like your dogs are barking tonight...LOL
Otis: Just overlook the corns, callouses, plantar wart and the bunion...LOL... really loud!
Otis: Has anyone seen my slippers? I sure could use a foot massage...whew!
okcapostoliclady45: Ptl alll
kimmy72: God is so good
kimmy72: praise the Lord
Tammy: It has always been that way Mountain Goat :(
Tammy: I work nights but anytime that is not a church night or afternoon is good for me....
Katy: I'm good after 9 PM EST on Mon and Sat
Mountain Goat: and whoever can be here, then be here. Set a schedule and take turns to monitor it.
Mountain Goat: I think it would be uplifting and good encouragement/fellowship to meet for chat when we can. Set a time...
Mountain Goat: They have their husbands and wives and children to contend with. If they work, that makes even less time to give...
Mountain Goat: Most of the adults at my church are married. They don't seem to have time for us singles, and I understand that...
okcapostoliclady45: Im for that
Tammy: Im alllll for it...just name the time
Katy: I am not on Facebook
Katy: We're**
Katy: We should set a time to come and chat on the chat room... Maybe we can all post the time they're available. What do you all think?
okcapostoliclady45: Lol
Tammy: but I think a lot have went to Facebook and also they have gotten married
Tammy: we all use to go in the chat room and have fun years ago
Tammy: wellllllllllll yes I think so Did you ?
samiam: Tammy did you get any nibbles with your steak?
Otis: We need to get the chat room fired up again in here. This site has a lot of age to it.
Otis: The ladies are blowing up my mail feed since I've been posting here.
Rick: I guess that's what happens when you spend time in the presence of the Lord. You tend to forget about things.
Rick: Oops! I forgot my slippers at Moses mountain.
samiam: I think Otis silly, but his feet are
samiam: I think Otis silly, but his feet are
Otis: My feet are cold! Thanks @ Miriam
missouriman: Hello
Miriam: @ Otis, right where you left 'em!
missouriman: God bless America
Otis: Has anyone seen my slippers?
Katy: @ Shawn! Ha thanks for responding lol...
Godsmercy1966: @butterfly712 Read my updated profile please.
okcapostoliclady45: To God b the glory, today.
okcapostoliclady45: Hi any one here
Shawn Hawk: @ Katy you can usually get a hold of people in this chat.
samiam: Who is having issues with his eggo I mean ego as we can
Nickfire: Hello ladies it's the man of the century!
samiam: I thought you could write on the guest book for free..sorry
Katy: Have to be a paying member to sign the guestbook or send emails
samiam: @ Kathy this is what is used as the chat room You can sign their guest book
Katy: Does anyone ever go into the chat room on here? Frustrating we cannot communicate... :/
Mountain Goat: ♫ ♫ Rain Lord...Rain Lord...Rain Lord... ♫ ♫
Mountain Goat: ♫ God Almighty... let your Holy Spirit rain ♫
okcapostoliclady45: Hi all, how was yalls church. .
janay: yum
Kingskid: Strawberry pie with Fresh Strawberries,strawberry glaze topped with home made whipped cream of course
samiam: People did not believe Noah until it started to rain. How is your faith are you rapture ready?
shyguy22: hi
janay: hi
Tammy: and Blueberry cheesecake of course
Tammy: who ever started the whole "peeps" lingo ? Had to be younger generation UGH I'm not a peep
Rick: She's becoming a "Fisher of men" Lol
Jenny123: Good morning peeps
Rick: LOL!!! 😂
Tammy: steak on the grill
Kingskid: And don't forget the home made black berry pie on the side.
Kingskid: With all the fixings of course. Not asking for much
shyguy22: Or just some Chocolate!
Kingskid: Or some King crab legs with lobster,well done T bone stake and a big baked potatoe.
Rick: That's it sis... Lure them in like fish..... They say "a way to a man's heart is through their stomach" Lol!
Nickfire: Any ladies looking for a hard working faithful man look no further!
samiam: Mumm maybe if I put a nice Sheppard's Pie at the end of my line and some
Rick: Otis.... You just dug yourself a hole bro. Lol
samiam: Well, if I one happens my way I won't complain.
Tammy: whose desperate.....I know your mot talkin about us
Otis: Those women are funny...ugh...and sound D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T_E....just kidding, LOL.
Rick: Ya'll women are funny
Tammy: LOL samiam .....we need to advertise on out profiles
samiam: @ Tammy they can come to East TX Especially if thy like camping.
samiam: Yeppers @ amandasalib Yeppers @ amandasaline
missouriman: Hello
Tammy: if so tell them to get ahold of Tammy
Tammy: anyone know one ?
Tammy: ok,,,i'm looking for a Florida Apostolic NORMAL man with a truck and a boat who likes to go fishing
Rick: Michigan
Amandasaline: @ Southern Gentleman do you have a first name please
Amandasaline: So how is everyones evening going so far. Sam I am I see you still are here Hello from South Dakota
Amandasaline: where is that Rick
Rick: We have sunshine here & the snow is melting. 💃🙌👍🌞
Amandasaline: @moutain goat- the whole weekend has been beautiful here high 30s
Jenny123: Good afternoon
mike: hi
Mountain Goat: Mornin' folks. Sunny in the mountains today...YAY!!! Time to go burn some brush.
ChelleBelle: Good morning! :-)
samiam: Good morning yall
Amandasaline: Im going to Good Morning all then Im going to say Good Night =D
Kingskid: Sleep tight!!!
Kingskid: Goodnight!!!
missouriman: Hello
Kingskid: Anyone for good game of Risk?
Stillbelieveit: Hello
missouriman: HELLO
Rick: God already blessed America and now she thinks she don't need God anymore
Uncle Sam: God bless America
rickrickdeanh: To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.
rickrickdeanh: my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;
rickrickdeanh: O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee,
Kingskid: God bless my church family!!! -Good night ya'll!!!!!!
kimmy72: in CA?
kimmy72: anyone attending Landmark?
Kimmy72: Oh ok thanks
samiam: This is the chat site that people use..@kimmy72
Kimmy72: Hello
rickrickdeanh: Hello kimmy72
Mountain Goat: Cold and spitting snow here.
kimmy72: is there a chat site on here?
kimmy72: hello
rickrickdeanh: We finally got some of that here too.
samiam: Sunshine .and blue
rickrickdeanh: Or purchase the swift keyboard. That's what I use
rickrickdeanh: Find emoji keyboard on the Android market
Kingskid: Hey bro. Rick I have a smartphone but I don't know if it has the same features as yours its a samsung galaxy g4
Kingskid: and I'm pretty sure the rest will do the same. WELCOME!!!
Kingskid: Hello joycelazaro I'll be your friend and your praying partner.
joycelazaro: Hello! I need a friend. God Bless us all.
samiam: This looks like a good deal to me
samiam: If your interested.
Tammy: Oh the Blood that Jesus shed for me.....Wayyy backkk on Calvary ..The Blood will Never lose it's POWER
Mountain Goat: ✞✞ On Calvrys hill of sorrow... Where sins demands were paid...✞✞
Mountain Goat: ✞✞ And rays of hope for tomorrow... Across our path were laid✞✞
Kingskid: Cool!
rickrickdeanh: 🙌
samiam: Church tonight.. : D
rickrickdeanh: Lol... Emoji keyboard. Equipped on smart phones.
Kingskid: Hey bro. Rick how did you get the thumbs up? -lol
rickrickdeanh: 👍
Kingskid: someone taught me so I just wanted to pass it on-
Kingskid: someone taught me so I just wanted to pass it on-
Kingskid: For those of you who don't know how to make a smiley on this post this is how :first:then this ) or first : thenD have fun!
Kingskid: This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it!!!
rickrickdeanh: And give God the glory
samiam: Rise and
rickrickdeanh: Good night bro
Kingskid: Good Night yall!!!
rickrickdeanh: Lol...... ok the way guys that wasn't me. I am a payed member....LOL
Suzie802: Anyway, thanks and good luck to you as well.
Suzie802: Whoops, see,I'm don't even know hoe to use this correctly yet @Rick
Rickrickdeanh: Thanks for the msg. Sorry I couldn't respond, not a member yet
Mountain Goat: @rick...Not sure. Might try iTunes. Check "brotherhood chorale" under the title 'baptize me Jesus" on youtube. It's the same group.
rickrickdeanh: where can I buy that at? I never heard it before but I like the lyrics so far.
Mountain Goat: @ Rick....also known by the title "Baptize me Jesus"
Mountain Goat: @ rick....By the "Apostolic Church of God." They are oneness.
Mountain Goat: @ricrickdeanh...praise and worship medley..."We shall have power." I listen to it on the album, 'No One But Jesus"
rickrickdeanh: Is that a hymn song "mountain goat?"
rickrickdeanh: welcome "Josie".
Otis: Saddle up, Josie...and hang on!
josie: New to this ...howdy partners
Otis: All the women and men talking about food? Well....who'd like a shiny new diamond? LOL
Mountain Goat: ♫ Baptize me Jesus.....with the Holy Ghost ♫ If you do... I'll have POWER...your word says so!
Mountain Goat: ♫ I shall have power...(I shall have power) ♫
Tammy: Fried Pork chops mashed potatoes and corn tonight
rickrickdeanh: all others... I don't think I've tried YET
rickrickdeanh: Mexican food is good, so is Chinese food, Italian food, Lebanese food, american food, and greek food.
samiam: Burr. Some nice hot tacos pastor sound Mumm good
humble239: I know how to cook mexican food but i do agree with rick on this one too though.
rickrickdeanh: Guys can cook, most of you women are just better at it.
MelissaK: Be safe out there. Nice talking to you.
Grace: ttyl melissak. on my way to work.
Grace: Louisiana
MelissaK: and you? where you from?
MelissaK: NW Montana
Grace: Where are yo from melissak?
MelissaK: LOL. Lets not judge them all to be like that. No couch potatoes for me. got be a prayer warrior too.
Grace: they say they can do anything until you ask them to do it. I love Mexican food tho.
MelissaK: I know what you mean Grace. I wonder if he is talking about doing the cooking? A man that cooks...WOW
Grace: all this talk of food and cooking is making me hungry.
Kingskid: Oops I meant lol. silly me
Kingskid: Sweet Dreams of gourmet dishes dancing in your head lpl
Kingskid: Taste and see that the LORD is GOOD!!!
Kingskid: I made some miniature chocolate chip cookie cupcake for men's prayer meeting tonight and they pretty much demolish
Kingskid: Or should I say does anyone know how to cook any tantalizing dishes???
Kingskid: Or authentic Filipino food???
Kingskid: Anyone know how to cook AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD???
Otis: So...Do any of you ladies know how to peel potatoes and stir the greens?
samiam: Not around Houston we dont do good with snow...
rickrickdeanh: Lol!
samiam: @ Tammy and one for TX, lol
Tammy: just
Tammy: actually I know some that live here they are kust not on this site
Tammy: naaaaaaa theres lots of sweet apostolic men who wanna move to warm Florida LOLOL
rickrickdeanh: Is it snowing their yet?
rickrickdeanh: Lol.... you can be warm too if you go hang out with them.
samiam: At least they are warm...burrrrr in TX
rickrickdeanh: They must be hanging out with Jesus at the burning bush
Mountain Goat: *going to be
Mountain Goat: Silly girls...going to alone for a long time with an attitude like that.
Tammy: well they are gonna have to come to sunny Florida...cause this Florida girl is not goinnnnn to the Mountains for a man
samiam: God is gathering his people unto him.
samiam: Well tell those Men to come down from the Mountains. @ mountain goat
Sanctified1: @MountainGoat....We sang that in church tonight. The Holy Ghost fell through the anointed worship.
Mountain Goat: ♫♫♫♫ Never will the rocks cry out in my place...♫♫ He's worthy of all our praise...
Mountain Goat: ♫♫ I just came magnify, I just came to glorify, I just came to praise the Lord!♫♫♫
Mountain Goat: Uhhhh, they're in the mountains, girls. Silly girls can't find a man. hehehehehehe.....
Tammy: where are they ? lol
samiam: I dont think there are too many from TX, and LA
Tammy: there isn't hardly anyone from Florida on here
Cvallee: I don't think I want to either
Tammy: well Im not paying again
Cvallee: I don't get on here as much, and I am not sure I want to pay again
Cvallee: Me no I am not a paying member, and I email one person that asked me to but never heard from him
Tammy: have you ?
Tammy: his mom and aunt live here in the winter
Tammy: we've been friends for years he comes down here
Tammy: yeah Stephen
Cvallee: Have you met anyone on here yet?
Cvallee: I hope it works for him this time, I am sure he found what he was looking for
Tammy: no I think he got married I saw him on Facebook
Cvallee: Is JoJo still on here
Cvallee: I never met anyone on here
Cvallee: I don't know what to do, i was a paying member at one time on here
Tammy: and I don't get dizzy
Tammy: like really fast and my eyes are closed
Tammy: yep twirling me
Tammy: lol
Cvallee: spinning you?????
Cvallee: Your old heck i am a lot older
Tammy: like 4 or 5 years ago
Tammy: well the Lords been spinning me lately ...cause Im getting olddddddddddd LOL
Cvallee: When did you Pay?
Tammy: and I thought it was for like 50 years
Tammy: Im not either...I cant figure out why though cause I paid
Tammy: LOL
Cvallee: I dance and stomp my feet, than my hips say why did you do that lol
Cvallee: I knew it was you sister Tammy your the only one that shouts out the name of Jesus and says to dance
Cvallee: Sis Tammy I have been back but not a paying member
Cvallee: Has anyone met anyone on here as far as a relationship, or is this site just not a good site to join
Tammy: sis Carol ...your back
Cvallee: Try to meet people, a little hard trying to decide if I want to join
Cvallee: Doe anyone talk on here?
Tammy: stomp your feet clap your hands dance for joy
Tammy: you gotta Just shake off the religion and worship the Lord....Get out in the isle and dance
rickrickdeanh: When God gives He gives abundanltly
rickrickdeanh: send some of that weather to michigan
Tammy: It's 80 degrees and sunshine in the Sunshine state....almost time for church .. ....I'm feelinnnn Blessed
rickrickdeanh: Lol.... Wow, that's funny.
Mountain Goat: Praise Jesus, @rickrickdeanh. I heard that previous saying used by a Bishop at a service. It stuck with me. I too love the word, bro.
samiam: I go to church to worship In sprit and in truth.
Tammy: I go to a good church we come to Praise the Lord ...and Have Church
rickrickdeanh: I like to sharpen the two edged sword to peirce my flesh
Mountain Goat: All brush their teeth before coming to church, others seem to sharpen their tongue. Which will you be? ;-)
rickrickdeanh: Bind the sacrifice to the alter of prayer, saturate it with the word of God, & God will send the fire.
rickrickdeanh: Bind the sacrifice to the alter of prayer, saturate it with the word of God, & God will send the fire.
Kingskid: The mercies of God never cease to amaze me.
Kingskid: Everybody aught to catch on fire burn in the Holy Ghost!!!!
Kingskid: Contagious Courage Lord Jesus set my soul on fire for souls again.
Kingskid: Amen preach it bro. Rick!!! Revival starts with awilling heart look at Apostol Paul.
rickrickdeanh: When we allow God to set our hearts on fire then others around us catch it tooO.
rickrickdeanh: Revival services are good. True revival starts with us
samiam: Wow a church that has revival Friday night, now that's a good thing indeed.
Otis: Revival tonight...and Sat and Sun! Woot... there it is! Get yo Jesus Praise on!!!
samiam: @Tiffany4Jesus t is the total of other members who have you on their favorites list.
samiam: Cold drizzling rain..yuck
Tiffany4Jesus: Hi everybody. Can anybody tell me what (favorite on remote list) means?
rickrickdeanh: Hi "new here"
ChelleBelle: Hi! I'm new here :-)
Kingskid: When we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be!!! no more heaters no more a/c's
Kingskid: Jesus will make a way out of no way if only you will ask Him I am a living witness.
Kingskid: Lord whatever you have to do to me don't let me be lost for eternity above all else I must be saved.
Kingskid: Warming up a tad thank God for the tad.
okcapostoliclady45: Amen, PTL, SIS samiam
samiam: Jesus is the same God does not change.. People do..set your course and keep it straight and on the narow path.
okcapostoliclady45: Hello all whats up
rickrickdeanh: Sing it Brother!
Mountain Goat: ♫ ♫ JESUS...Oh sweet Jesus...Oh how I love, calling your name... ♫ ♫
Mountain Goat: ♫Jesus, sweet Jesus...everyday your name is the same... ♫ ♫
samiam: Burrrrr..Fuzzy socks helped make a warm day, a knitted cap helped too.
Site Administration: If you are not an Acts 2:38 believer, then go somewhere else. Stop sowing discord.
Site Administration: FINAL post contrary to Apostles Doctrine, Nathan. You will be removed!
Nathan: I used to believe that, but the scriptures do not teach a second coming of Christ in the future , therefore I changed my belief
Nathan: kingskid you will never see Jesus coming in the cloud I can guarantee that. Cause I can prove it in the scriptures that's its already happened
Kingskid: HALLELUJAH!!!! This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.
Kingskid: Besides the Bible instructs me not to feed my pearls to swine so I'm not wasting my breath on you anymore because you don't have ears to hear.
Kingskid: Nathan I received the Holy Ghost in 1986 while I was in Singapore serving the United States Navy. So take your false doctrine somewhere else.
Kingskid: Burr don't even want to leave the house its so cold!!!
samiam: Burr morning y'all... Its a fuzzy sock kind of day.
Nathan: No one will ever see Jesus in the clouds physically in the clouds ever
Nathan: Not literally on a horse and clouds, if you study your bible you will know what prophetic language is
Nathan: When Jerusalem was destroyed that was Christ return in Judgement
Nathan: Jesus has already come to those who he spoke too in the first century Generation in AD 70
Nathan: kingskid you need to study your bible, i could smash your false indoctrinations with the word of God
Kingskid: Burrr it's freezing outside!!! :(
samiam: Stay warm y'all..
Mountain Goat: Great message tonight. It's bitterly cold tonight. -17 below zero with the wind chill.
rickrickdeanh: Praise God for the "lively hope" that we can have in Him through the baptism of the Holy Ghost! THANK YOU JESUS!
Jonathan: Uuuummm HELLO. ... Hello .....hello
samiam: Amen @ mountain goat..time to get our praise on.
Mountain Goat: It's church time...which means it's time to get your praise on!!! Hallelujah!!!
Kingskid: Nathan you must have went to stupid college to be that stupid!
Kingskid: Nsthan you must have went to stupid college to be that stupid!
Kingskid: will a man rob God? Yes in tithes and offerings.
Kingskid: Jesus it's coming back for his church (Bride) who has made herself ready.
Kingskid: You must be reading the doctrines of devils the doctrines that Jesus warned his church about. God is not mocked what you so you shall reap.
Kingskid: I am 52 years old I have read the King James Bible at least 10 times and I have never seen the garbage you're saying,in the Bible anywhere.
Kingskid: Nathan get your head out of the sand and ask Jesus to forgive you for your stupidity stupid people don't make it to heaven.
Nathan: Don't freak about if he is coming today, its not of God, he has already come and reigns now
Nathan: Rapture doctrine was invented.
Nathan: The world will never burn and end , it will continue, Jesus has already come back into your hearts
Nathan: if you tithe you are under a curse, Jesus is not coming back on the clouds on a horse literally. He spiritually came down in AD 70
Nathan: It has shocked my belief to the core, false teaching are in the apostolic movement
Nathan: Research it you will find the truth
Nathan: You just has a collision with the truth
rickrickdeanh: He's just looking for a fight.
Otis: Pray for that guy Nathan y'all!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!
Otis: That guy, Nathan, is cuckoo for cocoa puffs! Praying for YOU!
samiam: @ Otis Thank you
Nathan: The world will endure forever, it will never be destroyed, world without end
Nathan: Jesus has come already , he is never coming in the future, there is no rapture, only spiritual resurrection of the spiritual dead
Nathan: Jesus is not coming back on a horse and a cloud and with the army of heaven, he already done that in AD 70
Kingskid: Good Night to all and to all a Good Night!!!
Mountain Goat: WORSHIP: Something you can't learn in a class. It must be spontaneous and unrehearsed.
Otis: Beware of disguised profiles.... @samiam .... Some are not as ye suppose.
samiam: A soldier, wears his armor different than a civilian., I
samiam: @ Mountain Goat..Thats so true and a very good point.
Kingskid: and said being confused Andy? and the little boy start to sing Andy walks with me Andy talks with me ...
Kingskid: a little boy raised his hand and said yes it's Andy. The teacher being baffled scratched his head and looked at the boy
Kingskid: Have you heard this one bro. Rick. A Sunday school teacher asked his class if they knew what God's name was.
Kingskid: Student: then you must not have a brain!!!
Kingskid: Student: Sir. can you see your brain? Teacher no. Student: can you feel your brain?
Kimmy72: Praise the lord
Kingskid: Students no. Teacher: then there is no God.
Kingskid: Teacher: can you see God? Students no. Teacher can you feel God?
Mountain Goat: You can tell those that have been in battle, it shows in the way that they wear their armor!
rickrickdeanh: I see you "crazyworship" and "samiam" you're a funny
samiam: @ crazyworship.. Went to prayer meeting last night, ready for church tomorrow night.
crazyworship: O well. Heading to prayer. Maybe later.
crazyworship: Darn...
crazyworship: here?
crazyworship: My screen doesn't even show you on
crazyworship: That's an interesting intro. Lol
samiam: Whoo Hoo all of my socks found
crazyworship: Would someone respond to this so I know it works
rickrickdeanh: Lol... That's great
Kingskid: Here's one for the atheist.
Kingskid: Sorry it was supposed to say Teacher: then there is no God.
Kingskid: Student: Then you must not have a brain!!!
Kingskid: Student: can you touch your brain? Teacher no.
Kingskid: Student: can you see your brain? Teacher: no
Kingskid: Teacher: can you see God? Students no Teacher: can you feel God? Students no.
Kingskid: And to all a blessed night.
Kingskid: And to all a blessed night.
Kingskid: Let it shine let it shine let it shine let it shine let it shine in Cleveland Ohio!!!
Kingskid: Let it snow let it snow let it snow let it snow but not here in Cleveland Ohio.
crazyworship: Ok. It can't be that bad. I just bathed a couple hours ago :/
crazyworship: For that matter, I am starting to feel like I am talking to myself. Lol
crazyworship: Okc asked to chat and looks like she's gone
crazyworship: Well? Did I already miss the boat?
crazyworship: Forgive me. I'm still trying to figure this thing out. Lol
crazyworship: Hello
samiam: @ Leroy I see 50 year olds looking for 25 year olds. Thats just odd either way you go.
okcapostoliclady45: Lol right
samiam: Hunting some thermals, its going to get burr cold.
samiam: Hay y'all...
samiam: I see men post the same
Leroy: I can't help but laugh when I see a ladies profile where she is 49, and her age range for her mate is 28-39...Is she joking?
samiam: I get happy when I see the sun. I like to imagen what it will be like to see the creator of it.
okcapostoliclady45: Howdy all
rickrickdeanh: I should say sister Kimmy
rickrickdeanh: Praise the Lord Kimmy
Kimmy: Hello my brother/sis in Jesus name
Kingskid: I believe it's just another sign of the end times pestilences
Kingskid: I was sick for about 4 or 5 days but thank God I'm recovering from what ever it was.
Kingskid: At least 5 people already died of the flu here in Cleveland Ohio
Leroy: @Miriam...Thank you or the advise.
samiam: Cool @ Leroy, now I know why I am out there.. Lol
Miriam: For those of u with the flu bug, drink chamomile tea with lemon juice, it'll make u feel better,
rickrickdeanh: Praise the Lord! just doing laundry here
okcapostoliclady45: PTL ALL. WHATS UP.
rickrickdeanh: We have the flu bug hitting hard over here
Leroy: SAMIAM spelled backwards is MAIMAS, which is the name of the moon of Saturn. No! I am not into astrology.
Leroy: Stomach bug going around and you don't want it. Anybody seen my slippers?
rickrickdeanh: Lol.... this thing is sometimes not user friendly
samiam: Sorry, it was not posting.
samiam: Always, even if things dont make since, to man. God, has a reason.
samiam: Always, even if things dont make since, to man. God, has a reason.
samiam: Always, even if things dont make since, to man. God, has a reason.
samiam: Always, even if things dont make since, to man. God, has a reason.
samiam: Always, even if things dont make since, to man. God, has a reason.
Kimmy72: God is good
Kingskid: Good night yall have a blessed service tomorrow!!!
samiam: Yes, to both at
samiam: Lol yall
Kingskid: I forget some times when they are on top of my head. Lol
rickrickdeanh: Have you ever started looking for your glasses and come to find out you're already wearing them?
samiam: Oh man...this is
Leroy: I could be wrong...but sam I am don't look like a man.
Leroy: How much is the .50 cent toll on the PA Turnpike?
Miriam: Somebody must be getting ooo....forgetful?
samiam: Mumm...and reading glasses are on your head, when you can't find them...
Leroy: They were already on my feet...LOL
Miriam: Lol @ samiam and Leroy, but Samiam is right!!!
samiam: Now my feet are cold..hunting fuzzy socks.
samiam: I bet they are right where you left
samiam: @ Leroy..again... Lol
Leroy: I'm trying to find my slippers, how bout y'all?
samiam: Cooking..
rickrickdeanh: How is everyone else doing?
rickrickdeanh: It is well
rickrickdeanh: Praise the Lord
rickrickdeanh: I haven't read that one neither
noblestrength77: how is everyone how is everyone
Kimmy72: Praise The Lord
Kingskid: What about A FREE MAN WALKING it's a true story but it seems like you're reading a novel from Louis L'Amour.
rickrickdeanh: No, I haven't read that book
rickrickdeanh: That's the one
Kingskid: Have you read the book The best of E. L. Holley?
Kingskid: Are you talking about the book written by brother Steve Carrier?
rickrickdeanh: Did you ever read the book on brother Ike Terry?
Kingskid: between each line of pain and glory, Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me.
rickrickdeanh: not much today, it's nasty outside. snow, ice, and rain.
Kingskid: If any one should ever write my life story for whatever reason there might b you'll see there
samiam: are yall up too?
Kingskid: Thank You Jesus for loving me!!!
Kingskid: The prayers of a righteous man availeth much!!! Lord I know I am nothing but Ineed you everyday of my life.
Kingskid: The prayers of a righteous man availeth much!!! Lord I know I am nothing but Ineed you everyday of my life.
Kingskid: Had a great prayer meeting this morning just Jesus and me. Thank YouJesus!!!
Kingskid: Had a great prayer meeting this morning just Jesus and me. Thank YouJesus!!!
Leroy: Has anyone seen my slippers?
lyza: Hello
lyza: Hello
Kingskid: Thank you bro.Rick God bless you this year in all your endeavors!!!
rickrickdeanh: I will definitely keep you in rememberence when I talk to Jesus brother
rickrickdeanh: I pray that the God of Israel will strengthen your heart, In Jesus Name!
Kingskid: I need to go to school for C.I. P.P in Chicago then fly down to Lake Station Indiana where the site is.
