samiam: But not hear does have tunneling exp..
samiam: Shhh.we are tunneling under Starbucks..
Exceller: Im underground with sam...Not Here you can imagine the circumstances :P
Exceller: YAY!!!! My scheme has been productive
Not Here For Long: 70 and fluorescent here
samiam: Hi Ruthforboaz...
samiam: Hay y'all..its hot hear.
sunshine: Ahhh love me some starbucks
Not Here For Long: This conversation has taken a downward trend.....
ruthforboaz: Hi
samiam: I am with you Exceller..under Starbucks.. Lol
samiam: I am with you Exceller..under Starbucks.. Lol
Exceller: Starbucks has good tea though! YEAH!!!! That's it sam! Let's dig our own tunnel!!
Exceller: For everytime someone asks me for a cup of coffee what they really want to know is "can we talk for 3-4 hours until I wake up?"
Exceller: Idk about a pink flamingo policy but I need a Starbucks one
Exceller: Two blondes were driving to Disneyland when they saw a sign "Disneyland Left". they started crying and drove home
samiam: Yeppers you look good in stripes not hear
samiam: Well then crazy Bro insurance it is..LOL
Not Here For Long: While on vacation, someone........ Might put a flock of pink plastic flamingos in your front yard, sam
samiam: Oh..I have heard about this..I have 22 Winchester.. Lol
Not Here For Long: Samiam, do you have Pink Flamingo insurance policy?
samiam: Looking forward to getting to go to Church tonight.
samiam: Mumm...that was for the boots..LOL take it you look good in stripes ...not hear for long
Not Here For Long: The new jail tunnel was a runaway success
Here Not For Long: samiam, I think you have my height off by 3 inches!
samiam: Not hear I will be playing on the waves
samiam: Not Hear...yeah ...its a about 6'2" a good looking
Princess: Hi guys
Not Here: Waves at samiam
Jenn: Hi
Bored: Amanda, you called?
Amanda: hey everyone...I guess I can say no one has been bored lately good to know
Not Here: Samiam do you recognize my humor?
samiam: Sometimes we are..
ruthforboaz: Hi
samiam: Now I know about thoes sneaky
samiam: I like ur since of humor.. Not Hear.
samiam: LOL..I think so...E. Pray for T
Here Not For Long: I dislike stairs, they are always up to something.
Exceller: Im wondering if we ALL need help :S
ruthforboaz: there is nobody here
Not Here: LOL Here, I think I KNOW who YOU are
Here: I'm here tho
Not Here: I am Not Here
ruthforboaz: Thank You Thank you samiam
samiam: Like your name ruthforboaz
ruthforboaz: hi everyone
ruthforboaz: Praise the Lord!
samiam: Sam got confused.. I with the keys..
Tammy: and quit sending me messages
Tammy: and that's as nice as Im gonna be
Tammy: hey ACTS238 put some clothes on this is an APOSTOLIC site and stay off my profile I don't like you
Tammy: ohhhhh lorddddd no no RIP lolol Sam what up ??
Exceller: Tammy you may recover, as far as I know sam told me to RIP lol...maybe she had the internet Holy Ghost and was speaking in keys
Tammy: thank you thank you both of ya
samiam: Exceller..ROTF praying for both of you.
Exceller: lol sam I dont think you will catch it online. will pray too Tammy, I am going to the doctor tomorrow
Tammy: thank you
samiam: Yikes..its contagious. Exceller..
Exceller: Tammy Id join both of you, but am not feeling too well either
Exceller: ahh, sam that's not too bad lol
samiam: I will be praying for you
Tammy: I need prayer please ..been sick all week ..thank you
Tammy: I got a Pepsi and did the same thing sam
samiam: Got a snow cone and went hunting in resale shops. I bagged a few . LOL
Exceller: should I ask what you did? :S
Exceller: haha, glad you had some fun for me ;)
Samiam: lol Exceller I went out and about and had a blast. mischief found
Exceller: This ol grey mare aint what she used to be lol
samiam: Yeah the work week is what mischief to get into somehow; I don't think taking a nap is mischievous enough.
samiam: Hope is a good Friday wherever your at
Exceller: HI Robyn
Exceller: sm42, it was too much work to count to ten forwards lol
Exceller: no
samiam: Some times back in the states?
Exceller: are you low on the green eggs and ham?
samiam: Nope not awake.. On auto pilot.. Lol
Exceller: well now we are all awake Lol
Robyn: Sorry for the all caps
Robyn: HELLO
sm42: ....0
sm42: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.......Backwards can you count?
babybug85: Hello Hello
samiam: Yawn its a sleepy kind of day..
Roncarl: Hi Chrissie
Roncarl: nine, ten do it again
samiam: Seven eight lay them straight ;)
Hello: Hi everyone
Exceller: five six pick up sticks
samiam: One two buckle my shoe three four out the door..
Exceller: testing testing 1 2 are on the air sir!
Not Here: Testing chat settings
samiam: In TX or LA?
samiam: Any one on hear into kayaking or civil war reenactment?
samiam: I got to admit..he had some good size legs on
samiam: Yep..I ran over a big frog while mowing...
Exceller: I held a snake this week! that would wake anyone up!
samiam: Yawn..and so the work week begins again.
samiam: Hi yall
Roncarl: Hi Chrissie
Exceller: Made it through two countries two connection flights and am on my last leg of the journey! Yay! Still awake lol
samiam: Praying...
Amanda: prayers sister
Exceller: pray for me please, am going to be awake for twenty four hours...ick. but traveling through airports is fun
Exceller: Amanda don't feel bad me too
Exceller: (shudder) no rats please. have seen them huge in South America and am still petrified
Amanda: so i just took this test to find out how southern i am and at 45% I blame it on the Ice tea
Tammy: and set rat traps for the rats LOLOL
samiam: Yeppers...
samiam: Set out lines with peanut brittle.. Maybe that would work. What do you
Tammy: lol...would be nice if it did
samiam: we need to set outline with peanut brittle maybe that would work
Tammy: ya me toooo LOCAL would be nice
Tammy: howdy ho
samiam: Hay Tammy
samiam: Exceller. All I find in the closet are dust bunnys ..I am looking for a good man locally. Lol
Tammy: where are the nice onesssssssss ??? shesh
Tammy: hi hi Debraaaaaaaaaaaa
Mark A: hows all doing
Exceller: In the closet...that's usually where every mystery object is. :P
samiam: Thanks for the warning.. Where are the good ones hidding.?
Hi: Sam watch out for Ron Carl.........hes a wolf
samiam: ;) Church today giving thanks for the freedom we have to worship. We should not take it for granted.
Exceller: you're right....that does sound scary
samiam: Ahh so your experimenting on friends now I understand..LOL I will read the scripture Exceller
Exceller: Psalm 34:8 is my scripture for the night!
Exceller: I am a good cook, just get nervous when it's something new for somebody typically not the best timing to experiment
Exceller: turned out AWESOME!!! Thank you Jesus!!
samiam: That sounds kind of scary for all involved
Exceller: pray for the cook tonight!! or food. whichever. There's a need for the Lord to bless both haha
samiam: Hi Guy.. God offered me salvation I just
samiam: Aggh and I did not study..itchy-haha
Itchy-haha: test
Actsman238: Hello everybody
Guy: Amen samiam!
Jovelyn: Hello everyone!
samiam: Pop Happy 4th of July
Exceller: It's the last day of school for me!! This teacher's more excited than the kids!!! YEAH!!! Freedom!!!
Exceller: sam you could try out the balloons cheap fireworks for daylight hours
Exceller: Happy 4th of July Everyone! Stay safe
Exceller: haha, yes!!!!
samiam: Guy.. Yeppers That's the one that saved us
Guy: Acts:2:38!!!
samiam: Both of thoes are good ones.
lawerence: Psalm 32:8
one: rev21:10
Exceller: Isaiah 41:10
Exceller: Amen
samiam: Lynn. Good verse
Lynn: John 14:27
Exceller: Thank you, it's what I needed
samiam: Say the hard part believe it Exceller
samiam: 2 Timothy 1:7
Raemyra: Hi
Exceller: Does anybody have an encouraging scripture they can share?
Lynn: Good morning!
samiam: Hi Roncarl.. Good morning y'all
Exceller: youre most welcome
Roncarl: hi samiam
Roncarl: samiam hi
samiam: I like this idea Excelled...I shall be trying this one out.
Amanda: lol oh my
Exceller: have done it ran off screaming
Exceller: Put baby powder in balloons and blow them up. Pop them when they sounds like a gun and has the smoke effect
Exceller: aww....poor Amanda ;)
Amanda: lol kids are sneaky stealing my balloons and filling them with water smh
Exceller: Happy Monday everyone!
Exceller: If I was there I would join you! I love doing balloon animals
Amanda: They put me in charge of the helium tank lol
Amanda: Awesome kids crusade in the park!!!! and no RAIN!
Lynn: How's everyone doing today?
Lynn: I had an awesome sunday!!
samiam: I don't know why you say Goodbye when I say
pebbles1359: Hello Hello
Exceller: THE SUN CAME OUT TODAY!!! Thank God! Pretty exciting because there's been so much rain for weeks
samiam: Church today. Yeah. Getting to worship with others
Amanda: Worthington, MN southwest corner
Britani: Hi everyone! How's it going?
samiam: Hi yall
Exceller: Sorry my phone is acting funny! Sometimes in bad reception it sends stuff twice
Exceller: RRS: St. Paul, and ABI RRS: St. Paul and ABI I stayed at the church after I graduated.
Princess: hi guys.
RRS: Where in Minnesota are you from? I went to ABI and stayed at that church for 4 more years.
Exceller: Love and pray for MN, my favorite state!
Exceller: Finishing a teaching semester, heading to Brazil! Excited
Amanda: Thanks Samiam our church appreciates your prayers very much.
Tyler: hi amanda!!
samiam: God will ..praying for your Church Amanda
Amanda: God promised to double our church and to be the one of the first church in MN see great revival. I'm so excited!!!
Amanda: EVERYTHING MUST GO-out with the old and in with the new.
Amanda: Hi Tyler
samiam: Church was just what I needed to hear. Giving thanks that I am free to worship as I choose.
Tyler: hey I'm new on here! hope everyone is doing great
Amanda: can't wait!!
samiam: Church tonight.. Smiling
Brittany: Hello, How is everyone?
samiam: Yikes got an Ark..this dude named Noah might really know something.. Lol
Amandasaline: samiam we got round 13+ inches of rain with flooding everywhere
Amandasaline: hello to everyone
samiam: Raining hear.. Lots
Qiana: Good afternoon everyone
chandler: how is everyone today
chandler: sorry they are not their
chandler: yes geribells my pastors daughter married a guy after 5 months and have been married for 3 years their upci
Brittany: Brandyn add me on fb brittany Zubieta
Princess: good evening
geribells: does any one know any apostolic christians who married less than 6 months?
geribells: feel free to answer
geribells: so i have a question so i have a question
Brandyn: Hello =D im 25
Brandyn: Im 25
chandler: Glory to God how is every one this fine morning
Princess: God bless us
Jason: Praise the Lord everyone.
WWaitinontheLord: Hello
Princess: hi
samiam: God knows what he is doing...I just wish I
samiam: Hello...y'all
Tammy: hi Debra
Vivien: Hello!
rebbeccaboogey: is any guys from 18-33 on
samiam: OK ummm its someone's else's
samiam: Hi yall
Princess: Jesus never fails. His love is amazing. Glory to God.
Tammy: amen ....that scripture has been going through my mind for a week
samiam: Not all things are good; but they all work together for the good of God.
samiam: And so the work week begins
Kiara: How was everyone's worship service this morning? Ours was great in Fayetteville!
samiam: We get to go to worship today with others.
samiam: It was a nice day to be on the lake.
drstorm2: Hi room
samiam: The work week is over..yeah
Princess: God bless us
pebbles1359: Hello
samiam: Happy Friday
Ashley: Wow, I've never seen this many people online at one time!
GodsChild43: Hello
miracle: actsman238 im doing great! how about you?
miracle: actsman238 im doing great! how about you?
Actsman238: How do you do and - How is Philipines
Actsman238: Hello miracle, how do you do
samiam: Ready for some Church
Miracle: Hello everyone! How is everyone doing
Miracle: Hello Actsman238
Actsman238: Hello
britt: hello everyone
britt: hello everyone
britt: hello everyone
samiam: Hi y'all..and so the day begins
Miracle: Hello
Janay: Hi
Brittany: Email me at bz94 on here
Miracle: Hello anyone out there
Ashley: I'm going to the Power of One conference in Memphis
Mike: Yes!!
DanLeeNWA: Hello from Washington state
Brittany: Anyone from TX? Msg me
Tommy: I am going to power of one in Memphis
bruceaquizzer1: hola
A238: So, is anyone going to the singles conference in Memphis this month?
SM42: Have a GREAT day GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!
SM42: sign up all your single woman friends on here so all us guys can pick out what we
SM42: would like younger woman but may settle for older if she pretty and got
SM42: HI i am SM42 looking for SF somewhere within twenty years of 42 within 10 years would be better.
Teresa: I am also in Indiana, Marky
Teresa: Hi everybody.
samiam: Church today
marky: to the LORD I mean
marky: praise to lord
marky: Indiana indiana
Boardwalk 35: Praise the Lord everybody! Praise the Lord everybody
Amanda: Hello
samiam: Hi yall
Sa: Hello
OneGodgirl23: Hey
CB: Hello
indiana: .....
indiana: .....
indiana: .....
indiana: .....
indiana: this really works?
indiana: hey
SM42: IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME KNOW if you don't then let me
victoriosa: what's up honrst kno who you are, lol, snort
victoriosa: no sis I don't. great minds think alike.hahaha
samiam: Hi yall
CB: hello
marantha: Hey PTL
Tammy: No Takers need apply LOLOL
Tammy: I think I'll put that on my profile if you don't mind
Tammy: LOLOLOL that's good victoriosa
victoriosa: sm42: it's difficult to want to be with a taker
Karolynlj: This my last time off of here just ask to be remove
AM: good luck
samiam: So am I ..LOL.
Princess: Hello
Amanda: I don't bite I nibble
Amanda: Really doesn't anyone like to talk on here :/
Amanda: Nothing like smell of fire wood burning on an open pit. Happy Memorial everyone thank you to those who have served our country
texasupcwoman44: Any1 here
Tammy: that sounds like fun Sis
Janay: Hi
samiam: Nice Day today I was out on the lake kayaking
Amanda: Lord you are good and your mercy endureth forever
Amanda: Thank you lord for this gorgeous day...
lawerence: Praise the lord
Angelica: Hi everyone. whose up late
marky: glory to god in the highest
bro mike: hello everybody praise the lord
Amanda: Hey samiam
samiam: That sounds good Amanda.
Amanda: Hello to all...Finally starting to get some nice weather. Got my pole in the water yesterday and a big catch
Hi Everyone,: Looking Forward to talking to a godly, loving man!
Guy: Hi
cherry034: Hi everyone
kay: Hey everyone
kristi32: hey everyone...hope ur all having a blessed Monday!
SM42: hello amanda my names not
Amanda: Nice to meet you Marky
SM42: Hello ever body im looking for a real pretty woman with money and lots of love to share.God bless ya i love ya.have a great day.
rolando: He will bless you with that money you've been itching to have. Just do it right!
rolando: I have a word for every scammer pretending to be Christians. Why don't you live for God 100%
rolando: I have a word for every scammer pretending to be Christians. Why don't you live for God 100%
samiam: Went Kayaking today.. It was fun
Tammy: mine disappeared
Tammy: I had to make a new profile to get on
samiam: I got lost for a while.
Mona: Hello, bakin homemade chocolate peanut butter cheesecake here
Amanda: Sam I am where u been???
Tiff: Baking strawberry cheesecake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!!
samiam: Hi yall
Amanda: Stay warm
Amanda: Hello everyone hope you are all staying Cruz I'm up here freezing try into catch mW a big one
Nichelle: Fantastic, thanks for asking
Nichelle: Fantastic, thanks for asking
Amanda: Great thanks for asking
Thomas: Yall*
Thomas: Hey tall how'd everybody s day go
Amanda: Hey there
Nichelle: Hey
SM42: and becca.
SM42: Hey Rikki Hey tiff couple cute young women who visited my page.God bless you.
SM42: I can read peoples emails but can NOT send them.
SM42: it don't mattter chrissie lol.but thanks for cant email.sorry.
kristi32: Ready for bed!!! Hope u all have a great night!
Amanda: Yay a 10 inch crappy and I'm feelin good ;)
Janay: Hi
Amanda: Good day to go fishing I'm gunna catch me some crappys and blue gales
kristi32: Pretty good. Just working how are u?
Thomas: How are ya
kristi32: good morning!
Thomas: Hey
Princess: Hi guys
kristi32: hey all! hey all
Edwin: hello
Janay: Hi how are u
Ma: hello
Janay: Hi how is everyone
brittany: hi
brittany: Hu!
AM: Mona, the way I usually use it is click "Tools" up at the top, and choose advance search.
Mona: How does this site work?
Boardwalk 35: Praise the Lord everybody
Robyn: Hi, Janay. Anyone have any thing fun planned this weekend?
Janay: Hi
Robyn: Good evening
dan89: how dou search on hear buy state lol
Tim: Hi everyone first time here !
Amanda: Hey hey!!
sunshine: hi hi
Lucks: Shout out to all the women of the cloth online.. i see you!
marantha: hello
Liz: instagram
ImreadyRU: tell me something funny.
EveVee: Praise The Lord all
Jessie: Hi
Jessie: Hello everyone.
Amanda: Bummer sm42 then she wasn't for you. God has a perfect match just for you ;)
Robyn: From one day to the next she doesn't like you?