Kingskid: having congestive heart failure has made it hard for me to get a job but I used to be a general contractor and I know I can run the crew.
Kingskid: having congestive heart failure has made it hard for me to get a job but I used to be a general contractor and I know I can run the crew.
rickrickdeanh: Is this something you want to do bro?
Kingskid: Pray for me bro. my brother who is a general contractor wants me to work for him as a supervisor for a cured in place pipe project.
rickrickdeanh: I'm excited to see what God's going to do this year
rickrickdeanh: It was good kingskid. We just had good Ol fellowship
Katy: Happy Friday night woo hoo, too bad there aren't any revivals going on around here...
Kingskid: God is good all the time all the time God is good!!!
Kingskid: We had a blast at church yesterday!!!!
Kingskid: Hey bro. Rick how was your New Year's day???
samiam: Tis all part of the plan...I am comic relief tonight as mischief seems to be out with mayhem.
Leroy: sound funny and crazy at the same time.
samiam: Hang on...hummm a that would be nice.. Let me go grab my calendar, there's lots of dates in
rickrickdeanh: Lol
samiam: For a very important
samiam: @ Leroy do you have your glasses I thought I saw a white rabbit with some on, but he was running late..
Leroy: Has anyone seen my slippers?
samiam: Hi yall
rickrickdeanh: Hello everyone
lyza: Hello...happy new year..
Kingskid: And it all begins with you and I.
Kingskid: It's all about the love one for another and the undivided unity in the Holy Ghost.
Kingskid: and to top it all off I was able to play one of the best Risk game played in a long time. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!
Kingskid: We had skits songs poem we even had someone perform card tricks for us.
Kingskid: Mine was spectacular, a lot of fellowship, a lot of fun and a lot of food what more can you want? Lol
Kingskid: How was everyone's New Year's Day???
Cvallee: Will be back tomorrow to see if people do communicate on this page
Cvallee: Just thinking about joining, Is this a good place to join?
samiam: I know when I can't. If I let God ....He can..
kimmy72: praise the Lord
samiam: Lol @ mountain goat... I like that way of thinking...God collects our tears...
Mountain Goat: Take those tears and let down your glory...then use it to wash his feet. You're going to be blessed. I feel it.
samiam: Too cold for me @ amandasaline
samiam: @ mountain goat..I like to think of our tears as a a drink offering poured our God.. But its our joy or sorrow
Mountain Goat: One gospel writer said she anointed his head, another said his feet, another said she cried,
Mountain Goat: another said she let down her hair.....She did it all! When you're in the presence of Jesus, you ain't got no hang-ups. You do it all!
Amandasaline: Sioux Falls SD
Amandasaline: high 27 low 17 but its going to get below 0 and soon
Amandasaline: just cold
samiam: And its rained all day...:((( but I am thankful for the rain.
samiam: South TX @ amandasaline
rickrickdeanh: Heaven does not operate by time or days, Yet God is still an on time God. That is wonderful to think about
rickrickdeanh: where did you go????
rickrickdeanh: What is it over their "Amandasaline?"
rickrickdeanh: it's 23 degrees here w/ a windchill of 18....burrrr!
Amandasaline: cold out here too im stay inside and keep warm
rickrickdeanh: what state are you in "samiam?"
rickrickdeanh: It's very cold and windy here
samiam: Raining... Its a lazy kind of day..Good napping weather.. Lol
rickrickdeanh: How's everyone's first day in 2015 going?
Miriam: Happy new year to all of you, hope all of u brothers and sisters get 2015 blessing this new year
okcapostoliclady45: Any1 here
Amandasaline: its been a while but HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone
okcapostoliclady45: Amen Paul
samiam: Quack... @ the ducks
Paul Nelson: GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Nelson: Happy New my brothers and Sisters. May the Lord bless you with the love of a Godly companion this year.
okcapostoliclady45: Hello all HAPPY NEW YEAR
samiam: And so the year begins anew...what are you going to change to get closer to Jesus?
rickrickdeanh: Praise the Lord everyone
Kingskid: Happy Blessed New Year everyone!!!
samiam: Happy new year yall
samiam: Very true @ wonderfulPraise
WonderfulPraise: I believe this is a great site I believe this is a great site. However, be ware of people that creeps in unaware . Pretending they are apostolic!!
WonderfulPraise: Happy New Year everyone! I pray for health & a closer connection to God..
Sanctified1: Happy New Year, everyone!
kimmy72: its almost new years!~
kimmy72: what a mighty God we serve!!
samiam: @ Otis this is one of the better sites I have used.
Otis: Beware of others who are one gender, and create a profile of another gender, just to view your profile. That's terrible!
kimmy72: praise the Lord
kim: i love Jesus Hi good morning all
kim: hi im new here hi im new here
samiam: Standing at the corner of lonely and right ...just a random thought.
Kingskid: Jesus is the answer for the world today!!!
Kingskid: To all who have lost their father in this world, my heart goes out to you but always remember your heavenly Father is only a whisper away.
Kingskid: Sorry about your Dad Tammy but I thank God that I had a Heavenly Father that took care of me I can't complain.
jackym: Hello
Mountain Goat: No one can teach you to worship...Pain teaches you to worship. Jesus promotes worshippers and blesses them.
Tammy: I was born and raised a heathen and my whole family is too.But the Lord saw something in me and HE found me ..
Dannie: Hello Hello
samiam: @ mountain goat, but it looks like you found your way to Truth.
Mountain Goat: I never had a daddy that I knew. Had no mentoring, no grooming, no training. I was like David, left alone with God. Hallelujah!
samiam: I still miss my Daddy..ALS (Vietnam Vet)
Tammy: I'm sorry King....cancer took my dad 10 years ago :(
lynn: HI Hi
Kingskid: Cancer took my dad when I was 6yrs.old
okcapostoliclady45: Any1 here
okcapostoliclady45: Hello all
Tammy: yes HE is
samiam: God is the light in the darkness.
Leroy: Praise Jesus, Tammy. Happy for you're victory over cancer. It took my mother.
Tammy: The devil tried to kill me BUT THE LORD wasn't done with me YET !!!
Tammy: The Lord healed me of Cancer ....It's been 2 years this month PRAISE GOD !!
Tammy: I just read that verse. today ..Amen !!
Kingskid: What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his own soul. This world aint my home I'm just a pilgrim passing through.
Kingskid: What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his own soul. This world aint my home I'm just a pilgrim passing through.
Kingskid: Take this whole world but give me Jesus!!! For what does it profit he man to gain the world and lose his own soul?
Kingskid: Jesus is coming back for his blood washed Church. Thank God for the precious blood of the Lamb that washes white as snow.
Kingskid: Like a thief in the night Jesus is COMING to take His Bride who has made herself ready.
Mountain Goat: In the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my spirit upon ALL flesh. We're in the last days people. Praise Jesus!
samiam: God is able..
HighlyfavoredofGod: Praise God for still pouring out the Holy Ghost in 2014.
Kingskid: The Holy Ghost is still being poured out in 2014!!!!
Kingskid: A man tattoos on his face and praying hands and a cross receive the gift of the Holy Ghost tonight. THANK YOU JESUS!!!
Exceller: went pretty good, a little quiet, but always is
okcapostoliclady45: How was every1s services today
okcapostoliclady45: ANY1 HERE
okcapostoliclady45: Mine was a truly BLESSED one
WonderfulPraise: Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a Peaceful and Blessed Christmas da. As we know it is Christ in our Christmas..
okcapostoliclady45: Good Morning all, how is every1
rickrickdeanh: This is a measure of what the Holy Ghost is showing me while meditating on Rm 2:16
rickrickdeanh: My old sinful life, my new life, and my secret life
rickrickdeanh: 3 portions of my life I have to give to God in order for Him to have my whole life
rickrickdeanh: I like heart driven profiles. Some are mind driven profiles
rickrickdeanh: your profile is from your heart... not your head
rickrickdeanh: Lol.... I like your profile Katy
rickrickdeanh: Praise the Lord Katy
rickrickdeanh: Thank you "Miriam", now I can go lift her up to Jesus in prayer.
Katy: Praise the Lord everyone! How is your Saturday night going?
Miriam: My mom was in ER brcuse she had a minor stroke, keep her in ur prayers please
Miriam: Thank u for ur prayers
rickrickdeanh: about the prayer request
okcapostoliclady45: Im blessed by the Best
okcapostoliclady45: Which question bro...
okcapostoliclady45: Which question bro...
rickrickdeanh: How are you doing?
rickrickdeanh: I'm here... Just waiting for an answer to my question
okcapostoliclady45: Any1 here
okcapostoliclady45: Ill say a word also sis
rickrickdeanh: What is she in the ER for?
Leroy: @Samiam...Yes, I know. LOL @Miriam...Praying here.
samiam: @ Miriam Praying..
samiam: Irm peaying
samiam: @ Leroy we were our own country..;)
okcapostoliclady45: Howdy all
Miriam: To all of you praying guys, keep Juanita Jaques in prayer, she is my mom, was in the emergency room today, kingskid, keep us in ur prayers please
Leroy: @samiam...I see you're from Texas...that explains it. Y'all still think you have your own independent republic. :-)
samiam: @Leroy, well its obvious your a
Leroy: @samiam....The civil war is over now! You can come out from under your rock...LOL!
samiam: Burr.. Dem yanks left the door
samiam: Or sm42 is a country
Leroy: @sm42...So, are you a bell boy, a butler or a maid?
sm42: and old folks
sm42: and i hold doors for pretty women
Miriamluna: As we dont have good churches , i need to hear good preaching!!!!!
sm42: Amyrenae i love dogs and children.
Miriamluna: I found this radio station, preachings all day long, good ones, holy ghost radio
samiam: Let it rain.
Mountain Goat: It's beginning to rain, rain, the voice of my father...
Mountain Goat: He's saying whosoever will, come and drink of my water..
Mountain Goat: He's pouring His spirit out on your sons and your daughters...
Mountain Goat: *thirsty
Mountain Goat: If you're thirty and dry, look up to the sky...It's beginning to rain!
Kingskid: Thank You Bro. Rick for your prayers and thoughtfulness.
Kingskid: Hi sis Mariam I miss talking to you on facebook but I felt like I needed to get off but it was fun while it lasted.
Kingskid: In Noah's day they did not know what rain was. Because it never rained mist came out of the ground and watered the plants.
samiam: As I look at the rain, I think there was a time when people did not know what rain was. ;)
samiam: As I look at the rain, I think there was a time when people did not know what rain was. ;)
samiam: As I look at the rain, I think there was a time when people did not know what rain was. ;)
Miriam: Hola bro Robert
Kingskid: How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was nice thank God.
Kingskid: Where are you from M.G.?
Kingskid: Where are you from M.G.?
Kingskid: Thanks M.G.
Exceller: nope ;)
Mountain Goat: Good one, KingsKid
Mountain Goat: @OKC...Well, it's cold in the hills. Dark too. LOL
Mountain Goat: A resurrection! They are alive!
okcapostoliclady45: Whats up yalls way..
okcapostoliclady45: Hello all, hru
samiam: I see some people.. Now...
samiam: Lol
Mountain Goat: Man!... It's bout as dead as some West Texas road kill in here tonight...LOL
breakingfree: Ptl everyone
Mountain Goat: I didn't define the scripture this time. I figured you needed to search it for yourself. We love you, Anthony
Mountain Goat: 2 Timothy 2:16 and Colossians 2:16. Still lashing out, aren't you Anthony. We understand, we've all been in the pit before he brought us out.
Anthony Hills: Jeremiah 10: 1 to 4 says not to partake in the pagan holiday of christmas
Kingskid: MERRY CHRISTMAS Sis. Bethany!!!
Kingskid: MERRY CHRISTMAS Sis. Bethany!!!
Exceller: I got Medical Books for Christmas! Whoop whoop!!!
Exceller: Merry Christmas Everyone
Mountain Goat: Bro Lee Stoneking --- "The Name of Jesus" A must listen on youtube.
Tammy: I'm listening to Jeff Arnold My Favorite Preacher
Tammy: is a great place to get preaching from some great Apostolic Preachers
Tammy: HE came to SAVE ME !!!!
Tammy: I am sooooooooooo Glad HE came as a man to die for ME !!
Tammy: Merry Christmas Praise the LORD !!!
Mountain Goat: *Christmas
Mountain Goat: @ Bro Rickrikdeanh...You're welcome, anytime. Merry hristmas to all!
live4whatulove: Blessed Christmas to all! �� ☝
Miriam: Merry christmas bro Robert, i sent u some text, didnu got it?
Kingskid: Merry Christmas sister Miriam.
Kingskid: Merry Christmas brother Rick we serve a mighty God that answers prayer..
Miriam: The reason for the season..........Jesus, the sweetest name
Miriam: Merry christmas to all
rickrickdeanh: You too brother Robert, I appreciate you
rickrickdeanh: Mountain Goat..... I forgot the goat part
rickrickdeanh: Brother Mountain, thank you for praying with me for my sister, I appreciate you brother
Anthony Hills: hmmm your name Goat ? that explains it all rofl !
Anthony Hills: im not serving the IDOL of christmas and saying im doing it for Jesus!
Anthony Hills: pray for your self ! not me.
Anthony Hills: rofl
Mountain Goat: They that lash out the loudest, hurt the most. We're here for you, pal.
Mountain Goat: If they be ignorant, let them be ignorant. Another vain babbler. We'll pray for you, Anthony Hills.
Anthony Hills: Or are you going to be like so many and ignore God?
Anthony Hills: Jeremiah 10:1 to 4 God commands us not to celebrate christmas rick read it!
Anthony Hills: yes they do rick.
rickrickdeanh: Nobody knows the true birth of Jesus Christ and nobody is celebrating the day of Santa Clause. We are just acknowledging our precious saviour.
Anthony Hills: christmas is a pagan holiday and God has told us not to partake in it Jeremiah 10:1 to 4
Anthony Hills: Jesus was born in September
rickrickdeanh: All because of a birthday long ago. Praise God!
rickrickdeanh: Amen! I'm thankful that because I am in Christ I'm no longer a gentile
Kingskid: I have everything I need Jesus because I have you!!!!
samiam: As a Gentile, I am thankful God made a way where there was no way. And I could be saved. Praising my God, Jesus.
Kingskid: Happy birthday Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kingskid: Natnhan read your Bible the Trump of God is not sounded yet.jesus is coming back for his church who has made herself ready.
Nathan: Christmas is pagan Christmas is pagan, don't you know this
Nathan: Jesus is not coming back, he's Here and his Kingdom is on earth
rickrickdeanh: Michigan
okcapostoliclady45: Yes im Good ty, where u from
rickrickdeanh: U.?
rickrickdeanh: All is well
okcapostoliclady45: Hows every1 2nite
okcapostoliclady45: Shout out, im 45 f from okc ok, yall
okcapostoliclady45: Merry Christmas all.
samiam: Its a hard time to be alone, but I am thankful for what I have.
samiam: Merry Christmas yall
Mountain Goat: Lot's of singles in here at Christmas.
Mark: could have fooled me
Tammy: yeah sam was here Don't know where she went
Tammy: ohhh ok
Benny: They were in here, Tammy
Tammy: lol
Tammy: where are they ?
Benny: I see where all the women are at tonight. lol
Tammy: hi sam.... Happy Christmas
Mountain Goat: @samiam...I think he was removing some unrighteous stuff from out of here ;-)
samiam: least put some ---- in there. God is with you even when you dont think so.
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Leroy: .....
Dan: This site is a waste of money a lot this girls don't want to date
UncleLee: Is there a remedy to not being able to sign guestbooks? I am a paying member.
Miriam: Everything ok kingskid, hope u r doing greAt, God bless u!
Mountain Goat: Praise Jesus!
rickrickdeanh: Aryel is on her way home now. Glory to God!
rickrickdeanh: Aryel's fever broke last night and today the doctors said she's doing better today.
Kingskid: Hi Sister Mariam I hope all is well with you and your family.I AM doing fine thank God.
Kingskid: OH GOD heal Aryel from all sickness. BY YOUR STRIPES WE ARE HEALED IN JESUS NAME!!!
samiam: As the sun rises in the Eastern sky, I realize I am still waiting on the Lord. ' Just have to remember His time is not like ours.'
samiam: Praying @,rickrickdeanh
Tammy: I'm praying rick
Mountain Goat: @ rickrickdeanh...I'll be praying, brother.
rickrickdeanh: Her name is Aryel
rickrickdeanh: I have a little sister who's 1 yrs old that is in the hospital with pneumonia. If ya'll could join with me in prayer for her that would be awesome
rickrickdeanh: All is well with my soul here brother Robert
Miriam: Why dont u cook some Chichen soup, its better kingskid
Kingskid: I like the chicken noodle soup and when I'm not feeling good it helps me feel better.
Kingskid: I'm eating a cup of noodle soup you just add water and pop it into the microwave these things are so good.
Kingskid: I'm eating a cup of noodle soup you just add water and pop it into the microwave these things are so good.
Kingskid: Hey bro. Rick my back is doing fine thank you Jesus!!!! How's everything with you
Kingskid: Hey bro. Rick my back is doing fine thank you Jesus!!!! How's everything with you
Mountain Goat: One God, Jesus is His Name! I'm with ya!!!
rickrickdeanh: I guess where done fellowshipping
rickrickdeanh: You bet.... Got the music going.....The Jackson Choir of Ministry singing "Let Me Tell You Who Jesus Is"
Mountain Goat: Now we hav'n some church up in here. I feel it. Glory!
rickrickdeanh: praise the Lord Kingskid, how's your back doing?
rickrickdeanh: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
Kingskid: The Lord is good and His mercy endures for ever.
Kingskid: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.
samiam: Wisdom is a valuable thing indeed, its worth more than silver or gold.
Mountain Goat: Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.
Mountain Goat: For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.
Mountain Goat: Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.
Mountain Goat: She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her.
Mountain Goat: (We must first obtain wisdom from the Lord, His ways are not our ways. We'll understand it, then.)
Kingskid: Keep the faith and keep the Holy Ghost fire burning who knows maybe we'll have our mansions next to each other in heaven.
Kingskid: I pray that God will give you beautiful wife that will also be on fire for God and that you both love do great things in His kingdom.
Kingskid: Hey bro Rick I just want to say I thank God for a bro.who is on fire for God.
Lynn: hello
gracia: God is Good!
rickrickdeanh: They seriously need a bro list next to the favorite list
samiam: Church today, giving thanks for the freedom we have to worship.
Kingskid: Your welcome bro rickrickdeanh have a blessed day at church today!!!
Mountain Goat: Jesus said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. Praise Jesus! That includes everybody!
Mountain Goat: On Calvrys hill of sorrow, where sins demands were paid, and rays of hope for tomorrow, across our path were laid.
Mountain Goat: I see a crimson stream of blood, it flows from Calvary, it's waves which reach the throne of God, are sweeping over me.
rickrickdeanh: I enjoyed your testimony kingskid. Thanks for sharing it
Kingskid: Hello Exceller how have you been I haven't heard from you in a while I pray that all is well with you and your family.
Kingskid: His grace is sufficient for me. So no matter what I'm going through, Jesus is the answer and Jesus is all I need.
Mountain Goat: I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things
Mountain Goat: I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.
Mountain Goat: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Kingskid: Goodnight Sis.Miriam
Miriamluna: Thank u kingskid, as soon as I can I will
Miriamluna: Good night kingskid
Kingskid: WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST just like every member in your body we all need each other and Jesus Christ is the head of the body.
Kingskid: I love and appreciate and thank God and my church family all around the world.
Kingskid: And without f aith it is impossible please God.
Kingskid: That you have love one for another.LOVE WORKETH FAITH
Kingskid: We must have love for one another. By this you shall know that you are my disciples.
Mountain Goat: With one rock and a slingshot, God delivered David from Goliath. God will always give you something to get you over! <<< That's where you shout!
Mountain Goat: @rickrickdeanh...Seriously. I fell on my knee's, opened up my mouth and first received the blood in 1996, shortly thereafter I received the POWER!
Mountain Goat: @rickrickdeanh...All of my life! He was teaching me in class long before I served Him. Then suddenly, I passed the test! Glory!
rickrickdeanh: bye Tammy
samiam: So so...
rickrickdeanh: Hi Tammy
Tammy: Hi you been
Tammy: I'm on yahoo messenger if anyone wants to chat
Tammy: keynote I was born and raised in Ohio
Tammy: Lords only one bringing us out of this
Tammy: hi hi
rickrickdeanh: how long have you been in the church mountain goat?
rickrickdeanh: Amen!
Mountain Goat: Well, if you're going to come out of this, you're going to have to have an exodus. Get with it folks.
samiam: Fellowship is a good thing
samiam: @Mountan Goat, I am a trying, but all of the fellas, are not close to me. Fellowship in s good
Mountain Goat: @samiam... Well, they ain't many 'women's' around here, SO, we might as well fellowship amongst the brethren.
rickrickdeanh: Right..... Reading the book of Exodus.
samiam: Y'all, are funny
Mountain Goat: @rickrickdeanh*****LOL. You know where you need to be. ;-)
rickrickdeanh: There's a book of Exodus in the Bible?
Mountain Goat: Finding a husband, or a wife, is likened to finding the book of Exodus in the Bible.......
Mountain Goat: .......If it takes too long to find either, it's probably time to come on to the altar and pray through.
Mountain Goat: Why is it when I do a quick search, and the birth dates are shown, the profiles are 8 to 10 years old? Surely to God they've found someone by now.
rickrickdeanh: Lol
Mountain Goat: Don't for the goats milk in that hot chocolate, samiam.
samiam: Burrrrrr,, Hot Chocolate.... Yep that will help.
Dan: O that's good...
Exceller: I have the best nephews in the world (am a little biased)
Exceller: had an early Christmas with my family these past three weeks so its been great
Exceller: hanging in, still very busy with hospitals
Dan: How have u been exceller
Exceller: Have been very busy with hospitals
Exceller: Hows everyone in the old gang doing? Sorry it's been awhile
samiam: Getting spoiled to time off. God has blessed me with a good job.
ACTS238: Sounds fun we could go run in the Rain together!
samiam: Raining hear.
samiam: Lol y'all are very funny. True God finds hero's where man fails.
rickrickdeanh: In the cave of the rocks where the wild goats roamed
Mountain Goat: @ rickrickdeanh - Where was David when Saul rose against him with three thousand? When Daivid cut off the skirt of Saul's robe privily?
Mountain Goat: Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear : though war should rise against me,
Mountain Goat: in this will I be confident. One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after;
Mountain Goat: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple.
samiam: Dont fall in love with someone's potential because you could be falling in love with something someone will never be.
rickrickdeanh: Just curious..... Why did you pick the name "mountain goat?"
rickrickdeanh: Thanks for the amusement mountain goat
rickrickdeanh: Thank you brother Robert, may our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family as well this christmas and greatly bless your new year in Him.
samiam: The e ran away the first two
samiam: What we have a goat hearder on hear now?..ROTF
samiam: What we have a goat harder on hear now?..ROTF
samiam: What we have a goat harder on hear now?..ROTF
Kingskid: I hope you and your family has a blessed Christmas.Take care and god bless!!! Your bro.Robert
Kingskid: Hey rickrick thanks sorry about getting to you so late.How have you been
Mountain Goat: Some are easily amused, I guess. Now that's laughable. "PBUY" - Peace Be Upon You! (Exodus 23:2)
rickrickdeanh: I like your comment about chasing goats. That made me laugh
rickrickdeanh: HEY, KINGSKID! I'm not Bethany but welcome back.
Kingskid: Hey sis. Bethany how are you I've been busy moving.I moved in pastor's rental.
Mountain Goat: Having said that, "BBUY" - Blessings Be Unto You!
Mountain Goat: Let's not assume things, people. Nobody is chasing anybody. Just a little friendly humor is all.
hiswill4me: @Kingskid....I pray fervently every day for God's will in who will be the one for me.
Suzy28: Hello PTL everyone
ShawnHawk: What does it mean to have a favorite on a remote list?
Jonathan: Flying back to West Virginia for work keep me in your prayers please
exceller: Amen
Kingskid: you don't have to chase goats.
Kingskid: hidswill4meask Jesus to send you a Godly Holy Ghost filled man of God and
Marky: Jesus
hiswill4me: Ive searched every male profile from 17 to 70. There is not one that has mountain goat on it.
hiswill4me: Ive tried. The search engine says there are 0 matches for the user name mountain goat. You will have to send me mail in order for us to continue.
Mountain Goat: You're not looking close enough..... ;-)
hiswill4me: @mountain I sung the when do I get to look you up.
Mountain Goat: Still on the mountain, and you?
hiswill4me: Mountain Goat where did you
Kingskid: The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!!!!!
Kingskid: To all you who are going thru some rough times...
Kingskid: And have a wonderful Happy New Year!!!
Kingskid: And have a wonderful Happy New Year!!!
samiam: I need to harness this one and make it
Jonathan: Critters? Just step on it then :p
samiam: Cars are just frustrating critters..
Brooke178: lol.. Funny
suzy28: PTL
hiswill4me: @ mountain goat....come listen to a story about a man name Jed who barely keep his family feed.....LOL I bet you didn't think I knew it.
Mountain Goat: @ hiswill4me...You have to sing the Beverly hillbillies theme song and I will appear...LOL
hiswill4me: @mountain do I look you up on here? I can't find
Mountain Goat: @ hiswill4me...I am a Mountain Man! I look like J.D. Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies...Will that work? LOL
miracle: Hello everyone
hiswill4me: @mountain goat...are you a guy or
hiswill4me: @mountain goat....I saw you put I was assuming you were from West maybe ;)
Mountain Goat: @ hiswill4me...You were checking me out? ;-)
hiswill4me: @mountain goat..yes I'm a paying member. I asked because I tried to search you by your username and nothing came up.
Miracle: No I'm not a paying member
Mountain Goat: @hiswill4me...Yes, why? Are you?
Suzy28: NVM lol
Suzy28: Im not a paid member but Im not sure who you are talking to
hiswill4me: Mountain Goat are you a paid member?
Suzy28: PTL! Chosen4Chris
Chosen4Christ: Praise the Lord
miracle: hello everyone
Mountain Goat: Almost Heaven...Really! :-)- WV
ilovesinging9214: hello
lulu: Hi everyone, kind of new to this chat board. Anyone want to chat? It's the only thing I can do on this site
lulu: Shout
Kingskid: Rob Ohio
miracle: Arizona
AliNichole: Indiana
ilovesinging9214: goodmorning!
rubz: hello there
samiam: Tx
AliNichole: Praise the Lord!
miracle: my username here is suzy28
Chosen4Christ: Spartanburg SC
miracle: Where is everyone from?
Chosen4Christ: Praise the Lord Saints
miracle: Good Morning!
lordian: hello everyone..
Tammy: Sure love to chat...are you on yahoo messenger?
Tammy: Aaron I can't message back....I'm good how are you
rubz: hi everyone .. Im ruby grace im 22 from philippines .. Have a nice day Godbless u all .. All of you is a pentecostal ???
Dani23: Hey everyone! I'm Danielle I'm 23 from Illinois! Hope you all have had good services today!