ImreadyRU: Hi
SM42: She don't like me :-(
Amanda: Hello
Amanda: Happy for SM42
Jessie: Who is still on here?
SM42: I Found a woman on here.
Robyn: Howdy!
samiam: Hi yall
Amanda: Whoever is listening I guess lol God Bless and Good Night!
ImreadyRU: Oopps..
ImreadyRU: Hey Amanda was that random or were you talking to someone? lol Hey Amanda was that random or were you talking to someone?lol
Amanda: April 2014 a ship went down captain and few survived. Get out of the boat and take everyone with you...Salvation is vital!
Robyn: That's cool.
Jessie: I also love to just sit at home and watch a good movie with my dog Sophie
Jessie: I love to bowl!!!
Robyn: I love hanging with friends, bowling, putt putt, coffee shops, shopping etc You?
Jessie: So Robyn, what do you do for fun?
Robyn: Good evening
rolando: yeah I am here
Robyn: Cool. I have family in Marion
Jessie: Peru, IN
Robyn: Hi Jessie. Where you from?
JessieC: (765) 398-0298
JessieC: I am looking for single woman who may or may not have children. I do not care whether or not you have been married or divorced. Ladies hit me up!!!
JessieC: Hi Robyn
Robyn: Anyone on tonight?
ImreadyRU: We serve a good God! Hey!
SM42: looking for single woman never married no kids.God Bless Have a great day.
Jessie: Good Saturday morning
Robyn: Hello
samiam: The kids are ready to be out of school
Amanda: Its hard to believe the year is almost 1/2 over already just 2 more months
Amanda: Its hard to believe the year is almost 1/2 over already just 2 more months
Blake: Hello
Robyn: Good evening!
charlie: Hi
Amanda: Hello
SM42: hi
samiam: Hi everyone happy pre
Edwin: Hello
Jonathan Bryant: How are you?
Robyn: Hello
Jonathan Bryant: Hi everyone
samiam: Sounds interesting but not in a good way I will check this out ACTS238
ACTS238: New currency Law goes into affect July 1st 2014 go to fb go on FB under Daniel Bates
Tammy: Beach Time !!
samiam: Ready to hit the beach
Amanda: Hello!! Duluth MN was beautiful after it stopped snowing awesome ladies retreat feel so blessed...
Charisse: To God be the Glory for the things He has done! Good evening
Jmz: Oregon !
samiam: Hi ..from TX
Tonya26: Hello!
iluvJesus: hello hello!!
samiam: Its 3/4 out of date
SM42: GOD bless YOU and have a Great day.
SM42: 4/25/2014 Still single this site does not
pamelew78: Life is Beautiful!
bf: hi
samiam: Wow hi yall
SM42: Hi amy, rikki,and tara thank you for visiting my page sorry i am a little older than 35 i do look younger than my 42.
samiam: Hello all
roman1977: How are you?
Guy: Great, how are you?
Janay: How is everyone
Janay: Hi
SM42: would i marry a fat and ugly woman?NO
SM42: would i marry a fat woman?Maybe
SM42: would i marry an ugly woman?maybe
SM42: Any single woman within 10 or 15 years of 42 visit my page if you would like you all.God bless.
samiam: Hi Blake
Blake: Hello
Amanda: That it does. Well the week only gets better!! Keep your spirits up...kelp the devil under your feet.
samiam: Yep it's Monday.. It seems to come around once a week.. Lol
Tammy: Happy Monday Morning !!
samiam: Good morning
Amanda: Happy Easter!!
Tammy: Happy Easter Everyone
samiam: Yeppers
Amanda: Very true Tammy!!
Tammy: but you better pray and fast about it and find out FIRST if its Lords will other wise I have seen alotta disasters too
Tammy: true I've seen a lot do it I have had a lot of good friends do long distance and get married
yepyep: Encounter ministries
Amanda: idk all i can say is long distance is very hard and it takes a lot of trust with one another
samiam: I met a few..
josiek: not meeting anyone on here lol
Tammy: ohhh yes I did ...I forgot one of my really good friends was on here ...does that count ? lol
Tammy: never met any from here though
Tammy: I wasn't ready then at all
Tammy: I have met a lot as friends back some years ago off the other Apostolic site
Amanda: Ive met some...
Tammy: did you really
samiam: I met some people...they seem ok and a few that weren'
Tammy: is anyone actually meeting anyone on here ? LOL
Tammy: awwww :(
samiam: Ready for this winter to end. Mowing grass and shivering just ain't
Amanda: More snow
samiam: I wish it was mobile friendly but they are working on that.
samiam: Yes this is a clean site.. A few are bad but nothing at all like some other sites.
Amanda: Agreed
sam37: thats ok though, didnt mean for it to be negative...just would like to see it more user friendly...prob get more members then.
sam37: lol i didnt say it was a one month fee.
ners: God is good all the time,and all the time God is good.
Amanda: Thats not per month thats a one time fee for like 9-10 years cheapest site I've ever used
sam37: no wonder the one time fee...its too expensive for a month and nobody would pay beyond that. that's my today "shout". k, im ok now
sam37: Then when asking a question to the faq (since no cust svc avail), a reply is non-existent or lost in the deep blue yonder somewhere.
sam37: no offense and and at the risk of being negative, this site really sux. particularly in the user-friendly aspect.
Amanda: Must go fishing but a bit too cold :/
Amanda: Quite the conversations you've having here lol
Amanda: Nicetomeetyou I see you lookin but I wouldn't fit your category but I know fried chicken and sweet tea
Amanda: Hey samiam how u been Chica the wind is still blowin but its warning up again...
samiam: Likes that Amanda
Amanda: A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms.
Amanda: Super windy day in Minnesota God is good all the time and all the time God is good...
upcangel88: hello
ncgal02: hi everyone hi
samiam: We are a blessed people
pamelew78: I'm on my way to church and I'm so glad !
samiam: Ready for some Church hear.
Tammy: Sam its Sunshininnnnnn and 84 here .Did my Pool and flowers today Getting ready for summer
hallelujahanyhow: Samiam it's a beautiful day in California just finished working in my garden
samiam: Hay yall its nice hear in TX
chuck: One of them would be, Technology.
chuck: There are many factors that retard this generation in Socail skills.
hallelujahanyhow: Oh well as the song goes Hallelujah Anyhow...everyone have a blessed day in Jesus!
hallelujahanyhow: I fear that the art of conversation and being polite has been lost
chuck: i agree
hallelujahanyhow: Instead of visiting with no comment sometimes multiple tines...just a suggestion brothers
hallelujahanyhow: When you visit even saying you live to far away but God bless you on your search would be nice
hallelujahanyhow: It doesn't mean you will be lifelong friends it's just being polite
hallelujahanyhow: We do it every week at church during meet & greet.
hallelujahanyhow: Whatever happened to just saying a simple hello, praise the Lord, etc?
Janay: Hi
Tammy: wolfssssssssss hide
Tammy: Oh and tell where you go to church ....If you actually go to church
Tammy: got something to hide?
Tammy: Oh and put a Picture up so that People know what you look like .....How wacked is that ???? Are you ugly or what
Tammy: Pay the 50 bucks ...lorddddddddddd then you can actually talk to someone Legally WOW
Tammy: I've never seen so many cheap men ..and they are suppose to be Apostolic ? Plezzzzz
josiek: hello all
samiam: Yes you are silly nice to meet you
nicetomeetyou: God bless all the single women i love you
nicetomeetyou: Am i silly?
nicetomeetyou: is paying to be able to talk to people a little like not having freedom of speach?
nicetomeetyou: i am still single this site do not work.will it work better if i give them money?
Jen: Hello everyone
samiam: It not a good idea who knows what you will get. To give out phone numbers publicly...just saying
Hello: Wow, what's up with everyone giving out their phone numbers?? Should i give out mine too?
PTL!!!: test1 username look me up
Josiek: Hello looking for an apostolic man
ners: You can contact me there,thank you and God bless.
ners: Hi pentecostal man,this is my cp #09293714960
jc7mex: God bless I'm from the sf bay area 23 years of age part of the pentecostals of the bay area upc
Ashley: You can text me at 817-691-7543
Ashley: Hi! Never done this before but anyone in the dfw texas are and are close to 25 years old?
samiam: Hay from TX
ners: I'm looking for not far from my age,sincere man,35-50 maybe
Rebbecca: Hayy you can text me 2282978699 I would luv to talk more to you if your 18-34
Amanda: I hope you find one bella
Bella: Hello! Just looking for a faithful man
ners: Hallelujah,hope to find my lifetime partner here.
ners: Hi!I'm Ms.Ners fm. Philippines,iam looking here for a single man.God bless us
Amanda: Hello from Minnesota!!
Samiam: Hay nicetomeetyou I am praying for you.
pamelew78: If God before us who can be against us!
made4Him1968: Shout out from Mississippi. Praise the Lord
browngirl: Hello world
browngirl: browngirl
nicetomeetyou: ARE THERE ANY
nicetomeetyou: I am looking for a never married woman any of them on here?
Danny: ACTS238 Danny: I will be in church tomorrow it is 70 mile's one way! and Jesus is with me.
Sharon: God Bless...Everyone's work week!!
pamelew78: I hope everyone has a great day! Praise God because He is God!
Ray44: I would like to meet you...MaryLou19
Ray: Marylou
eileen: Shout out to Costa Rica! Good report of God's work there
samiam: Hi y'all Church today..smiles
Tammy: Praise the Lord what state are you in? Thats a long way
Robyn: Hello
Danny: I will be in church tomorrow it is 70 mile's one way! and Jesus is with me.
Sharon: EVERYBODY better be IN church tmorrow! lol
Danny: Say are you going to church Sunday morning?
Danny: Acts 2:38 That's me
Sharon: God's Blessings to All of Us in MS and the USA!
thekingsdaughter: Hello
ACTS238: I am praying for you - Jesus is coming soon!!
Hello: Good morning everyone! God bless all of y'all.
Jana: Hello
samiam: Hi y'all..
ACTS238: Where are all the Holy Ghost filled Girls?
Danny:: Anyone on here from Michigan, OR Wisconsin!!
Kay: Jamaican queen
Sharon: such a small world...Apostolics Uniting!
samiam: Yep crickits...
Sharon: made4Him1968, that's me!
Tammy: It's Quiet lol
samiam: They are hiding or maybe helping nicetomeetyou find his favorite animal... LOL
Hello: Right here sister!! Holy Ghost filled!!
Sharon: where are all the Holy Ghost filled Guys? a Holy Ghost filled sister wants to know?
Lyssa: Email me or send mssg to fb as i am not a paying member!
samiam: It needs lots of
mona623: not sure about this site.. need
Sharon: I will have to go look...thanks AM.
ACTS238: Hello from (Michigan) He He
ACTS238: Where is my Gal, are u out there.
AM: Sharon, the primary way I use this site is the advanced search option under "tools."
Amanda: I'm still here I just dont have really much to say but hello from MN
samiam: People pop on and off this site a lot. Hi Sharon
Sharon: I realize one here, when I am off work.
samiam: It an odd site way out of date this is the msg board no one hardly uses. I have never seen anyone in the chat aera
mona623: not sure how it works
mona623: im new here .. im new here too.
mona623: hi
Hello: Jesús mi fiel amigo... no quiero volver atras!!
UpOnBeNdEdKnEeS: Does anyone have time to talk I really need some guidance or just a ear. Three zero seven seven five two three two six two.
samiam: Nicetomeetyou you love your Chicken. Lol
samiam: Weeze if your not a paid member you can still read emails. Its awkward but a nice site
nicetomeetyou: I LOVE EVERYBODY.i mean i try
Sharon: I'm new here...still working in my profile...any nice guys in Mississippi??
weeze: I so wish i knew how to make friends on here.don't know how to work this site.
samiam: Is Acts2:38 your profile name if so read nicetomeetyou s profile. Tammy you think nicetomeetyou found Col.Sanders GGrand daughter? LOL
Acts2:38: Hey, im a funny guy
Tammy: lol
samiam: Tammy user Acts2:38 he is shy but not as funny as nicetomeetyou
samiam: I am kinda curious too user Acts2:38 read the profiles you can do that. You can look at someone more than once this site shows who views you.
Tammy: and what you look like ..........
Tammy: If you don't have a picture up Don't bother contacting me .......... I want to know who I'm talking to
Acts2:38: How can i contact? I'm not a memeber. :-/
samiam: That was to user Acts2:38
samiam: There are several hear contact us and see.There was a book that said men were from Mars...
Acts2:38: Just joking around but seriously how many women can u find thatare not into soaps and really spend time in the Word or prayer?
Acts2:38: Im not from mars but im not of this world! Lol
Tammy: well all I know its not equal for sure
samiam: User Acts 2:38 where are you at Mars? and Tammy I think is 4 to 1
Tammy: not to mention it's about a 3 to 1 ratio LOL
Tammy: O Plezzzzz......not to be mean but have you looked at the choices in men on here ?? LOLOL
Acts2:38: Now now, ladies you all are right it's just where im at I don't see any real sincere women.
samiam: I dissagree with user Acts2:38 as well
samiam: Hi there
Lyssa: Whos online?!
Kay: I disagree as i'm still in the rose garden waiting to be picked n i'm sure there are others too.
Rosie Mesa: Hi
Rosie Mesa: Ha?
Acts2:38: I began to think there isn't any sincere apostolic women anymore. Like they are all taken.
Acts2:38: Praise the Lord! All the women like you are all taken.
Kay: Sure, i'm not only bearing the name, but i live the life and allow it to speak for me.
Acts2:38: Hi kay, are you really? God bless you sister!
Kay: Hello, Acts, i know i'm one of them, grounded in God
me: Hello sis
Tammy: LOL....oh ok Hi !!
Acts2:38: Is there any real true sincere apostolic women out there? Seems like there isn't over here
me: Tammy its me sis from immokalee Fla lol.. Men's conference '14 can't wait!
Tammy: its raining its pouring the old man is snoring
pamelew78: The storm is over!
samiam: Tropical storm all ready..
pamelew78: There is a tropical storm out there!
pamelew78: What a busy day!
Mel4Jesus7: Hello!
Tammy: hey I live in FL .... and our men are Going to mens conf
south: hello
me: Men's conference Fl district coming up soon!!! I can't wait!!
brenda1214: Hello everyone
samiam: Glad the work part is over its nice hear
pamelew78: Hi what an amazing day!
Kath: hello friends
samiam: Hi..hi and bradg24..
bradg24: Hello everyone... Have an amazing weekend!!!
hi: h
hi: i
hi: h
hi: i
hi: h
hi: i
hi: h
hi: i
hi: h
hi: i
hi: h
Amanda: Hahaha Harger I forgot to put ur name <3
Amanda: Another shout to my amazing friend love talking with you...
Amanda: Shout out to my buddy j fare hope or having a great day!!
Amanda: :x I stay like this its better ;)
Tammy: If you are so great why don't you put a pic up ? LOL What you hiding ? Hmmmm
Tammy: nice you remind me of this rude guy who use to be on here from KY
nicetomeetyou: I AM a wonderful man for a wonderful
nicetomeetyou: Do not remember is a line that will keep you out of trouble if you don't lie when you use it.
nicetomeetyou: Hey upcangel88 what does sont mean?that same as don't?
nicetomeetyou: i am getting old would like to have younger woman able to have kids if we decided to do that.
nicetomeetyou: why you think i am to young mel?what do you want?some old man in the nurseing home?
upcangel88: so new to this. I just randomly got an email that I was a member and sont remember signing up? lol
Mel4Jesus7: Nicetomeetyou: I think you sound like a wonderful man, too bad too young for me, but would love to be friends!!
Preciouspearl: samiam I cant remember the last time someone said Good Day to me i was 14 in VA lol now it's hey there all the time.
nicetomeetyou: i am still single but have been visited by some real preety women on my page.....hehehehehehe.
nicetomeetyou: May God bless each and everyone of you this site has kept me from being bored last week or
samiam: Yawn..Good day y'all.
Jacqui: those mornings when coffee is an essential, not just an option.. that's today. haha
Preciouspearl: two words: Mountain Dew
Mel4Jesus7: Hello brothers and sisters!
samiam: So modest we have to work on your low self-esteem nicetomeetyou
Tammy: ha ha good try buddy LOL
nicetomeetyou: thank you for the invitations for marrage i will try to pick one of you as soon as i can decide. LOVE you bless.
jennypearl: hellllo
Acts2:38: Hi everyone! God is sooo good!!
samiam: I have thought about doing that too Tammy
Tammy: I might copy some of your profile nice only insert man instead of woman............cause its kinda funny
Tammy: can't marry without a pic !! Put the pic up dude
nicetomeetyou: Thank you
nicetomeetyou: will you marry me victoriosa?....J/K
nicetomeetyou: roses are red vilolets are blue if yo love me ill love you toooooooo.
nicetomeetyou: If you hate me let me GO.
nicetomeetyou: If you love me let me know.
nicetomeetyou: would like to be friends YES i want me a
victoriosa: does anybody wanna get married? really?
victoriosa: dude, fools rush in
samiam: Us too
pamelew78: We had great church Sunday morning and last night!
Vicky 0809: Awesome night praise God
samiam: Nicetomeetyou praying for you.
nicetomeetyou: I want to get married.
nicetomeetyou: anybody want to get married?
samiam: Hi chrissy
samiam: Nope we were at church..
chrissy: anyone here
chrissy: hi
samiam: The mail feature it odd and if you get duplicate emails its just how this site does from time to time.
pamelew78: I just realized our mail box dont always work properly. so if u don't get a reply try again
Kath: Hello :-)
Jacqui: my name is jacqui. nice to meet you all
pamelew78: I was in a greeat church service tonight!
samiam: Hi Amanda
samiam: Nicetomeetyou.. Is that why your Invisible?
Amanda: :x
nicetomeetyou: i am ugly anybody still want me?
pamelew78: Yes I did! But it is slowly coming together.
samiam: Hi pamlew78.,you had a good plan for yesterday
pamelew78: You too!
samiam: Nicetomeetyou the other invisible people can't see you. We all know how shy you are.
pamelew78: I'm going out and sit on the porch and enjoy the evening air. It was quite hot out today.
pamelew78: Oh! I posted the same thing twice!
pamelew78: Hi i've had an exciting day! Hi I've had an exciting day!
Tammy: you don't want one too bad.....You don't have a pic up
Amanda: I wish you the best of luck
nicetomeetyou: i want me a woman to take to church and pray with.God bless you.
samiam: Ready for Sunday.. Lol
samiam: At times pamlew78.
Tammy: Happy Happy Spring !!
Amanda: Great service!!
hallelujahanyhow: Hi everyone
pamelew78: Church was great to night
pamelew78: Tecnology is so tiring
samiam: was good..good
samiam: Ready for some Church smiles
samiam: Hi james and zabby
james: great whats up
ZABBY: Good. How are you?
james: how everyone doing
james: hiii
preciouspearl: Thanks samiam
Tammy: ?
samiam: Tammy as in looking for someone..or found someone fearful or happy definitely confused.
Tammy: there are married people on this site :0( WOW unbelieveable
samiam: W What about the fried chicken nicetomeetyou?
nicetomeetyou: must have money and be pretty.
nicetomeetyou: i have always loved women would like to have one for a wife.i will try to make you
samiam: I am happy for your sis preciouspearl..
samiam: Nicetomeetyou... Have you asked her about fried chicken?
samiam: Nicetomeetyou... Have you asked her about fried chicken?
preciouspearl: My sis got married so everything ffw for me. Now I just need to take a breather
nicetomeetyou: A pretty girl visited my page 3 times i am all excited!!!
samiam: Hay there Preciouspearl..its been kinda slow..
preciouspearl: Hello good day!!
samiam: U ain't right .praying you find a good woman that can fry chicken.
nicetomeetyou: ate it raw...lolJUST KIDDING
samiam: I know you do...its your favorite animal.. Lol
samiam: Lol so you fried it your self.
nicetomeetyou: i love fried chicken
nicetomeetyou: i ate it all.
samiam: What about the chicken nicetomeetyou?
nicetomeetyou: looking for woman who make lots of money and don't think i am old.
samiam: Nope
jennypearl: but i considered as a challenge in my life,,
jennypearl: it hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Mel4Jesus7: No one comes here much do they?
texasupcwoman44: Hello any1 here
samiam: Now a woodsman would be good
samiam: No I don't have a man. Lol thats why I am hear
samiam: Mummmm I have a man I have an Axe
hi: hiding from the wolvesssss
samiam: Humm where is everyone?
samiam: Someone was
???: i
???: ]
???: *
???: >)
???: P
???: "
???: L
???: .
???: /
???: ? ?
???: ?
???: ? "
MRB-GIJOE: hey MaryLou
samiam: Nope we are hear and there
Mel4Jesus7: Did everyone leave?
Mel4Jesus7: Happy Friday everybody
Mel4Jesus7: Praise The Lord!
samiam: Ur funny nicetomeetyou..
nicetomeetyou: i am ugly do you love ugly people?
living4god2011: Feel free to email me or face book me at the same screen name on yahoo
living4god2011: Hey all...hope to find someone to chat with :-)
samiam: Hi Doug
Doug: HEY THERE!!!!!!
samiam: Hummm...what to do..
kay: Hi peter, mail was deleted accidentally,did'nt get to reply.
samiam: Yep Tammy nicetomeetyou would put a pic of a bucket of fried Chicken
samiam: Yep nicetomeetyou
Tammy: nicetomeet pic ??
scarlet1125: Interested make friends with me email me at
jennypearl: hellooo.. its really difficult here if not paying this site... cant reply the message,, :(
samiam: Hello subant8397
samiam: Tammy he will put a pic of a bucket of fried
SUBANT8397: Pleased to meet you
Tammy: oh lordddd put a pic up nicetomeet and maybe they'd pay ???
samiam: Your funny nice t Your funny nicetomeetyou hears your ad single woman wanted must be able to fry chicken.
nicetomeetyou: LOVE ME DON'T YOU???
nicetomeetyou: if you love me pay my $49.95 fee so we can chat etc.
nicetomeetyou: i am looking for good looking woman who is looking for guy like me.
nicetomeetyou: hey thr kayler
samiam: Hi Kayla
samiam: Hi Kayls
kayla: hello everyone
samiam: I hope nicetomeetyou. Saw the advertisement I wrote for him. Lol
samiam: I can see this..
preciouspearl: Someone got bored lol
hi: h
hi: i
hi: h
hi: i
hi: h
hi: i
hi: h
hi: i
hi: h
hi: :(
Tammy: ok ok that wasn't nice
Tammy: my ex husband was from Kentucky .....lesson learned LOLOLOL
Tammy: hes from Kentucky
samiam: Nicetomeetyou,...single frying chicken woman wanted
Tammy: be brave put the pic up........then we will all look at you and decide ROFLOLOLOL
Tammy: nicetomeetyou you can't get a wife without her knowing what you look like
Tammy: We had a great service ...I just love the Lord !
:): Praise The Lord He is why we are here
nicetomeetyou: i do want to say i do.....i really really do.
nicetomeetyou: I want me a wife.
samiam: Thankful I get to go to Church today. Smiles
Tammy: thanks favorite place How are you tonight ?
samiam: Like the Beach Tammy
samiam: Some one is on a java
preciouspearl: Its amazing what kind of energy coffee can give a person lol
samiam: Ribbit I got a frog..I wonder....mummm
samiam: So no flowers show up with a bucket of need to add that to your joking
preciouspearl: Thanks I NEEDED to laugh
Tammy: *fried*
Tammy: we only have KFC here we need some friend chicken places here !! lol
samiam: Brookshire Bro has the best Chicken..
Tammy: ok well looks like KFC time
samiam: I can't fry chicken....
Tammy: Sam show the man how to cook some chicken !!!
nicetomeetyou: can you cook chicken?
nicetomeetyou: Can't beat some good fried chicken on a sunday afternoon.
nicetomeetyou: anybody want to be my wife?lookin fur single woman
Tammy: Need da Real Deal sis !!!
samiam: Got to make sure he is the Ribbit real deal Apostolic as I walk the old paths.
samiam: Idk..haven't kissed him.......yet
Tammy: awwww is he gonna turn into a Prince?
samiam: YES....
Tammy: LOLOL is that a frog ??
samiam: Mumm I wonder if this will
samiam: Hi Iyza..Got to hear some good teaching last night at Church.
lyza: hi samian
lyza: hello
samiam: Nope..not at
Tammy: lol Samiam.....well does it really matter on the color ?
preciouspearl: I love my church!!!
samiam: Church tonight Smiles
samiam: I still don't see the man in the big yellow hat..
samiam: Hi Tammy
Tammy: Hi !!
samiam: Ha ha
preciouspearl: Morning!! Going back to bed. =)
Kath: Hi guys
samiam: Burr from Tejas.
Tammy: well I hope the guy I marry makes wayyyyyyyyyy more money than me !!!
samiam: The wildlife of ASN gets intresting. You should read nicetomeetyou profile
samiam: Hi Kim
samiam: Nope Tammy
Preciouspearl: hi kim
KimCoomer: hey people..
Tammy: are you in any of the singles groups on there ?
samiam: Tammy I am on fb
preciouspearl: Hahaha Tammy
Tammy: Sam are you on FB ?
Tammy: LOLOL I hate snow ....Not a Gift to me you can have it Can't stand da cold blaaaaaaaaaaa
samiam: Hummm..ok. Lol
preciouspearl: Authentic...
preciouspearl: The snow was a gift from the north you should be grateful when u receive something ;p
samiam: These are made with ingredients from mexico..
preciouspearl: Oo ee chica I already live in tamale town
samiam: Precious pearl...come and get your whether.. I will give you homemade tamales... Burrrr...please...
samiam: And no sense of humor at all..
Tammy: ohh ya shy shy shy lol
samiam: He sounds serious about his fried Chicken. I think he is very
Preciouspearl: i think nicetomeetyou is trying to say he wants a woman with good hygiene but don't we all you crack me up...
Tammy: gezzz hes from KY
Tammy: nice buddy you still don't have a pic up
Tammy: did he say sweaty woman ? LOLOL
samiam: Last I read nicetomeetyou profile it was the same. He is honest and funny.
Preciouspearl: As for everyone else God is GREAT got a good nap in today...
Preciouspearl: nicetomeetyou some days that's all I can say. Did you update your profile again i want to read it...
nicetomeetyou: hot but not sweaty
nicetomeetyou: don't want no sweaty
lyza: yeah lol.. what was that..
Tammy: wow did he say warm in the winter and cool in the summer ???????
lyza: hello.. i wanna know you all
samiam: At least your
samiam: Bock..bock..we missed you need to work on your pick up
nicetomeetyou: May GOD bless you
nicetomeetyou: and she has GOT to be able to cook me some FRIED CHICKEN.
nicetomeetyou: and she has GOT to be able to cook me some FRIED CHICKEN.
nicetomeetyou: would like for my woman to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer
nicetomeetyou: like to have a woman with money and a pretty smile.
nicetomeetyou: Hello everbodie lookin for a nice lookin woman single never married with money and a brain that works.
samiam: Yep all three of
borntobehis: we probably just are not on here at the same time
borntobehis: howdy preciouspearl, I have actually been on here conversing with everyone, lol
Preciouspearl: His love never fails it never gives up it never runs out on me. I am free to sing of his love...
Preciouspearl: thats good born2bhis how have you been? I haven't seen you here for like a couple weeks
samiam: Yep it is...nice..
borntobehis: Its warm in Texas, Praise the Lord!
youngjanay: how is everyone
samiam: Yeah in August.. Lol
Preciouspearl: sooner enough it will warm up around here again...
samiam: That was nice to meet you..
samiam: I likes DQ .now that's my kinda blizzard..maybe he found someone.. I miss him he was funny
Preciouspearl: what happen to the funny man who like fried chicken as a pet???
lisa5kids: Praise the Lord!!!!!
Preciouspearl: naa im alright went and got me a blizzard at DQ
samiam: I figured that precious pearl..tell you what you can come down and I will let ya mow don't know how to act around that white
samiam: Hi Mr. Clean praying for you
mr. clean: .
preciouspearl: Shoot we don't got no grass round here its all white
samiam: Ok I am to get the yard picked up I need to mow
samiam: I was
Preciouspearl: hey how is everyone tonight
samiam: That's how I am ..I try to worship my Jesus in sprit and truth.
borntobehis: its more fellowship with Jesus than fellowship with the saints, lol
samiam: That sounds good fellowship is important. Borntobehis
samiam: Brk 549 was a phone number they gave out on the Her Has TV show. I was not in church at that time.
borntobehis: Just cant wait to see what God is going to do!
borntobehis: Then tomorrow after noon we have a Rally at our church that anyone can come to!!
borntobehis: I am so excited today!! We have our Ladies Conference tonight and first thing in morning
borntobehis: Ohh I see you samiam, lol
borntobehis: what is BRK 549? lol
samiam: Hay Precious Pearl
preciouspearl: Morning!!!
samiam: BRK 549 Borntobehis..
borntobehis: Wow I really did get left all alone, lol, there were about 10 people here and now I am alone, sighs
borntobehis: Oh where, Oh where are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone??
borntobehis: havent watched that since I was a kid and I still remember that song
borntobehis: Oh goodness, I think I must need to pray through, I feel a HeeHaw coming on haha
borntobehis: Yes, I think endangered species is probably correct, lol
samiam: They like to I think they are an endangered species.. Lol
borntobehis: we can NOT settle Ladies!!
borntobehis: if there are any out there, they sure dont show themselves
borntobehis: I dont see him either samiam, I wanna see a few good men too, lol
samiam: I still don't see him..I will keep on looking.
Preciouspearl: I tried hehe
samiam: Smiles. Thanks precious pearl
preciouspearl: Will the man in the yellow hat please stand up...
bee: Hey
samiam: Ok he will have this really big yellow
Preciouspearl: ill keep an eye out for him k samiam
samiam: Still looking preciouspearl..
Preciouspearl: samiam did you find your man :p lol
samiam: Doing good y'all..
Preciouspearl: hey guys how is everyone doing today?
borntobehis: nope I am not here, lol
samiam: Have you seen a man with a big yellow hat? I am looking for
samiam: Nope
texasupcwoman44: Any1here
texasupcwoman44: Hello hru all
samiam: Lulu you might be able to sign his guestbook idk
samiam: Hi y'all
borntobehis: Hello Texasupc from another Texan
texasupcwoman44: Hi all
borntobehis: lol well we now know who brian messages, haha
smavc9: wow
lulu: Hi brian got your message but unable to respond because not a paying member. You can email me to my private Em listed on my profile
borntobehis: Its beautiful in Texas!
borntobehis: lol Samiam, too funny!
samiam: Anyone seen a man in a big yellow hat? Lol
samiam: Hi ho..still nice in TX
samiam: Yawn..nap time..
Tammy: Amen
samiam: Nice well..Praising God as I go thorough the day. God
Tammy: 80 and sunshining here
samiam: About the 3 times
samiam: Lol Tammy
samiam: Windows opened ahhh now this is
samiam: Nice
Tammy: hows TX ?
Tammy: Lord told me 3 times I will remarry..........I never wanted to
Tammy: which accounts for most men
Tammy: or better to marry than to burn if you don't have the self control
samiam: Thank you Tammy.
samiam: Paul said its better for you to be single.. Its something you should pray and fast about.
Tammy: I have one of those ....lololol
Tammy: I love that hat Sam !!
Taylor: The lord has blessed me with greater understanding of headship. I am no more confident that I can be in a turly holy relationship.
youngjanay: hi
samiam: To God be the glory..
preciouspearl: Sunday Funday blessings for all
Krista: Church on a Saturday yep that's me
samiam: Don't y'all have ski tires
texasupcwoman44: whats everyone up 2 anyone here
texasupcwoman44: hello all
preciouspearl: Ya now everything is slippery I bout wiped out on the ice twice and a month ago I did lol
Krista: what a beautiful day
samiam: You will defrost soon Precious pearl
preciouspearl: Oh I bet that felt nice and its starting to feel more like spring here
samiam: Hi wanda66
wanda66: hello everyone new to online apostlic dating
jennypearl: hello everyone.. hello everyone..
bee: Hey
samiam: Hi preciouspearl...nice whether slept with the with the windows opened for the last two nights..;p
samiam: Your welcome mr.clean
preciouspearl: Hello
mr. clean: Thanks
samiam: Go through the motions till it becomes real and keep on praying.
samiam: Read Gods have to let the anger go. Or it will be used to destroy you.
mr. clean: I feel selfish for posting this, but thanks for the prayers
mr. clean: I want to be there at that place knowing that I'm just one with him.
mr. clean: I want to be there at that place knowing that I'm just one with him.
mr. clean: But there is nothing more happier than being where he wants me and living and walking in his will.
mr. clean: Yet God has been faithful
mr. clean: I've let myself become bitter from things in my life. I find my self going through the motions
mr. clean: I'm feeling a little down. I don't know why because God has just been nothing but good to me. Somebody please keep me in prayer
samiam: Nice hear
Bon: Its freezing here
samiam: Thanks for info hi
samiam: Sleepy
Bob: Great!
Bug: How's everybody doing?
Bug: Howdy
Jids: Not much
Bob: What's up?
Tam: Hello
Hi: Hi
Bon: hi guys
hi: beware ladies
hi: watch out for stc38834......hes a perv he was on my yahoo messenger and put a naked pic up :(
samiam: Iced
preciouspearl: Umm no thank u I'll resort to crushed ice
samiam: Make some snow ice cream..its mumm mumm good
samiam: Poor Pearl....
preciouspearl: Its snowing again ugg...
samiam: our 7O° Winter weather
preciouspearl: Its OK samiam I got my coffee I'm up nowlol :p
Princess: Hi people of God
samiam: Shhh..its Nap time... Lol
bee: Hey guys
Tammy: yes...its pretty peaceful too
samiam: Most of the people hear are Apostolic.. : D
samiam: I am thankful for this site.
Tammy: My best friend found her husband on ASN
Tammy: Through the years I have had alotta friends get married off both sites
Tammy: John Howell lived in FL and needed a wife and there was no Apostolic sites so he made them
Tammy: John Howell created it and then sold it to Gary ....John Howell then created Apostolic Singles Network ASN
Tammy: nicetomeetyou .....Gary owns the site
samiam: How is your favorite animal doing nicetomeetyou..have you checked on your favorite animal lately.. Lol
samiam: I know it tells about why this site was created. I don't know if it gives their name or not.
sunshine: shout
nicetomeetyou: Who is the owner of this website?
samiam: Smiles
Tammy: okie dokie lol
samiam: Yawn. Time for this monkey to go to bed if you see a man with a big yellow hat..he is
samiam: Ohh I see lots of people
samiam: Nice in Tx got the windows opened
samiam: Why thank you I am looking for a Man..I need him to have a big yellow hat it would complete my look.