Anthony Hills: ky here
Anthony Hills: how is all?
hiswill4me: Anyone from the North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Tennessee area?
Dan: Any one hear form exceller?
jayneS: Hello?
Kingskid: Cool Beans!!!
Miriamluna: Found you!!
Miriamluna: Ok let me try
Kingskid: Try Robert Ruiz Cleveland Ohio
Miriamluna: Cant find u
Miriamluna: But I'll try
Miriamluna: Im using the ipad, so i think i wont be able to find u
Kingskid: Yes I do I will look you up
Miriamluna: Ok, do u have a pic on ur profile?
Kingskid: I don't have my computer setup right now I'm using my phone
Miriamluna: Ok, let me try to find u, miriam luna vazquez, or find me ;)
Kingskid: Be friend me @ robert ruiz
Miriamluna: Yes I am on FB
Miriamluna: :(
Miriamluna: It was in the park, and they never let me fish! They say it was for boys!!!
Kingskid: Are you on face book
Miriamluna: Lol, thats right, when I was little i used to go with my oldest brothers, to a lake
Kingskid: Can't believe you never been fishing you poor deprived girl
Kingskid: Bingo I knew it!
Miriamluna: There are many ways to cook fish you know (the mexican style)
Miriamluna: Ohhh yes, love to cook
Kingskid: I know you you can cook fish.
Miriamluna: Lol, I have never fish!!!!
Kingskid: Hi Miriamluna you like fishing don't you?
Kingskid: Biggest fish I ever caught was the 28 lb flat head catfish that was fun.
Kingskid: Never really been salt water fishng I mostly fished in lakes.
Miriamluna: Hello kingskid
Jonathan: No sam I am I won't eat green eggs and ham Lol
samiam: I can cut bait and enjoy saltwater fishing.
Dan: No they think God gone have a man fall in Ther lap lol
Kingskid: Ooops I meant to say where are all the beautiful Holy Ghost filled ladies???
Kingskid: Where are all the bestiful Holy Ghost filled ladies??? I guess they're out shoe shopping lol.
Kingskid: Never thought of that Bro.rick maybe we should hang out by the shoe stores more often. Lol
Dan: Not many. Lady's from my state
rickrickdeanh: Would love to go shoe shopping with them. Lol
rickrickdeanh: I'm sure some women would love to find a handsome husband that
Kingskid: sure would be nice to find a beautiful wife that would like to fish with me
Kingskid: sure would be nice to find a beautiful wife that would like to fish with me
Kingskid: not too thrilled about freezing my tail off in winter time
Kingskid: and not once have I got to go out fishing this year
Kingskid: I bought a nice lightweight combo fishing rod
Kingskid: I bought a nice lightweight combo fishing rod
Kingskid: baptized in jesus name and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost
Kingskid: one time seven souls came out to church with me and two of them
Kingskid: I like to fish alot cool thing is
rickrickdeanh: Hunting I wouldn't mind, it's an expensive hobby when you start from nothing
rickrickdeanh: I need to start rebuilding my tackle box
rickrickdeanh: God just blessed me with a pole so I could get back in it
rickrickdeanh: I live in Michigan.. I use to fish but I lost all my stuff
rickrickdeanh: hello Jackym
jackym: Hello
Kingskid: I live in Ohio were do you live?
Kingskid: Do you like to fish or hunt.
Kingskid: You sound like you would be a neat friend to hang around with.
Kingskid: Nothing wrong with that bro. AINT NO HOMO HERE.
rickrickdeanh: Actually it would probably be called "Bro list" lol
rickrickdeanh: Kingskid... if i had a buddy list on here I would put you on it.
big poppa: why does this sight have no vision ...dun=mp
big poppa: hey hey
rickrickdeanh: lol!
Kingskid: Laying down great getting up is another story lol
rickrickdeanh: How are you feeling today?
Kingskid: I lifted it before with no problem but it is heavy.
rickrickdeanh: Kingskid..... you should of prayed for your back before you lifted that.
Kingskid: Pray for my back I hurt it yestarday lifting a double pane glass door.Thank You and God bless you!!!
rickrickdeanh: What are you doing far from home?
Jonathan: Seven more days, pray I make it ok, its been to long from home
rickrickdeanh: I just discovered that the Hebrew language is the oldest language around.
rickrickdeanh: Good afternoon miracle
rickrickdeanh: I'll have to study the Hebrew language out some time.
Kingskid: I was also told that the Hebrew language was so beautiful in the beginning that it was as they were singing to one another when they talked
Kingskid: Did not know that's very interesting rick thanks for the info.
Miracle: Good morning! Have a blessed day
rickrickdeanh: I don't know. If it is I haven't heard it
Tammy: isn't that a song LOLOL
rickrickdeanh: Amen "highly favored of God"
rickrickdeanh: In Isa 26:3 the Hebrew word for mind comes from the Hebrew word Potter in Isa 64:8. Are mind is where we form and shape our thoughts
HighlyfavoredofGod: Praise Jesus! There is no one like Him.
Kingskid: It doesn't l saw it on face book.
rickrickdeanh: I see what your saying but I don't fully understand how this connects with Isa 26:3
rickrickdeanh: ????? you lost me
Kingskid: I'll go first ebony and ivory live together in perfect peace.
Kingskid: What do dairy cows dalmatians zebras and pandas show us???
Kingskid: because he trusteth in thee.
Kingskid: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.
rickrickdeanh: anybody want to share something God showed them reading His word?
rickrickdeanh: Does anybody have an awesome testimony they would like to share?
rickrickdeanh: i agree. the chat room is usually empty
Apostolicwoman: Not much to this site is there? I find it quite boring
Kingskid: hola!!!
rickrickdeanh: Hello
Miracle: Hello everyone
Kingskid: Thank You Jesus for bringing us this far.
rickrickdeanh: hello????
Dan: Lool
Leroy: :-)
Leroy: Hey! Is this the place that's giving away a free burrito on the first date? If the date doesn't work out, you make a run for the border!
WonderfulPraise: Isn't God good, to Him be the Glory!
Kingskid: Always be thankful. THANK YOU JESUS!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!
Kingskid: My friend cried out we're going to die but Jesus took the wheel.
Kingskid: Taking a friend to work this morning roads are icy and almost got killed when a semi truck came towards me.
Mona623: Happy Thanksgiving Y'all ..
GracefulWarrior89: Grateful Today & Every DAY!!!!!
LeRoy: Happy feathered bird, walking on skinny legs day! Give Thanks !!!
Kiwigirl: Hullloooo
HighlyfavoredofGod: Thank you, Jesus for being sooooooooo faithful.
WonderfulPraise: Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a Happy Thanks Giving!!!
Dan: I'm still hear if u want me to be
Dan: 😔
Dan: Brittany1211 talk to me
Sharabel: Hello children of God!
Jess: God is righteous
ACTS238: Well hello my Love how are you!!
ACTS238: Yup! Amen
HighlyfavoredofGod: God is faithful!
bino: Scare
bino: Maybe we don't wanna share you lol
hiswill4me: It would be nice if you gentlemen would put up a profile picture.
Miriamluna: Kingskid you're gonna make me cry, I'm home sick, miss church very much!!!!
Kingskid: How about Have little talk with Jesus tell Him about your troubles ....
Miriamluna: God is great in my Sooooullllll!!!! Miss those songs!!!!
WonderfulPraise: Amen!
Kingskid: God is great and GREATLY TO BE PRAISED!!!!!
Kingskid: THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!
Kingskid: In ALL Things give thanks to the Lord our God!!!
Kingskid: In ALL Things give thanks to the Lord our God!!!
Kingskid: Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing!!!
ACTS238: Hello doll, The women that are looking for real love!! You just found it, Amen Praise God
jo: HI
WonderfulPraise: Hi everyone, hi Exceller I hope you are feeling better. God bless you!
Jonathan: Howdy
thea: Hi to all hi
Dan: What wrong
Kingskid: God help America before it's too late!!!:(
Kingskid: God help America before it's too late!!!:(
Kingskid: who's playing who pass me another beer is what they want to hear.
Kingskid: who's playing who pass me another beer is what they want to hear.
Kingskid: America I love you and I served you but you remind me of the Titanic heading for disaster.
Kingskid: Just as in the days of Noah they were eating and drinking and given in marriage.
Kingskid: We are definitely living in the last days!!!
Kingskid: Love the Lord with all thy heart soul mind and strength.
Kingskid: To God be the glory now and forever!!!
Kingskid: To God be the glory now and forever!!!
Kingskid: God is great and greatly to be praised!!!
Kingskid: God is great and greatly to be praised!!!
Kingskid: God is great and greatly to be praised!!!
Dan: Cheapo
Dan: Cheapo
chad: bahhh I need to reply to someone and I don't want to spend 49bucks just to send a letter
Dan: No one time fee
chad: is there no longer a 1month sign up fee?
Dan: Steph meanie
Jonathan: Row row row ya boat gently down tha stream
Dan: Lol
steph18: Were all good now lol
Dan: Guess not lol
Dan: Added u lol write me back
steph18: We could chat on the private chat if you dont have a Facebook
Dan: Ook
steph18: I cant because im not a paid member
Dan: I wrote u u naver wrote back lol
steph18: Dan look me up on facebook
steph18: I am not a paid member
steph18: Steph18
Dan: On hear
steph18: What do u mean
Dan: What is your real scene name steph 18
steph18: Thanks!
ShawnHawk: steph18, You will always have a friend on here.
WonderfulPraise: Oh please pray for me. Problems on my job, a scheme devised by the enemy. But God is bigger than my problems ..
steph18: Please pray for me! Difficult trials in my life and i need a friend!
steph18: We just got a good dusting. It was enough to cover the ground. The roads arent covered so i like that.
Dan: 3-5 inches of snow to come hear ewwwwlol
WonderfulPraise: Definitely, we are our brother'a keeper!
steph18: Praying!
Dan: Pls pray for user name exceller she was talking to hospital this after noon thank u
Jonathan: Howdy everyone!
Kingskid: 4to5 more inches yea I mean yuck!!!!
Shawn Hawk: I love the snow today. It's so beautiful outside today
Miriamluna: i was glad when they say unto me, let us go to the house of the Lord!!!!
Heather: It's really not even cold here.
WonderfulPraise: aaah, sorry you guys have snow, none here in GA & don't expect any soon. Too cold for this time of yr, 27 to 60 + degrees
steph18: Ours is just a dusting
exceller: Church tomorrow, thank God
exceller: Snow here. But not enough for a snowman
steph18: Yep
Dan: May snow hear
steph18: Its snowing here in IL
Dan: Lucky
Tammy: oh lorddd that's too cold for me Gonna be 80 tomorrow
Dan: Gonna be 28
Tammy: gonna be 58 tonight.....that's too cold for me
Dan: To cold
Dan: To cold
samiam: High in the teens..well enjoy the snowshine state.
Not In A Sub Tropical Climate: It's in the upper teens where I am, and it ain't the sunshine state. LOL
Tammy: It's gonna be 80 and sunshine today in the Sunshine state PRAISE GOD!!!!
Leroy: these are general examples in summation, or were you speaking grammatically?
Leroy: A mid-west farmer is about to lose hi crop without rain, and sometimes he will lose his crop.
Leroy: In other words, the concept is this, someone on vacation at the beach would not want it to rain, yet it does sometimes.
Leroy: I see the trap you're setting up. You're attempting to use a precept of scripture without defining the concept of scripture.
Dan: Jesus said the rain falls on the just and unjust so if the sinner speakers in tongues does that mean he got the Holy Ghost?
Dan: Where in the bible does it teach that?
Leroy: Tongues, YES. Not sure what thouges are.
Dan: Samoa,m a wo,em preacher?
Justice: If they be ignorant, let them be ignorant.
samiam: To be like thoes of the world not freedom..but slavery. I have chosen to follow Jesus, and he has always wanted his people to be different.
Dan: So do u belief that thouges is the evidence of having the Holy Ghost?
Dan: Liberality means freed Dom lol
exceller: Fake one works just like my real one
exceller: Bought a brain today
exceller: Amen
Sanctified1: Another good call, Leroy. If any of you lack wisdom,let him ask of God, who giveth to all men liberally.
Leroy: For the Lord giveth wisom, out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.
Dan: No belivers has all the gifts
Sanctified1: Good call Leroy. Perhaps the greatest writer of the epistles in the new testament church.
Leroy: You can't learn everything yourself? I guess the Apostle Paul had the internet. Try the gift if discernment.
Dan: U do no god condemned women preachers?
Dan: You also can we a dry sinner and come up a wet sinner lol
samiam: Somewhwe in WV...we are all redeemed..when we realized what we must do to be saved Acts 2:38
Dan: Because called a minstry also And u can't learn everything your self
samiam: I am blessed to have been called to be a willing servant of the one and only God.
Leroy: Why not just study your print bible?
Dan: If like to study the bible I no a good site
Somewhere in West Virginia: First Church of the Redeemed for the Baptist and Episcopalian COGIC in Jesus Name! Yeah, we a Jesus Name Church!!!
Jonathan: Larto Apostolic
Dan: What churchies u all attend
samiam: Giving praise I have a warmish home.
samiam: I agree.
Dan: To cold out
samiam: Burr.Hi yall
Kingskid: GOD BLESS YOU sister Mariam
Kingskid: the Lord be with you my sister god bless you Miriam!!!
Kingskid: God be with my sister in her exam and help her pass with flying colours in Jesus name
Miriamluna: Gotta go, pray for meee!!!! Talk 2 u later
Miriamluna: Alright i will, we dont have any mangoes, but sure I will
Miriamluna: Thats awsome!!! Snowwww!!!!! We have a nice weather over here
Kingskid: your probly picking a mango up a tree about now send me a dozen.
Miriamluna: Hello good bye, i gotta go, going to take an exam, pray for me!!!!
Kingskid: how's the weather where you're at we got about 3 to 4 probably more inches of snow today
Kingskid: Hello
Miriamluna: Hello kingskid
Kingskid: Hi Bethany !!! haven't heard from you in awhile hope all is well.
Miriamluna: That's what happen to me every time exceller, maybe next time
exceller: Man...when I'm finally awake everyone else is asleep
Kingskid: Good night Mariamluna!!!
Kingskid: Good night Mariamluna!!!
Kingskid: P
Miriamluna: Good night kingskid
Kingskid: Time to turn in busy day tomorrow good night everyone pleasant dreams!!! :-)
Miriamluna: Hello
Heatherhere: *oops
Dan: I mean not born on dec25 lol opps
Dan: Jesus was born on dec 25
Dan: Christmas is a pagan hoilday
Dan: Yea flu and colds and being cold
Kingskid: Amen!!! It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!! SNOW OH MY!!
Heatherhere: IF she wasn't healed on this side of Glory and she was an Acts 2:38 believer, she was healed on the other side.
Dan: If God said a woman men be healed and then 10 days latter dies ? Then what
samiam: God, heals when and how he wants too. God does not change man does.
Kingskid: Thank You samiam!!!
Kingskid: You don't serve the same God I serve if your god does not heal in this hour
Dan: God doesn't heal in this hour
samiam: God can heal. The wounds others can't see. If you let and help him.
Kingskid: Shout HALLELUJAH Thank You Jesus you are most AWESOME!!!!
Kingskid: Can I get an Amen?
Kingskid: By the strpes that our Lord Jesus took upon His back we are healed.
Kingskid: You you are the God of all power and it's your will that my life is healed.
Kingskid: For all who need healing.... sickness can't stay any longer your perfect love is casting out fear.
Ralph: ...and pray for you my friend.
Ralph: Dan, How old are you? Are you able to structure a sentence? Not being critical, Bro. It's a little frustrating. I'll pray about it.
Dan: Efaythe me sorry!
Dan: Feat the me sorry
WonderfulPraise: Okay! I thought so because it kept saying 508 limit & try later..well thank you, everyone a bless night!
Dan: Where ever one at to nite not a
Dan: For lil bit yea...
WonderfulPraise: Hi everyone, was this site down yesterday?
Dan: Cold
Dan: No duh
samiam: Burr...burr I think it's going to be a cold winter this year. .
samiam: We are free because of our veterans
Kingskid: I was Royally treated at Stske and Shake on Veterans Day.
Kingskid: on November 17th Golden Corral is offering free meals to all American veterans.
Kingskid: I would also like to thank all our veterans and all those who served with me in the Navy
Kingskid: for serving our country. it just about brought tears to my eyes.thank God for the United States of America.
Kingskid: they were 3 teenagers there and one of them came up to me and said excuse me sir I just wanted to say thank you
Kingskid: Your welcome Miracle I went to Steak and Shake was told to order whatever I wanted was treated roally
Kingskid: Jesus is God Jesus Himself said to Philip you seen me you've seen the Father. Thank you Jesus for this beautiful day!!! :-)
Dan: Hey nice doggie
Dan: Hey nice doggie
exceller: double gracias
Miracle: Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all those that have served and fought for our freedom
Miriamluna: Hello hola
steph18: Yes I do
Dan: Do u no what that means?
steph18: Amen!
Dan: God was in Christ 2cor5:17-20
Dan: Jesus? Thank god
Kingskid: Thank You Jesus for beautiful weather!!!
Kingskid: Thank you Jesus for beautiful weather!!!
Kingskid: I think it's supposed to be nice again tomorrow
Kingskid: it's still warm outside
Kingskid: weather was beautiful today in Cleveland Ohio
steph18: There is no chance of rain for us here in IL
Dan: To rain get real cold hear in indiana
steph18: Yea it was windy today
Dan: Yes arctic blast coming tho
steph18: Its suppose to get cold the rest of the week
Dan: Cold
steph18: How is the weather where you guys live?
steph18: How is everyone's monday?
Dan: Bored also
samiam: Mummm...what to say...
hiscreation89: Hey guys!
steph18: Hey everybody
ladyc: Hello folks
samiam: Its going to get a might chilly...
samiam: Hi yall
Dan: Huh
Kingskid: Grow up already!!!
Mark: are you proud of yourself?"
EyesUponYOU: It's time for a little tact, gentlemen, next comes the ban hammer!
EyesUponYOU: ...........
EyesUponYOU: ...........
EyesUponYOU: ..........
EyesUponYOU: ...........
EyesUponYOU: ...........
EyesUponYOU: ...........
EyesUponYOU: ..........
EyesUponYOU: ...........
EyesUponYOU: ..........
EyesUponYOU: ..........
EyesUponYOU: ...........
EyesUponYOU: It's time for a little tact, gentlemen. Neat comes the ban hammer!
Dan: Lynn what scene name
Lynn: its sad that these young men in here only notice them ladies that has beautiful profile picture or those pretty..
Sharabel: Hello ^_^
daniel: kareen would l;ike to have a chat with you
daniel: hello karren
Dan: Hey
Heatherhere: Oklahoma
WonderfulPraise: Have a blessed day at your respective place of worship.
WonderfulPraise: Hello children of God...
Miriamluna: Hola
Dan: Indiana
Powerpacked: Gena where are you from? Where is everyone from?
Powerpacked: Texas here
Powerpacked: SM42 where are you from? SM42 Where are you from?
Powerpacked: Hello
Dan: Lol
sm42: i am 42 single never married and here to find a wife any intrested single women please tell me if you want to get married to me THANK
Gena: Hi
Dan: Yea I no I wasn't the only one
WonderfulPraise: Ok brothers, although I'm an older woman, I had the the same idea you just stated...
Dan: Why they even join this site. It's a dateing site not a chat room..
Dan: I hate this site all this girls are swallow and rude... They don't want to talk to you ... They don't want to date
albino: Gloria dios ☺
Kingskid: Hola!
Brittany: HI
Kingskid: Anyone have any special prayer requests?
Dan: We live for n the days of noah and lot
Kingskid: To all who are weary rest with us and know that your redemption draweth nigh.
Exceller: Is it Monday? Still stuck on Sunday. Well, guess changing the clocks is better now than never
Dan: Yuppie Monday
WonderfulPraise: Happy Monday everyone!
Dan: Bored
janay: how is everyone
janay: hi
Dan: Yes
Dan: Yes
ladyc: I want to date
Dan: No one talks or wants to date lol
Mark: no
ladyc: Is this site any good
ladyc: Hello all
Exceller: glad to see you As for me, am hanging in. Preached today
Walkscool: Hey y'all!
Boardwalk35: Praise the Lord everybody
Kingskid: Hey sis Bethany how ya doin girl I missed yiu!!
WonderfulPraise: But like Job in his affliction, he wondered where God was..
WonderfulPraise: I'm a testimony of Gods divine healing & I have a good measure if faith..
Kingskid: He makes all things beautiful in his time.
WonderfulPraise: ...acknowledge Him & He SHALL direct your path..
WonderfulPraise: Everyone is saying what the word says, I'll simply say trust in The Lord with all your heart, lean not on your understanding..
Kingskid: I would sure hate to miss out on getting the wife that God prepared for me because I was too impatient to wait on Him.
WonderfulPraise: As in "ask" it shall be given, "seek" and he shall find, "knock" it shall be open..
Kingskid: I would rather pray and wait on God to lead me to the right one then to hurry up and get married and be miserable the rest of my life.
WonderfulPraise: I agree with you Dan, faith without works is dead work..
Dan: I hate hearing women on hear saying I got wait on God.. I so,Eli,es think its a excuses not to date...
Dan: No where bibcial does it teach to wait on God for a wife or husband.. That's like fishing with out any bait.. God wants you to look ... And date
Dan: Gods not gone make a men or women out of dirt for you.l lol u got to look and date in the faith and see
WonderfulPraise: Oh of course not! Lol.
WonderfulPraise: ..but God is true to His word, a thousand years are like a day in His sight.
Exceller: true wouldn't want to marry the devil lol
WonderfulPraise: I've been waiting on God for almost half my life & then I start questioning..
WonderfulPraise: ..And of course wherever 2 or 3 are, Gods there to bless...
Exceller: He will find the perfect number 2
Exceller: married friends tell me that the right one comes, when you make God number 1 and stop worrying.
Exceller: been learning that myself this week
WonderfulPraise: That's true. I guess my expectation of apostolic's are too high, forgetting were but human..
Exceller: and I think something centered around God is a thousand times better than the world
Exceller: People come and go, God never changes
Exceller: I've made friends here, just haven't been around due to the hospital stuff
Exceller: WonderfulPraise...I don't think that's the whole website
WonderfulPraise: Oh, just reflecting on the post yesterday that ladies didn't want to date, just..
Dan: What u talking about
WonderfulPraise: exactly what I see in the work place and in the world, I expected a difference on this site..
WonderfulPraise: they don't fellowship as brothers and sisters, very selective.
WonderfulPraise: that's right, some people on the site are not genuine apostolic, prejudice against age, color and creed..
jj: Tired of the ungodly comments. I'll erase them from now on.
jj: ..........
jj: .........
jj: ..........
jj: ........
jj: .........
jj: .........
jj: ........
jj: .......
jj: .......
jj: .........
jj: ......
jj: ......
Dan: Fell. The same wounder
WonderfulPraise: I was looking for love been an apostolic, but maybe the worldly sites are better.
samiam: Hi y'all
Sharabel: God bless you all
Apostolicwoman: I feel the same about the men on here Dan
Dan: None this women want to date just talk they use this as a chat room not for dateing... Such a waste of time...
WonderfulPraise: I am hoping you are much better being out of the hospital my dear sister. God's healing power continually..
Kirk: Ladies text me 7159651743
Exceller: sorry haven't been around, have been in the hospital
me: What is a bump? Is that what you kids are calling a greeting these days?
Lorelei: Hello there!
Apostolicwoman: Hi!
WonderfulPraise: Where's everybody? I always enjoy reading the posts!
janay: hi Hi
lynn: Whats going on in here? Lol
HannahG: You speak roughly 17,000 words a day. That gives you roughly 1,000 chances per waking hour to impact someone's life. Will it be positive or negative?
Dan: Lol
Paul Nelson: Give me a BUMP???? Seriously man. WOW!! That'll get the ladies attention. Come on be a gentleman!
Dan: Good luck they naver won't to talk lol
ACTS238: Any lady's looking? Give me a bump!!
Janay: Hi
Dan: No lady's lol
KingsKid: Amen brother Dan me too.
Dan123: He is coming soon and will we be ready I for one am praying He finds me so doing when He comes busy working that is in the harvest
Dan: Hell not ethernity ... If it was it wouldn't be cast in to the lake in the fire
KingsKid: One thing that keeps me on my knees praying it's the thought that hell is hot and eternity is long.
ACTS238: Jesus is coming SOON!!! look on youtube the chip is in force, 666 2014 - 2016 Jesus will be coming!! Get ready for that great day.
Dan: Ea a thief to them who no not God and for some Christians
KingsKid: No more loneliness when we all get to heaven.
KingsKid: I know Jesus said that He is coming like a thief in the night.
KingsKid: I Jesus said that He is coming like a thief in the night.
Dan: Jesus will come soon I belief less then 12 years
KingsKid: Could it be that Jesus is to come sooner than we expect? Just something to think about.
KingsKid: It also seems like revival is breaking out all over the world people are getting the Holy Ghost by the thousands.
KingsKid: It also seems like revival is breaking out all over the world people are getting the Holy Ghost by the thousands.
KingsKid: In the last days they were eating and drinking and giving in marriage.
KingsKid: I can't believe how the Muslims are going crazy and killing everybody that gets in their way.
KingsKid: I can't believe how the Muslims are going crazy and killing everybody that gets in their way.
KingsKid: These are exciting times were living in we are seeing prophecy coming into vision.Come Lord quickly.
KingsKid: These are exciting times were living in we are seeing prophecy coming into vision.Come Lord quickly.
Dan: Wiredo
Dan: What r u talking about
tom: Dan!
tom: I told you that I would pay for it
tom: Why do you keep ignoring me? I told you that I'm sorry dude. Do we have to do this here?
Dan: Hi
tom: Hey Dan. Is that you?
marsha: I'm on FACEBOOK
Dan: The brandy bunch every body love Marsha lol
samiam: Hi yall
amy: sure we are
ACTS: LOVE, Marsha!!
FreeInJC: Love Jesus and love yourself despite others and God will give you the love you desire in the form that he knows you need the most.
Hello: Jesus loved you from the start Marsha! You were fearfully and wonderfully made!
marsha: all my life, nobody ever love me
jc: God bless everyone!
Dan: A lot of this girls say I'm waiting on God for a men how do u not no? God is not sending them to u and u reject what he givin?
Dan: I'm 25 loving romantic faithful.. Marriage minded not one likes me lol
Dan: Women on hear to picky...
WonderfulPraise: but its just the same few on this post
WonderfulPraise: one would think there would be a forum to felllowship as one, regardless of age
WonderfulPraise: I wonder if we apostolic are much different, not only that some are a bit haughty, they are not friendly
WonderfulPraise: often people talk about other sites & distrust & dishonesty of the members
Dan: Idk why people are on hear none of the lady's will even let u call them lol
KingsKid: Good night pray that God will help me get my car fixed tomorrow I would appreciate it. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
KingsKid: Lol I know how you feel sis. but I rather be waiting on God then to rush and get somebody and regret it the rest of my life.
Apostolicwoman: Are people really on here to find love or just for something to do to pass time?