Tammy: hi Janay how have you been
Tammy: like your monkey sam
Tammy: was 80 today in the sunshine state
Tammy: Im just lookin for a man hat or no hat
samiam: Hat. I am looking for a man in a big yellow
samiam: Ummm well hey is interesting
Princess: Good evening
janay: hi everyone
uhh: I think your just messed up man
hey: hahahahahahahahhaha
hey: marry meeeeeeeeee
hey: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
hey: Like I thought I would be so lovable.
hey: Like whats wrong with me????????
hey: why am I so wierd???????
hey: I'm just being retarded
hey: im so cute. you should marry me hahahahaha
hey: lalalalallalallallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
hey: gaggagagagga
hey: nananannananna
hey: hahahhahajajjajjaj
hey: hahha
hey: hhahahhah hahahha
hey: any body here single????
hey: hey
samiam: Shh we're
SHARABEL: Hello there! ^_^
preciouspearl: hiddy ho samiam and hey there Texas!
texasupcwoman44: Hi all
samiam: Ho..humm
samiam: Cloudy and 80 hear now this is my kind of Winter
preciouspearl: it's a bright bright sun shinny day 40 degrees in MN
kay: Hey Peter I had accidentally deleted your mail and didn't get a chance to reply. Pls forward the same mail so I'll know its you.
samiam: And so the day begins anew.
preciouspearl: No worries. Hello everyone...
samiam: I am good
samiam: Nope I am fishing.. Lol yep
texasupcwoman44: Hru
samiam: Preaching don't look back.keep your heart focused on God.
jazmine: Shout for the victory!! In Jesus Name !
samiam: Let us rejoice and give praise today is the day the Lord has made.and as for me..I am going to worship. Blessings to all APS friends
jennypearl: hellloo to alll
texasupcwoman44: Any1 here
texasupcwoman44: Hello all
preciouspearl: Last night I so wanted some cherry nut icecream lol
samiam: Sugar smacks are wearing off..
samiam: Humm maybe I need to adjust my age
samiam: Haven't tried but I have seen someone doing that and it was cool tammy
samiam: Yes. There is hope
samiam: Yes a few
Tammy: there's hopeee LOL she was 10 years older than him too
Tammy: can you float and fish sam ?
Tammy: awww your in TX ...I see my girlfriend from my church just married a guy from TX ...she was on here
samiam: Ahh in TX its floating or tubing.
Tammy: so have any of you met anyone off here ?
Tammy: we call it tubing in FL lol
preciouspearl: I see
samiam: Sorry Tammy floating the river.
samiam: Floating the river pearl
samiam: Unless we get a real fella to chat.
preciouspearl: ? what that
Tammy: your tubinnn ?
samiam: Shure
samiam: Tks Pearl
Tammy: hi Sam...can I call you that ? lol
samiam: I like crokers they are funny fish
samiam: Relaxing..
samiam: Hi Tammy
preciouspearl: samiam nic pic and look at the glory beau ti ful
preciouspearl: too strong makes me shake bad
samiam: Monsters par me
Tammy: I do too samiam
samiam: Pearl..G5 sound effect is it a hit or miss.
Tammy: lolol I need some
samiam: I like salt water fishing
preciouspearl: ya I need to buy again and sink some ships sorry Im a bit giddy blame it on the Red Bull
Tammy: oh lord I haven't played that in years ...I use to play it with my boys loved it
preciouspearl: I played battleship last night it's alot much fun with the board game though
Tammy: what do you catch ?
preciouspearl: so cannot wait until Spring so I can do some fishin ready to real them in...
Tammy: ok ok I will even go from 40 to 56
Tammy: LOLOL....Im BORED can ya tell
preciouspearl: Go Tammy...
Tammy: we aren't called the sunshine state for nothinnnnn
preciouspearl: its well lit tonight!!
Tammy: any 50 year old men who love the Lord and are tired of the snow ...Come on downnnn
samiam: Poor Precious pearl...snow ice burr
Tammy: LOts of Fishinnnnn
Tammy: its been a bad winter Im glad I live here
samiam: You can keep it everyone is getting ready to plant gardens down hear..soon you made out good on you chocolate stock pile.
Tammy: its warm in Florida and sunshininnn
preciouspearl: well it was nice this morning but by late afternoon that disappear and I woke up to plenty of snow
samiam: Yeah..that's a good one Pearl. I was playing outside it was nice hear
m: hello
preciouspearl: Happy discounted chocolate day people!!! time to stock up ;)
preciouspearl: Hey Samiam where you at chica
preciouspearl: Hello ASN friends have a great day!!
samiam: Hi..Ho...I owe so that's why off to work I go. Just something random.
samiam: God is good
preciouspearl: hey everyone hows it going
weeze: HHappy valentines Day to every one.god bless.
texasupwoman44: howdy all how is everyone 2nite
jazmine: God bless everyone
samiam: Hi
preciouspearl: Hello
Bo: Evening
samiam: Yes he is
Tammy: The LORD is Good ! HE's our Provider and Protector ..HE's the GREAT I AM !! and HIS name is JESUS !! Woooohoooo
samiam: Needed to hear that Preciouspearl
preciouspearl: U2 be content with where you are and who you are.
Teresa: Happy Valentines Day to you all....
samiam: I am in and out a lot. Ready for the weekend
texasupcwoman44: Howdy whats up
samiam: It still cracks me up nicetomeetyou ...
samiam: Hay yall
texasupcwoman44: PTL ALL..hi all..any1 here
texasupcwoman44: Hi kim
nicetomeetyou: favorite animal it do not say pet....silly.
nicetomeetyou: favorite animal it do not say pet....silly.
Kim: anyone on here?
Kim: anyone on here?
Kim: anyone on here?
samiam: Thinking about his pet fried chicken..
preciouspearl: hey there nicetomeetyou long time lol
samiam: Is it at work today.
nicetomeetyou: hi people
samiam: Mummm.
samiam: Yes He is..
preciouspearl: Praise the Lord!! Great!!!
texasupcwoman44: PTL ALL HOW IS EVERY1
uhh: heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh ehehehhehehhehehehehhehehehehehhehe
samiam: Morning..nice hear
preciouspearl: Morning everyone!!
samiam: East TX
texasupcwoman44: Where r u from samiam
samiam: Burr good it's just us
texasupcwoman44: So how is every1, 2nite
texasupcwoman44: It is n i did lol i cant go not time lol
samiam: I think its Friday look on the upci web site
texasupcwoman44: Wow wished i had known id go im in dallas
samiam: Lufkin
texasupcwoman44: Hello borntobehis where is that conference at
texasupcwoman44: Borntobehis wheres this singles conference at
preciouspearl: Singles retreat Friday too
samiam: Hi
Kim: Hello
borntobehis: This Texas girl is excited about the Singles Conference on Friday
borntobehis: amen preciouspearl!! God knows our needs better than we know them ourselves!
Preciouspearl: hey texas
texasupcwoman44: How is everyone 2day
texasupcwoman44: Hello all from texas
Preciouspearl: The truth is not finding the right person but becoming the right person. We are only complete in God.
samiam: Lol
preciouspearl: nice...It's not cold here but it's chilly in the house :p
samiam: Sunny and blue sky's in the South at least in TX
preciouspearl: Hey there from the north
jazmine: Be strong and take courage.
Tivy: In the process of deleting acct. :(
Tivy: I am not a paying member and cannot reply to messages
samiam: Amen
jazmine: God bless everyone
samiam: Hi
jazmine: Hi
preciouspearl: ;)
samiam: Lots of good paying jobs for you.
preciouspearl: that I am
samiam: Your bi lingual English -Spanish?
samiam: Separately... Mumm shoe laces.mumm good
preciouspearl: thanks samiam I need all the prayer I can get
preciouspearl: phew...
samiam: Ohh no not like that
preciouspearl: listen here match maker I don't think so...
samiam: Nicetomeetyou
preciouspearl: what!
samiam: Idk about that he had me smiling a lot..I have been praying for you and him.
samiam: That's good he was funny the pet thing classic
samiam: Ok preciouspearl
preciouspearl: well he did say that hey found someone who knows maybe she found him now hehe
samiam: Where is nicetomeetyou..he is funny
preciouspearl: if I get a hurricane here I will personally have to come down and meet you samiam
samiam: Just a wet 36 ° hear
samiam: Idk you live with this we don't TX hot humid hurricanes
preciouspearl: hahaha you think I had to do anything with it
samiam: Ummm No..No..I was mumm just letting you know it got loose and you need to call it back home.
preciouspearl: ok fine. Ill take the snow in exchange for the Cold here
samiam: Your in the land of ice and snow we have your whether and you need to come and get it.
samiam: Its under simple stats..I was thinking it would be an auto thing.
preciouspearl: never tried it so don't know for sure
samiam: Hay pearl does your match list work?
samiam: Burrrr.burrr your welcome
preciouspearl: oh thanks
samiam: Like the pic Pearl it fits you
samiam: Hey I knew you could handle it Sister... Lol
preciouspearl: No worries I got this hehe
preciouspearl: oh your back. You left me to handle this alone lol thanks samiam
samiam: Smiles
preciouspearl: Matthew 13:46-Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.
preciouspearl: That's pretty much all I do...Ok. How did I do???
preciouspearl: Write in this little blue box that seems to get everyones attention or enter a chat room where no one goes
preciouspearl: My account>dec out your profile to your liking/change pics
preciouspearl: oops that tools
preciouspearl: Account>search near and far for mr. right/add to favorites/send messages
preciouspearl: Third when a man starts talking about a male order bride he is desperate :p
preciouspearl: Second of all if a man starts having conversation with another man its time to rescue them lol
preciouspearl: First of all ladies I know ASN works!
preciouspearl: psh...LOL!
samiam: That's all i know precious Pearl is who you should ask she is on hear a lot.
samiam: You can have favorites and send emails write on guest books.
weeze: Hi every new paid any what do u do .just brouseand thats it?
samiam: Yes he is
preciouspearl: Hello ASN God is so good all the time
Chelsea: Hey!!
samiam: Wow lots of people on right now.
samiam: She is back.. Aggg run.. Lol
preciouspearl: hello
preciouspearl: go to my account>upload images
Dana: I want to update my pictures but not sure how on this....
preciouspearl: arnt we all
samiam: I know me and I do I am under construction by Jesus and
preciouspearl: keep workin at it samiam you might have a long ways to go lol jk
samiam: Need to get ready for prayer meeting ttl
samiam: See we made nicetomeetyou happy with the food.
preciouspearl: I like Asian cuisine my favorite is stirfry, nam-kao, and Pho
nicetomeetyou: yes i like all the food
samiam: Biscuits got to have them
preciouspearl: that's ok samiam I take his jokes
preciouspearl: don't forget the coleslaw mmm...
samiam: And mash potatoes with gravy
preciouspearl: so do you like cornbread with your fried chicken
samiam: Think he is just playing with us pearl..but he is funny
samiam: Yep they do
preciouspearl: I think I got you figured out lol you love to joke and hey a woman needs that
preciouspearl: you never know she may nicetomeetyou
samiam: are some thing else nice to meet you. Use this humor in your profile.
nicetomeetyou: should i just forget it and stay single for life?
nicetomeetyou: she is on facebook if she will answer my email.
preciouspearl: Maybe she would if you would show yourself ;)
preciouspearl: you are too much lol
preciouspearl: awe...
nicetomeetyou: To bad she has not found me yet.
samiam: I am very happy for nicetomeetyou.
samiam: Quack says the duck
preciouspearl: have fun samiam its so nice out today
preciouspearl: happy for you nicetomeetyou
rebbeccaboogey: anybody whos a guy on from 18-32 or 34
samiam: Smiles..that is so good nicetomeetyou.
samiam: Raining hear but off of work.
nicetomeetyou: i found a girl on here i like.YAAAAAY!!!
preciouspearl: how is everyone Im good a day with some spa treatment
samiam: I cought you. Now your IT...haha
preciouspearl: lol
samiam: Giggling ok you go hide I will two
samiam: Smile God is there for you even if you don't know it at the time.
Amanda: Lol good one
samiam: Shhh Amanda sleeping
Amanda: Morning mmm not really just yet need few more zs
samiam: Nice to meet you you should say that you are looking for someone that has never been married. Leave the rest out. Sometimes less is better.
preciouspearl: preciouspearl is amandasaline ;)
preciouspearl: im here
preciouspearl: mine? LOL
preciouspearl: I know the perfect pic for you honest abe lol
nicetomeetyou: where is your profile?
nicetomeetyou: maybe i will put one on here when i get a little more brave.
preciouspearl: o wow!!
nicetomeetyou: i am amish....JUST
preciouspearl: where is your pic nicetomeetyou
nicetomeetyou: why is all the women on here so young or so old or whatever?
preciouspearl: I see that
nicetomeetyou: Hi i love fried chicken.
preciouspearl: hello nicetomeetyou
samiam: Yep we got to encourage him. The fried chicken comment made me giggle.
preciouspearl: besides he seems to be the only one of the few males to interact on here
preciouspearl: I liked that fried chicken pet hehe now that guy has humor
Tammy: ya hes trying Great job Nicetomeetyou LOL
samiam: I think he is trying.
preciouspearl: nicetomeetyou You are a trip LOL!!!
preciouspearl: careful there lol
samiam: Nice to meet you
samiam: Nicetomeetyou updated his profile
samiam: I am pearl now..
preciouspearl: oops I thought you were talking to me lol
samiam: Like your favorite animal nice to meet you.
preciouspearl: oh thanks. I don't think I'm the difficult just someone who loves the Lord with all their heart.
samiam: Texas precious Pearl..nice to meet you humm your honest about what type of person your looking for.
nicetomeetyou: lol
nicetomeetyou: whats wrong with my profile?????
preciouspearl: where you from again samiam
preciouspearl: o well Im good I get to talk to a sisiter lol
samiam: I think is just us
samiam: Hi Pearl..Its the Lords day I will rejoice and be glad.
preciouspearl: hey there samiam... Praise the Lord all!!!
samiam: He is back.but at least he is honest
borntobehis: Hello preciouspearl and Cory, praise the Lord!
Cory: Hey everyone
preciouspearl: hello everyone
samiam: The chat feature does not work with Android phones.
samiam: Hi ho..
karolynlj: just read nicetomeetyou profile. all i can say is he do not want a wife but a maid that does everything. sorry!
samiam: Si
preciouspearl: that is a catastrophe no....
samiam: The chat plugin is not supported on my Android phone.
borntobehis: me either but we should all start goin there to chat
samiam: I have not seen anyone in chat
borntobehis: this place is usually quiet, sighs, dont understand it, we should all just meet in the chat
borntobehis: lol all you need is me for what?? haha
samiam: I am new to this site
preciouspearl: lol I know...We've had some interesting conversation on here lately.
samiam: At least he was honest.
preciouspearl: hi tim
preciouspearl: now all we need is borntobehis and then we have a perfect conversation going LOL!!!! (y)
tim: Hi
preciouspearl: hehe
samiam: Your funny Pearl
preciouspearl: I see this place all lit up but oh so quiet lol
preciouspearl: im here for ya girl lol
samiam: Pearl you stay on
samiam: Hi
preciouspearl: hello
albino: Ellos pplssssss
preciouspearl: Shrim did not conquer his cancer but he got his miracle of more time than what the doctors told him...Thank you for your prayers.
borntobehis: I am so sorry to hear this preciouspearl!! God be with you today
weeze: Thought this was a Christan site?
weeze: I'm sorry for your loss..will be praying
(: Yeah watch it "uhh"
preciouspearl: I don't go chasin but I stand a waitin.
preciouspearl: hey I totally agree with you on that
samiam: We are to pray one for another.
preciouspearl: I see you how are you lol
samiam: Will do you too precious pearl
preciouspearl: today I lost a friend to pancreatic cancer his name is shrim please keep his family in your prayers thank you!
samiam: Yeah its Friday...if it only was payday too.. Lol Human condition never satisfied.
Mark: "uhh"... you might want to watch what you say on here.
uhh: Come get your butt scratcher!!!! Hahaha
uhh: Butt scratcher!!!!
preciouspearl: is everyone doing tonight
Tammy: wonder what he looks like LOLOL
samiam: Yep he gets points for being honest
Tammy: I had to laugh at the idiot LOLOLOL made me laughhhhhh
Tammy: Lord says there are very FEW that are any good ladies gotta wonder what he looks like (nicetomeetyou) LOLOLOL
Tammy: well at least the dude is being honest cause that's how most of them think any ways LOLOLOL
preciouspearl: by the way nicetomeetyou I would refer a dog than to match your profile.
preciouspearl: I know I read his profile too and for me personally I was appalled but like I said this is my opinion
samiam: I agree with you precious pearl.
preciouspearl: lol nicetomeetyou you are something else so :x good luck
preciouspearl: hello nice to meet you
samiam: Sorry nice to meet you I just read your profile. Have a good day.
samiam: I have a 0 on fav on remote list.
samiam: Hi nicetomeetyou
samiam: I am trying to learn this site.
nicetomeetyou: any single pretty women on here?
preciouspearl: I thought that fav on remote list is the ppl who said you were there favorite
samiam: I think favorites is the people your interested in I know you can see the last date they were online if they are in your favorite list.
samiam: I am thinking about membership but so much is out of date. I am trying to figure this site out as well
Sanctified1: oops. double post. I must've put much emphasis on that one. *Whistling*
Sanctified1: What is a "favorite on remotes list" in the stats?
Sanctified1: What is "a favorite on remote list" in the stats?
Sanctified1: I'm thinking about a membership here. Why do I never see anyone online? Success testimonies are way out of date as well. I'm confused.
borntobehis: that is the singles conference link
preciouspearl: samiam lol you are too much but I have to give you credit for trying to figure it out.
Tammy: wow lots of people on tonight
Tammy: I was born and raised in Ohio and I love the South been here 27 years
samiam: Wed so Jean skirt..mumm now to work on the
samiam: Agg I have to figure that one out.
preciouspearl: Ladies don't tell you don't have these issues
preciouspearl: gettin ready to go and worship the king now what to wear???
preciouspearl: LOL!!!
borntobehis: Tammy I wish I was there, I am thinking about visiting Fl in March
borntobehis: lol preciouspearl, I used to live in Minnesota and that was all the cold and snow I ever wanna see
preciouspearl: Does anyone like the North here at all??? all you guys from the east coast and the south seems to me.
preciouspearl: you can keep your hurricanes I'll stick to my blizzards hehe at least I know spending it inside wont wash me out...
Tammy: 80 today thank the LORD !!
Tammy: Florida is called the Sunshine state we have the best weather LOLOL
preciouspearl: did you get some too? Man I thought I sent it all east to my friend :p
borntobehis: Its not supposed to snow here, so please take your snow back!! haha
borntobehis: yall can have all the snow you want! I love my Texas weather
preciouspearl: love snow tubing but it's been about a decade since I last went
preciouspearl: it's not all that bad some days are really nice
Hello: Yeah.. i love love to play with snow one day but i don't think i could live up there. Only if God made me lol i'll do anything for Him
preciouspearl: very carefully lol no we adapt to it
Hello: Lol yeah i would probably freeze to death up there! Idk how yall do it.
preciouspearl: ill be alright im a lifer lol
Hello: Wow.. i hear its very cold up there.. i stay in Fla its toasty down here...
preciouspearl: I am good waiting for this cold weather to quickly pass
Hello: I am good how are you?? -Humble
Hello: God changed me, freed me,liberated me! Praise God i am redeemed!
preciouspearl: How is Humble239 tonight?
preciouspearl: so much for conversation around here
albino: Booboo lol
borntobehis: I live in Texas
preciouspearl: I am from Minnesota-Amanda
Teresa: I am from Indiana
marantha: praise the Lord Praise the Lord
preciouspearl: where is everyone from
borntobehis: Friday night will be lots of fun and dinner, Sat will be powerful preaching
borntobehis: There will be a singles conference in Lufkin Texas Feb 14-15
borntobehis: I have met up with several of the singles, ladies and men at many of the conferences.
Amanda: I did meet someone last year but they decided to take another path and I am happy for him that's all I can say.
borntobehis: I have known of people to meet from here and get married!
teresa: I am a new member on here, has there been any luck on this site?
preciouspearl: people are shy. I can be too but I open up quite quick. Lord bless have a awesome day in the house of the Lord!
borntobehis: yes we tried!! Wonder why no one really communicates in here much, lol
preciouspearl: oh well we tried lol
borntobehis: I think I failed the test, lol
samiam: Maybe..
amandasaline: did I pass lol
borntobehis: Ohhhh no, not the test!
samiam: This is a test only a test..beep..Beeep.
samiam: Hi y'all
amandasaline: What's the most radical thing God has asked you to do?
amandasaline: I am so ready to see the AMAZING!
Amanda: Hello Samiam how are ya
samiam: Umm.. Hi
Amanda: ahem Hello....
Amanda: Truthfully right here is your main spot for communication. If I am on don't be afraid to say hello I don't bite.
Kim: It is frusterating!
borntobehis: Wow, not sure what happened there!
borntobehis: joesmilin, dont give up so easily. There are many ways to communicate
borntobehis: joesmilin, dont give up so easily. There are many ways to communicate
borntobehis: joesmilin, dont give up so easily. There are many ways to communicate
borntobehis: joesmilin, dont give up so easily. There are many ways to communicate
borntobehis: joesmilin, dont give up so easily. There are many ways to communicate
borntobehis: lol Mark, I have gone in there and just sat and no one came in either
joesmilin2: I hope I didn't waste my money on this site
Mark: no one else goes there. I'm not going there to chat with myself.
borntobehis: Amen, all the time God is good!
Amanda: God is so GOOD!
borntobehis: So tell us why you dont go there Mark? hehe
borntobehis: I am so glad I get to go to church tonight!! Praise the Lord!!
preciouspearl: did anyone get a chance to go BOTT14
Mark: good question, borntobehis
preciouspearl: Kim I agree. Mighty move of God. What a refreshing!!
Kim: Church was Awesome anyone seeing this? at all?
amandasaline: cant wait for church
borntobehis: Wish we had church tonight!! Ours is tomorrow!
Tammy: Praise the Lord ...Church tonight !!!
Amanda: Good morning!! Hope everyone has a great day...
borntobehis: Some of the best times I have had with peeps is in the chat room
borntobehis: Ok why does no one go into the chat room here?
SueHanks: hi, new here
Clarification: hello
nicetomeetyou: hi folks hi folks
thea: hi im new here.. where can i find the list of all members here im tis site? ... you can also look me up on facebook via thea tacadena
Braam: Good Night!!
amandasaline: Well Good night everyone. God Bless!!
amandasaline: its back to single life lol
amandasaline: I am well. Just working on my degree be finished next year.
Braam: Doing good Amanda, How are you?
amandasaline: Hey Braam how are ya
ACTS238: Praise the Lord everyone. You can find me on Facebook
amandasaline: to Love48 the last time I was on here was Sept 2013
amandasaline: We must not let ourselves get so distracted in life that we lose focus of our purpose.
amandasaline: God Bless
Casey007: Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!
Love48: Praise the lord to everyone
Love48: It is has been a long time since I have been on.
Love48: Hello
amandasaline: hello to all
amandasaline: well take care guys time for me to step out
Humble: Amen to that!!
amandasaline: well said
Casey007: Greater is he that's in me than he that's in the world!!!
Humble: Your welcome
amandasaline: thanks!! I appreciate it
Humble: Aww i'll pray for u sis. I hope you get better!
amandasaline: im good battling a virus for the last week
Humble: Pretty good how about yourself sis?
amandasaline: hows it going
Humble: Hello
amandasaline: this place is quiet hellooooo....
amandasaline: hello
ang: anyone ever on here?
cb: hello
Becca: Hi
amandasaline: Shout out from Minnesota!!! Just wanted to say hello and that I got some snow for sale so take all you want ;)
Tammy: Mike Williams preaches Wednesday
Tammy: you can watch it live on Pentecostals of Alexandria web page
Tammy: Because of the Times this week ..Jeff Arnold preching Thursday nite
CB: Good, how about you?
albino: how is everyonw :P
marantha: praise the Lord Praise the Lord
albino: Praise the.lord pals
Ayana: There's no friend like the Lord Jesus
CB: Hello everyone
Onetruth545king: Hello
thea: hui
taylor: Hi! Just started back at college. I think my church is going to see great revival in our town. PRaise Jesus!
marantha: ptl hello ptl
weeze: you have to pay befir you can view the orifiles.
weeze: Hey
Veronica: God is good!!! Ahhh
Tammy: WoW what a Great service tonight Thank God !!
Michele: before I pay the $$...question for Sisters. Have you met nice guys??
Me: )
Tammy: suppose to be 80 degrees today PRAISE GOD id all I have to say
Tammy: Rain rain go away come back another day !! lol
me: Amen to that sister Tammy!
Chelsea: Hey!!
Tammy: Praise the LORD !!!
Tammy: I tell ya what its weeks like this that I am glad I live in Florida WOW
MissEve: Evening world
Veronica: Hello any vary there?
steph: hey guys
steph: Im 18
steph: Hey
uhh: your weird
hey!: I like to move it move it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man boob: Happy NewYear!!!!
Jerry: Im setting my sites, victory is imminent.
Jerry: We need to be encouraged to Take God Seriously! This is a year of rekonning
Jerry: Praise God! Welcome to 2014 everyone.
Reaxio: Hello!
me: Amen!! Praise the Lord!! I heard y'all are in revival!! Im praying for y'all!
Tammy: 50......and our church is too we are redoing upstairs with my seats
(: 27
): I'm 27
me: Im 28 and the church is growing! Praise the Lord!! How old are you?
Debra: Hello is there anyone here
Tammy: How bigs the church now
Tammy: How old are you ?
Tammy: no but I know them ...knew them before they took the church ....
me: So have you been here before? in Immokalee.
Tammy: I figured you di when you said your were in Immokalee lol
me: I been to your church for the service they had for Bro. Easons Sr. Right before he passed.
me: Wow!! I go to church here in town with Bro. Easons bro in law Pastor Rios.
Rocky94: Hi folks!
Tammy: ok Im in Port Charlotte I go to Easons in Bradenton...where do you go?
me: Immokalee.. Its between Ft Myers and Naples.
Tammy: Sarasota area how bout you ?
me: What part of southwest florida
Angrl: Anyone on?
Angrl: Hello
CaitlynElise94: I'm from Missouri!!
Tammy: Hey so do I !!
skylight: bluh
Nicole: Hey
skylight: um, hello?
me: Hey i live in Southwest Florida!!!
janay: Hi
Tammy: Hi from Southwest Florida the Sunshine state !! LOLOL wooohooo love Florida
Nic: Hey! How's everyone doing?!
me: Hello
liz: hi
janay: hi
Debra: Hello
shawn: too bad it costs 49 bucks.. sadly i dont have that to pay
shawn: wow this is nifty
Jovelyn: Hello everyone!
janay: How is everyone
janay: hi
Dreamer: Hello Everyone
Boardwalk 35: Praise the Lord everybody Praise the Lord everybody
Acts238: oh boy that went on twice.
Acts238: Hello Sugar u where u at? Hello Sugar where u at?
Snowqueen: Hello
MRB-GIJOE: I am good
Charisse: Hi,how are you?from philippines here.
MRBGIJOE: Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
gods#1inmylife: Hellow
Miracle: hello
Angel: Hello from Clarksville, TN
Jovelyn: Hello
Jordan1993: Hey there
MRBGIJOE: something federal/inernational etc
Suzy28: What do you want to do with it?
MRBGIJOE: yeah I have high aspirations in it
Suzy28: It's a fun career
Suzy28: Hey MRBGIJOE I love it!
MRBGIJOE: Wow Suzy thats too cool, I am finishing up criminal justice
sjbhermtown: right on
Suzy28: Administration of Justice
Suzy28: Administration of Justice
sjbhermtown: what are you going to school for
Suzy28: Thanks!
sjbhermtown: thats good im happy for u
Suzy28: Great! I took two test Passed both of the with an A
sjbhermtown: how was it
Suzy28: Just got out of school
sjbhermtown: just got home from work a lil bit ago hbu
Suzy28: Nice! Good to hear
sjbhermtown: pretty good
Suzy28: I'm doing good how about you?
sjbhermtown: how are you tonight
sjbhermtown: hello
Suzy28: Hello
geribells: pittsburgh pa here
geribells: Hi everyone
Boardwalk 35: I'am in Richmond,In.
Boardwalk 35: Hello everybody
fall: Hello!
charisse: i'm from Philippines..:-),how are you?
charisse: Hello..
Suzy28: Hello everyone
Lexigrl02: Mornin Mornin Mornin' everybody
Miracle: Goodmorning
Suzy28: I'm from The beautiful state of Az
sjbhermtown: portland oregon
Suzy28: Where are you from?
Suzy28: Strange
sjbhermtown: your pic disappeared and i didnt get a reply so i thought u got off
Suzy28: Yea same here
Suzy28: Yea I'm still here
sjbhermtown: u still there
sjbhermtown: pretty good jus got home a few min ago
Suzy28: I'm doing good how about yourself
sjbhermtown: how r u
Suzy28: Hello
sjbhermtown: hello
Suzy28: Ooops! Didn't mean to post the same question 5times sorry
Suzy28: Hello anyone here?
Suzy28: Hello anyone here?
Suzy28: Hello anyone here?
Suzy28: Hello anyone here?
Suzy28: Hello anyone here?
True: I think they to make renovations to this site
Miracle: For what I'm reading it doesn't seem like a good website? Is it worth $49 membership?
Miracle: Goodmorning everyone!
really: If it work Elias then why are u in here? ijs
ooooh: 3<-----8
Elias: It does work! I met a woman through here and am now in a relationship with her. Prayer is the best way!
Suzy: PTL!
shira: I think they just ripped off 49.00 , any one else having this problem?
shira: no success on getting any one to answer a post.
shira: I paid for a membership on this site and so far it's a dud
shira: praise the lord
melanie: Good morning
Suzy: Good morning everyone!
weeze: IIalso want to thank all.who have.and who are fighiting.for our country.god bless you All.
weeze: SSorry this is me.not
hi.I: And i don't under stand the chat room all.
hi.I: so u mean.I'm so new at this?If you don't mind me asking.
Suzy28: Happy Veterans Day! I want to thank everyone that has served our country. God Bless You all
SA: I could be wrong.
SA: I haven't bought the membership because I feel like it's not an active site
AM: As for being worth the money, it depends in who you ask. I will say it's cheaper than the primary competitor by a long shot.
AM: Weeze, the site is fairly easy to work. There are a couple of search types to let you look for people and a couple of communication methods.
Miracle: Hello!
melanie: Good Day everyone!
hi.I: hi I'm weeze.I'm trying to figure thing out.?onthis site is it worth thr money.and is it easy to work.?
hill1: No one is ever on at the same time
HeavenSmiles: I think there would be more activity if people would go in the chat room to chat, instead of posting on this board.
steph: Acts238 is a perve
Miracle: Hello Acts238!
Miracle: Heather did you figure it out?
Acts238: Hello Ms. how are u? Hello Ms. how r you?
Heather Sullivan: yes I am
Miracle: I know! I'm not a paying member, but I feel there isn't much activity in this site.
HeavenSmiles: I am not a paying member. I don't understand why everyone doesn't go in the chat room. It's FREE to chat in there. I think it would be more fun!
Miracle: Are you a paying member?
Heather Sullivan: It says I need to visit the "match" , Not sure what that is??
Heather Sullivan: Im not sure how to navigate, maybe you can help me out :o) Im not sure how to navigate, maybe you can help me out! lol
HeavenSmiles: Hi
Mirale: Hello Welome Heather
Heather Sullivan: Hello all :o)
Mirale: Sorry for my typo
stephanie: Thank you Elias ;)
Miracle: It seems like this site is dead not much activity here going on
Miracle: Anyways, how are you?
Miracle: Hey Elias, I've spoken to you before I decided to use Miracle as my chatting name instead.
Elias: Hi miracle, where have you been lately? lol everyone could use you right about now lol :P
Elias: Absolutely love your pictures Stephanie ;).
Miracle: Hello Everyone!
stephanie: Ok. I will email you soon
Elias: It didnt work so email me at They nixed your email address. They seem good about that. Hope to hear from you.
stephanie: Hope I did that right lol let me know.
stephanie: ldtheking
Elias: Okay. Well seeing how they dont have a way to search by user name will you link your profile in here please ;). Talk to you later!
stephanie: I meant as in email ;) my address is in my profile on here.
Elias: Okay. When i get off work ill mail you. Were you talking mail on here or mingle? Ill check this later for your response. : )
stephanie: Not a member so it won't let me sign your guest book Elias. email me
stephanie: stephanieann82 is my name on christian mingle
stephanie: Im from Indiana
Elias: Where you from Stephanie? Im from Columbus, Ohio ;).
Elias: You also have a prayer wall, inspiring messages and a searchable Bible.
Elias: You have the option to just send smiles as responses so that you don't have to pay to be a member.
Elias: Well Stephanie mingle is more active and the chat actually works. If you do go on there my user name is pianomanj82.
stephanie: I agree. I was a bit weary about christian mingle may give it a try if you can refine it
Elias: Jesus Christ bless you all abundantly times 7 in all of your ways both spiritually and physically.
Elias: I'm over at christianmingle as well. Believe it or not there are a lot of apostolic people on there if you refine the search.
Elias: I'm not going to lie though, this site seems to be pretty dead. Chat system, mail system, and guestbook system are slow.
Elias: ;)
Elias: Yes I am here!
Elias: Hello!
HeavenSmiles: Hello!
d: there are many out there:}
d: oh yes
HeavenSmiles: Hi, is anyone out there?
marantha: Hey all
Elias: Well Im off so ill talk to you all later!
Elias: Okay thanks Ill send you a short mail with a photo okay.
Elias: I put my email in your guestbook.
Elias: What is your email?
Elias: They removed your email because of the terms.
Suzy28: Im not a paying member, but I did pos t my email
Suzy28: My profile name is Suzy28
Elias: for my profile on here.
Elias: nj is the link :)
Elias: I'm doing good suzy. Hey I would like to know more about you. Want to check out my profile, user name is pianomanj. How about yours?
Suzy28: Good Morning everyone!
JGlirb4: hi new to this but I am from the mid west
faithgirl1: Hello from Alabama any one else
karolynlj: hey, ya!
Suzy28: Hey Elias Everything is good. How about things with you?
Elias: 31 single male XD
Elias: How is everything going for you Suzy?
Elias: Hi Hi
Suzy28: Is everyone here from the Mid W Is everyone here from the Mid Weest and East Coast?
Suzy28: Hello
Elias: I-O
Elias: O-H
Suzy28: Hello Everyone
Lexigrl02: anyone from wi?
ryan: anybody ?
ryan: hi
HeavenSmiles: Anyone out there tonight?
Audacious: 21 years old, single female is South Dakota! 6052221177
samuel: is there any ladies that want to chat with a pentecostal preacher? text me 501 818 0402 im 31 single from arkansas
samuel: hey
HeavenSmiles: Why doesn't people go in the chat room?
HeavenSmiles: Hi!
sjbhermytown: HELLO HELLO
sjbhermytown: Hello
sjbhermytown: Hello
stephanie: In Columbus Indiana!!! Ladies conference2013. Having such a blast. God is good
Tammy: your welcome
steph: HI
steph: hey
stteph: hello
celi: Thanks Tammy!!
ana: Hello
Tammy: sorry to see you leave ;0(
Tammy: you can e-mail Gary he owns the site at and he will :0)
celi: Can someone tell me how I can delete my profile! Thank you
beth: A true man of God
Michael: anyone just as bored and want to talk hit me up on yahoo at smichaelm2003 at yahoo.
janay: Hi everyone
karolynlj: look like u r!