KingsKid: got to get ready for church now y'all have a blessed service you hear
KingsKid: Hey sis Bethany are you back home now?
Dan: Marsha hi
Exceller: except Jesus
marsha: Nobody ever love me
marsha: hello.
KingsKid: Good night to all and to all a blessed new day!!!
KingsKid: My prayer is let my words be as apples of gold in pictures of silver.
KingsKid: Always remember what Jesus said Blessid are the peacemakers.
KingsKid: Edify one another because you're going to need each other sooner or later.
KingsKid: Avoid foolish babblings. Think upon these things what so ever is pure lovely honest and true and of good report.
Dan: Huh
shawn: i enjoy pie =]
Dan: All cant be right
Dan: Will because of so many churches and ther own personial beliefs
jennsmith82: @Apostolicwoman You're welcome! God Bless ya too!
jennsmith82: @englishteacher: Because some people like to debate, others do not. So it really isn't part of a faith, but more part of the human condition.
Apostolicwoman: Jennsmith82,Thank you, yours is the first response I've gotten on here😊be blessed
english teacher: why do apostolics love to debate and argue with each other?....
jennsmith82: Apostolicwoman : No one goes in there it's pretty much a waste to go in there lol
Apostolicwoman: I cannot get into the chat room here! Regretting joining this site
Dan: I looked ther is chats but if u say something they don't like they block u lol like women souldnt wear jean block lol
Jennsmith82: Amanda: definitely will!
Amanda: no but if you find one let me know ;)
jennsmith82: Does anyone know of any legit online apostolic chatrooms?
Jennsmith82: because it can cause confusion and miscommunication
shawn: hello alll! =]]
Dan: Who cares as long u no what the person is saying
jennsmith82: Grammar can make a huge difference in the meaning of a sentence haha
Dan: Grammar police
english teacher: "like a women" or "like a woman"?
Dan: Lol Just like a
Dan: So I was right I just msg u on fb lol
Amanda: 30 Amanda Pacholl from MN
Dan: Guest not lol
Dan: .?
Dan: Age and name?
Amanda: you can always find me on fb
Dan: I do ... A lot of this girls act to good 4 yea
Amanda: Psh men dont talk LOL
Dan: Why u on hear if u not trying to date...?
Amanda: Dan I was wondering the same about the men LOL
Dan: Why is it that none of this girls act like this is not a dateing site lol
WonderfulPraise: Well I hope averyone had a Holy Ghost refreshing day at your respective place of worship!
samiam: One faith
sm42: by
sm42: saved
sm42: be
sm42: must
sm42: we
sm42: men
sm42: among
sm42: Name
sm42: ONLY
sm42: the
sm42: is
sm42: jesus
Dan: Fl u lucky
Dan: Go clots
Tammy: it's funny how everything gets quiet during football season BLAAAAAAAAAAA LOL
Tammy: it is a beautiful day in S.W. Florida
Dan: No branham mite
awww: hmmmmm the only thing I can say about that is you all bapt in Jesus Name and believe in the HG
awww: awww a Branhamnite
Dan: live 10am and 6 pm
Dan: Church
Tammy: Hi Hi glad tomorrows Church !!
Dan: Sup
WonderfulPraise: Good day to y'all blood wash saints of the most High God!
shaun: Good morning, and Goodnight friends
Apostolicwoman: PTL!
samiam: Hi low out there
amyrenee26: Hello
Dan: Wazuppppppeeee
Rubz: Hi!
Shaun: Praise the Lord everybody
Amanda: Hello
ilovesinging9214: hello there ..
Apostolicwoman: That was supposed to say " Sheeps" clothing
Apostolicwoman: I think, just like everywhere else, there are wolves in Sherpa clothing lurking around, even on this site
Dan: Agree
WonderfulPraise: I just hope this site don't become like "other" sites. disloyal, dishonest, religious, but not washed in the blood!
Dan: Sad
WonderfulPraise: Wow, are we all Apostolic Pentecostal on this site? comments as "any women with money...!!" unethical..LOL
Dan: Sm42 dude.. So rude
sm42: any women with money on here?or a pretty one.i don't care how old.long as they not married.
Amanda: Looks like everyone is in bed where I should be too 5am comes to soon for me
Dan: Good luck dudelol
Darion17: So where r all the girls. I was told they had lots of girls on here my age "18"
Julie: Hi everyone I hope your having a great day:-)
Dan: Sucks
Dan: All this girls on hear my age is imuture
Tammy: There are Single Apostolic groups on Facebook too ..if that is your cup of tea
Tammy: Don't give up....I've known a lot of people on here that have found someone on here and gotten married
Tammy: Your welcome !
Dan: Boo yah!
WonderfulPraise: Thank you Tammy for the tip. I am not quite ready to quit, but when that time comes I will know what to
Tammy: press it and he will eventually delete it....may take years but he will do it LOL
Tammy: go under my account on the blue bar at the top and I think its under contact will say DeleteMy account
WonderfulPraise: Can you get your account deleted, or will Mr Gary see this request. There is no way to contact anyone, no phone # or email address
joesmilin2: Mr. Gary I need my accout deleted please
Tammy: what state are you in
Dan: I need a new church...
Tammy: closer to home Better Preacher
Dan: Why u switch
Tammy: I just switched to a new church ..And I absolutely LOVE It Praise God
KingsKid: Love my Church
KingsKid: RCalling all saints of God get on your knees and pray pray pray like never before.
KingsKid: The Church of Revaluation is TRIUMPHANT!!!
KingsKid: Lord Jesus strengthen all my brothers and sisters for what is to come.
KingsKid: President Obamanation God is not mocked.Jesus will have the last laugh.
KingsKid: I see ahorible monster on the horizon wanting to devour every thing that is good.
KingsKid: Lord Jesus help your people.Here our cry this world is falling apart because we disobeyed your commandments.
Katy: Hi everyone! I am new to this
Dan: Yup
Tammy: does anyone chat on yahoo messenger anymore
sm42: hi people send me email i can't send them but i can read yours.
Tammy: Thank the Lord it's Sunday !!!
Apostolicwoman: This is not a user-friendly site
Dan: Can't find a girl lol
WonderfulPraise: I I beg to second that!!
Dan: Good luck
jjones2014: Hi all I am new today on this site, just paid the membership fee. High hopes!
Apostolicwoman: Happy Saturday to all😊
Apostolicwoman: Hi Allen17!
Apostolicwoman: Hello all you Apostolics!😊
HighlyfavoredofGod: God is faithful!
Dan: Hey yo
Southernnsassy: Hi everybody!
Dan: Yoooo
KingsKid: If you are going to say something please make it sweet and make it count.God Bless You!!!
KingsKid: Just be careful he don't knock you down it will hurt!!!lol
KingsKid: My friend Deeohgee named dog like Massive I love him he such a baby
KingsKid: HALLELUJAH glory to the Lamb who is worthy of all our praise!!!
KingsKid: Keep praising Jesus till the walls of doubt and fear come crashing down!!! :-)
KingsKid: For those of you who have been going through some roughs trials forsome time
KingsKid: Call on Jesus!!! :-)
Apostolicwoman: None of the things you've told me to do work for me, I don't understand why it doesn't work. I'm a paid member. Is there not someone I can call?
KingsKid: Mine was activated as soon as I paid the membership fee of $49.95
KinderQueen: does anyone know how long it takes for a membership to be activated
Lynn: oh sorry i meant point your cursor at communication not click
Lynn: click communication then select enter chat click communication then enter chat..
Ron: it will take you back to the membership page, then click on enter chat it should work
Ron: Click on login
Ron: click on enter chat, a page will appear that say you must be logged in
Dan: Refresh
WonderfulPraise: Good question apostolicwoman, I attempted to & got on, but no on was on. I tried to get back on, but unable to. Does anyone has the secret?
Apostolicwoman: How do you get into the chat room on here?
Apostolicwoman: Hi
Dan: Hi
Apostolicwoman: Hello?
Dan: Ring ring
Dan: Any good online churches? With preaching
Apostolicwoman: Two great services today! My pastor is awesome!
WonderfulPraise: Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great service today!
Rubz: Hi
Tammy: LOLOL kidding doesn't need to be rich ..But Needs to Be SANEEEEEEE and sold out
Tammy: Im from Ohio I'll take one who wants to live in Ohio and Florida ?
Tammy: Good lookin ones of course that live in Florida
Tammy: well I was thinking ...wonder if there are any Rich sweet single apostolic men out there ?
sm42: I want to get married. Are there any rich ,pretty, single women on here?
Dan: It's cold
HannahG: Goodnight
KingsKid: Good night sleep tight!!!
Dan: Yup
Apostolicwoman: Hi😊Anyone doing anything fun tonight?
Dan: One God where u from?
OneGodgirl23: Heyyyy
KingsKid: It would be nice if you knew somebody in New York that could show you the ropes.
KingsKid: Make sure you keep a close watch on your belongings a lot of thieves out there.
KingsKid: Make sure you keep a close watch on your belongings a lot of thieves out there.
Sanctified1: Glory! I felt somebody needed that...............
Sanctified1: He's sweet I know, He's sweet I know. Dark clouds may rise, stormy winds may blow, but I've found a Savior and He's sweet I know!
Apostolicwoman: How do you get into the " chat room" on this site? I am a paying member, but when I click on " enter chat room" nothing...
Exceller: am passing through New York City at night in two weeks. Any thoughts on taxis?
Exceller: the beach sounds nice
Tammy: went to the Beach tonight was really nice
Apostolicwoman: Nothing?lol
Apostolicwoman: Hello! What's everyone up to tonight?
Exceller: schools ending so kids are excited
Exceller: but right now...focusing on packing my house up in one week is the main goal
Exceller: one week left, another week on the road, and then three days flying
Exceller: Although I don't think I will be resting, moving is very stressful buissness
Exceller: Thanks King
WonderfulPraise: Good morning God's wonderful people!
Apostolicwoman: Good morning!😊
KingsKid: I'm getting ready to call it a day God bless you!!! Good night all !!!
KingsKid: please get as much rest as you can also your heart needs to rest.
KingsKid: Sister Bethany I am praying for you but please have your heart check that is a very serious matter.
Dan: Booo yah!
Apostolicwoman: I'm great!
Apostolicwoman: Good evening everyone!😊
Dannie: is everyone tonite Hi
Dan: Hi one
OneGodgirl23: Hey everyone
Tammy: awww I c anyone new in your life ?
Miracle: I'm doing good
Dan: I'm ok and u
Miracle: How are you doing
Dan: Yup
Miracle: Anyone awake?
samiam: OK my new job and school is ruff. Going to be a time traveler this weekend.
Beth: Hey
Dan: Didn't think so
Dan: Any body on how to use a lexicon lol?
Dan: Hey ever body
Tammy: Deb I was just thinking about you ya been ?
samiam: Yep, cooking in the middle of the night. Good for lunches, and better than looking at the clock.
Exceller: with onions, Italian seasoning, and ketchup. Sounds awful, tastes great. especially this early
Exceller: Am I the only bachelorette that does this? Its almost 3 am, cant sleep, so got up and fried eggs
Dan: I am a ghost
WonderfulPraise: Bigger than all my problems, bigger than all my fear, god is bigger than any mountain that I can or cannot see
WonderfulPraise: Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen.
Bradg24: But with God we can make it don't matter what happens in the past!!!
Bradg24: We don't understand all the storms we face everyday.
Bradg24: I have learned that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse. ― Philip Yancey
Dan: Woe is me.
Suzy28: Dan lol
Mel4Jesus7: Kings kid have you already left?
Mel4Jesus7: Hello kingskid
Mel4Jesus7: Wendflex52 are you here?
Dan: Lol
Dan: No I ask god to find me a nice girl.. And I suck at finding one
KingsKid: Good Night!!!
KingsKid: Did anyone get a renewing in the Holy Ghost tonight?
KingsKid: Did anyone get their answered prayer tonight?
KingsKid: Did anyone get their healing tonight?
KingsKid: did anyone get baptized in Jesus name tonight?
KingsKid: Did anyone get the Holy Ghost tonight?
KingsKid: How was service tonight?
KingsKid: Hello Miracle
Miracle: Hello everyone
KingsKid: satan's top LIE PREACHED TONIGHT
WonderfulPraise: Hello apostolic friends, hope everyone were bless today in their respective place of worship. I was truly blessed, the anointing of God was super..
KingsKid: Good Night To All and have a blessed tomorrow!!!
WonderfulPraise: Oh, you are most welcome! We are our brother's keeper, plus I am a woman in zion, and a testimony of God healing power..
KingsKid: Thank You Wonderful Praise God Bless You!!!
WonderfulPraise: Kingskid, I bless God for your brother's recovery, indeed God is an Awesome God. I pray for the person involved also, God is good to all!
WonderfulPraise: Good Day to you all children of God.. Good day to you all children of God..
Miracle: Good morning everyone
KingsKid: Jerry said he was going 55 miles an hour on a straight way he is a good driver and he also drove for FedEx for years.
KingsKid: they flew him to a hospital in a helicopter last night I pray for the person that he hit sounds like the person ran a stop sign.
KingsKid: it was truly a miracle because they had to use the Jaws of Life to get him out he was in a little Chevy pickup truck have you over 6 foot tall
KingsKid: Thank You all for your prayers I just got off the phone with Joey sounds kind of out of but no broken bones from what I understand
Tammy: Brother Robert I got your message ..I am praying
WonderfulPraise: Your brother will be fine, God is a healer, He is the great physician. Just keep the Faith...
KingsKid: Amen
KingsKid: Amen
Exceller: it is
KingsKid: thank you for your prayer but seems like he's up and talking so that's good.
Exceller: said a prayer
Exceller: ouch, sorry to hear that
Exceller: Theyre just kids King, they don't know whats happening. maybe some of them will visit the USA, I don't know that Ill be around
KingsKid: just got some more bad news my brother Joey was in a car accident and was life flighted to the hospital
KingsKid: and don't be surprised if some of them come to see you in the States.
KingsKid: I know those Kids will always remember you and be grateful for all you've done there.
Exceller: and your cookies sound awesome lol
Exceller: its hard to say goodbyes and get used to something that never goes away
Exceller: but I was able to do a lot today, so it was a good day sometimes its the simple things that make me the most happy
Exceller: hanging in, one day at a time
KingsKid: How are you feeling sister Bethany?
Exceller: 3
Exceller: :O
KingsKid: right now I'm making chocolate chip cookies with walnuts applesauce
KingsKid: I will be applying for Walmart Lord willing next month
Exceller: Kingskid have you applied to be a walmart greeter? I think you would do pretty good and you get to sit down
Exceller: o_o
Exceller: got canceled tonight :( home alone...but its fun...really lol
Samiam: Friday
KingsKid: Hi ;)
1Godkindagirl: Hi!
KingsKid: When the devil starts messing the Lord starts blessing!!!
Dan: I got a booger
KingsKid: He's an on time God yes He is!!!
KingsKid: God is Good all the time!!! He has never failed me one time.
KingsKid: talk about being of a river without a paddle lol or treading water.
KingsKid: unless God heals me of this CHF don't know what to do LOL
KingsKid: the job requireswalking or running up and down stairs in case of an emergency and I have to evacuate the building.
KingsKid: wouldn't you know I had to fill out an application that asked if I had a reliable transportation
KingsKid: went for my interview for the security job figure this out soon as I got there the reverse in my transmission went out lol
KingsKid: will need a whole lot more than that will need batteries those flashlights that you generate by thanking them and God knows what else
Tammy: and better memorize our bibles like they do in China
Tammy: Brother Robert I guess we better start stockpiling Preaching c.d.s LOLOL for when they won't let our preachers preach
Tammy: very arrogant people who watch the garbage on t.v. and try to imitate it ...Unbelievable.....BLAAAAA
Tammy: well Bible says they won't repent and things will will just get worse and worse.
Miracle: New York is cool
Exceller: I may get to see my sister in New York City, have always wanted to go and haven't seen her in three years
Exceller: besides death disaster and the president's tea salute?
Exceller: so....anyone have any good news?
KingsKid: America your fun is about to end.I love America I served America in the United States Navy but she's heading for disaster.
KingsKid: this world is full of pride and God hates pride.pride goes before destruction before destruction
KingsKid: our pastor frequently preaches about the day when they will come and close our church doors.
Dan: Ding dong
Dan: Persecution will come to American. Soon
Tammy: why does that thing do that LOL
Tammy: and persecution....I don't think there stylish glasses and clothes are gonna save them LOL
Tammy: and persecution....I don't think there stylish glasses and clothes are gonna save them LOL
Tammy: We will see what happens to the church kids when we start goin through the trib
Tammy: I raised my kids to work and to live in the real world
Tammy: Gluttony is a sin and there is more to do than go out to eat and shop all the time
Exceller: Pentecostal kids wouldn't be as fat if they believed in excercise
Exceller: people want to take one thing and make it all bad when really its how people use it
Exceller: I don't promote sports, but also don't think its a heaven or hell issue strictly by itself. idols can be anything
KingsKid: I wonder how many saints will be talking about who's playing who when the antichrist shows his ugly head.
KingsKid: I never saw anyone get the Holy Ghost at a sports Stadium maybe people prayed through when they were persecuted in the stadium.
KingsKid: well now I know where to go sis lol I enjoy canoeing
KingsKid: no more taxes no more cell phones no more computers no more wild world of sports thank you Jesus!!!
KingsKid: just think no more gas bills electric bills water bills phone bills
KingsKid: it's definitely going to take an act of God to protect us.
KingsKid: only thing is you gotta keep it hidden
Tammy: we went through Hurricane Charlie here I know how to walk through it
Tammy: we went through Hurricane Charlie here I know how to walk through it
Tammy: we went through Hurricane Charlie here I know how to walk through it
Tammy: I have 6 man tent kayacks canoes boats lanterns etc
Tammy: I have 5 gallon buckets of batteries sewing kits first aid stuff beans rice spices candles matches etc
Tammy: shelf life is 25 years
Tammy: you can buy food in a 5 gallon bucket at Sams Club has enough in it to last you 3 months for 2 or 3 people
Tammy: I have food stored
Tammy: yep
KingsKid: The church needs to be hidden in the pavilion of God. under his wings of safety
KingsKid: its the same tactic that satan and the Antichrist is using in these last days
KingsKid: I think about how Germany invaded countries that seemed to have no idea what was going on at the time unti itl was too late
KingsKid: you're right the best way we can prepare for what's coming making our calling and election sure being prayed up in the Holy Ghost
KingsKid: I thought about that too saving food for what's coming.
Tammy: you need for 3 and half years
Tammy: But Brother Raggio told me you wont beable to stock pile enough of everything
Tammy: I have friends who have stock plied food and supplies
Tammy: Better hope ya have a REAL walk with God
Tammy: They are gonna try to throw us in Fema Camps
Tammy: He told me that the church will go under ground because you are gonna have to stay out of site
Tammy: Because He posted Prepare for The Tribulation
Tammy: Amen ! I asked Ken raggio what we could do to prepare
KingsKid: our currency is soon to go to the euro dollar we need to get our headsds out of the sand
KingsKid: its not a Bible study its actual things happening as we talk Americas in for a big surprise.
miracle: It seems like there is always some kind of bible study here
KingsKid: If the church as a body ever needed to pray in unity ( one accord ) now is the time.
KingsKid: I believe you're right I feel like something is getting ready to erupt and soon.
KingsKid: I will definitely be praying that God gives you a complete healing also.
KingsKid: the interview was postponed till tomorrow at 930 that's good it will give me time to prepare better thanks for your prayers sis Tamy
Tammy: He's saying between now and March of 2015 Theres going to be another Shaking But this one is gonna be a GREAT one
Tammy: Jonathon Cahn has two books ..The Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah
Tammy: Please pray for me for healing ..thanks
Tammy: I am Praying Brother Robert Praise God !!
KingsKid: they're expecting me to be there in less than half an hour please pray for me I really need this job.God Bless You!!!
KingsKid: hey sister Tammy I just got a call from my brother in church he's been working on getting me a job as a security officer
KingsKid: to God be the glory if God can use a donkey I know he can use me
KingsKid: on her birthday but that night she went to the altar with me and the next day celebrated her birthday at my house.
KingsKid: and give me words to say to the soul I'm reaching out for one time God let me to this girl who is about to commit suicide
KingsKid: the devil will try to make it hard on me but I just rebuke him and pray under my breath help me Jesus
Tammy: does it seem hard talking to people out in the public about the Lord up there ?
Tammy: I tell everyone on about it I can
Tammy: you can sign up for biblestudy in your email everyday too
KingsKid: a lot of seeds have been planted believe me and I plan on planting a whole lot more.
Tammy: Your welcome ..
Tammy: He has a new book out on Prophecy I'd recommend it
Tammy: I know him hes a good man
Tammy: Every topic there is pertaining to anything and Prophecy is on Ken
KingsKid: I checked out Ken Riggio he's been studying the end times for 25yrs wow!!! Thanks Tammy
Tammy: Matt Maddix is great on winning souls if you need some help or inspiration
Tammy: Go win some souls
Tammy: If your on Facebook link to them ..They have really Great Stuff
Tammy: Irving Baxter is great too
Tammy: Ken is great on Bible studies and End time
Tammy: We are in the End....we have maybe 9 years left
KingsKid: just as in the days of Noah they were eating and drinking and given in marriage...
KingsKid: Even sinners I talk to agree that we are living in the end times.Wake Up America it's coming up on is just like the Titanic and Pearl Harbor
KingsKid: Checked it out END TIME SITE
KingsKid: What is the Bro. Dan ?
KingsKid: meaning you can't live on the same spiritual food you had yesterday, just like the manna from heaven you need it fresh daily!!!
KingsKid: Pastor preached on ashes taste horible.
KingsKid: Good morning church family!!!
KingsKid: I t I think I'll call it a night or a morning lol God bless you all!!!
nanapatsy: Not much
KingsKid: So whats new?
KingsKid: Hello nanapatsy
nanapatsy: hello king hello king
KingsKid: you're in my prayers sister Bethany write me anytime you have a blessed night too!!!!
nanapatsy: hello
Exceller: Hope you have a good night King!
Exceller: Id do it here but....vegetables here are dangerous. Im going to be excited to see stuff like that again in the states
KingsKid: just got done checking out the green smoothies have to give it a go
Exceller: Im a teacher and have to get the kiddos their final exams before I leave the country
Exceller: if you need to sleep lol, go for it. I have to wait for my computer to finish loading stuff
Exceller: you sound like my sister, she was upset at me today
KingsKid: when the doctor shakes his head don't give up. Dr Jesus right is right around the corner
Exceller: you can google it, it will tell you more "green smoothies"
Exceller: you can add fruit too, but the basic ingredient is vitamins (iron, calcium, vitamin C), and spinach, celery, carrots
Exceller: try making green uncle does that for his...its smoothies made out of vegetables and vitamins
Exceller: Im told...there's basically no cure for me.
KingsKid: I would like to go vegetarian for about at least 6 months let's see what happens.
KingsKid: I'm told if I change my diet a lot of my ailments will be gone including CHF.
Exceller: I hate moving...too much work. have been running on less than 2 hours of sleep a day for over a week
Exceller: that and he cant stand to be around when I get green tea lattes
Exceller: he would rather I be a chocoholic
Exceller: my brother cant stand it...he confiscates the salt shaker
KingsKid: Ahh yea that is weird. but I probably eat some things that will sound weird to you too.
Exceller: I may be awake another two hours
KingsKid: its almost one in the morning here too
Exceller: I like salt on dark chocolate tho...that's weird to some people
KingsKid: thanks for reminding me I gotta take mine too
Exceller: ew, no I dont
Exceller: it's almost one in the morning
KingsKid: please don't tell me you're one of those that put salt on your watermelon
Exceller: man I feel didn't taste that great, but could take my meds now
KingsKid: what time is it where your at?
Exceller: yeah I hear you...I have a salt addiction
KingsKid: it is when you have CHF and high blood pressure :(
Exceller: nothing wrong with that
KingsKid: it came out alright but next time I won't put that much seasoning. too salty yuk!!!
KingsKid: I made some Chinese chicken the other day but I cheated I just bought a package of Chinese chicken stuff
Exceller: no I didnt
KingsKid: sounds like you did not put any kind of covering to baste it with.
KingsKid: actually that way it's a lot healthier for you!
KingsKid: now you know how to make fried chicken lol
KingsKid: I'm sure you'll get better results.
Exceller: I didn't have butter so I seasoned it and put oil in the pan...Ive never made fried chicken ever, but this is funny lol
Exceller: sweet!!! I will try it next time!
KingsKid: that will help to keep it moist it will also tenderize it
KingsKid: just like a turkey you need to baste it try putting about a quarter cup of milk on the bottom of your chicken
Exceller: Hey, you are the cook expert...I promise I tried to make BAKED chicken...but it tastes like fried chicken accidently
KingsKid: hopefully a job
Exceller: whats new in your world?
KingsKid: of course they're worried about you because they love you.
Exceller: sister and brother both said they were glad only because they were worried about me
KingsKid: I will definitely keep you in my prayers Bethany.
Exceller: I think I was the only one sad when I broke the news that I was coming home
KingsKid: it sure is good to know that your family is standing in the gap for you.
Exceller: when I fly home I have to stay awake for 36 hours straight so am practicing lol
Exceller: I know it, but family is something important. and they need prayer, they fast and pray for me tons during the year
KingsKid: You need to eat and get plenty of rest girl!!!!
KingsKid: Awww that was sweet thanks!!!!
Exceller: but I may turn into a pumpkin if I don't have self control when I do eat lol
Exceller: Today was my brother's birthday...on my familys birthdays I pray for them
Exceller: Jesus provide Kingskid with a job that is right for his needs and his life, in Your Name Amen
KingsKid: Thanks pray that I get that security officer's job.
Exceller: Fasting is very hard for someone that keeps ketchup by their bedside
Exceller: Dear Lord, I am going to ignore that comment and pray for KingsKid...after I eat.
KingsKid: you mean you didn't turn into a pumpkin?
Exceller: thought I was gonna die!!!
Exceller: YES!!!! ITS FINALLY MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Exceller: the guy pops the question and the hardest part for him is basically over (except for working and providing, that fun stuff)
Exceller: she's the one that's got to have the kids, and a lot of other stuff
Exceller: well yeah...dude, marriage is a heavy question for the female
Exceller: well yeah...dude, marriage is a heavy question for the female
Dan: About marriage I mean
Dan: All the church girls say I want a husband but as soon u try to talk to them they get scared
Exceller: but showers and appearances help
Exceller: true
Dan: Must girls now days wouldn't no a good men if he fell on her head
Dan: Theirs not many girl on hear from my area...
Exceller: Im a girl, but Im strange. romantic flattery scares me...if the guy is an expert on lying...that's SCARY to get attached to
Exceller: you didn't call her the opposite, so Id say you were ok
Exceller: Hey better be blunt and to the point
Dan: Girl on hear called me corny for saying she beautiful. Lol just my luck I suck
KingsKid: Thanks Tammy did just that and it worked.
Samiam: Close would be nice.. Lol
Tammy: go under Tools click on Browse Profiles then under that it has all the states click on the one you want
Amy: Actually that is an option under the advanced search. I think you have to be a paying member to get to it.
Kasey: Hey guys!!
Miracle: But I'm not a paying member so it might be an option if you are
Dan: No lady's lol
Miracle: Dan I don't think that's an option
Dan: Does any one on how to search buy state
Tammy: Get out there and witness people and quit sittin on here preachin to the choir LOLOL
Tammy: Love the Lord
Tammy: went to the Dentist today and Got to witness to the whole dentist office of How the Lord healed me of Cancer
Tammy: about how the Lord healed me of cancer and paid for all of it with No insurance
Tammy: Lord gave me a recliner for 10 bucks and I got to witness to the manager of the store yesterday
Miracle: That's nice
KingsKid: got to get ready for a job interview keep me in prayer God bless you all
KingsKid: I've met some nice folks on the site just pray God will help you to meet new people.
KingsKid: I am also a paying member I think it's worth it because I don't have to pay until 2022 to renew it
Miracle: Is it worth it bc it seems like the site is quiet
Apostolicwoman: In answer to your question Miracle, I am a paying member😊
Miracle: Are you all paying members?
KingsKid: my grandpa was English and French and had blue eyes that we all have brown eyes.
KingsKid: Back in the day my mom would put the movie stars today shame and my dad was a very handsome man.
KingsKid: my dad came from the philippines he was a cook and my mom was a nurse.what a story to tell.
KingsKid: my mom was a nun but thank God my grandpa took her out but we were all raised Catholics
KingsKid: my dad died when I was 6 years oldI come from a family of six siblings one of them passed away a little over a year ago.
KingsKid: I lived in Europe for about 5 years The Island Of Malta where Saint Paul shipwrecked we used to swim in St Pauls Bay when I was a kid.
KingsKid: I was born in California
KingsKid: I was born in California
Miracle: I'm from Arizona
noblestrength77: I'm from Arkansas
KingsKid: I am in Cleveland Ohio
Miracle: So
Miracle: Do where is everyone from
Dan: Yuppie
Miracle: Hello anyone there?
KingsKid: This is the day that the Lord has made and I will REJOICE and be glad in it!!!
KingsKid: Have safe and blessed trip Sidtet Bethany!!!
KingsKid: and I will Joyce and be glad in it!!!
KingsKid: This is the day that the Lord has made
KingsKid: Jesus you are wothy of all Praise!!!!!
KingsKid: Rise and shine and GIVE GOD THE GLORY!!!!!
Miracle: Good morning
Apostolicwoman: Good morning and praise The Lord all! What a beautiful Fall morning!
miracle: Welcome Reba Reba
Reba131: Hi all.. I'm new to this
Exceller: flying home from South America
WonderfulPraise: Hi Bride of Christ, I hope y'all had a great day today.
miracle: hello samiam
miracle: excelled where are you flying?
samiam: Hi yall
WonderfulPraise: Hi Bride of Christ, I hope y'all had a great day today.
Exceller: needing to find a plane ticket tonight
Miracle: Hello everyone
KingsKid: Good Night you all!!!
WonderfulPraise: No the will not get the reward at all, they will be identified at that time, then spend eternity in the lake of fire. Thus say the word of God.
Exceller: you guys are depressing
KingsKid: The false prophets will get the reward and so will the wolves in sheep's clothin
KingsKid: We must remember that love casts out all fear.this you shall know that you are my disciples that you have love one for another.
KingsKid: which it is already on the horizon and we don't have our act together the devil will have a heyday.
KingsKid: we need to more than ever bind together and pray for one another in unity because when persecution comes up against the church
KingsKid: and snatches his bride away to be with Him forever.
KingsKid: I hope all this bickering about who's right and who's wrong won't be going on when Jesus comes like a thief in the night
Tammy: I'll tell you what this whole thing of these Pastors not preaching it and preparing people is NOT GOOD
Tammy: Amen ..that's what a friend and I were saying last night
Dan: The bible also says a great falling away... Will come
Dan: The antichrist has to come be for trib
Tammy: Soooo I Prayyyyyyyyyyyyy for the Lord to hide me and count me worthy
Tammy: most End Time Prophets and Preachers are saying Prepare for tribulation Now
Tammy: It's a Baptist doctrine....Not true at all
Tammy: Most of the UPC is Pretrib false doctrine
Tammy: biggest sign of when we entered in the End Times is when Israel became a nation
Dan: We're living in the endtimes for sure
KingsKid: We all must go through the fiery trial that we will come out pure gold.
Tammy: 7th trumpet a third of mankind dies's yet to will be nuclear...
Tammy: bottom line ..better have your soul ready to meet the LORD
KingsKid: Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary pure and holy tried and true.
KingsKid: if If you can't run with the foot men, how do you expect to run with the horsemen
KingsKid: Don't you want God's bosom to be your pillow when the world on fire.
KingsKid: Lord Jesus come quickly.
KingsKid: the Bible Israel talks about when they talk about peace then cometh Sudden Destruction.
KingsKid: my brother in Kansas and I were just talking about that Israel signing the peace treaty.
Tammy: When you see Israel signing a peace agreement got 3 and half years till the bad stuff starts
Tammy: *Armageddon*
Tammy: time to prepare...we probably have 9 or 10 more years till Battle of Armegeton
Tammy: Church is gonna go through Tribulation Matthew 24
Tammy: Irving Baxter ..End Time Ministries another one
Tammy: Ken apostolic end time Prophecy Great man of God
KingsKid: I want to be in a crowd cheering on the King of Kings and the Lord of lords
KingsKid: I sure wouldn't want to be in a Superbowl when the trumpet sounds.
KingsKid: don't have time for God got to know who's playing who the wild world of sports and pass me another 6 pack.
KingsKid: sometimes I feel like America is the Titanic heading for a spiritual disaster iceberg
KingsKid: they were eating and drinking and given in marriage just as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the last days.
KingsKid: strange thing I was just talking to my brother kansas about the end times and brother Baxter.I got to be ready!!!
Tammy: you too
Tammy: thank you
amy: blessings my friends
Tammy: go to browse profiles under Tools bar
Dan: How do u search buy state
Tammy: Lasagna this week .....
Tammy: Irving Baxter....End Time Ministries is good too
Tammy: Ken Raggio is a very good Apostolic Pastor/Preacher in Texas check out his biblestudies
Tammy: welllll better get ready for Tribulation
WonderfulPraise: Obedience is to act on Gods word, the church is built on action.
KingsKid: The Church did not come into existence by idleness and observation but through obedience and dedication.
KingsKid: Prove me and see if I don't pour you out a blessing that there will not be enough room to receive it sayeth the Lord.
KingsKid: Go out of your way and do something Good for your brother or sister.whatsoever you have done to the least of these you have done it unto me.
KingsKid: Keep your head up high because Jesus is on your side!!! You sll be blessed,!!! :-)
KingsKid: To whom it may concern theres nothing you and God can't handle whatever may come your way today!!
Apostolicwoman: Good morning Apostolic singles! Have a good and blessed day!
WonderfulPraise: Well g/nite my brothers & sisters. Have a restful night & an awesomely, bless dat tomorrow. God bless!
WonderfulPraise: Okay guys, what about Jesus paid it all
KingsKid: I want that song sung at my funeral.
KingsKid: of pain and glory, Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me.
KingsKid: for whatever reason there might be you'll see there between each line
KingsKid: I also love that song that goes. If any one should ever write my life story
KingsKid: I also love that song that goes. If any one should ever write my life story
KingsKid: Give me that old time religion any time!!!
KingsKid: but nothing can beat songs like The old rugged cross. I see a crimson stream of blood. Amazing Grace, At the cross.
KingsKid: No I don't believe I know that song .But it does have beautiful words
WonderfulPraise: No! its a new version, released less than a year ago, log onto youtube, select Kristian Stanfill, and listen to it, you feel church
KingsKid: If that's the same song I used to always listen to it.In Christ alone I place my cares...
KingsKid: In Christ alone didn't that out in the 90s?
WonderfulPraise: Have you ever heard "In Christ Alone" by Kristian Stanfill
KingsKid: Favorite song: ( I am free to run I am free to dance...)
Apostolicwoman: Fav worship song: Every Praise( is to our God)
Sara: What's everyone's favorite worship song of the moment?
PraisinHim: What's good today, folks?
shawn: morning all =]
Guest: Does anyone know if there is a way to block a user so they can't contact you on this site?
Guest: Good morning
Apostolicwoman: Good morning rdm7043!
Apostolicwoman: Good morning! Have a blessed day😊
Exceller: sounds awesome, when I get to feeling better I am going to have to run fifteen football feilds
KingsKid: Goodnight y'all have a blessed tomorrow!!! :-)
KingsKid: yesterday I made some Chinese chicken and Filipino sweet rice cake made with coconut milk brown sugar and sticky rice yummy
KingsKid: only problem was it tastes so good that I wanted to buy seconds.
KingsKid: we had a sheaves for Christ dinner beef empanadas tostones arroz con gandules and all the pop you can drink for $7.00
KingsKid: my favorite ice cream is rocky road from Baskin Robbins.yummy
KingsKid: Hey Bethany I still have two pieces of my brownies left and believe it or not I still have that chocolate mint mousse ice cream
shawn: email me?
shawn: wow a reply!!! =]
noblestrength77: good good
shawn: noblestrength77 how are u?
shawn: hello all =]]
noblestrength77: Hi sm42
sm42: post I LOVE YOU HERE if you love me.Thank you.SM42
sm42: if you love me let me know.
sm42: i would like to find someone who loves me.
sm42: please pray that i will find me a wife i have been on this site and there is no one here that loves me.
Exceller: can u believe it? I live in the continent of chocolate and in every country I visited, its more expensive here than the USA
Exceller: can u believe it? I live in the continent of chocolate and in every country I visited, its more expensive here than the USA
Exceller: but I shall miss the ice cream
Exceller: am going to see sour cream, cottage cheese, Chinese food, tacos, burritos, Thai food, all in three weeks
Exceller: been sick this week, and am too tired to be fancy like I normally am
Exceller: I like them because Im lazy lol
Exceller: I like them because Im lazy lol
KingsKid: yummy fajitas is one of my favorite Mex dishes.I like mine with everything on it beef chicken shrimp the works!!!
Exceller: am making fajitas
Exceller: my missionary journey has come to a close
Exceller: heaven sounds good, but after this week am thankful Im alive lol
KingsKid: these are all great I look forward to but I want to see my Jesus more than anything because he deserves my all.
KingsKid: the gates of pearl welcome to Jasper streets of gold crystal sea beautiful mansions beyond compare our imagination...
KingsKid: Above all else I must be saved!!!
KingsKid: Comfort one another with these words...
KingsKid: It won't be long until the Bride who has made herself ready will be with our Lord Jesus forever.
KingsKid: Just as in the days of Noah they were eating and drinking...
sisMartha: Have a Blessed day
Adam: Hey! (:
Kirk: Hi
oh: ..............
oh: .....................
oh: ...................
oh: ..............
oh: ..................
oh: .................
oh: ...................
oh: ....................
oh: ................
oh: .........
oh: ....
oh: ....
oh: ..
KingsKid: y'all have a blessed day now hear!!!
KingsKid: be heading out to the flea market in my neighborhood in a little while there are a lot of booths and things to see and buy.
KingsKid: but the best thing of all was the marinated big belly in the package was less than $3.00 didn't see no live electric eels in this store.
KingsKid: just came back from the Oriental market they had jellyfish for only $6.99 and they had live crabs and life frogs.
Dan: Hey
Exceller: oh ew, gross, I mean...yeah
Exceller: and we could've stuck it up each others noses!!!!
Tammy: me too we would ate some shrimp and had some fun !!
Exceller: yummy! wish id a been there
Tammy: my kids took me to eat endless Shrimp at Red Loster tonight ..was good had fun
KingsKid: Jesus is the answer for the world today!!! :-)
Janay: Hi
Apostolicwoman: God is good...all the time!
KingsKid: Just ask Job.
Jesse: God is Love and Love is God~~
Exceller: whatever
KingsKid: Jesus the same yesterday today and forever!!!
KingsKid: Will get that same person out of the rent today!!! If you can't find Jesus just go back to the place where you left Him.
KingsKid: but the same preaching got that same person out of the rut years ago
KingsKid: We get into ruts to where we might say I've heard that preaching before don't want to hear it
KingsKid: Love you all have a blessed night got to get ready for church!!!
KingsKid: Get filled with his love today and everything else will fall in place.Falling in love with Jesus is the best thing we can do
KingsKid: So what is the antidote for fear????
KingsKid: In the world we live in today SO MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN FEAR!!!
WonderfulPraise: Our God is an awesome God, how excellent is your Name in all the earth. I hope you're having a bless day.
KingsKid: Hi sister Bethany, I thank God you're alright.
sparkles: hello new to site hello new to site
Exceller: when all else fails hope says try it one more time
KingsKid: Good Night!!! Buenos Noches!!!
WonderfulPraise: Why worry when you can pray, Jesus is on the main line tell Him what we need.
KingsKid: God BlessYou All!!! Dios te bendiga!!!
Mark: Hey everyone
Sparkelsofthe: God Word never fails
KingsKid: Why worry why worry walking down the Kings highway Jesus took my heavy load so why why wory at all.
KingsKid: I am stuck on Jesus & -Jesus stuck on me !!!
KingsKid: We are all special tools in the Masters hand designed and crafted to be used in His perfect plan.
Apostolicwoman: Where is the " Match" section on this website, the instructions talk about? Does anyone know?
WonderfulPraise: The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.
WonderfulPraise: The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.
KingsKid: Goodnight church family God bless you all!!!
KingsKid: Be kinder then necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle
KingsKid: But I'm afraid He would ask me the same question. Anonymous
KingsKid: when He could do something about it.
KingsKid: Dometimes I would like to ask to ask God why he allows poverty suffering and injustice
KingsKid: Jesus is soon to come. Lord Jesus come quickly for the bride hath made herself ready!!!
SM42: search the scriptures for in them you think you have salvation.
KingsKid: Philippians 4:8 think upon these things whatsoever things are honest just pure lovely and whatsoever things are of good report.
KingsKid: ENTER into the joys of the Lord. I am so happy that there will not be texting in heaven!!!
KingsKid: I am far from perfect.but I am pressing toward the mark of the high calling of my Lord Jesus Christ!!!
KingsKid: I want to hear him tell me well done thou good and faithful servant Into the joys of the Lord.
KingsKid: in that day Jesus will say depart from me you workers of iniquity I never knew you!!!
KingsKid: Keep your eyes on the good ones.Vengeance is mine saith the Lord!!!
KingsKid: There are a lot lic good people kind hearted charitable saints of God that are going to heaven TOO.
SM42: Some people don't want TRUTH they want to play.
SM42: better know the book and make sure you are right.
SM42: bunch of preachers out there telling lies
SM42: find out what it say and don't go to hell.
SM42: Lot of SO CALLED apostolic people going to go to hell.
Apostolicwoman: God is good, all the time, all the time Gid is good! Praise The Lord people!:-)
KingsKid: I thank God for my church family.Where would I be without them???
KingsKid: it was awesome can't wait to do it next week!!! exciting to see a lot of new faces.Revival!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!
KingsKid: Had church at our church clev oh.then had two services at sister church &eve serv @our church
samiam: Hi y'all, had some good church
Apostolicwoman: Goodnight all!😴
hi: ....................
hi: ..................
hi: ........................
hi: ...............
hi: .................
hi: ................
hi: ..............
hi: ..............
hi: ................
hi: ..............
hi: .............
hi: ..........
hi: .........
hi: .............
KingsKid: Really??? Grow up!!!
**: ....
**: .....
**: .....
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**: .....
SM42: If you marry a real little one it counts for one or if you marry a real big one it counts for one but you only get ONE.
SM42: How many times can you marry and remarry? is there a limit?
SM42: Maybe it is a place for people to swop partners.
SM42: Is this site REALLY APOSTOLIC?
SM42: if she was married but now she is not then why would she stay with number 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 etc.?
SM42: Looking for a woman who is a ONE man Woman.
SM42: Looking for an APOSTOLIC woman one that can help me and keep me going in right direction.
SM42: Any APOSTOLIC women on here?
SM42: Looking for SINGLE woman with money and she is pretty.any like that on here?
WonderfulPraise: G/Morng to all. It's Sunday, God is Good! Oh how I love Him.
KingsKid: not too crazy about The Melt sandwiches are very huge but mostly Bread
noblestrength77: What ya taking about
candy: Hi noble
noblestrength77: How everyone
candy: Hello!
noblestrength77: Hi everyboby
candy: Even with four kids it's a slow day here.
candy: Hey everyone
musicman: Sup folks
KingsKid: We're at The Melt now. First time for me.
KingsKid: We're at The Melt now. First time for me.
Apostolicwoman: Good morning all you Apostolics! Have a Blessed Day!
Apostolicwoman: Dull for a Friday night
KingsKid: have a blessed evening yall hear.
KingsKid: I might have chocolate stains on my shirt but at least I'll be prayed up lol
KingsKid: don't worry sister Bethany I'll come back prayed through.
KingsKid: Weldon's ice cream store awaits.yummy banana split
KingsKid: on our way to men's retreat should arrive at Millersport Columbus Ohio iin 2&a half hours
Apostolicwoman: Good morning Everyone! God is good!
KingsKid: I pray that God will send His Holy angels to sister Davina night Jesus name!!!
KingsKid: we have nothing to fear sis if God before us who can be against us Jesus has all the name of Jesus demons must flee
KingsKid: came over me and I rebuke that in Jesus name and poof it was gone.
KingsKid: tall grey face of death almost touching my ceiling looked at me and a Holy Ghost boldness
Exceller: I need to go, am sorry. I can't talk about stuff like this
KingsKid: I do remember one night I was in bed and a very ugly hideous looking
Exceller: I have
Exceller: yeah, it could
KingsKid: in all my 52 years of living I never never encountered such things
KingsKid: why all these happened in the garage the snake, being flung 12 feet and the garage opening by itself???
KingsKid: why all these happened in the garage the snake, being flung 12 feet and the garage opening by itself???
KingsKid: but a lot of things that she tells me is unexplainable.
KingsKid: she does kind of remind me of you you are both accident prone
KingsKid: when she asked for the doctor was so she can thank him the hospital staff said there never was such a doctor here.had to be an angel
Exceller: I have hit my head several times, have had three head injuries, its possible to see stuff
Exceller: I still don't believe the devil can cause something that God doesn't allow
KingsKid: she told me a doctor dressed really bright and neat told her everything was going to be alright.when she asked
KingsKid: from that accident not the accident that happened today
KingsKid: she had a scaffold with the estimated force of 700 pounds come crashing on her head.she told me an angel visit her and she's alright today
KingsKid: he goes to these satanic meetings where they have live forest games
Exceller: have seen a lot of things
KingsKid: today she is divorced by him he no longer preaches the gospel he does not believe in God talks on it's ok to be homosexual.
Exceller: I am a PK too, never been married though.
KingsKid: she is a PK plus she been married to a preacher for about 24 years
KingsKid: if you knew what I do would agree with me wholeheartedly
Exceller: I have something happen everyday lol...literally
Exceller: you are talking to a person that is having an accident every day
Exceller: maybe stuff just malfunctioned. it can do that. I will pray, but I get leery about finding the devil under every rock.
KingsKid: that is just the tip of the iceberg I can write a book on her
KingsKid: please pray with me that God will keep his hand up on her and family
KingsKid: while on the phone with her she told me the garage door was opening by itself I believe it's the devil who has possessed at garage.
Exceller: you had a rough day
KingsKid: she also called me and told me before a few weeks ago a snake reared up at her and jumped at her with its fangs showing
KingsKid: I prayed for her and others prayed for her she seems to be doing better
KingsKid: she hit her head and fell on her tailbone and her arm she is in a lot of pain
Exceller: ouch
KingsKid: she called me today crying she went to open the garage door the garage door flung her 12 feet in the air
KingsKid: pray for a sister and friend of mine sister Davina it seems like Satan is really attacking her and her family
KingsKid: I'm glad the load is getting lighter on you it will help a lot to reduce stress
KingsKid: I think I'll eat it before I go to mens retreat tomorrow at one p.m pray that I will hear a word from God but most of all get my healing
KingsKid: I had grapes plums and honeydew still have about one and a half cups of soup left
Exceller: They were not upset at me though, they still gave me an approval.
Exceller: kids have been acting so bad, the office thought it was better to remove me, than have the class in the office
Exceller: and will be getting rid of another soon after
Exceller: got news today that I will be removed from one of my classes
Exceller: well you got what you wanted though
KingsKid: I can use a good praying through sis. I have about one and a half full of soup left.I think I'll eat it for tomorrow before I go to mens retreat.
Exceller: maybe Im just too tired
Exceller: don't understand it...did everything I thought like I always do.
Exceller: It's an awkward moment when the brownies are tougher than you are
Exceller: lol
Exceller: I've eaten every one of them this week and tonight made brownies
Exceller: You should be ashamed of yourself. All that talk about sweets, cakes, ice cream....Im going to have to pray through
Exceller: I did thanks! Maybe the Lord doesn't want you to be sad lol
KingsKid: I guess God wants me to have a happy face.
KingsKid: that wasn't it either lol :-(
KingsKid: still didn't work :C
KingsKid: still didn't work :C
KingsKid: :(
KingsKid: still can't figure out how to make a :-(
KingsKid: thanks sister Bethany for showing me how to make smileys on this site
Apostolicwoman: :-)
KingsKid: good morning everyone hey sister Bethany did you get the soup ideas I gave you?
Exceller: and when everyones working
Exceller: depends on the day
Apostolicwoman: This site is not very lively is it?
Apostolicwoman: Good morning! This is the day that The Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!
KingsKid: Good Night!!!
KingsKid: :(
KingsKid: :(
KingsKid: don't hurt yourself sis I know you're good at that God bless you!!! good night!!!
KingsKid: don't hurt yourself sis I know you're good at that God bless you!!! good night!!!
KingsKid: that should hold you down for a while sis lol
KingsKid: or good old wonton soup yummy
KingsKid: or how about mushroom soup
KingsKid: how about tripe soup that's Mexican
KingsKid: not sure if it's 13 or 15 bean soup
KingsKid: split pea soup with ham
KingsKid: or my favorite cream of broccoli
KingsKid: how about trying cabbage soup
KingsKid: you are so sweet that's probably why I like you lol
Exceller: well gots to go. the roof is calling
Exceller: onion
Exceller: I made and carrot soup. running out of soup ideas
Exceller: Hoping my friend will write. haven't heard from them in a month
Exceller: Guess we will find out on the next Dr. King show
Exceller: if you drink 3 gallons a day and still feel dehydrated is that weird?
Exceller: makes my heart hurt just thinking about it
Exceller: Amen
Exceller: will keep u in my prayers Jesus help that man!
KingsKid: yeah I sure helped myself that's why the cake is gone.
Exceller: Lord helps them who help themselves LOL
KingsKid: Shhhh
Exceller: sounds awesome but that would put me in the hospital lol
KingsKid: yeah it would be pretty bad if you had ice cream in your nightstand lol
Exceller: isn't that bad for a guy with heart problems?
Exceller: just took four
KingsKid: I finished my triple chocolate cake yesterday I put chocolate putting in the middle and whipped cream on top.
Exceller: and tons of alieve for rain nights
Exceller: have that in my nightstand for bad nights too
Exceller: m and ms
KingsKid: I still have some of that chocolate mint I still have some of that chocolate mint Moose Tracks ice cream left
KingsKid: I want to eat a healthy snack but I'm not sure what I should get
KingsKid: excited about men's retreat this Friday and Saturday
KingsKid: Thank God there was no major damage and I was so happy to finish that job.
KingsKid: Thank God there was no major damage and I was so happy to finish that job.
Exceller: tomorrow I have a 12 hour day at work, and three hours of sleep when I've already been collapsing is not a good combination
KingsKid: the wind ripped the plastic off water got into the house and she was banging on my door at 3 in the morning what is data remember
KingsKid: when I was a general contractor I was working on an add-on edition and I prayed it wouldn't rain this is in Kansas wheat land
Exceller: and cement that NEEDS to dry
Exceller: they don't have leaking roofs, windows and doors
KingsKid: sorry to hear that sis but you know there are people praying for rain for their crops
KingsKid: it's rainy here too yae!!!
Exceller: sigh. bucket brigade. am going to be awake ALL night. .!!!
Exceller: AND ITS RAINING!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Exceller: exploded kidneys, sunamies, drowning, collapsed roofs
Exceller: people have died from it
KingsKid: you're right you can drink too much water and that could be bad for you
Exceller: that saying can be applied to anything, anything is a temptation, depending on how you prioritize
Exceller: unfortunately facebook is apart of my job
Exceller: yeah I did have heard it before
KingsKid: did you get the first part he told us get your face out of Facebook and get your face in "The Book" I love it!!!
Apostolicwoman: Thanks!
Exceller: Im so ADD, one person is asking for help and I cant focus
KingsKid: and they don't get paid very much either:(
Exceller: KINGSKID send me a note!!!! Please!!! LOL
Exceller: that's about it...other than us arguing about ice cream and diets lol
KingsKid: in Antigua working 60 hours or more is normal and they don't get holiday pay sick pay or vacation pay
Exceller: On the side is where your email is and your visitors. click their pictures to see their profile. You can search by using the search tool at the top
Exceller: Hi Apwoman....this is where we say hi to random people and talk
KingsKid: how would you like to pay over$9.00 gallon for milk??? or how would you like to pay over -$6.00 for a gallon of gas
Exceller: Lol KingsKid you may be better off messaging me
Apostolicwoman: Is there anyone on here. I'm new and not sure how this site works. Help!
Apostolicwoman: Hi!
KingsKid: tonight I learned brother Benjamin smith and sister Victoria Smith are missionaries to Antigua West Indies.
KingsKid: okay I'll start over
Exceller: and I was just commenting missed the first part because it didn't show
KingsKid: I'm talking about Antigua the country
Exceller: hate getting old LOL
Exceller: and they are younger than me...ahhhhh!!!
Exceller: am not sure if the veteran missionaries get the paid vaca or if its for everyone
Exceller: although if they are missionaries they should get vacation, most missionaries choose though to stay in their country during it
KingsKid: Thank God for the United States of America I'm proud to be an American and I serve my country gladly.but mostly I'm proud to be The King's kid
KingsKid: Thank God for the United States of America I'm proud to be an American and I serve my country gladly.but mostly I'm proud to be The King's kid
Exceller: would believe it, although Paraguay is a third world country so things are less expensive
KingsKid: they work at least 60 hours a week normally no sick leave no paid vacation no holidays.and they don't get paid that much either.
KingsKid: how would you like to pay over $9.00 for a gallon of milk??? or how would you like to pay over $6.00 red gallon of gas
KingsKid: Lol
KingsKid: I believe she's also 23 years old he said that your face out of facebook and get your face in the book I love it: D
KingsKid: things I learned tonight brother Benjamin Smith missionary to Antigua West Indies 23 years old and his wife victoria smith
Exceller: what if you made soup out of tea?
KingsKid: adios till we meet again!!!