PTL!!: Am I the only one that should be writing a paper for class and is on here instead? lol (back hurting and all)
karolynlj: today, church was good like always!!!
Jana: Hello
Phillip: Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!
stephanie: Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday. I'm headed to church!! Dedication service. Bishop Deeds is preaching.
karolynlj: can not wait tomorrow is church!!! let get our praise on!!!
melissasaenz: Hello everyone.
sjbhermytown: Hello
karolynlj: hi
Phillip: Hello
karolynlj: wish, wish, wish...hummm wish
karolynlj: hope ur pastor has safe return...
Mars: Hello
stephanie: Prayers going up
bradg24: I hope everyone had a great weekend. Please pray for my pastor as he is in Wash DC with a school trip. Making surehe has a safe return.
karolynlj: hi
bradg24: Hello everyone
karolynlj: hope everybody is having a great weekend!
karolynlj: goodnight, just tired been at the church cleaning!
karolynlj: just change my profile bout me
Tammy: you Texan you !~!
jojo53: Tammy it is absolutely fantastic as always!! But you know that already.
karolynlj: it is so hard finding the guy...
karolynlj: good luck on finding that...
iamfree: wanted:single never been married woman with lots of money and she must be pretty.
Tammy: jojo how is the Great state of TEXAS ????
bassplayer: hello
mae dela: Hello bass player
theza: hi revnant we can chat but i dont know how to do it here
theza: hi revnant, thank you for your comment, i try to answer you in inbox but they didnt grant me
meno2: Don't Live in KY but always in KY
Brenda: Do not bill me delete me if I am still on here.
Brenda: If you live in ky. And is over 50. Give me shout. Ok
Brenda: How about ky
Brenda: Hello
Wayne: Nobody from anywhere
karolynlj: nobody from al or ms
arch1: good preaching yea yea
arch1: Anyone going to West Coast Conf. Fresno?
Bill: I am not going to the ECC but I will be listening to it on Holy Ghost Radio!
Wayne: This site is like watching grass grow
reach4thelost: Is anyone going to East Coast Conference at end of Oct in Durham. NC
Kimberly: So lively lol
Wayne: Or anywhere else
Wayne: No body from grorgia
Andy: Anyone from Ohio?
Daniel Bates: go 2 facebook an we can talk!
myhope: Hi Pris how are you? not much happening on this site.
Pris: Hello everyone!! How's it going?
Wayne: Everybody is to faraway
Jerry: Praise the Lord!
rebbecca: I wish everybody wasn't so far away so I could find someone
rebbecca: I wish everybody wasn't so far away so I could find someone
myhope: I thought pentecostals love fellowship and chatting but I don't see that on this site.
jess: New here
Wayne: This site is not very active at all
myhope316: Yes I agree with you
Ibsaint51: This site would be more fun if we used the Chat room..jus'saying
Reach4: Does anyone ever chat?? Never see anyone there.
Wayne: If you do. Its happening slow. pray for it to be completed
Wayne: Tammy do you remember what I told you about what the prophet said
Tammy: hows it going ?
Tammy: hi Wayne
Wayne: The ephod means alot to me
Wayne: Hi tammy that sounds wonderful
myhope316: Oh wow...halleluya and praise God
Tammy: we had 24 baptized on Sunday morning right in a row woooHoooo
hi: Praise God !!
hi: we live in the New Covenant ........not the Old the ephod means nothing to us ..........But The HG means EVERYTHING
myhope: /T high priest wear the ephod on the outside or on their shoulder but we are blessed and privileged to have Jesus on the inside.
myhope: And without him dwelling in us (ephod) we have no holiness and annointing. G/B
Wayne: We wear the ephod through his holliness
hi: nothing ..........we have JESUS the HG lives in us
Wayne: What dose that mean for us. Ephod
Amanda: ephod-is a breast plate worn by the priest that has the jewel in it for each tribe of Israel.
myhope: In Exodus 27 and 28 pls read
hi: in the Old testament
Wayne: Where is the ephod
myhope: Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD..Everything is possible to them that believe.
myhope: No mountains too high and no valleys too low for Jesus that he cannot move or reach.
Kimberly: How's everyone's weekend going?!
Wayne: Im waiting on Jesus to move some mountains for me
myhope316: Looking forward to what God has for me in the service today
Faithgirl: This Sunday will be Praising in Tenn. Next Sunday in Michigan. I will praise Him every place I go
Faithgirl: Praise The Lord from Alabama
stephanie: Patience is a virtue ;)
nick: ! have no matches on this site. whats the deal with that?
myhope: If God be for us who can be against us Romans 8:31
Tammy: Praise the LORD !!
myhope: With God anything is possible
myhope: Have a good day every one
daisy32: We Glorify your your name JesusJesus
Acts238: Praise the Lord from upper Michigan
Anita: Praise the Lord from New Mexico
meno2: Praise the Lord from Ohio
Anita: good evening again everyone
Pris: Hey everyone
Anita: have a good evening everyone
janay: hi everyone
Liz: Howdy from Washington state
Jacob: Praise the Lord
Kimberly: Guess nobody really talks on this thing lol
daisy32: Thank to God for this
josh: thanks
Kimberly: Welcome :-)
josh: new to this...
Kimberly: Heyy (:
josh: hey everyone!
Amanda: o wow...
karolynlj: now this is rocking!!!
jojojack: hello
Vicky 0809: Hello
Boardwalk 35: It's a honor to be baptized in Jesus name and filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost!
HeIsMyJoy: Praise the Lord everyone He is our strength!
Amanda: Put a little Jesus in that step!!!
daisy: to GOD BE D GLORY!!!!!!!!!
Amanda: hey here from MN
Vicky 0809: Hi from Indiana
Amanda: Come on guys these lovely ladies want to find out how great you are. ;)
Amanda: My God is Awesome
Wayne: I got a praise and I got to let it out
Anita: Anyone want to shout??
Anita: Oh, ok, thanks.
Lawrence: Hey Anita don't be discouragesd occasionally guys will get on here and talk to each other.
Amanda: People rarely use the chat room Anita. Sorry men but you are shy. Anita if you want conversation right here is the place. Have a good day.
Anita: anyone ever use the chatroom? If so, how do you get other people on it
Anita: Hi
janay: hi everyone
Anita: I must be getting on at the wrong times because I can never start a dialogue with anyone....................
Anita: Shout? shout
karolynlj: not to me it did not...
Lawrence: I apologize if that comment offended .
Kimberly: Well mine will be too this weekend cause I have to work Saturday...
karolynlj: weekend is just another day...
Kimberly: The start to another weekend!!!
karolynlj: what is fri?
Kimberly: Ahh... I can't reply to messages cause I'm not a member....
Kimberly: Anybody else ready for Friday??? LoL
karolynlj: yup u r right, pentecostals is not good at dating!
singlefish: we have a married couple and an engaged couple in my church from this site
Lawrence: Hang in there. you have to take the initiative. You didn't expect Pentecostals to be great at dating did you?
HeIsMyJoy: Sent missionary family to Hungry this past Ties.....thank you Jesus
karolynlj: just do not give up just stay strong!
karolynlj: when i look on this site with some ppl they have. it all depend what u looking for?
jyeauxee1: I'm starting to regret the $50
jyeauxee1: So, has anybody had success with this site?
karolynlj: so who on tonight?
karolynlj: nope just alabama
Wayne: Any girls from Georgia
lulu: How you doin scott?
karolynlj: hope ya have a wonderful church service!
SusanKy: Curtis Beckham, I was talking about you and Robin Fann getting engaged. Congrats!
Amanda: YES!!!
karolynlj: so glad tomorrow is sunday!
karolynlj: so who is on?
karolynlj: now i am back i walk a mile then run a mile. now, trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow!
Amanda: Easier to root for. I like to watch from the benches then across the screen L-R lol
Amanda: i like college football better and its not because all the cute guys in uniform its because I know who they are
Lawrence: Laters.
karolynlj: well, peace out!
karolynlj: amanda, it is ok but alabama game was so good if ya miss it then u miss a game!
Lawrence: Sup
Amanda: awesome song from IBC
Amanda: hey
janay: hi everyone
Lawrence: Lol
Amanda: umm Go Roll Tide Go lol whatever that means...sorry Im not good with sports but I think its football thing lol
Amanda: O yes and today is turkey day in my town but but but it just has to rain...
karolynlj: even i had to work but it is good bout to watch alabama vs texas a&m. go roll tide!
karolynlj: sound like ya had a good day.
Amanda: Section 1 ladies that was bomb! Let's do that again.
Lawrence: Yo Wayne be nice bro.
Lawrence: I am!!
karolynlj: anybody having a good morning?
Tammy: there are apostolic singles groups on Face Book
Wayne: Its not save your money
Anita: Whoa, just discovered the lobby?? Not a paying member yet trying to decide if its worth it
Anita: Does anybody know if this shout board is live?
Anita: Anyone online to chat?
greg: There has got to be a place where apostolics are going online to talk that we havent heard of!
greg: Wish this thing was live
Lawrence: To you as well.
Lawrence: Sleep also helps expressiveness lol gnight
karolynlj: nice talking to ya!
karolynlj: hate it but got to go to bed!
karolynlj: yup it is!
Lawrence: Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you
Lawrence: I would definitely agree.That's a conversation that makes and keeps friends
karolynlj: to me hopefully my future husband but right now is God!
karolynlj: best conversation u ever had is the one that does not end u always pick up where u left off
Lawrence: From this site?
Lawrence: What do you mean?
karolynlj: think really hard bout it...
Lawrence: Just by being on the shout box people can learn and.appreciate your. personality. Happy hunting!!
karolynlj: what is the best conversation u ever had?
Lawrence: Just a few things that might help.
karolynlj: thanks, lawerence!
karolynlj: i will try to make some changes maybe tomorrow night.
karolynlj: just mainly a country girl!
Lawrence: Could be anything. For me it was that you ride four wheelers. That stuck out in my mind.
karolynlj: what that?
Lawrence: And a couple things that make you incredibly special that will stick out in a guys mind
Lawrence: If i want to know about you i would want to know if you love God what kind of person you are what things you like to do
karolynlj: well, i was never good at english on writing story...
karolynlj: so what should it say?
Lawrence: Tell people about yourself as if you were describing the main carachter of an awesome story!!
Lawrence: Sorry you gotta.
karolynlj: lawerence, i am not good expressing myself at all.
Lawrence: On sites like this you must express yourself. Profiles all speak in the same tone. You gotta ad style for people to want to know you. Sad but true.
karolynlj: so how ur day been?
karolynlj: ok, thanks...u r my go to guy for advice on guys lol
Lawrence: Ones like so what kind of things do you like in a person. it requires them to describe to you. then when they tell you their answer ask them why.
karolynlj: huh?
karolynlj: hi, back!
Lawrence: You realize this media only lends itself to people who are more expressive
karolynlj: what a open ended questions? when it come to guy so
janay: hi
karolynlj: how can a woman get a guy attention?
Lawrence: Try asking open ended questions without direct answers. It should make him talk a little more.
karolynlj: just think he is a lost cause but do not know
karolynlj: really!!! this one guy i talk to we do have alot in common but i am asking all the questions
Lawrence: Yeah i gotta start exercising too!
Lawrence: Hehe were like kids if you wait to long or don't move around enough you'll lose our attention. Lol
karolynlj: guys r so hard to figure out just can not tell when they want to talk or not
karolynlj: i guess the other guy left not to many ppl on the chat room
karolynlj: need to start back exercise
Lawrence: I imagine so
karolynlj: lawerence it help pass the time really quick
karolynlj: to the j guy have u ever been to the singles conference they have in germantown,tn
Lawrence: Hmm never used it that way before...
karolynlj: who really have some college football tomorrow?
karolynlj: but it when me and god has our time to talk...
Lawrence: Yup it does help unless I'm just trying to thrash myself for being lazy .
karolynlj: it does help after a stressful day
karolynlj: lol...
jyeauxee1: Running relieves my anxiety
Lawrence: I usually start running really heavy when i see pudge.
karolynlj: also to lose weight..
karolynlj: yup i sure do...if not trust me u will not want to be around
Lawrence: You run to relax?
karolynlj: sorry, it took me so long but my run took longer tonight got alot to take off my chest.
karolynlj: welcome aboard! i really do not know but ppl has found somebody!
jyeauxee1: I am new to this site. How has it been for others?
karolynlj: anybody want to chat i be back at 8pm going for a run...
karolynlj: but my alabama football i am going miss alittle bit...:(
karolynlj: i found out today that i am working tomorrow all i can say is overtime.
karolynlj: sorry, had to go groceries shopping now bout to go for a run...
Lawrence: Feel like that guy that's in a chat room by himself.
Lawrence: Just me!
karolynlj: wonder who on this now?
karolynlj: man, i got to miss this conversation again...
Lawrence: Very poetic. I was just wanting to see what all you would say....
steph: This makes me laugh
Amanda: K Lawrence too many quiet people on here watching me rattle off to myself I need some help. O.o
Amanda: The grass is wet and dew on the windshield o what fun...
Amanda: I feel the fall upon us as it as the temperature get cooler in the morning forcing me to start my car early before i leave.
Lawrence: Lol you caught me
Amanda: I knew it!!!
Lawrence: Zzzz zzz zzzzz
Amanda: mmm I dont think Lawrence is home :(
Amanda: Lawrence lets shows these guys how a real conversation is held lol
Amanda: sure is quiet
Amanda: I am a daughter of the living God loved cherished and adored above all else.
karolynlj: lol coversation is lol!!!
Amanda: i see time to jet but ill come back very soon ;)
Lawrence: Lol no i misused the comma i was talking to Cindy about us.
Amanda: hey seeking sorry another busy day i tell ya nice to meet you also
Lawrence: Amanda, seeking and i try to keep things going but sometimes it just dies .
CindyJean: I am on fb CindyJean LovesJesus LOL there is never no one here
Lawrence: Sup
Kimberly: Good Morning!!! :-)
Amanda: Hello
Lawrence: Lol sup. sorry a dudes the first one to say hi.
sjbhermytown: No takers to say hello
sjbhermytown: Hello
seeking: Wow....i hate that i cant do anything til i pay!! I have bills that take priority right now! Ugh!!!
Lawrence: Ok
Amanda: so humor me then
Lawrence: Hehe you asked!
Amanda: O boy
Lawrence: Lol i can try but expect your teacher to give you a "c" for comedy lol.
Amanda: (scratching my head) just guessing lol
Lawrence: What makes you think i know business law?
Amanda: Come help me with Business Law its a pain
Lawrence: ? Whaaaat fo me?
Amanda: :p
Lawrence: Sup
angelina: Hey
Lawrence: Lol
Amanda: shucks i was really counting on it...
Lawrence: Not gonna be able to make it today I'm on aflight for home . Have a great service though!
Amanda: what a busy day but can't wait to get into God's house and worship in unison with body of Christ...
Lawrence: Hmm still I'm not partial to accents only. Glad to see you're on.
Amanda: it just doesnt get any better than that ;)
Lawrence: Lol had a couple maldovan friends i could see where it would be nice.
Amanda: I think Wayne is in it for the accent lol
Lawrence: Russian? Why's that?
Wayne: You need one from Russia
Amanda: I can only imagine hehe
Lawrence: Thats hilarious!
Lawrence: Lolololol
Kimberly: Go for it!!!
Lawrence: So kim the subject is me getting a mail order bride
Amanda: you crack me up
Kimberly: Heyyyyyyyyyy guys!! :-)
Lawrence: Not sure pastor would approve though.... hmm
Amanda: lol o wow
Lawrence: No kidding
Amanda: LOL
karolynlj: lol...i miss alot..what a
Amanda: desperate times call for desperate measures i guess lol
Lawrence: Lololol yeah i know right?!
Amanda: o wow
Lawrence: My friend just suggested if all else fails i should get a mail order bride from China.
Lawrence: Lol
Amanda: ok i added you
Amanda: never mind i found your pic
Lawrence: Yup that's me!
Amanda: pic with a group of friends
Lawrence: Gah guy bailed on me...
Amanda: ok junior ill go look
Lawrence: Um my last names mouton and I'm a junior
Amanda: ha ha ha
Lawrence: Lol a lot of Lawrences huh
Amanda: um ok that isn't going to work so Ill see you when you find me
Amanda: ill try to find you and add you since you runnin like a chicken with your head cut off lol
Amanda: o my
Lawrence: Trying to set up for a bible study. a little nervous and running around like crazy lol.
Amanda: ill be look for ya
Lawrence: Sorry Amanda ill just have to find you on Facebook
Amanda: o bummer
Amanda: taking notes for an algebra class and this is not my subject. I go to school online.
Amanda: hey lawrence I missed you again well ill try back again at 330 central time how is that for an alarm ding ding lol
Lawrence: Just get off of work?
Lawrence: Yeah I'm sure the administrators could make one eventually.
Amanda: Thanks Lawrence I did...I know its hard to catch people on here to talk to there really isnt a notification like we have on facebook.
seeking: Still no one. How do people meet if theyre never on
seeking: Its break time...deciddd to see if anyone was on during the day time
Lawrence: Sleep well
Lawrence: Yeah i do to but I'm workin on something and it's got my attention
Amanda: ya im here but i need some shut eye now
Lawrence: Not a soul again huh... i see. sigh
Lawrence: Thought seeking and i were gonna have to make this entertaining on our own.
Lawrence: Amandasaline i presume. Good to hear from ya.