KingsKid: I have an hour to get the church it takes me about 5 minutes to get there
Exceller: lol take off, you are going to be late, and Jesus is waiting
KingsKid: still can't get it
KingsKid: Smiley
KingsKid: Smiley
KingsKid: Oops. ,)
KingsKid: )
KingsKid: got to get ready for church now. I'll be praying for you sis.
KingsKid: you are a good teacher kudos to you!!!
KingsKid: thanks Bethany it worked!!! lol
Exceller: totally breaking the diet, but walked a mile to go get this stuff, so at least got exercise lol
Exceller: I use : and then D is excited, ) is happy, ( is sad. don't separate them
KingsKid: how do you get the post cool funny faces on this site? my phone wont let me : (
KingsKid: Our men's retreat is this Friday I'll have to pick some up when I get there I'll be thinking of you too.
KingsKid: Millersport Columbus Ohio down the street from our campground they make it themselves I believe the name is Weldins
KingsKid: I've been wanting a banana split ice cream for quite a while now we have this real good ice cream store down in Columbus Ohio
Exceller: I'll think of you when I eat ice cream
KingsKid: thanks Bethany I need all the prayers I can get.and you also are in my prayers!!!
Exceller: Ill be praying you get the job king!
Exceller: In both places, its been very hard. Three people at once is shock, six is beyond describable...its just awesome
Exceller: my missionaries were crying for joy, and couldn't stop crying
Exceller: Lol when the irritating stuff happened today, I just fell on the floor laughing, laughed and laughed
Exceller: Amen!
KingsKid: I was feeling I was filling the baptistry Sunday and two brothers who got the Holy Ghost were also baptized.hallelujah!!!
Exceller: So God is awesome! He's moving
Exceller: During the same hour, three were baptized in my home church they walked in from the street and my dad was filling the baptistry
Exceller: we were only expecting one to get baptized, instead we had three kids get baptized at the school
KingsKid: hey sister Bethany congratulations!!! this is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.
Exceller: ITS A GREAT DAY!!!!
Exceller: And I got my house fixed!!!! And I got my preacher's license!!!
Exceller: GOD's AWESOME!!!!!
Exceller: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KingsKid: I did work with computers when I was a general contractor but that was designed for my business.
KingsKid: I am in no ways in a wheelchair but I do get tired easy so I'm praying about getting a job working with computers.
KingsKid: when I went to the VA hospital they admitted me right away and informed me that I had congestive heart failure
KingsKid: was not feeling well I saw the nurse there she told me I need to go to the emergency room my blood pressure was sky high
KingsKid: I was a maintenance man at one of the jobs and was not feeling well I was working for assisted living establishment at the time
KingsKid: over 3 years ago I worked four jobs I was a contractor plus I had 3 part time jobs
Tammy: I work nights so I can get on in the day sometimes
Tammy: Brother Robert what do you do for a living
Tammy: I think most people work
KingsKid: maybe the cat got your tongue or should I say mouse lol
KingsKid: it feels like we have our own personal site to text on seems like we're the only ones that text on this site pretty much
KingsKid: it feels like we have our own personal site to text on seems like we're the only ones that text on this site pretty much
KingsKid: for some strange reason I can imagine you saying that lol!
KingsKid: hey sister Bethany read any good bumper stickers lately. how about if you don't like the way I drive stay off of the sidewalk.
KingsKid: I need you Jesus come to my rescue where else can I go...
KingsKid: lift up your hands don't be ashamed pray till the power of the Lord comes down
KingsKid: you got to pray till the power of the Lord comes down
KingsKid: church tonight can't wait to get there hallelujah!!! :-)
KingsKid: good morning everyone!!!
KingsKid: good morning everyone!!!
KingsKid: comfort one another with these words. God Bless All & Good night!!!
KingsKid: everybody will be happy will be happy over there we will out and seeing God's praise everybody will be happy over there.:-)
KingsKid: Alright sis you have a good night God bless I'll keep you in prayer
Exceller: Think Im going to call it a night and rest. Someone's getting baptized tommorrow
Exceller: Im not tech savy lol
KingsKid: isn't there a way we can play a game gather right here on the site?
jen.: kindly click this
Exceller: wish I had someone to play checkers with lol or clue. Clue was pretty awesome.
Exceller: it's been a long year
Exceller: was a long day
Exceller: am starting to feel a little better, am cooking some veggies
KingsKid: just finished my first bowl of soup and it was dynomite!!!
KingsKid: I found two small zucchinis and 1 small yellow squash in a package and I cut them up and put them in the soup also.
KingsKid: seriously sis if you can eat something like that by all means go for it
Exceller: it sounds awesome
KingsKid: wish I could post a pic of it so you can see how delicious it looks.:-)
KingsKid: one quarter of a cabbage chopped in 1to2 in chunks.
KingsKid: 4 boliyan chicken cubes dash ground pepper seasoned salt to taste coil cilantro base free teaspoon a handful of chopped fresh basil
KingsKid: 4 wings 4 drumdticks 2 Roman tomatoes cut into chunks 2 small potatoes cut in chunks 3 stocks of celery 3 garlic cloves chopped fine
KingsKid: Lol ugh you know I'm not putting coins in there it supposed to say corn
KingsKid: soup is simmering hey Bethany get this recipe I'm about to give you for chicken wings foreground sticks two coins cut in half
KingsKid: getting ready to make some homemade chicken soup yummy
KingsKid: friends can make you or break you you decide.
Exceller: if you are always surrounding yourself with negative stuff, you will struggle
Exceller: be careful little eyes what you see
Exceller: was time to do some spring cleaning
Exceller: Just finished deleting 200 facebook friends. WOW I feel free!!!
KingsKid: a word from Mr Ed the talking horse (you can lead a human to knowledge but you can't make him think)
KingsKid: Well you have a blessed day Lord willing I'll chat with you later.:-)
KingsKid: I'm sure we got a whole lot to talk about
KingsKid: I was so surprised to see your picture you probably was surprised to see mine too lol
KingsKid: hey sis how you doing good to hear from you
vantressa30: Hey Kingskid
KingsKid: Hey Kingskid
Joleen: I'm new on here, I just updated my profile, and I'm learning my way around here
KingsKid: alright Bethany this kids got to get his beauty sleep I'll have a hard time finding a wife.good night!!!
Exceller: sad lol and how supportive
KingsKid: I'll just put a lock on it and not give her the combination number
Exceller: and enemy if she was trying to be on a diet and you had those next to her
KingsKid: you just gave me an idea and then a nightstand that has a fridge in it
Exceller: lol, you would be your wifes best friend
Exceller: lol, you would be your wifes best friend
KingsKid: and it would keep my Oreo cookies fresh too
Exceller: I hear they have fridges for that...maybe a fridge could be your night stand
KingsKid: I would make sure I had a nice glass of cold milk
Exceller: and keeps us happy too
Exceller: throwing an oreo at em is a good weapon
Exceller: hey girls gotta have backup, guys think we are weak and defensless
Exceller: a guy can gain 30 lbs before he has a problem
KingsKid: Rotf
Exceller: nah Id give it to the guy, when a girl gets fat she's not forgiven. however I have oreos for bad nights in my nightstand
KingsKid: how about if you just got a big Hershey kiss
Exceller: I personally don't like diamonds and would be ok if my wedding ring didn't have one
KingsKid: and besides I'd rather eat a nice chocolate bar than a diamond any day
Exceller: haha you cant eat a diamond and still be in your right mind
KingsKid: yeah what the price of chocolate it must be exceeding Diamonds lol
Exceller: chocolate is a girls best friend
Exceller: my favorite animal is the macaw parrot. they are beautiful and its a shame they are endangered
Exceller: I held a sloth
Exceller: I did that, might of been a baby conda
KingsKid: and wrapped around my neck
KingsKid: I asked the man if I could hold one and he told me they were all poisonous he later came with the 6 foot snake
Exceller: no and if I saw one Id be running lol. those things can swallow a human or a cow
KingsKid: when I was in the Navy in Africa I visited a snake farm and saw all kinds of kool colored small snakes
KingsKid: in that case I mean anaconda 20 foot long
Exceller: no, just got a picture with one and called it good
KingsKid: did you bring home a pet boa constrictor about 20 foot long?
Exceller: I think that's the longest I've ever gone trying not to use the bathroom
Exceller: asked if there was any snakes, they said no, just anacondas
Exceller: my first "camping" experience was in the Amazon jungle
KingsKid: and they have the Internet a microwave television air conditioning or maybe they have to do with the fan and really rough it lol
KingsKid: sounds like you're really roughing it.I get a kick out of those people who go camping or think they're camping
Exceller: or even an apartment that is nice
Exceller: cant wait to have a house someday
Exceller: am sure we do but I don't go out at night and the windows and doors are covered with shower curtains and duct tape to keep water and wind out
KingsKid: do you have those things in the nick of your woods? lol
KingsKid: what about a super moon tomorrow night?
Exceller: lol my ideas at 2 in the morning are not good haha
KingsKid: you tell me you're the brain
Exceller: what else is new
KingsKid: I'm the same way I like to invent things and I usually get good ideas about 2 o'clock in the morning lol
KingsKid: well I don't want you to suffer from insomnia so I'll tell you the answer it is an eraser
Exceller: maybe that's why Im always awake
Exceller: Did you know that most people with high IQs suffer from insomnia? Just read an article about it.
Exceller: which was it?
KingsKid: I knew you could do it Bethany I'm so proud of you kudos to you!!!
Exceller: its either Jesus or eraser
KingsKid: stay tuned till next week to find out the answer lol
Exceller: eraser
Exceller: here, cant sleep
KingsKid: where are you Bethany I know you know the answer
KingsKid: time is ticking
KingsKid: I am far from the point, I am not a mistake, but I can fix your mistakes what am I?
WonderfulPraise: That is absolutely wonderful!
KingsKid: the man scratched his head and said Andy and the little boy started to sing.Andy talks with me Andy walks with me ...
KingsKid: a little boy was asked do you know what God's name is and without any hesitation he said Andy.
KingsKid: washing and drying clothes late at night lol
Natalee: Whats up everyone?!
Exceller: good night
Exceller: my generation is CSI
KingsKid: as a matter of fact I think I'll go brush my teeth right now tyl :-)
KingsKid: actually I love that show when I was a kid but I hated it when they would say...stay tuned and find out next week...
KingsKid: well I didn't think much of him and his leotards wearing friend Robin anyways
Exceller: the cartoon character is what fights plaque! You've made Batman unemployed
KingsKid: no I'm King's kid in other words spoiled brat
Exceller: youre bad
KingsKid: I like to brush my teeth with my battery operated toothbrush not a cartoon character 3 times a day or more
KingsKid: as long as she's pretty and has nice teeth
Exceller: your dentist must love you
KingsKid: Air heads are alright but I like bottle caps better
Exceller: but am trying to be a good person today
Exceller: I love both!!! I love everything!!!
Exceller: sweet tea popsciles
KingsKid: you don't like chocolate you don't like fruits are you sure you're not an airhead
Exceller: happy place, happy place
Exceller: fruit is icky too lol
KingsKid: okay I wonder if they make tropical fruit ones with all kinds of fruits in them especially the ones that you love
KingsKid: okay I wonder if they make tropical fruit ones with all kinds of fruits in them especially the ones that you love
Exceller: it causes people to be irrational
Exceller: chocolate is disgusting
KingsKid: I wonder if they make them in triple chocolate with chocolate syrup swirls
Exceller: (collapses)
Exceller: AHHH!!! Stop!!! my efforts will be in vain!!
KingsKid: wow you've had 50 pushups I really love those orange sherbert ones
KingsKid: Ha ha ha lol!!!!!!
Exceller: its an extra hard LOL (laugh out loud)
Exceller: Rolling On Floor Laughing
KingsKid: I think ROFstands for regurgitating out food but I'm not sure what the L stands for lol
Exceller: worked though. popped my back good
Exceller: and I just finished my 50 pushups...ouch
Exceller: rolling on the floor laughing
KingsKid: what does rofl stand for
Exceller: ROFL!!!
KingsKid: me to lifting all that food to my mouth is exhausting
KingsKid: you mean Sherlock Holmes madam
Exceller: man, I did my exercises
Exceller: Dr. King Im presuming?
Exceller: yep this is a doctor show lol
KingsKid: I can't help it if I like to cook and like to make delicious dishes that are mouth watering and make you drool at the table for seconds.
KingsKid: scales don't lie or do they???
Exceller: and then I felt like the suspect was me, Doctors have that effect
Exceller: feel like we are on a Dr. show of some sort, making me feel suspicious about disappearing food items
Exceller: Im staying tuned for the Dr. King show
Exceller: cooke three nights a week, eat leftovers three times, and fast the odd day
Exceller: and you kept making me hungry
Exceller: I didn't, leftovers lol
KingsKid: well sis just because there was 12 tortilla stuck together and you thought it was only one, you didn't have to eat them all
Exceller: used to be the opposite lol
Exceller: getting old stinks, takes more work to get out of a chair than to sit down
Exceller: ouch, I feel stuffed
KingsKid: think I'll make some t the Maltese way.:-)
Exceller: right, am going to make some mint tea
KingsKid: you know! :-)
Exceller: lol how
KingsKid: now I know how you became the star have I love Bethany :-)
Exceller: I miss them all
Exceller: we just laughed about stupid stuff. everybody was crazy so we said it was the water
KingsKid: is that supposed to mean anything???
Exceller: if you are referring to alcohol, it was a Bible school...
KingsKid: oh yeah I've heard of that toxic water!!!
Exceller: no, it was the water LOL don't drink the water
KingsKid: Or you all would have had a blast!!! :-) lol
Exceller: was having the same kind of health problems I am now. my brother wouldn't let me quit tho.
KingsKid: I'm glad there was no smoking in class
KingsKid: must have been from sniffing bad fumes
Exceller: lol
Exceller: no, it wasn't because I kissed someone else's boyfriend
Exceller: I actually didn't get to spend a lot of time in class. I was in the hospital a ton
Exceller: and it still doesn't help you run into anybody you want to meet lol
KingsKid: no wonder you didn't get much out of college you had a hard time concentrating.
Exceller: how did life get so complicated? now you have to have a pager just to walk out the door
Exceller: or talked to each other
Exceller: things we did for fun were going on walks, daring each other to eat cafeteria food, and watch a movie in a blue moon
Exceller: no, just reused his socks a bunch
KingsKid: he musta had extra toe jam in there aye?
Exceller: cause one guy didn't do that and his sock stuck to the wall lol
KingsKid: Ugh don't remind me
Exceller: I learned wash your socks and don't throw them at walls
Exceller: but hey I was in college, what do you learn there
KingsKid: my thoughts exactly
Exceller: think they misspelled abomination
Exceller: no, Obama nation in one sentence doesn't sound righteous to me
KingsKid: you must have voted for Obama now I have cents too!!! :-)
Exceller: thankfully Ive got some cents
Exceller: we need change!!!
Exceller: it's a hard thing to accept so I don't
KingsKid: not to a sumo wrestler you are!!! :-)
KingsKid: Lol :-)
Exceller: Im part obeise
KingsKid: I have a home scale from the VA it is specially hooked up to the hospital and it talks to me and let me know if I gained weight or lost weight lol
KingsKid: and I can eat rice morning noon and night I'm part Filipino!!! :-)
KingsKid: a grain of rice should not get you fat
Exceller: lol (note to self...disable the voice option)
Exceller: something this thin shouldn't make people fat...that's not nice
KingsKid: as long as your scale doesn't shout ouch get off!!! you're alright.
Exceller: man tho...wonder how many tortias the first one was...I burned the calorie book if it was more than one
Exceller: God provides!!!! yeaaaaa
KingsKid: don't know if I ever want to go back to Kansas too cold in the winter and way hot in the summer.its either hot or cold most of the time
Exceller: then discovered, one tortillas is actually twelve stuck together...they came apart when I warmed them up
Exceller: I was feeling heartbroken there were only two torillas
KingsKid: What?
Exceller: I just made a discovery
Exceller: SWEET KANSAS!!!!
Exceller: as long as he cooked Id be ok
KingsKid: john the baptist ate locust how would you like to be a guest for dinner at his house?
Exceller: I just locked the door. Ok NOW seconds are on the house. cook appreciation night
Exceller: I just locked the door. Ok NOW seconds are on the house. cook appreciation night
KingsKid: chocolate spiders yummy
Exceller: haha...hope you don't see a spider
KingsKid: me too I'm on a seefood diet everything I see I eat!!! :-)
KingsKid: what time do you close maybe I can make it there lol
Exceller: Im still on a diet. Right now it's a crashed diet.
Exceller: oh hey! man I forgot I made extra, seconds on the house!
Exceller: mmmm...getting hungrier talking about it, thank God there's still a fridge
KingsKid: don't feel bad I'm on a water restriction only supposed to have one liter have to watch my sugar and salt
Exceller: man If I had my own show, Id have myself in tears...look at that poor woman!!
Exceller: so canned stuff is preserved with a ton of stuff I cant have
KingsKid: they got to have a show called I love Bethany where you're at starring: you!!!lol
Exceller: and caffeine
Exceller: well seriously, I have an addiction to salt
KingsKid: Bethany you are just too funny!!! :-)
Exceller: chest pain and tons of other fun stuff. its why also don't drink sodas, and I LOVE SODA
KingsKid: Lol you are just too funny!!! :-)
Exceller: some stuff you can get canned, haven't seen any avacados lately. I try to avoid canned stuff, because its super bad for me
Exceller: ugh, you are making me hungrier loll
Exceller: no sour cream either here, which is my favorite!!
KingsKid: guacamole and pico de gayo make a real nice status I guacamole and pico de gayo make a nice finishing touch.:-)
Exceller: :(
Exceller: I did in the states, but they don't have it here :( they have red chilli peppers like the kind used to season pizzas
KingsKid: remember I used to own a Mexican restaurant business.
KingsKid: what about cilantro jalapeno peppers and don't forget sour cream.:-)
Exceller: cook everything else on the stove
Exceller: tortias I buy at the store
Exceller: on occasion I use pineapple, but I don't add garlic when I do
Exceller: mix it in with red bell pepers, onions, and whatever meat you like. hand grate the cheese and add some hot sauce
Exceller: olive oil, garlic sauce (add to your preference), soy sauce, and meat seasoning
KingsKid: how do you make your fajitas?
Exceller: yay! fajitas are done!!! IM STARVED
KingsKid: I wish it was like that here I really like topical ice cream specially mango yummy for my tummy!!! :-)
Exceller: am sure its not the same, but it's the best generic we got
Exceller: had to go to a special ice cream store to go get it. the grocery stores only carry tropical flavors
KingsKid: Wow that's the first time I saw it on the shelf and that's the first time I ever bought that kind of ice cream.:-)
Exceller: no really...the kids special requested it, so theres half a gallon left
KingsKid: no way you pulling my leg girl
Exceller: which is why Im having such a hard time avoiding temptation
KingsKid: I said I would like to send you some of my ice cream
Exceller: it's ok...I have the exact same ice cream in my freezer
KingsKid: I would like to send you a bowl I love my ice cream but I think the whip cream will melt so I better not lol
Exceller: you know what, whatever. (rips off the plastic on the oreos)
Exceller: man. now I want the rest
Exceller: aawww OoO
KingsKid: just finished my ice cream with whipped cream sprayed on top.yummy now I'm going to get a large cup of ice water will hit the spot :-)
Exceller: man though, I haven't been out to eat since my bday
Exceller: just a couple m and m's though. didn't touch the rest
Exceller: Ahhh!!!! So many temptations in my house from having kids over...there's candy and cookies, and I had an m and m
Exceller: until then I may look like Lucy with the conveyer belt of chocolate
Exceller: decided on fajitas easy to make on an sprained foot, tastes awesome, and maybe...maybe ice cream
KingsKid: Moose Track ice cream :-)
KingsKid: Moose Track ice cream :-)
KingsKid: matter of fact think I'll have some more chocolate mint chocolate this track ice cream yummy
KingsKid: a little ice cream and a couple of pieces of pizza won't hurt sis.
Exceller: man, the calories. maybe green beans would sound better
Exceller: tonight is ice cream and pizza night!!!
Exceller: we used to talk about sledding down Mt. Calvary ;)
Exceller: he said, if God mentioned it in the Bible and knew it meant that much to me, it would be there
Exceller: lol I used to ask my brother if there would be snow in heaven because it wouldn't be heaven to me without it
KingsKid: I'm homesick already. : (
KingsKid: What would be awesome in heaven??? BEING THERE!!! :-) :-) :-)
Exceller: cause they will have a lotta zips going to their house if it's everybody else's heaven
Exceller: If heaven has no walking, and you could just zip to anywhere you wanted to be, wonder how popular people will feel lol
Exceller: but hey I did get a good ice cream cone on the way home from my walk
Exceller: And TONS of snow someplace
Exceller: and no walking
Exceller: no electric bills lol
Exceller: You know what will be awesome in heaven?
KingsKid: The moral of that story Bethany is don't quit!!! be strong and stay encouraged in the Lord.
KingsKid: the gold miner was only 6 inches away from his treasure he quit and another man found the California Gold Rush a true story.
KingsKid: Sister Bethany the devil is trying to discourage you but the angels of heaven are cheering you on.
Exceller: I may go for a walk while it's not raining Just finished cleaning my house up from all the water
KingsKid: He is shining on you!!! :-) the sun is shining here too!!! :-)
Exceller: did the crazy kids live after your crazy morning with them? lol
Exceller: and its misspelled on purpose...although the sun sun is shinging outside
Exceller: The Son still shines
KingsKid: and blessing you can't contain exceeding abundantly above what you can ask or even think.:-)
KingsKid: Sister Bethany I prayed God to give you strength knowledge wisdom and understanding& a good husband.
Exceller: its my day off thank God. my neighbors partied with loud music, then threw up (which could also hear) until early this morning
Exceller: I probably wont be causing much trouble today
Exceller: will try, hope the kids live lol
KingsKid: Bethany behave yourself take care of yourself text me if you need to talk to me.
KingsKid: you all have a wonderful day now hear.
KingsKid: but in a few minutes I'm going to be getting out of bed or I'm really going to need your help.
KingsKid: oh Lord thank you for helping to keep my temper for not yelling at the kids are arguing with my neighbor are having a bad spirit.
Exceller: scared to go behind the bookshelf now, but it's been sprayed to death
Exceller: that and killing alien bugs....hey that was actually fun
Exceller: guess I better stick to popcorn.
Exceller: my luck it'd be my worried mother, who would call the police to see if Im ok....or...she'd believe me. first time for everything lol
Exceller: "You can steal a Gideons Bible at a hotel if you want a survival manual, since you missed your chance"
Exceller: "But if you would like to leave a you need help message for anybody listening, place it after the beep."
Exceller: crazy things to do during vacation: record a voicemail saying "I'm sorry the person you are calling has raptured."
Exceller: yay!!! King is in the house!
Exceller: listening to a radio drama because I am that's hilarious
Exceller: really, you should have some of this popcorn...
Exceller: kidding.
Exceller: only have to match on Sundays, and the style is not matching at all. I'm cool yeah
Exceller: wont have to worry if I go color blind
Exceller: awesome thing about school uniforms...most of the closet is the same three colors
samiam: Lol
Exceller: used to have that club at my house on laundry days...then moved to a climate where socks are not needed ;)
samiam: I have the find a mate lonely sock club dating service. They meet every Saturday.. Lol
Exceller: Trivia question: What was the name of Pontius Pilate's wife, who had nightmares about Jesus?
Exceller: if life was a movie, several of us would win the oscars
Exceller: anybody want popcorn?
Exceller: getting one's heart broken stinks...drama night. few glasses of tea and trivia games and I'll be healed
Exceller: not sure for certain. quite a few show up and say they are non paying members..but they have to be members on the site to see this so maybe I am wrong
Exceller: I believe they can
Amanda: can non members post here too just wondering
Amanda: Oh but the GRACE OF GOD
Tammy: we have church three times on Sunday ....morning Spanish service in afternoon and Sunday night ...I'm grateful
Exceller: they had plenty of time to get home
Exceller: their complaint was they couldn't find a bus at night...true but that was 5 hours after church was over
Exceller: then half the church complained because they ride buses so we have it at 8 in the morning now
Exceller: we used to have church at 4 in the afternoon and it was awesome
WonderfulPraise: That depends on where you are
Amanda: I like my church we have 2 day services on Sunday and the reason is for the people who come from out of town
Exceller: Why cant we be like other churches and have church in the afternoon and at night??
Exceller: you know those caffeinated thingies? yep
Exceller: I just remembered why I don't drink cappacinoes at night. gulp.
Exceller: need to go higher up
Exceller: Tennesee cunsidas themselves suthanas
samiam: Hi Tammy, so you have a room for me to come
Tammy: if I need a taste of upnorth I can drive 8 hours to Tennesee to the Smokey Mountains for a weekend
Tammy: The beach is literally 5 minutes from my house
Tammy: Dolphins and we catch fresh fish everyday and kayak every weekend
Tammy: I love the Gulf of Mexico ...warm waters beautiful and green blue and the white sand beaches
Tammy: I love our wonderful winters.....I'm too old for the cold and dreary days up north Blaaaaaa you can have them LOL
Tammy: I love Florida ...I love the sunshine and the rainy season here because it rains at 4 pm almost everyday and then sttops
Exceller: uugh!!!!
Exceller: unfortunately, still have to deal with the roof leaks
Exceller: thank God for duct tape! Taped all the windows and doors to keep the water out
Exceller: was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, but I knew
Exceller: sigh. you know you are getting older when you can tell the weather with your bones
Exceller: I HATE RAIN!!!
Kkgem86: Helli
Tammy: WonderfulPraise...I have known a lot of people who met there mate on here ....just depends if you can find them lol
Tammy: Pastor Urshan still there or did he leave....I go to Easons in Bradenton
kingjames8: Yes,I do
Tammy: go to church in Ft Myers ?
Tammy: I can't send messages or I woulda ...:(
Tammy: I love eggplant parmesan....did everyone get a recipe ?
WonderfulPraise: For those that have been on this site for a while, is it a reliable place to find honest, Christian individual?
WonderfulPraise: That's the absolute truth. He always make a way, even on how to make eggplant Parmesan. God often amazes me!
KingsKid: God always makes room for the blessings He provides.
KingsKid: I went on YouTube and typed what's the best recipe to cook eggplants and the parmesan recipe was on there too.
WonderfulPraise: Tammy that's right, one can get the recipe on line, and yes! I love eggplant Parmesan. I'll consider the salt & pepper whenever I attempt to make it.
jennsmith82: with a bit of salt, pepper, and creole seasoning
jennsmith82: There are a bunch of recipes online for making eggplant. I like doing eggplant parmesan and also like frying it in a little olive oil
Exceller: man...its goodnight time :( :( Tammy msg me the recipe if you see this! Otherwise some crazy person will clear the board
samiam: Yes please Tammy...Hi yall
WonderfulPraise: Yes Tammy, please share the recipe !
Exceller: how do you do it?
Tammy: I do I do ...I love eggplant I buy one almost every week
WonderfulPraise: I would like to know how myself. I've eaten eggplant at the restaurant
Exceller: just need the right opportunity for someone to say "Spell it out for me"
Exceller: O O O !!! And alphabet macaroni!! finding good stuff!
Exceller: Gotta love clean out the fridge night!
Exceller: anybody know how to cook an eggplant?
Exceller: walking on two swollen feet through deep water is scary
Exceller: so you were probably praying at the right moment
Exceller: had an interesting day today God kept me safe, walking 3 miles during a bad rainstorm. water was very high on the road
KingsKid: you have a good heart and I know you have a great burden for those children.but please take care of yourself.for your sake and their sake.
KingsKid: I'm praying for you sister Bethany.
roman1977: In JESUS name
roman1977: How are you. I send your all greetings from sterreich
jennsmith82: Woah...
KingsKid: I'm sorry over you are I will pray that God will help you and bless you and take away your bitterness.remember Jesus loves you!!! :-)
KingsKid: I love the Lord with all my heart soul mind and strength!!! if it had not been for Jesus where would I be?
KingsKid: You need to repent and ask God to forgive you.
KingsKid: behold the eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the good and evil.
KingsKid: Be sure your sin will find you out.
KingsKid: You must be a coward because you don't have the guts to show who you are.
KingsKid: I rebuke you in Jesus name!!!
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Exceller: not
Exceller: somehow posting the same thing a million times makes a whole new conversation
Exceller: and the repeaters
Exceller: and the stutterers
Exceller: yay the spammers are back
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Rachel Schilling: Hello everyone! Hello Everyone
Exceller: I've missed you sam! It's too quiet when you are not around!
samiam: I like your jokes Exceller.
Exceller: The leopard got so excited he broke out in spots!
Exceller: I guess that's when they tried to change a lightbulb and renamed it a "flood light"
Exceller: They couldn't play cards so they sat on the deck
Exceller: Ever wonder where the blondes were on the ark?
Exceller: God laughed and said, "Just wait. They'll be your descendants"
Exceller: Noah got on that boat and said "Lord I thank thee...for filling the ark with animals instead of crazy people"
Exceller: but still loves you in a Jesus way anyways
Exceller: To all you enjoying your pumpkin spice lattes....Exceller is jealous!!
Exceller: and the cocker spaniel sleeping underneath at night
Exceller: with an orange Christmas tree glowing...bright!!!
Exceller: ....just like the ones I used to know
Exceller: I'm dreaming of an orange Christmas....
Tammy: Everyone have a Great day !!!
Tammy: do some bible studies
Tammy: Go preach out in the streets Brother with what you have
Tammy: Brother Robert you need to go out in the streets and win some souls LOLOL
KingsKid: You'll see there between each line of pain and glory Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me!!!! :-)
KingsKid: I love that song if anyone should ever write my life story for what ever reason there might be.
KingsKid: my landlord had someone cut and weed eat my grass the second time in a row.pray for him his name is Rick and he needs the Holy Ghost thanks!!! :-)
KingsKid: Did you tell your children you lov Did you hug your children and tell them that you love them today? :-)
KingsKid: CHILDREN are like cement you must mold them before they get hardened.
KingsKid: Oh pleeeas won't somebody loved me? Touplio childrens mansion.
KingsKid: Children a poor man's riches.
Exceller: but Sunday was awesome! So happy one of them got baptized!!!
Exceller: You don't know what tired is until you babysit for a week solid with a sprained ankle lol...then the kids want to come back tomorrow (passes out)
WonderfulPraise: Hi, I am looking for friends!
Paul Nelson: hello looking for friends. im a non paying member thx
KingsKid: Happy Memorial Day church family.Don't worry be happy!! :-)
KingsKid: Never underestimate what God can do in your life.Don't put God in a box.
Brittany: So far I don't believe so Jayne.
Brittany: How's it going!
samiam: Hi yall
Tammy: cooking steaks on the grill with my kids today and going swimming God is good
Tammy: yes Jayne ...
JayneMarie: Question - has there been any success stories in the last 5yrs?
Sharabel: Hello world! God bless you ^_^
Dea: I'm new to this place ready to meet new people
Dea: Hey everyone
JayneMarie: Morning
anne: Hi, everyone
JayneMarie: Hello
samiam: Cool Exceller
Exceller: she's been staying with me and decided tonight she wants to be saved...was with her too when she got the HG
Exceller: tomorrow is my first kid baptizim
Exceller: it will be worth it all...when we see Jesus
samiam: Giving praise that we can worship how we want to..for right now..we should not take this freedom for granted.
samiam: Ready for some church..
Tammy: Amen to that Brad its the truth
Tammy: I'm grateful for church tomorrow For sure lol
samiam: Like your quote Bradg24
KingsKid: Thank You!!! Bradg24 that hit the spot!!! God Bless You!!! :-)
Bradg24: so never overlook the times to bless the ones that walked the hard road of life and never gave up on God.
Bradg24: The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain. -Unknown
noblestrength77: hi ya hi ya
Exceller: good scripture tammy thanks!
Exceller: sam, used what I had. kingskid, not to worry, I used bandages too.
KingsKid: It's off of Brookpark Road bring your favorite games in a baseball glove.
KingsKid: Our annual church picnic is tomorrow y'all are welcome just bring a dish.
Tammy: Jeremiah 17:14 Heal me O Lord and I shall be healed save me and I shall be saved for thou art my praise
Amanda: hey everyone how is your night
samiam: Pain full Exceller.. But very
KingsKid: look at the bright side though at least you don't have to worry about shaving.:-)
KingsKid: Ouch!!! be careful pulling it off your leg
Exceller: I guess God wanted me to be more emotional preaching about heaven than I was lol
Exceller: thank God for duct tape...only solution I have right now. Duct taped my leg, and am preaching about heaven in a couple hours
Exceller: sounds fun! wish I could join you
samiam: And I am still going to college at night
samiam: I love it God has blessed me. But right now I am staying very tired I guess its because I am learning so much.
Tammy: Hi Sam...hows your new job ?
samiam: Hi Tammy.
Amanda: you want to chat look me up on fb you can find my full name on my profile ;)
Amanda: Gods been good to me oh Gods always been good ya-ya. I am unworthy of it all and still he keeps on giving to me.
Amanda: Hallelujah what a mighty God what an awesome God O Lord you are hallelujah what a great God you are.
Amanda: When I call on Jesus all things are possibel I can mount up like eagles and soar...
samiam: Praying for you
Amanda: Sister I will pray for you that mighty and healer take away this sickness and sickness that claims your body In Jesus name take from her Amen.
Exceller: needing prayer, have been sick and had a pretty bad fall. May have sprained my ankle and am having trouble walking.
Exceller: needing prayer, have been sick and had a pretty bad fall. May have sprained my ankle and am having trouble walking.
Amanda: Exactly Samiam so many people want to do great things but were not all cut out to do it. Sometimes God wants us to do many little things for example.
samiam: Teaching how little things become big things.. Don't compromise who you are.
KingsKid: got to go got to get ready for church now :-)
KingsKid: Amen sister!!! :-)
samiam: Ready for some church tonight
Tammy: I'm still waiting on why I cant message
Tammy: That's Garys e mail ...Good luck getting him to answer you LOL
joesmilin2: Mr. Gary can you send email so I can get answer to my question please
joesmilin2: Every time I hit contact us for support it does nothing
joesmilin2: How do you contact these people on this site for support. I can't get no one to
KingsKid: We we're preparing our children's summer camp in our church and our theme was the Old West I was painting a little cowboy.
Sanctified1: I've been electrified, illuminated and am being propelled by the power of God! Glory! Anybody feel what I feel?
samiam: Yep silly I am.
samiam: Well I shall be dating this good looking fella that's real funny...we just have to find each other
samiam: I haven't stopped praising
WonderfulPraise: To God be the glory!
samiam: Hi y'all. I was blessed with a new job. Been focused on that and college class lately
Amanda: SamIam where are ya lady?
Amanda: Kingskid your profile pic. What is that you are working on?
KingsKid: yellow!!! :-)
Amanda: Helloooooo out there
tammy: hi hi
noblestrength77: I'm not a member, but you want to contact me, email me at, thanks
noblestrength77: Shout
KingsKid: just got done watching some videos on how to prepare a perfect steak I'm now ready to tackle mine.:-) yummy:-P
KingsKid: praise ye the Lord all you have breath includes you dogs, cats, sugar gliders, fishes and everything in between that has breath.:-)
KingsKid: Where are you Exceller? I hope and pray all is well sis.drop me a line when you get the chance.God BlessYou!!! :-)
KingsKid: I'm having a hard time forgiving my smartphone pray for me sometimes I want to throw it out the window.:-)
KingsKid: silly smartphone it supposed to say then God won't forgive you!
KingsKid: love thy neighbor as thyself if you can't forgive thank God won't forgive you.
KingsKid: In a time you know not is when God will come through for you.
KingsKid: Rise and shine and give God the glory all ye people and all you lands.
scarlet1125: God is fighting for us, God is on our Jesus name! Love this song
KingsKid: The making of a bride what a sermon.
KingsKid: Oh how He loves you and me he gave his life what more could he give oh how He loves you and me!!! :-)
Tammy: I cant message :(
Amanda: Apostolic jazz you need a pic
Janay: Hi
KingsKid: Hey Bethany this is Robert do you like to fish?
KingsKid: you see what you did sister Tammy you got me on a roll now.
KingsKid: wanted wife must know how to cook and clean fish on a boat send picture of boat.
KingsKid: I wish I could find someone who's rich and has a pontoon and that I can win him to God
KingsKid: But I don't like to fish in the hot Sun or in the rain.but the weather we've been having has been perfect weather for fishing.
KingsKid: I'm itchin to go fishin:-)
KingsKid: I bought my license and a brand new fishing pole about $50.00 about 2 or 3 months ago and I still haven't went fishing : (
Tammy: RLC ...its me fishing ...I cant send messages back :(
Amanda: how is everyone doing today? The Lord is good!
KingsKid: Church was awesome!!!!! :-)
KingsKid: There practicing song I will dance like David danced Hallelujah!!! :-)
KingsKid: In church now you are welcome!!!!!! :-)
Exceller: I just stopped by to check my mail, thank you for the note
Exceller: nope, not today. Guess it will be a break tonight. hope church goes well
KingsKid: will be heading out to church in less than 2 hours so I'm going to try to get a little I'll be all bright eyed bushy tailed in service tonight
KingsKid: I see I love Bethany is back on the air.hi Bethany welcome aboard wonderful praise.
Exceller: I'm a serious person in real life. I would scare you if you were under 3 ft tall. Im a teacher.
Exceller: welcome to the family. Im Bethany, everyone calls me that except KingsKid, he calls me Looney Tunes
WonderfulPraise: Hi everyone, I'm new & would like to meet some one God, Apostolic
KingsKid: Oops I meant good night I'm not an English teacher lol
KingsKid: Goof night sister Bethany pleasant dreams but not of pink elephants
Exceller: Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you, goodnight!
KingsKid: same time same station God bless and good night!!! :-)
Exceller: by then we should have control of the control booth
Exceller: well I love Bethany is saying its time for a break. few commercials and we will pick up tomorrow on the next episode. stay tuned
KingsKid: you put I Love Lucy to Shame :-)
KingsKid: how could anyone not love you??
Exceller: hit my head too many times
Exceller: far more fun in real life.
Exceller: no my case is a dose of the Late night show from General Hospital
KingsKid: instead of Escape from Alcatraz your case is xscape from the Looney Tunes
Exceller: Im an English teacher, not a Psychiatrist. Those words are unhealthy
Exceller: well road runner was smart. all he said was beep beep and solved all the coyote problems
KingsKid: your famous phrase is I used to be psycho phrenic but we're okay now, :-)
Exceller: keeps me protected from all the crazy people out there that are free with no supervision
KingsKid: they had to pick out your class assistant from the Looney Tunes
Exceller: bars make great decorations for windows.
Exceller: as for the padded cell...kind of am....actually. locked in for the night
Exceller: Always wondered why the kids were overly healthy with bathroom breaks
Exceller: that's why there is a class assistant
KingsKid: no you need to be in a padded cell
Exceller: man I need to get out of the house more often.
KingsKid: I wonder how many times those kids that you teach have to change their pants? :-)
KingsKid: yeah you are too much!!! :-)
Exceller: could add some seasoning if you are southern...might help.
Exceller: took that much?
KingsKid: you got my brain frying!!!
Exceller: will be just like the Apostle Paul. off to new adventures with an assistant
Exceller: Wanted: someone to make sure I don't hurt myself
Exceller: well really, it would be simple
KingsKid: Ok????
Exceller: I hear the unemployment rate is rising...would be an act of Christian love and kindness to offer that job.
Exceller: or hire a body guard
KingsKid: there you have it you need to marry someone like Einstein then :-)
Exceller: You should've seen my ex boyfriends. Im a genius compared to dem fellas
KingsKid: Lol lol lol lpl!#!!!! :-)
Exceller: he turned out alright
Exceller: Einstein left the house without his pants...
KingsKid: if you married someone serious you would drive him batty!!! :-)
KingsKid: you are just too much girl
Exceller: I do have loud neighbors if that sure they can create clouds out of something
KingsKid: at that rate I wonder lol I'll have to call you schlep rock from now on
Exceller: live on three hours of sleep a day and life will be interesting
Exceller: we are all striving to be perfect
KingsKid: by any chance do you have a cloud hanging over your head with lightning bolts shooting through it
Exceller: happens.
KingsKid: you are an accident looking for a place to happen
Exceller: it was crazy, I thought the seat was where I thought and apparently it wasn't. lost my balance and kersplat when the bus turned
Exceller: only have so many days off lol. Last time I hurt myself I walked on one sprained leg until I fell and sprained both
KingsKid: you need to take care of yourself better it's all well is fast and pray but remember your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost
Exceller: Least I didn't fall off. have done that before
Exceller: Fell on a bus today, that was fun. My reward for not resting. duty called
KingsKid: what's stopping you sis
Exceller: I hope I can go to church tommorrow
KingsKid: yes I am only sometimes though and someone's trying to pull my leg
Exceller: (wow, you are doubting Thomas) LOL
Exceller: you believe that and you cant believe a kid can teach a dog how to ride a bicycle?
KingsKid: my niece taught her bunny rabbit how to throw a frisbee
Exceller: hi sam!
KingsKid: my niece taught her bunny rabbit how to throw a frisbee I saw it with my own eyes
Exceller: Oh faithless generation, they ask for a sign. This shall be their sign
samiam: Ready for church tomorrow
Exceller: tried. that didn't work. my second dog thought he could
KingsKid: did you teach it how to talk
Exceller: my parents were teachers, so I thought I had to teach my dog everything
KingsKid: I'm like doubting Thomas I have to see it to believe it.
Exceller: nope, but unfortunately I don't have the picture, my parents do
KingsKid: Lol now I know you're pulling my leg sis :-)
Exceller: I got too big for the small bike, so we got a bigger bike. he would steer and I would hang on and pedal
KingsKid: they are very lovable and smart dogs
Exceller: I got too big for the small bike, so we got a bigger bike. he would steer and I would hang on and pedal
KingsKid: sounds like something you would see in a comedian movie
Exceller: cocker spaniels are used for many circus tricks
KingsKid: I know they teach dogs all kinds of tricks in the circus
Exceller: eventually he didn't need the leash and it was funny to ride by drunks and watch them pour their beer out because of what they thought they imagined
KingsKid: did you really teach your dog how to ride a bike? :-)
Exceller: no really I did. I tied him to the bike as a kid and he learned to ride with me
Exceller: Im going to have bruise after today, could use a dog, but bachelorette life doesn't permit me right now
KingsKid: no way!!! you're pulling my leg sis
Exceller: she mightve of
Exceller: the dog I grew up with was a cocker spaniel. I trained him how to ride a bicycle
KingsKid: my mother always thought that if you have a sore and the dog licks it that it will heal.I think she picked that up from the story of Lazarus.
KingsKid: that is so funny sister lol Saint Bernard sure do slobber a lot!
Exceller: I was raised a bit strict, so I just wanted to show my mom (who hated anything messy or gross) that sometimes it could be fun
Exceller: but I got it into my head I wanted a dog that I could teach "Salami lick em!!" and bless people with slobber
Exceller: the actual word he was trying to teach means "God Bless you"
Exceller: when I was a kid my uncle returned from Afgahnistan and was trying to teach me something that sounded like "Salami lick em"
KingsKid: what's the reason? :-)
Exceller: I want a massive St. Bernard to name Salami (but there's a reason)
KingsKid: today I saw a beautiful beautiful Pomeranian it was dark brown and black and I think white and light brown with real real long fur.
KingsKid: and I'm pretty sure I saw a Jack Russell as I was scrolling through
KingsKid: I was looking online for the most expensive dogs in the world the most expensive one was a mastiff something dogs real fairy 1.9 millon$
tammy: Jack russel
KingsKid: I'm all confused it is a Jack Russell maybe it's all the cold medication I've been taking lol
KingsKid: help me out sister Tammy I forgot again:-)
KingsKid: now I forgot what kind of Jack dog it is I know it's not a jack rabbit lol
KingsKid: I keep getting it mixed up with a jack something
Tammy: LOL I love mine ..I have a mom and her daughter
Tammy: brother Robert a jack russel ?
Tammy: hi hi everyone
Amanda: Hello everyone...
Mona623: I'm new to this site and not sure how it works
Mona623: Hey y'all Hey Y'all
KingsKid: I'm thinking that I want to get one for myself now
KingsKid: glad you liked it sis I'm sure glad the poor dog he didn't get hurt
Tammy: Brother Robert that's a good story thanks...LOL I cant message back :(
Tammy: well Im in Florida
Sanctified1: *POOF* Where all y'all at?
KingsKid: NEED TO PRAY FOR SIS. BETHANEY.IN ALOT OF PAIN my concern is her heart I have CHF and that is very serious and dangerous.
KingsKid: Hi Sam. I got your message I pray all is well with you.
samiam: And they all fall's Friday.. Lol
WonderfulPraise: Oh give thanks unto The Lord for He is good!
KingsKid: If you're looking for Jesus he's right where you left Him He loves you more than you will everknow!!! :-)
KingsKid: let your light so ever shine today and do something kind for someone!!! :-)
KingsKid: God is good he gives us so many blessings undeserving is what we are Thank You Jesus!!! :-)
KingsKid: Think on things that are lovely pure and true think about heaven!!! :-)
KingsKid: I woke up this morning with my mind stayed on Jesus hallelujah,!!! :-)
KingsKid: This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it!!! :-)
Sanctified1: Anyone with a pulse in here?
WonderfulPraise: Today is a Great Day in the Lord!
KingsKid: God Bless You sis rest well and pleasant dreams I'll be praying for you Kings kid.
Exceller: Thanks KingsKid! Well, this ol grey mare aint what she used to be...heading off to take cold meds and rest LOL
Exceller: ok I sent it try logging in again, it does it to me sometimes too
Exceller: lol
KingsKid: okay I will wait on you.
KingsKid: this is crazy I can't even get to mail you anything it says I'm not a member and I am a paid member???
Exceller: No I will, just give me one second please
KingsKid: do you want me to mail you first
Exceller: thatd be cool the chat is annoying lol. I cant turn my sound off on my computer because Im waiting for a phone call
Exceller: Robyn Williams stirred the topic up
KingsKid: we can communicate by mail if you would like
Exceller: just finished a debate with someone about predestination and they were using it as an excuse for justifying suicide
KingsKid: you pressed enter chat then what do you do???
Exceller: me neither, just didn't feel like posting everything for the world to see
KingsKid: I never been there not sure how to get there lol
Exceller: want to move to the chat box?
KingsKid: miracles never cease :-)
Exceller: don't know, would be interesting to find out
KingsKid: wonder what the so-called atheists are saying?
KingsKid: did you hear the doctor who contacted Ebola and was healed him and the other woman are both giving God the glory throughout the world
KingsKid: God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve lol
Exceller: Well maybe they read your posts and are starting to wonder if all the visitors are legite...
KingsKid: God is able to heal us sister just hold on and keep the faith.
KingsKid: Don't know why guys are looking at my profile it's kind of creepy.
Exceller: Im young and have a lot of health problems caused by a wreck. it's why I have to return
Exceller: well that's all anybody can ask for. makes no difference young or old
KingsKid: One day at a time sweet Jesus is all I'm asking of you take it one day at a time my dear sister.:-)
Exceller: in a way its disappointing lol. have to start all over again from bottom to top.
Exceller: Im leaving in December for the states
Exceller: the apartment I have now is in South America, but is not mine, belongs to the church here. It's where I live closeby the school
KingsKid: you mean relocate in the States?
Exceller: it's my first place alone. has a few quirks, leaks, but paint and flowers was a major improvement
Exceller: if I could recreate it in the states, it be awesome.
KingsKid: like they say home is where your heart is :-)
Exceller: wish I knew where home was just finished my apartment here and only have three months left
KingsKid: and when you do come back home stop by Cleveland Ohio and I'll make you your very own fresh batch.
KingsKid: that's alright when you come back home you can make them along with barbecue ribs made in a crock pot.:-)
Exceller: nope, would've but they don't have walnuts here in South America
KingsKid: Exceller did you put walnuts in your brownies? :-)
KingsKid: they came out somewhat like chewy granola bars with a bunch of chocolate chips walnuts and a little raisins.
KingsKid: Oatmeal cookies are healthy for you and not to forget delicious! :-)
KingsKid: my neighbors like them and my friends like them and I was asked to make some for a bunch of people and I was paid to make them.
Exceller: until you can share, and prove my dislike for oatmeal cookies is wrong, brownies rock!!
Exceller: nah, Im content, I made brownies lol
KingsKid: Wow do they look mouth watering I wish I could share them with you all!!
KingsKid: Getting ready to make some chocolate chip walnut raisin oatmeal cookies :-)
Exceller: Forgot my banjo!!!
Tammy: God Bless you too Brother Robert !!
KingsKid: Your welcome sister Tammy God bless you!!! :-)
Tammy: thanks Kingskid ..needed that ....Lord has called us to be encouragers to each other
KingsKid: Remember in the valley that's where the lilies grow.:-)
KingsKid: If you're in the valley keep walking eventually you'll be climbing.
KingsKid: When we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be when we all see Jesus we will sing and shout the victory!!!!!! :-)
KingsKid: I also want to say thank you to all of you who have prayed for me you all all are the greatest bar none.:-)
KingsKid: Praise the Lord and bless his holy name it's raining and thundering here in Cleveland Ohio feeling so so much better thank you Jesus!!! :-)
Exceller: ok whoever is doing all the smiley faces please stop.
Exceller: I never cared for Matt Maddix if he's the same one Im thinking of. Saw him stand on a pulpit and scream a lot. Just didn't think that was cool
Exceller: tired of seeing the walls half painted forever lol, so if I have to stare at them they will be fixed
Exceller: sick but painting!
Tammy: or you can go to if you want to hear some good stuff
Tammy: Hows going back to work sam LOLOL or should I ask
Tammy: if anyone is on Face Book look Matt Maddix up he has some good stuff
Tammy: Was just Plain and REAL but using biblical principles
Tammy: I just listened to a teaching By Matt Maddix on how to handle mistreatment ....Was great
Tammy: Hi sam.....Hows Texas
Tammy: 90 degrees and sunshining in Florida ...Great day to live for God
KingsKid: Welcome Godsgal22. Exceller are you okay sis I pray all is well with you God Bless You!!!
Godsgal22: Hello I am new on here. Hope all is well with everyone!
KingsKid: doc ordered me antibiotics and robitussin :-)
KingsKid: God is still on the throne!!! :-)
KingsKid: I have appointment tomorrow to go see the nurse or Dr at the VA
KingsKid: Hi Samiam I'm still burning up but thank you for your prayers too!!!
KingsKid: I'm still praying for you Exceller.
KingsKid: Thank you all very much for your prayers God bless you!!!
samiam: I am praying for you Exceller.Praying for you KingsKid. Hi ruthforboaz.
Exceller: last night was scared to sleep because something tried to break into my house during the night
Exceller: no Ive been getting worse as well...still praying for ya!
ruthforboaz: Hi
KingsKid: still need prayer I don't know what I have but I'm burning up with a fever
KingsKid: you're welcome Exceller yes the soup was great and I I'm going to have another bowl only a little while.:-) hope you're feeling better also.
Exceller: hi Donnie
Exceller: thanks KingsKid, hope your soup was great
donniedaniels7: Hi
KingsKid: remember Stephens ministry was to wait on widows and after that he was mightily used of God.
KingsKid: isn't your ministry with children and if so that's where God put you.
KingsKid: like I heard it said before it's not over till the fat lady sings
KingsKid: they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength!!! :-)
Exceller: and its not because of technology
Exceller: lol I have three phones and they are all special
KingsKid: and he has a perfect plan for you my phone needs a hearing aid lol
KingsKid: God knows you're willing heart amy has a perfect plan for you
KingsKid: God can use any willing vessel I've heard stories that would blow your mind.
KingsKid: in our weakness his strength is made perfect I heard it preached he needs our weakness for his strength to be perfect in us
Exceller: He designed us to depend on Him, because even God doesn't like being alone
Exceller: God didn't give us perfect lives to become perfect people
Exceller: so I just do whatever I can God's in charge
Exceller: someone told me trials bring patience and patience virtue
Exceller: but I pray and worship from the back
Exceller: I can't pray around the altar because I get really sick from the loud sounds
Exceller: discovered you use a lot of muscles in church lol
Exceller: I had a bad accident over a year ago and its affected how I can do things
KingsKid: :-)
Exceller: thanks
KingsKid: he may not come when you want him but he'll always be right on time
KingsKid: just keep sw just keep planting the seeds and one day you will be amazed
KingsKid: ask God to send you hungry souls but be ready because God is in the soul saving business
KingsKid: you never know what kind of hurting souls you might meet
KingsKid: I met a lady who wanted to take her life that night she was in the altar with me and the next day we celebrated her birthday
KingsKid: be instant in season and out of season
Exceller: seed
Exceller: so I never get to see the see grow, just plant
KingsKid: and don't worry sis your reward is in heaven some plant some water but God gives the increase.
Exceller: Its hard to do when Im never in one spot
KingsKid: the key is to love them and let them know that not just by what you say but by what you do.and you will win many souls
Exceller: have helped the people who do pray them through
Exceller: haven't had my first yet
KingsKid: oh believe me says there are a lot of people that God has used me and in them getting the Holy God be all the glory! :-)
Exceller: my uncle has MD, started a home missions church in a metro area, does everything from a scooter, people are getting the Holy Ghost
KingsKid: ain't no grave gonna hold my body down when I hear that trumpet sound ain't no grave gonna hold my body down in your face devil!!! :-)
KingsKid: But I still run and shout and dance in church.and like the saying goes
KingsKid: But I still run and shout and dance in church.and like the saying goes
Exceller: CHF?
KingsKid: Wow funny you should say that I got CHF
Exceller: maybe I could give this green powder to would make green eggs and ham
Exceller: there is hope for the hopeless...strength for the weary of heart!