Amanda: so funny
Lawrence: Lol yeah once we pay well exist bro. Until then GOD bless. And after then too really.
seeking: Yeah and some admin is sittin there goin..."look at these two dudes! Its 1030...they need a life!"
Lawrence: Lol me too. i think the shoutbox is echoing we might be the only two here.
seeking: Idk...must be. I need to figure it out so i will know when to sign on!
Lawrence: No kidding. so 11 on monday must be the after hours singles sesh.
seeking: Im just kidding. Im new here too....and i hope to find many friends here
seeking: Maybe thats why no one notices me yet...when i pay theyll flip the switch and ppl will suddenly see me!
seeking: I havent officially "joined" yet because i havent sent the money. Im still being guilted into it
seeking: I know and some times i like to talk. Now that its bed time ppl show up!
Lawrence: Hahah right? It's hitn miss here
seeking: I mean theres like never anyone on here at the same time! Live chat would be so much better!
seeking: Wow...someone replied and i missed it!
Lawrence: Bbbrrraaah it was ok after it was done lol
karolynlj: how was everybody monday?
Lawrence: Yeah I'm kinda new here so i thought this might be an old site people abandoned lol
CindyJean: Im here anyone else lol!
karolynlj: howdy!!!
Kimberly: Hi
Lawrence: Hi all!
Lawrence: Oh so this is when everyone meets on the shout box.
CindyJean: Hi Seeking
CindyJean: hello
seeking: Hey yall
CindyJean: Hello anyone here tongiht?
SusanKy: Heard you were engaged to Robin!
SusanKy: Hey Curtis B. check your email texasaggiedaddy.
Amanda: most definitely...Such a powerful presence of the Lord. Please pray for our church several have suffered loss this past month.
karolynlj: do not know bout u but aweosome service today!!!
Lawrence: Living in wickedness wears you out. Can't run any further when you're dead tired.
Lawrence: Getting to the end of your rope and realizing nothing matters without GOD.
Wayne: Yes send me a million dollers for every pic..just kidding
K: No u don't...
seeking: Do u have to pay to upload a pic
Wayne: The question is what makes them stop running
HeIsMyJoy: Listen to the flesh and doubting the Almighty Power of God
karolynlj: by prayer and god
Wayne: Thank you anyone know what makes people that are running to stop running
karolynlj: some ppl just do not want to let go of things.
Wayne: What causes people that are running from Jesus to give in
stephanie: Amen!! Can't wait!
karolynlj: ikr...just glad not much longer til sunday...
stephanie: TGIF!! Ya'll Another day closer till Sunday service Hallelujah
karolynlj: glad to hear that....just can not wait til sunday!!!
Amanda: amazing church service and alter call that went on...such a sweet presence of God.
Angelfromabove: Hello you all!
karolynlj: hope ya have a good church service...mine was aweosome...
karolynlj: hi
Dana: New single lady to the site
karolynlj: hi ya
Amanda: Good Morning everyone hope you all had a good weekend/holiday.
Amanda: I call You Jesus-Israel Houghton
sjbhermytown: Helloooooooo
me: I like football but i won't put it above my Jesus!!
sjbhermytown: Hello
karolynlj: also if ppl do not want to come to church, we can not make them but encourge them.
karolynlj: i like football roll tide roll!!! but i went to church to praise problem there.
Wayne: I like football I played 4 years in hi school but I dont worship or praise it
stephanie: I was referring to the world. Not apostolics. I know we know how to shout for Jesus ;)
Me: Jusy because an Apostolic likes football doesn't mean they were not at church today shouting for Jesus, just saying
Me: Just cuz an Apostolic likes football doesnt mean they werent at church today shouting for Jesus....I know I was
stephanie: When people start screaming and shouting for their team but won't scream and shout for our Jesus. It's sad...
stephanie: I totally agree!! I love going to the house of the Lord to worship and magnify Jesus
ladyvee13: hello!
hi: I hate foot ball its stupid....But I love the House of God and Praising the LORD !
karolynlj: just love sunday get to be in the house of god just praise and worship also get to hear his word....
HeatherKYS: Football, football, football! Love it. #LSU :p
karolynlj: sorry, amanda to hear that...
Amanda: Proverbs 23:7 For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he
Amanda: RIP in God's loving arms forevermore Zion 5 1/2 months old.
Amanda: I just goes to show how precious live really is and that it is only for a moment that we are here
Amanda: Today I attended a funeral for a friend of mine who lost her son after being able to revive twice God called him home
Amanda: thank you Wayne
Wayne: Amanda I like your testimony
frank: It is Fhorton26...karolynlj
karolynlj: to anothonyp everything is good it is football season roll tide!!!
karolynlj: frank, what is ur username?
Jen: Hi everyone, I'm new here, looking for a man who loves and wants to serve The Lord. Ages 28-36
Amanda: I'm so glad we have a God of second chances but I will not alter myself for the world just to have a relationship for no man.
Channing: Heyy 20-30s?
SusanKy: Hi Curtis L. Beckham! Congratulations!
AnthonyP: How's everyone doing today
frank: hey karolynlj
Amanda: hi all I am a divorced 29 yr old single mother looking for my other half to make my world shine.
Dverse: giving this site another month, maybe two. Looking for a cute oneness gamergeek guy between 30-40.
karolynlj: any guys in their 30's?
charrie: good evening to everyone one here!
Wayne: ? To all if a preacher tells a sinner that they will be heald from there youth up what does that mean
james: hi how are you
Karenne: Hi!
james: Hey all any ladies in their 20's
Braxton: Hey everybody!! new on here thought I'd say hello
Holli: im on from time to time =) anyone is welcome to inbox me to chat
karolynlj: do not look like not many chat on here.
Wayne: Just you
mrb-gijoe: yep
Dana: Anyone out there?
Dana: Hi! Is there anyone else that uses this site?
Missylajean: Hello everyone, Hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Monday!!!!!!
Marissa: Hey
janay: how everyone
Vegas777: Hello everybody.
uh: Boo
Holli: Thank You Lord for getting me to Friday!
Nick: Hi
Nick: Hiya
karolynlj: doing good! how bout u?
christopher1980: hey! hows everyone
karolyn: anybody had a great service tonight?
Justin: Bazingah
Wayne: Wow
Robyn: Hello
karolynlj: hi ya!
karolyn: hi ya!
Kimberly: Hey!
(-: Hahdbdndkeodnbf
(-: Àaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
chris: Hey kimmy
Kimberly: Hey!! :-)
rosi: hi delta7890
(-: :-)
me: I wish i was at the NAYC 13!!!
me: NAYC
steph: Hey
Tammy: what Paulleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ??? What????/ LLOL
Darkmaiden: Men posing as other men trying to get money from women on here!!! Might be women on here doing the same too!!!
Darkmaiden: Rhey beware of scammers on here!! There are LOTS of them!!
Rhey: Hello Everyone! I am your new member here!
steph: No
Wayne: Are you myheart
steph: Hey
Wayne: Anyone awake
Chelsea: Hey!
Darkmaiden: Freeman33993 is a fake!!!
kay: hi
ryan: hi hi there
kay: hello
Robyn: Hello
Wayne: Hi martie text me its faster 4044210053
Tammy: hi hi
kay: hello
christopher1980: hey
Kimberly: Yeah I did....
christopher1980: look at my profile christopher1980
christopher1980: what you look like
christopher1980: oh I hear ya.
Kimberly: Nothing much, just getting sleepy! LoL
christopher1980: hey Kimberly whats up hey Kimberly whats up?
Kimberly: I guess that didnt count lol
Kimberly: I'm from Mississippi !!!
christopher1980: hey anyone from Alabama anyone from alabama
steph: hey
janay: hank I'm not a member but I will email u are come to the chat room
janay: Hi everyone
uhh: There are some georgia girls on the apostolic singles network
steph: hey
janay: hi
Aaron: Hi!
wayne: I guss not
wayne: Any girls from georgia
Stacey: Hey oh!!!
Tony: Not perfect but working on it!
Tammy: thought that was pretty funny
Tammy: Everyone comes with baggage the good thing is to find someone to help you unpack!!
ello: to
ello: Use ti be good 48 now 49 B-)
ello: Fee went up 1.00 for membership lol
janay: hi everyone
David: Praise God!
Kimberly: Kimberly82
james: Message u
james: What's ur username I'll look at u
Kimberly: I'm Kimberly
james: I'm James Lol
james: What's up
Kimberly: Hi
james: Heyyyy
Kimberly: Hellllllooooooooooo!!! :-)
Aberdean: God has said for us to fret not because of evil doers
Aberdean: I now know why you are good for eight years,might They give you eight years,now I know way,you may not meet any one
Aberdean: I know Jesus is the answer to the problem to any situation
Aberdean: You can't make contact with anyone,I guess are money has been taken
Aberdean: What is going on at this site,we need to pray for whoever is behind this
wayne: Why is everyone so far away
wayne: Oh yea
kay: no not really
wayne: This site is dead
kay: hi D
kay: I'm bless, how about u
jim: how u todaay
kay: hi
jim: hello every one
kay: God by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
kay: Yes all scriptures are from God, but remember that God speaks directly from when the apostles share their experience with
kay: I'm not easily offended
kay: No, I would not be offended as I do not know whats you reasoning behind that, and I'm a strong woman
Ron: If I put on my profile ( and I would never do that) Jamiacans not welcome you would be hurt and insulted wouldnt you?
Ron: let me ask you this and think real seriously
Ron: it dont matter all scripture is still given by inspiration
kay: So why would paul says in verse 10, I command, not yet I, but the Lord verses to verse 12
kay: I'm not judging u dear. Peace and Love
Ron: true but Paul could only write what he was given by God, all scripture is given by inspiration of God
kay: These are not Gods word, Paul say to the rest I speak not the Lord. verse 12
Ron: I agree but please dont judge us either ok?
Ron: Kay Thank you apology accepted, I believe you are trying to do the right thing
kay: I will not change it as I have the right to make my choice.
kay: I understand and may statement wasn't intended for that to happen but if you take offense, I'm sorry
Ron: 1 Corinthians 7:15
Ron: it is your right to marry who you chose, but what you said was insulting to that are divorced not by choice we didnt ask for this
kay: The who chapter speaks about marriage
kay: It say in verse 11 if she depart, remain unmarried or reconcile
Ron: I read that too but its seems that all soem of you know you need to read the whole thing not just parts that satisfy you
Ron: The innocent party is not to be in bondage over what the guilty party does
Ron: but there is also the innocent party too
kay: Paul says, in verse 10. He says yet not I command but the LORD
Ron: There is a difference in one who committs adultry and leaves their companion for another
kay: 1 corinthians 7 V10 & 11
Ron: he was referring to divorce and remarriage
Ron: Paul said in his writings if the unbelieving depart let em depart a brother or sister in not under bondage in such cases
kay: Its like asking God to forgive you of stealing yet you still continue to steal
Ron: thye had come to Jesus to tempt him with that question and jesus Knew this this is why he answered them in this way
kay: Whats the sense asking for forgiveness of adultery and remain in a adulterous life
Ron: some take Matthew 19 out of context, Jesus was talking to the pharisees in that setting
y to her that is divorce: whosoever is marry to her committeth adultery.
kay: The bible outlines what condition a divorce is granted but I went on to say that whosover
lachelle27: Judge not or u will be judged
kay: I'm not condemning anyone
kay: I have a right to make my own choice and I'm simply saying I do not wish to be engaged in that kind of relationship
lachelle27: People crak me up
wayne: The blood cleanses us from all sin excped devorce
kay: God says. your ways are not my ways.And what seem right to us is wrong in Gods sight
kay: Come on, once the dog has bones he will not go astray, and if the pasture is green the cow wont go astray either.
lachelle27: And put words in his mouth
lachelle27: Ron sone people just try and be god
kay: Thats your opinion, what does the scriptures say?
lachelle27: Bible gives ok for divorce in certain situations
lachelle27: Especially if that persons spouse left them
lachelle27: Nothing wrong with marrying someone who is divorced
kay: I can understand how you feel Ron, but its not about fulfilling my desire. What does God word says about marrying someone that is divorce?
lachelle27: Hey everyone
wayne: I wish there were some girls from ga.
wayne: That he can only forgive some things
wayne: Bro. Ron some people dont think jesus forgives devorce
Ron: well putting in profiles "divorcees not welcome" is insulting to us
Ron: How would these people like it if we put in our profiles certain nationalities not welcome it would insult you
Ron: so dont judge all divorcees as the same we are not and it is insulting to us that have gone through this
Ron: alot of us are divorced because our companions left us and marreid another, not that we wanted it, it just happened
Ron: when people put in their profiles " Divorcees not welcome" you have just unfairly judged all those who are divorced
kay: Hello
JmAn77: Hello how does this Work?
lynnpg: praise the sis zion
lynnpg: ........
Zion: Hello
lynnpg: holla
Christi: Hello
Larry: hi everyone! how is everyone tonight?
lynnpg: jesus,,, all thing are possibale.........
lynnpg: when you call in
lynnpg: in jesus.......
lynnpg: what a friend we have
lynnpg: jesus be the lord of all
lynnpg: praise him when the sun goes down
lynnpg: praise him
lynnpg: praise in the noon time praise him
lynnpg: praise him the morning
lynnpg: praise him praise him
lynnpg: hankoflove u can find me on f.b, l
lynnpg: praise the lord hank oflove i have try to find you on here but i dont know what happen
kay: Hi HANKOFLOVE. I'm not a paid member so I cant reply.
lynnpg: i like this song
lynnpg: jesus.....theres is something about that nameeeeeeeee... Master salvior,
lynnpg: praise the lord bro psalms 112man
lynnpg: praise the lor brother jojo
lynnpg: when you called on jesus.........
lynnpg: jesus be the lord of all
lynnpg: ,,,,,,,,,
lynnpg: amen aleluyaaaaaa.....
cbuett: Praise God!
lynnpg: .......
lynnpg: praise the lord sister
kathye: Hello everyone! :-)
lynnpg: /////////
lynnpg: ;;;;;;;;
lynnpg: .......
lynnpg: .......
lynnpg: helloooooo bro roncarl
lynnpg: ron are you on here bro
lynnpg: i thank the lord for what he done 4 me in my life
lynnpg: amen sis
Amanda: Lynn its all good NICE warm weather today kinda humid but I am grateful...
lynnpg: like pslmos 121
lynnpg: thank god i lived far from the mountains
lynnpg: its beem 110 thr 120 degree hot here
lynnpg: sis amanda how are you here where i live it very bad theres fires up the moutains just now a dust strom
lynnpg: what do i look on the back dictory main work topic like baptism.
Amanda: Taking back the keys to the kingdom where the victory has already been won.
Amanda: I dont know who to express myself without writing a chapter.
lynnpg: hope everyone had a nice service today
lynnpg: amen to god be the glory ......
iamfree: May God bless each and everyone today.
lynnpg: hi
lynnpg: oops roncarl
lynnpg: hi ron
lynnpg: praise the lord sis rosi
lynnpg: for he is lord and we praise his name ...
Kimberly: Hi!
bassplayer1: hello everyone
lynnpg: who can depart us from the love of jesus
lynnpg: hi hank are you there
lynnpg: oops sorry i met to say cowboy
lynnpg: praise the lord amy,amanda ,jesusamecowgirlwow
jesusnamecowboy27: Hi Amy Lynn and amanda
jesusnamecowboy27: Hi ladies whts up
lynnpg: praise the lord hank see if you can find me on the lobby chatting room i hope so we can chat god bless you
lynnpg: amen sis amy
lynnpg: who can depart us from the love of jesus
amy tye: god bless
lynnpg: praise god for another day
lynnpg: praise the lord bro alaska
lynnpg: are you on here sis
Amanda: awesome song sister i listened and replayed that song so much a couple weeks ago.
lynnpg: its nice praiseing the lord whith this song
lynnpg: english christ i love you of what you done for me inmy life
lynnpg: cristo yo te amo
lynnpg: ....
lynnpg: ;;;;;;;;
lynnpg: ..:......
lynnpg: ......
lynnpg: oops no
lynnpg: hi sis amanda aw np mail
Amanda: oh bummers no mail.
lynnpg: bro ron your on here
lynnpg: ...:................
lynnpg: ...:.........:.....
Amanda: chat room
lynnpg: how nice to have a friend and sister in christ to talk on here
lynnpg: me too have you meet any sisters and brother on here
Amanda: not long
Amanda: Being divorced should not define who I am. Take the time to know me from the inside and you will see me as a rare jewel.
lynnpg: sorry i press the refresh button a lilto much
lynnpg: oops have
lynnpg: oops have
lynnpg: how long havr you been on here sis
Amanda: well i bite but only certain people... lol jk
lynnpg: yea it hard
Amanda: kinda hard to meet people when no one wants to chat...
Amanda: yes im a paid member
lynnpg: sis are you here
lynnpg: sis
lynnpg: excuse my writting on here my cell phone has a small key board.
lynnpg: just a question
lynnpg: paid member on here thait what mit 2 say
lynnpg: i dont because if your menber on here on this suite
Amanda: i see
lynnpg: wow it because i want to chat with other on here and i dont know what happens
Amanda: chat room!!
Amanda: yep
lynnpg: i can see your pic can you see me
Amanda: yes i am
lynnpg: sis are you on here
lynnpg: sound like a good song so o you take to your friend
Amanda: Here is another good song by Tasha Cobbs "Break every Chain".