KingsKid: yes he does:-)
Exceller: see Jesus cares
KingsKid: well at least my soup didn't turn green yet
Exceller: here you should really try some...peoples favorite phrase when they know its bad haha
Exceller: the niquil may of helped it out
Exceller: but didn't add milk, so bitter waters
KingsKid: oh that's why
Exceller: so it tasted like a super bitter paper flavored shake
Exceller: it was in Japanese and I don't speak Japanese
Exceller: and found out it was diet powder
Exceller: I like their green tea frappacinos or I found some green tea powder, put it with ice and the rest in a blender...
KingsKid: what in the world did you put in that drink???
Exceller: I tried to recreate my favorite thing at starbucks...may have poisoned myself
Exceller: don't add it to the niquil lol that's not apostolic haha
KingsKid: I just bought it today
KingsKid: funny you should say that because I have one staring at me right this moment
Exceller: man, you were feeling bad
Exceller: Did you know pineapples were good for coughs?
KingsKid: you can't win from losing don't feel bad sis I thought like that you the day before yesterday.
Exceller: avocado cough syrup....KingsKid you could be a millionare
Exceller: I was hoping he'd shed a tear, but he called my doctor and the doctor said give it to her lol
Exceller: no, told him I was dying and the cough syrup was my last meal
KingsKid: did you tell him he was senile :-)
Exceller: mmmmm....I feel Jesus!!
Exceller: but the pharmacist said I was a little old...
KingsKid: I just bought two snicker bars today I must be in the spirit lol
Exceller: Idk about reviving the board. went to the pharmacy and it says you can flavor any medicine!
samiam: Chocolate meds.. I am in on that one.
KingsKid: Amen if you get a chance Google all the benefits you have from eating avocados I'm sure it will surprise you.
samiam: Milk does make it thicker...I don't know about the run more.
Exceller: you can pray for the rest of us!!!!
Exceller: BYHISGRACE!!!! So happy to see ya!!!
Exceller: hope you prayed
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: More sick talk, how will we ever revive this board with Exceller less than Excellent
Exceller: I wish God made medicine chocolate
KingsKid: I'm getting ready to dig into my 2 day old soup I just nuked it lol
Exceller: bummer, was hoping she was insane LOL
KingsKid: I think you're right about the milk.
Exceller: maybe the nurse at the doctor was insane that told me that
Exceller: if you have an upset stomach, milk is a good rejection button
Exceller: and run*
Exceller: if you have a cold or drainage, milk makes mucus thicker andun more
Exceller: I love soup, but the kinds I make are not good for sick people
KingsKid: nothing like homemade soup that is if you know how to cook lol
Exceller: you tell the cook make it yourself...oh wait, I am the cook nevermind
Exceller: sadness man, when you are a kid, you get pampered, when you are single adult....
Exceller: SO tonight I got take out
Exceller: I finally said Lord, I blessed the beans and rice four days in a row, and I think they are blessed out
Exceller: add too much heat and I become krispy critters lol
Exceller: The Holy Ghost n Fire is keeping me alive
KingsKid: I'm getting ready to get my second bowl that is since yesterday.
KingsKid: I put hot sauce in mine I'd give you some maybe that would make you feel better!
KingsKid: that is hilarious lol lol :-)
KingsKid: that is hilarious lol lol :-)
Exceller: and she believed you had to eat the whole thing to get better...I stopped telling her I was sick lol
Exceller: sounds awesome my roommate used to make chicken made me pray harder cause it was green
KingsKid: I made some real good chicken soup with chickpeas potatoes chicken gizzards lol cellery and different kinds of spices.
KingsKid: Aww that is so sweet of you Thank You Exceller!!! :-)
Exceller: Im a little crazy, because I've been up for a really long time too
Exceller: Jesus touch KingsKid!!! Make him feel like a fresh young spring chicken again!
KingsKid: fighting sickness could not sleep for two days straight keep me in your prayers God bless yall!!! :-)
Exceller: heard of riots but no one declared war that I know of
Exceller: is there a war going on? like literally a war
Exceller: man news to me, its been going on for months here lol
Tammy: it started here today
samiam: Hay y'all school is about to start down hear.
Exceller: how was your day
Exceller: lol thanks
Exceller: lol thanks
KingsKid: You're not lost sis Jesus sees where you're at.:-)
Exceller: ok now I feel better...still lost, but feel better
Exceller: I hate being lost!!!!
samiam: Drats scared the
samiam: Hay y'all
sisMartha: so I will be back. Remember Jesus is the Answer to every situation
sisMartha: New to the site. However we were asked to fast from media this week .
sisMartha: Church services were Awesome. Hope you all were blessed as well
Tammy: Great weather and cookin on the grill tomorrow unless My youngest decides to cook Alfredo
Tammy: now I just wish all the weridos would get off this site LOLOL
Tammy: I always have a Great with the LORD !!
Tammy: we had a great service ...lots in the altar prayinnnnn great singing from the choir ...and We Got the Victory !!
samiam: God grant us the wisdom and strength to face the week. Help us to let your light shine through us.
KingsKid: The sky maybe red the sky may be blue but never forget Jesus loves you too
KingsKid: and this is for my brothers in Christ
Not Here For Long: Live board. Breathe board
KingsKid: Roses are red violets are blue never forget jesus loves you!!! :-)
KingsKid: Sorry I meant to say steal the joy of the Lord.
KingsKid: Never let the frustrations and sorrows of this life feel the joy that you have in the Lord for the joy of the Lord is your strength.
KingsKid: Never forget how blessed you are to do the work of God in his kingdom.
KingsKid: How pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.
samiam: Church today we are blessed to have freedom to worship. We should not take it for granted.
sisMartha: May you day be blessed
KingsKid: Good night everyone have an exuberant time at church today,! :-)
KingsKid: I think I'll turn in I got to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for church tomorrow
KingsKid: Ground control to anybody out there??? :-)
samiam: Hi y'all....lisening... Yep I hear crickets
KingsKid: :-)
KingsKid: Hello
Jolene: hello
sisMartha: How was everyone's day
sisMartha: Hello!
Jess: So excited to go to Church
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: Hello to all the quiet people here.
KingsKid: my pastor told me about it simple as pie
KingsKid: you got to try this corn bread recipe everyone who tried it loved it and it's very easy to make.:-)
Exceller: 35 years too much of an age gap? (I think so)
Exceller: just need corn bread and it would be just like the cowboys
Exceller: had some beans and rice, pretty good night. fighting a cold lol
Tammy: hey hey Brother James
sisMartha: He is Awesome
sisMartha: Hope everyone is having a great evening so far (sorry)
KingsKid: Our God is an awesome God.:-)
KingsKid: wonderful!
sisMartha: Hope everyone is having a great evening so fat
KingsKid: GLORY to God in the highest!!!!! :-)
Tammy: Praise the LORD today !!
Tammy: hey Acts that's no way to be gezzz
Tammy: WOW
um: and quit stalking the women and stay off there profiles YUCK
um: ACTS238 get off this site you are a scum bag and youre not apostolic You don't have any clothes on ????
ACTS238: They won't have 2 be working!!
Exceller: all the single women are working a job, and many two or more
Exceller: in this day and age? Acts youre crazy lol.
ACTS238: Wanted a house cleaner! Wanted a house cleaner
Exceller: maybe
KingsKid: just don't try to take them home with you :-)
KingsKid: Maybe you'll see some black bears out there ya know :-)
samiam: Education days at civil war reenactments are real neat. Find out the free days at the musumes.
KingsKid: just make sure you bring some toothpaste and toothbrushes
Exceller: that might be an idea
KingsKid: how about taking them to Hershey Pennsylvania they should have a jolly good time there
KingsKid: Just please be careful out there the city is no place to play but I'm pretty sure there are some nice places away from the city
Exceller: so will have to do a totally different vacation for them
Exceller: and since my buddies are 2 years old, that's not where they want to go lol. my nephews want to see something cool
Exceller: I want to see the Brooklyn Bridge
Exceller: nope no crock pot in South America :( May try it when I get back to the homeland
KingsKid: I guess it depends on where in New York I hope it's not N C Y
KingsKid: ever make barbeque spare ribs in a crock pot it's the bomb.only takes 8 hours lol
Exceller: kind of happy! May be going to NYC in December
Exceller: anyone up for BBQ chicken? because at the rate Im getting sidetracked it will be BBQed
Exceller: wow...I suddenly
KingsKid: he did it again lol
Exceller: (hands over a water bottle)
KingsKid: I used to be schizophrenic but we're okay now.
KingsKid: hello anybody home:??? :-)
KingsKid: oops beat up the devil make him black and :-)
KingsKid: me and the devil we had a battle and I won.the Holy Ghost will take the chicken out of you beat up the double make him black and blue. lol
KingsKid: smile awhile and give your face a rest smile and the world will smile with you remember Jesus loves you you're the apple of his eye.:-)
KingsKid: it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood that is an Cleveland Ohio this is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it':-)
Exceller: apparently its working...need to add more scotch tape to the sign
Exceller: so finally I just ripped the cardboard box and put an out of order sign up so I could do something else
Exceller: no, I spent a night alone in the chat box...cried. it was very small and dark in there.
Exceller: well no, because when they say it works, hold it out and say have you tried it?
Tammy: but doesn't look like anyone does anymore
Tammy: we all use to go in the chat room on this site
Tammy: true true ...cant forget the apple
Tammy: you and sam have same kinda sense of humor LOL
Exceller: then they'll have no fine print excuses when you show them the apple too
Tammy: hey dude you be da ONE ? Mr Prince ??
Exceller: show them you brought your own glass slipper...that's the catch
Tammy: LOLOL now that's a good one
Exceller: say hey dude, this place advertises princes and dreams coming true. Im still single
Exceller: next time Id ask for my money back
Tammy: but its a thought win a Heathen in from Disneyland hmmm
Tammy: LOL when you live in Florida and raise kids you see Disney ALOTTTTT and Bush Gardens and Sea World etc
Exceller: have you tried Disneyland?? Im sure theres some single guys there.
Exceller: I want to move north. Want to see NYC at least once at night, with snow
Exceller: well you never know, they may move to florida after you get married
Tammy: wow that's great
Tammy: Im actually thinking about takin a break from this....No one from my state
Exceller: yes one school
Exceller: have lost forty pounds lol because I climb stairs so much and walk everywhere
Tammy: in one school ?
Exceller: no, I teach different grades on different days
Tammy: all at once ????lol
Exceller: pre ks the best, once you get to ninth grade theres no difference. 9th graders act like Pre-K, so am a professional for both
Exceller: have about 250 kids
Exceller: I teach prek to ninth grade English
Exceller: I cant wait till Christmas. Need a new picture
Tammy: what age kids do you teach
Exceller: Id have to pray through when it was over
Tammy: I love chicken livers I want pizza but I need chicken livers
Exceller: chicken liver pizza???
Tammy: I would say PIZZA
Exceller: that actually sounds good...
Tammy: I made chicken livers LOLOL
Exceller: man what should I cook? I ate the eggs and threw the green ham away. sorry samiam
Exceller: they need to come to my apartment...ick
Tammy: and they are not Crazyyyyy wooohooo
Tammy: was hard but best years of my life...I raised my kids in church and they are 29 and 24 they are Plumbers
Tammy: LOLOL homeschooling ....welllll YEARSSSSSS
Tammy: Hi Deb aka samiam
Tammy: My Pastor taught me that years ago.....I try to take the low road if possible LOLOL
Exceller: wow how many life sentences did you serve? ;)
Tammy: I don't debate.....I hate it
Tammy: believe me ...I would never want to be a teacher in a secular school these days
Exceller: have learned people who want to debate...are not really interested in believing you are right
Tammy: I have respect for teachers I homeschooled my kids LOLOL
Tammy: lol funny
Exceller: their curiosity will be satisfied in seconds
Exceller: if anybody ever asks you why apostolics don't go to movie theaters....just pull out a pill bottle and say we have short attention spans.
Exceller: false advertisement
Tammy: LOL I don't do FB
Exceller: this is what happens when teachers get a day off...that's why they don't let us have too many
Exceller: hahaha, just had to say it ;)
Exceller: nah Facebook has Bozo the Clown looking for a friend
Tammy: if you use FB there are Apostolic singles groups on there that are probably better
Tammy: you have to becareful sis seriously
Tammy: now it has a lot of scammers and crazy nutcases
Tammy: I been on this site on and off for years and it use to be pretty normal and safe
Tammy: LOLOL your not mean ...its like I don't except friends who are perverted and arrogant or are mentally unstable
Exceller: man....I sound mean
Exceller: by that Im referring to black and white paint stuff. theres no way that's natural lol
Exceller: I guess I could pray, but if you didn't like the face God gave you to start with, am sure you wouldn't let him give you another
Exceller: Its not that I don't love people, its just that I like to sleep in peace at night
Exceller: Lol sorry people, I don't accept friends that look like the Nightmare before Christmas
Exceller: thank you
KingsKid: I'm very happy for you sis your ministry is outstanding God bless you in all your endeavors.
KingsKid: you remind me a lot of my oldest daughter Naomi
Exceller: In my case, being clumsy became a talent
KingsKid: you sound like one more character lol but I love it :-)
Exceller: if youre an animated person don't talk on a cell phone and go down the stairs at the same time
Exceller: turns out I sprained my leg in Texas (where there wasnt any snow) visiting my parents for Christmas.
Exceller: when I first moved to Minnesota my friends were placing bets on when Id break my leg on ice
Exceller: I remember walking up the hill with stairs both ways in ice and snow and on crutches lol
KingsKid: I remember working in Fort Riley Kansas we were putting down pipes for fiber optics and it was so cold that only about six of us showed up for work
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: God sendeth the snow, Sam
samiam: No snow and cold for this gal..
Tammy: I grew up in Northeast Ohio .....lots of snow lol
Tammy: You like snow and the cold ....I use to but then I hve lived in Florida a long time
Tammy: wow that guy is rude....
Exceller: I want to live in a city where there is lots of snow. I don't remember the roosters ever crowing in St. Paul
Exceller: but it is 5am
Exceller: woke up this morning having a nightmare and it was a rooster LOL
Exceller: Exceller was just really tired lol
Exceller: nah
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: Dr. Tammy offers advice (glad her Uzi is stored)
Exceller: hope to, am going to be taking a break after December
Tammy: well your gonna have to find a good apostolic man and settle down ..then you'll know what state your gonna live in LOLOLL
Tammy: LOL ya that's why I got my bike today cause I love ice cream and candy bars
Tammy: Lord bless you !!
Exceller: yeah its a good weight loss program until a kid offers a candy bar lol
Tammy: oh wow that takes ALOT of energy LOL
Exceller: am a children's evangelist and teacher
Tammy: wow ...what do you do ?
Exceller: grew up in Texas, went to college in Minnesota, and lived a year in Indiana. Havent decided where Im going home to
Exceller: am never in one spot. lol my work makes me travel all over north and south america
KingsKid: back to cooking :-)
KingsKid: it has been prophesied over and over again that our church was going to grow and I can see it happen hallelujah!!! :-)
KingsKid: the total has been over 100 but it is also growing we are looking for a nother church pray for us
Tammy: how many are in your church brother Robert ?
KingsKid: are you also from Ohio
Tammy: where are you from sis ?
Tammy: lol
Tammy: I'm Tammy
Tammy: hi Bethany ..pretty name
KingsKid: my name is Robert
Exceller: Bethany
Tammy: I love shrimp
Tammy: and a banana
Tammy: I had hotdogs my kids ate velveta mac and cheese
Tammy: Exceller sis what is your name ?
KingsKid: I had baked beans pork and pasta just the other day
Tammy: we didn't know what to have tonight cause we all got in late and was busy soooooooooooo
Tammy: that sounds good too Exceller LOLOL
Tammy: that sounds good Robert
KingsKid: nothing like having fresh fruit off a tree the way God designed it
Exceller: been along time since Ive been that unhealthy but its a holiday. Its Childrens Day!
Exceller: I just made baked beans and beef and macaroni...ouch
KingsKid: I also have shrimp in the freezer I just remembered so I think I'll make a combination beef and shrimp and rice yummy
Tammy: we use to gather apples up in burlap sacks and take them to the press every year
KingsKid: that's where I was introduced to hot apple cider for the first time and it was so good
Tammy: I don't know if anyone uses that anymore lol
KingsKid: I need to get a bite to eat I think I'll make a hamburger
Tammy: well do chat on yahoo messenger ?
Tammy: we always had an apple orchard made cider in the fall
Tammy: that's great
KingsKid: I enjoy going to the apple orchard in Brunswick Ohio in autumn.
KingsKid: yes ma'am I still have yellow perch and other kinds of fish in my freezer from last year
Tammy: I love Ohio in the summer and Fall just beautiful for sure
Tammy: do you fish in Lake Erie ?
KingsKid: the weather here has been lovely I could not ask for anything better.I love to fish in this kind of weather.
Tammy: Florida
KingsKid: what state are you in now?
Tammy: Amen !!
KingsKid: God bless him he went to receive his eternal reward.
Tammy: he had such a sweet spirit
Tammy: lolol
KingsKid: its supposed to say what an awesome man not Wedding lol
KingsKid: I love brother Billy Cole I love the message the reward of sacrifice wedding awesome man
Tammy: yeah Brother Dominis he was a mess LOL he ended up becoming an evangelist
Tammy: Rev Billy Cole prayed me through to the HG when I 18 yrs old
KingsKid: I know that would have been a sight to see
Tammy: lol I know
KingsKid: wow I can't imagine somebody riding a motorcycle and getting the Holy Ghost
Tammy: that's great !!
KingsKid: it was truly like being in an angel cam the preaching was wonderful and the food was good
Tammy: I was gonna say camp use to be in Southern Ohio
Tammy: wow I bet it was great
Tammy: he was tattooed Biker dude and He got the Hg riding down the road on his Harley LOLOL
KingsKid: Millersport Columbus Ohio
Tammy: I had a friend that the Lord showed him truth ina hotel room in a Gideon Bible
KingsKid: just got done with church camp it was so awesome and beautiful sis
Tammy: hey my brother got the HG in prison lol sittin on his bunk
Tammy: I love the churches in Ohio miss them
KingsKid: I got it in an upper room lol
Tammy: I use to go down to Brother Blalocks in Canton that church was ON FIRE
Tammy: oh wow that is soo cool
KingsKid: The first Pentecostal church I attended was in Parma Ohio
KingsKid: I got the Holy Ghost while I was in the Navy in Singapore
KingsKid: I know what you mean sister.buuurrr
Tammy: I got the HG in the First Apostolic church of Tallmadge Ohio
Tammy: I love Ohio all my family lives there except I hate coldddd lol
KingsKid: I meant to say I like Cleveland a lot lol I think my smartphone needs hearing aid s
KingsKid: I like leaving a lot and I believe God has his hand on the city I am expecting great and wonderful things to happen in these last days
KingsKid: I consider myself from Cleveland Ohio and I went into the Navy after one year of college.
Tammy: I use to go to Kellys island a lot in the summers out in Lake Erie
Tammy: how do you like Cleveland ?
KingsKid: bBorn San Francisco Cali move to Malta after the death of my dad
Tammy: outside of Kent
Tammy: awww I was raised on a farm in Randolph
KingsKid: I graduated from Rho I graduated from James Ford Rhodes high school and went to tri-c
Tammy: Praise God !! lol
Tammy: sam you are right he is definitly
Tammy: Kingskid Im from Ohio born in Akron City Hospital lol
Exceller: Praise God!
Tammy: Kingskid I cant message back sorry ....
KingsKid: Celebrate Jesus Cleveland Ohio 63 or more received the Holy Ghost
samiam: Mummm ..I miss vacation.. LOL you don't look like you need the exercise.. LOL I love ridding bikes both kinds.
Tammy: a little teed huh ? hmmm well somebody needs to stay off our profiles what a weirdo
Tammy: how is your week back to work ?
Tammy: I need to exercise
Tammy: I got a Pink Shwinn named Debra for 60 bucks I am sooo excited
samiam: pedal... pant pant or vroom vroom kind
samiam: Wow God is calling his people to him.
Tammy: I had a great day Got a new bike woohoo
samiam: Someone was a little
Tammy: God is good we had 5 baptized and 3 got the Holy Ghsot Sunday
Tammy: wow what is that all about ?
Tammy: hi sam
samiam: Hi SisMartha God is day closer to the weekend
Roncarl: Tammy I going to stop your little antics if it is the last thing I do
Roncarl: . You warn her or I am holding you responsible for this, this is a bunch of nonsense, and you need to stop it and stop it now
SisMartha: Hi! Did everyone have a great day?
Roncarl: she is on here slamming men she dont know calling us perverts and stockers, acting like she is holy and righteous
Roncarl: I sent that to gary in email
Roncarl: If this is Gary or the one in charge, you need to settle Tammy B little butt in place,
Deb: sorry guys us ladies have always used this to warn each other about wolves thanks Tam
Tammy: Lord bless everyone LOLOL
Tammy: Exceller I hope your having a drama free day and that your stuff isn't been stolen or the cops called LOLOLOL
Tammy: I think that Robin Williams shoulda went to church and been saved ....that's what I think
Tammy: so now the Lord has gotten rid of some very bad men on here and I am grateful
Tammy: And what drama team is that ?
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: Exceller, sad story of a life without God.
Exceller: what does everyone think about Robin Williams?
Exceller: Hello, hopefully the drama team is asleep lol
samiam: Hi out there..
samiam: Praying for you Exceller
ruthforboaz: Praying
Exceller: have a special unspoken prayer request tonight
Exceller: that's one way
Exceller: and from experience if you post on this board, people will go to your profile because it doesn't give them any details here
Exceller: Idk about Roncarl or ACTS238 but there is a lot of craziness :O
Exceller: YAY!!! Sis Martha has a picture
Exceller: sorry to both of you, but the board will not save your entire conversation
Roncarl: now people know the true hypocrite you are
Roncarl: You can go straight to Gary and tell him exactly what I said, Oh Im sorry Gary will read this and so will other people
Roncarl: by the way dont blame us if you are to stupid to send messages on here
Roncarl: You need to keep me out of your horny dreams, because trust I am not interested.
Roncarl: Tammy I can not speak for all men on here but i will speak for myself
Roncarl: But I know you get off looking at us perverts and mentioning us alot because if you didnt you wouldnt mention it 100 times a day
Roncarl: Tammy the next time you call me or anyone else a pervert or stalker on here I am going straight to Gary about it
Roncarl: Look ACTS238 I don't do men in tank tops and shorts" I am curious now exactly what kind of men do you do?
Roncarl: you made a statement and I will quote part it
Roncarl: Speaking of Perverts, I remember some of the chats we had on yahoo messenger, I still remember the dirty mind you had.
Roncarl: Tammy you really need to get a life trust me no man in his right mind gives a care about you.
sisMartha: Hope everyone has had a great day
Tammy: Im tired of stalkers and perverts period
Exceller: someones hot
Exceller: WOW
Tammy: and Ron Carl you call yourself apreacher but your a pervert ?? Come on Gezzzz
Tammy: Look ACTS238 I don't do men in tank tops and shorts your not even Apostolic why are you on this site
Tammy: ACTS238 Ron Carl STAY off my profile !!! Your disgusting and ACTS238 if you send me another message I'm going to get you GONE
Tammy: Ok I cant message for some reason so heres to all the stalkers STAY OFF MY PROFILE GEZZZZZ
Tammy: how old is old ? LOL
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: Exceller, welcome to the age of Geritol!
Exceller: wow being old feels weird
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: umop apisdn w,i aw dlaH
sisMartha: Maybe I doing it wrong
sisMartha: It's not working.
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: sisMartha, you should be able to use either.
sisMartha: Could someone tell me if I can upload a picture from my phone or does it have to be my laptop. Thanks for your help
samiam: I am blessed to have a Job.
samiam: They are suspose to be Act2:38 people but not all are.This site is not really monitored. But its the best site I have found thus far.
sisMartha: Praise the Lord! Did everyone have a good day?
Jerry: I was talking with a Catholic person the otherday and they said they were Apostolic. Hahaha
Jerry: Are all members here oneness Apostolic or Pentecostal? (Acts 2:38)
Jerry: I dont want spam or other contacts from secular sites like "christian mingle"
Jerry: Does this site sell your info to other match/ dating sites?
Jerry: Thanks exceller!
Exceller: Jerry, tons of pros. its a great way to meet people. only downside is that sometimes it sends three copies of my messages lol
Exceller: thanks guys made some brownies. would you like to help me blow out the candles?
Jerry: Thinking about joining membership here. Any advice? Pro's and con's?
Amanda: happy early birthday Exceller
samiam: Happy.. Happy B day Exceller tomorrow
Exceller: tommorrows my bday!
Exceller: sweet! love missionary services!
Amanda: Great service we had a missionary who is going to Prague Czech Republic be with us tonight Bro Matthew Buckland
samiam: Crop your pic
sisMartha: Hope everyone had a great service today.
sisMartha: Tried to upload a picture no success. Any tips
sisMartha: Its just nice to be able to chat with people who believe like you
rowena: God Is Good All The Time
samiam: So thankful I have the freedom to worship.. We should not take our freedom for granted
samiam: Its not real active..but its the best I have found. Sis.Martha
sisMartha: Praise the Lord !!New to the site
samiam: Sam is very sorry .I studder typed.. Sad news my vacation is over..
Oneness89: Praise the Lord Everybody!
Not Here For Long: Sam has been on vacation too long.
samiam: Now..I have to read it again .LOL..what if alphabet soup was in a different languages.. Agg
samiam: Now..I have to read it again .LOL..what if alphabet soup was in a different languages.. Agg
samiam: Now..I have to read it again .LOL..what if alphabet soup was in a different languages.. Agg
samiam: Now..I have to read it again .LOL..what if alphabet soup was in a different languages.. Agg
Tammy: ok I kinda redid my profile lol
Tammy: looks fun Deb
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: How do illiterate people eat alphabet soup?
samiam: Well Zip lineing was fun
Pharma248: Very nice site!
Pharme267: Very nice site! cheap goods
Pharmf831: Very nice site! [url=]cheap goods' target='_blank'>www]
Pharma960: Very nice site! <a href="">cheap goods</a>
Tammy: when I get rid of the waccos I will change my profile right now I'm just in a mood and tired of them
Tammy: hows your vacation going
Tammy: I like you tree pic LOLOL
Tammy: true true sam
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: Friday greeting before the spammer gets here.
samiam: Yawn..Happy lineing today for me. This shall be fun.
samiam: Or at all with the monitoring..LOL..believe it or not this is the best site I have talk to thoes Jesus name fellas.
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: < -- cowers at Tammy on the loose.
Tammy: Gary owns it ....but I don't think he moniters it very much
Exceller: Isnt there a monitor or someone that can get them off?
Tammy: and I probably ran everyone else off too in the process LOLOL
Tammy: ok Sam well I have managed to get rid of all stalkers and scammers off my profile LOLOL go read it
Tammy: WOW somebody needs to get rid of this person in JESUS name
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ByHisGrace4HisGlory: Nice choir sound in here.
JesusLoverOfMySoul: Everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before. Amen!
Kath: I love the thrill that I feel when I get together with God's wonderful people...
ByHisGrace4HisGlory: Good Morning from darkened California!