Amanda: I see you my friend Rolando ;)
lynnpg: oh ok
Amanda: youtube
lynnpg: to be or not to be??????
lynnpg: 110 by this friday
lynnpg: sis whats web is this to the one you wrote on here
lynnpg: are you on her e sis
Amanda: -Savior to Me Kerri Roberts
lynnpg: its more hot here at arizona 110
Amanda: Greart!! Relaxing indoors from the hot sun.
lynnpg: how are you sis
Amanda: praise the Lord
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
Amanda: Too long walk today (5.5 miles) around Lake Okabena; feels so good to get some fresh air.
lynnpg: i dont know what eles i can do hank
lynnpg: also you can find me at facebook it lynn paz
lynnpg: hank go to the chatting room am there wating 4 u
lynnpg: donde estas
lynnpg: hank are you on here
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
lynnpg: oops salvaion
lynnpg: i love you jesus with all my heart and soul and forgiving me the slavacion .
lynnpg: te amo mi senorjesuscristo con todo fures y con todo mi corazon
lynnpg: yes lynn is my name
lynnpg: Dios es amor
Amanda: free will+pain=suffering (thank you bro killmon awesome sermon.)
lynnpg: oops facebook hank
lynnpg: hank look 4 me at facrboo lynnpaz
lynnpg: praise the lord
ello: hi peepssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
iamfree: is it a sin to visit my page?only had 1 visit.Thank you
...: There are several... Lol
kay: ha ha ha iamfree
iamfree: looking for single never married woman any of them on here?
lynnpg: glory to our lord jesuschrist almight
lynnpg: gloria a Dios al Senorjesuscristo
lynnpg: hi bro larry
lynnpg: ron where you bro
Ron: hi
lynnpg: ron
lynnpg: can you see on here
lynnpg: hi ron
lynnpg: yes hank i do know enghish and spainsh
lynnpg: you can find me at facebook it lynn paz if you would want to talk to me
lynnpg: it was not nice of what you told me
lynnpg: i dont know where your at hank
lynnpg: praise the lord hank
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
lynnpg: like in the bible say threw christ all thing .....amen
kay: oh yes, and that same power is manifested in us which our feeble bodies cannot contained. Its an awesome feeling
lynnpg: alot
lynnpg: the lord has help me threw
lynnpg: me i was 15 yrs 1979
lynnpg: the lord jesuschrist is powerful amen
kay: 13 years
lynnpg: how long have you been bapits
kay: If we don't then then the devil will find work for idle hands to do
lynnpg: amem me to
lynnpg: i keep myself busy around church in what ever they need help on am there
kay: I love to sing but I'm not a great singer. I enjoy giving a helping hand in just about anything
lynnpg: oh ok i help with the sing the song to at front
kay: I sometimes teach the younger ones but I'm the sunday school secretary
lynnpg: in teaching sunday school for the kids and you sis
kay: I dont mind when it rains. So what ministry are u involve in at church
lynnpg: here it rains lighting thunders loud
lynnpg: lol do like it when it rain
kay: yes, I wonder sometimes if the sun falls down a little, maybe below the clouds. It can be miserably hot here
lynnpg: sister arne r u on here
lynnpg: wow is that threw all summer long?
kay: 88 degree
lynnpg: hot its going to be 105--107 somewhere in there how is it over there too
kay: that nice, how is the weather
lynnpg: wow am from arizona
lynnpg: to god be the glory
kay: I'm from jamaica, how about u
lynnpg: amen
kay: I'm bless
lynnpg: fine sis how are you
kay: how r u
lynnpg: hi kay
kay: hi
lynnpg: hi sister
lynnpg: where r u bro ron
lynnpg: sis can you see me on here
Ron: Lynn chatroom?
lynnpg: hi sis teresa
lynnpg: hi bro ron
Ron: His sis Lynn
Ron: Teresa I see you are from Griffin, Ga, my pastor use to pastor there in the early 7o's
Ron: hey Sis Lynn sorry I missed you, God bless you too
lynnpg: ok bro ron god bless you
lynnpg: how are you
lynnpg: boo ron
Sjb: Praise the lord
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
lynnpg: sis i just wanted to if this work
lynnpg: hi sis it sis lynn
jhern83: is somebody talking to me
lynnpg: hi sis hern
lynnpg: yea i do know engllish and spainsh
lynnpg: hank
lynnpg: hope you can read this
lynnpg: you can find me on facebook lynnpaz hank
lynnpg: so i dont know whats goes wrong on here
lynnpg: hank it was not nice of what you said to me i was looking for to talk
lynnpg: are you on here sis rosi
lynnpg: hey hi sister rosi
Ron: well i see it
lynnpg: really they said they cant see what i write on here like a hi
Ron: you want to go to chat room?
lynnpg: really
Ron: i see what you wrote
Ron: yes
Ron: you back?
lynnpg: bro ron can you see what i wrote on here
lynnpg: brother hank its not nice of what you said to me i just wanted to say hi and talk a lil .
Ron: lynn im back was away from computer
Ron: hey lynn
lynnpg: hi brvon
Ron: yes its been a while, actually dont chat much
lynnpg: ron have you chat with other on here
lynnpg: thats wierd thou
Ron: I dont know
lynnpg: really then why no other who u want to say hi they dont the inore u
Ron: i meant i saw you chatting here
lynnpg: i dont see myself that why
Ron: yes
lynnpg: on the chatting room i could in awhile 11.3o az time ok
Ron: but not in chat room
Ron: yes i see you here
Ron: yes i didnt see you in chat room
lynnpg: hi this what i was telling you if you can see me on here
Ron: you want to meet in the chatroom?
Ron: hi sis Lynn
lynnpg: hi bro ron
lynnpg: hi anyone here
...: .
...: .
...: .
...: .
...: .
...: .
...: .
...: .
...: .
...: .
...: .
...: .
lynnpg: hi sis lorabelle
lynnpg: hi sis lorabelle
lynnpg: hi sis lorabelle
lynnpg: hi sis
lynnpg: hi sis
lynnpg: hi sis
lynnpg: hi sis
lynnpg: hank are you there
lynnpg: holaaaaaaa
Amanda: God is so Good
Amanda: Good is so Good!
lynnpg: anyone on here
...: ...
Colbs: .
lynnpg: are you on here on line
lynnpg: hi brother vince
lynnpg: sister jen can u see on here
lynnpg: sis my heart can you see on here
lynnpg: i dont knowwhere are you at
lynnpg: donde estas hank
lynnpg: am here hank are you her on line
lynnpg: boo are you on here hank
lynnpg: OMG
lynnpg: how are you
lynnpg: hi sister
bristerg: Hi I'm new and lost on this don't no how to get where I need to go on here
lynnpg: its that he wants to talk to me and i not a meber on here i told him to find on here so we can chat on chatting room
lynnpg: aw thanks
Colbs: For heaven's sake, Hank. Say something to that girl!
lynnpg: i am trying to look 4 u so i dont know whats going on
lynnpg: hanknare you here
lynnpg: hank r u here
lynnpg: how are you
janay: hi
lynnpg: hank are u on here
lynnpg: hi sister
lynnpg: helloooo anyone here
lynnpg: hi
lynnpg: henry are you on here
lynnpg: is anyone on here
lynnpg: hi sisters
iamfree: thats what jesus wants
iamfree: i try to love everybody God bless all of you!!!
iamfree: Hi people.
lynnpg: i met a messgage
lynnpg: i do want to talk to you hank.o..f...l...
lynnpg: hanky send me q message on guest entries
lynnpg: praise the lord
...: ....
...: ...
...: ...
...: ....
...: ...
...: ....
...: ....
...: ...
...: ....
...: ...
...: ....
...: ...
lynnpg: henry send me a message on guestbook entries
lynnpg: henry send me a message on guestbook
lynnpg: buenas noches
lynnpg: i only use the chatting room
lynnpg: if so go to the chatting room
lynnpg: henry are you there
lynnpg: are you there hank please say something
lynnpg: hank go to the chatting room am there if you want to
lynnpg: are you there hank
lynnpg: praise the lor hank
Amanda: Some lessons in life you can only learn through experience...
lynnpg: anyone on here
lynnpg: is anyone here is anyone here
lynnpg: hi
lynnpg: hi k teacher
lynnpg: 82
lynnpg: hi thampie
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
Amanda: hello.
janay: hi
lynnpg: god bless you hank bye
lynnpg: ok you might be busy
lynnpg: where are hank
lynnpg: am here if you want to talk
lynnpg: hi are on line hank
lynnpg: hello how are you hank
lynnpg: praise the lord hank
lynnpg: what a day thank the lord 4 another day he gives everyone
Amanda: wow finally met someone very nice just to talk to...
jjcarol: great how are you great how are you
janay: hey how is everyone
Colbs: I wonder what possessed the makers of this site to install the doorbell at the title page... Am I the only one that thinks it's really annoying?
lynnpg: oops sorry i met to say praise the lord bro hank o l
lynnpg: praise theatting room lord hank..o..f..l we can chat on her on chat room .god bless
lynnpg: ok god bless
lynnpg: oop praise the lord
lynnpg: praise the bro jojo
lynnpg: amen
DailySword: Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you all. God is good.
lynnpg: maybe they are at work
amy tye: <3
amy: Hey all
amy: Hey
iamfree: hi people how are you today?
lynnpg: where are you go tto chat room go to the chatting room bro hank..o l..
lynnpg: praise the lord hank o ..l
Amanda: HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the fathers!!!
lynnpg: thank you you jesus
lynnpg: nices service praise god
lynnpg: hope everyone had a great time at church today
lynnpg: oops went to many
lynnpg: bro jojo how you been happy father day father father
jojo: I'm innocent of all accusations against me especially spoken by one called Tammy
Tammy: mean mean mean lol
Tammy: cause jojo is a mean man thats why
Tammy: lynnpg ....what pic?
cindy: God Fearing Single 43-55 Lets Chat about what Jesus has done for Us!!
lynnpg: praise the lord bro hank.o..l
lynnpg: tammy
lynnpg: is this you on the pic
lynnpg: aw why jojo
wayne: Funny jojo
lynnpg: who funnyyyyyy
Tammy: Happy Fathers day to All......Lord bless you !
Tammy: LOLOL you are soooooooooooooo funnyyyyyy
lynnpg: praise the lord hank.l
jojo: Now really Tammy!! Anybody can put a quarter in the horse at Walmart and ride, but that doesn't make you Texan material
Tammy: hey I can ride a horse does that count?
Tammy: shoot i thought you were married ....where you been ?
Tammy: hey now jojo are you trying to say I wouldnt make a good Texan ??
janay: jojo u are funny
jojo: Tammy not just anybody is allowed to move to Texas! Just saying..ha
lynnpg: praise the lord hank .l..
Tammy: I heard Georgia is hot too Wayne .......My motto is if your gonna live in da heat at least live by da WATERRRRR and ocean breeze
Tammy: JoJo.........I would love to move to Texas ya been my friend ?
Tammy: true about Texas heat and Florida heat being different ....for sure I got friends in Texas and that's all they keep saying is its HOT
wayne: You want to know hot come to hotlanta now thats hot
lynnpg: praise the lord hank..l
kay: hi wesley
lynnpg: indio ca is the hottes weather its like a desert.
Amanda: Minnesota is Fire and Ice ;)
kay: hi
bristerg: hello
Colbs: Yeah but Texas is a different kind of hot. DRY heat. Florida hot is a wet heat. Sounds crazy but it's true.
jojo: If you love hot then move to Texas
jojo: Whateverrrrrrr Tammy!!
Tammy: I love Florida I love the hot
lynnpg: praise the lord hank.f.l
lynnpg: praise the lord
Colbs: June July What's the difference in Florida. It's hot here all summer long, but I love it!
Amanda: It use to be in July but they moved it because it was so hot so now its in june
Tammy: Family camp 2nd week in July for us Florida Anthony Manguin and Mike Easter I'm excited
lynnpg: praise the lord
Amanda: Excited for next weekend family camp next week in Minnesota. Hope to see some of you there!!
Luke: hi
Amanda: Good day to be alive!!
amen: ,,,
amen: ,,,
amen: ,,,
amen: ...
amen: ---
amy: Hey hey
Luke: Hello
lynnpg: praise the lord hank
lynnpg: how everyone on here
Tammy: rd.....I just knew it !!!
lynnpg: praise the lord to god be the glory
rdsee: women much better when they cook and bring THE LORD!!!!
lynnpg: praise the lord
amen: ===
amen: ===
amen: ===
amen: ===
amen: ===
amen: ===
amen: ===
amen: ===
amen: ===
Tammy: LOLOL rd
janay: Hi
rdsee: Thank you.
rdsee: I love women.
cindy: *** ****
amen: ....
amen: ....
amen: ....
amen: ....
amen: ....
amen: ....
amen: ....
amen: ....
amen: ...
amen: ...
amen: ....
amen: ....
ha: rd is a KY hilljack lol can't you tell he doesnt even like women he thinks only good for cooking and a paycheck
rdsee: just haveing a little fun
justsaying: Come on guys. Let's all try to get along. By the way, it's education, not edukation. Good try though. keep it up.
agreed: I bu caint bu spell bu
fsufan: Rdsee what a retarded jerk you are. The user was trying to be nice to you. I agree with what he said before. You're just plain stupid.
rdsee: sign my guestbook.
rdsee: go ahead visit my page thats what its there for.
rdsee: Have you and your friends been to see my page yet?
rdsee: my page has been viewed 777 my spelling words wrong is working for me.
rdsee: justsaying is RUDE.not nice at all.Got more edukation than you ever wiil have.
Hello: Just food for thought ;)
Hello: They may not need a site but sometimes God uses tools to get His will done. So why wouldn't or couldn't He use a dating site.
food for thought: or woman.
food for thought: If a man truly trusts God. Does he really need a dating site?
praise: Glory to God in the highest!!!!
justsaying: Sorry, rdsee. I'm wrong for picking on your grammar. I'll stop.
justsaying: God, please bless this man with an education.
rdsee: Hi kim !!!!! praise the lord and
ello: its always slow on here lol
Kim: Guess no one is talking here
Kim: Praise the Lord! 34/f from Indiana here Praise the Lord 34/f in Indiana here!
Kim: Hello Is this working?
jjcarol: Ok - how did that repeat happen lolx
jjcarol: Welcome Anngonzalez. I hope you make many friends here. :-) Welcome Anngonzalez. I hope you make many friends here. :-)
wayne: Well let me be the first to say welcome Anngonzalez
Anngonzalez: Hi Everyone! i'm new to hear and just want to say "Praise the Lord"for he is Good!
lynnpg: praise the lord
ello: wazzzzzzzzzzup my peeps lol
wayne: Thank you tammy
rdsee: depends on the mood and if there are people like you
Tammy: funny Wayne
lynnpg: praise the lord
wayne: if you from the south you do..miss spel a world dont meak you whoo you are
justwondering: wow... Do you speak the way you write?
rdsee: justsaying is a devorsed person who want people to spell everything
cindy: Not everyone lol
Tammy: everyone is on the Apostolic Singles group on Face Book
Tammy: true lol
cindy: No one is ever here lol
Tammy: haven a rough one bro
rachelrae: Hey! How's it going guys?
justsaying: I think I'd be quicker to date a divorced person than someone who couldn't spell the word.
justsaying: Divorced not devorsed. There is spell check on this site you know.
rdsee: THANK YOU
rdsee: Hvae a gerat day
rdsee: please put what you are on your profile...THANK YOU.
rdsee: widered is widered (widowed)
rdsee: devorsed is devorsed
rdsee: single is single
rdsee: laura79 is not single she is devorsed i wish people would not lie.
Laura79: I'm grateful these men are believers but c'mon there are free sites that update and I've had to pay?? Sorry I'm venting
Laura79: Not updating is like going to the store to buy milk, and the store decides to leave the milk even though its stale ugh
Laura79: It's bad enough there are NO SINGLE men in my church. But coming on here it shouldn't be a problem argh!
Laura79: A lot of men I've come across are not single anymore, and there profile wastes space
Laura79: Why is it that this site does not update the men no longer single?
skirtgirl87: Hey everyone!
HeIsMyJoy: Happy Birthday Kim
Kimberly: It's myyyy birthdayyyy !! :-)
cindy: I have been having Awesome Services God has been So very Good to me!!!
HeIsMyJoy: Having awesome services hope everyone is. as well!
Bethany: Hey hope everyone is having a great day
wayne: What police no rules u have to be smarter than scammers and predators
littleman: isnt that also against sight rules to do that
Bethany: Hey all
midnightrose: why would you post your personal number where anyone could use it, including spammers and predators?
cindy: Hello....tx me Justme7 618*540*1313!
javier: (424) 256-6122
jellyve: hello bro.@sis how are you ?
jenefer: to god be all the glory
wes: PTL!!!! Glory to Him
lynnpg: praise the lord
cindy: Good Morning
Justme7: Hello!
cindy: Have a Blessed Day!!!!
ello: Proof I mean
ello: ppl not here long they prrof lol
cindy: How is the weather down there?
cindy: Oh Hello!!! Hello YaY someone is here LOL
Justme7: We are here Cindy....
Justme7: How is everyone tonight?
cindy: anyone here helloooo any1 here
wayne: Not hi...hello
Bethany: Hi everyone hi everyone
wayne: Hello
jjcarol: Today is so beautiful. I am sitting here looking at the lake and ahhh . . . . aint God good.
Tammy: Hello
sjb: Hello
sjb: hello
Southernnsassy: No. Sorry. Lol
wayne: Are there any other words
K: Hello
sjb: Hello
sjb: Hello
cindy: Hello hello hello
amanda: Hey what's up
CindyJean: Hello Hello
iammark: HALLLLLUU
sjb: Hello
sjb: Hello
CindyJean: Helloooo
Justme7: Hello!
me: Hello
Nicole: Hello
ello: Allleuiaaaaaaaaaaaa to Jesus
leka: Blessed
jjcarol: Praise the Lord
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
rdsee: One GOD not one
Tammy: Amen !!!
rdsee: and in you all!!!
rdsee: and through all
rdsee: who is above all
rdsee: one Go and father of all.
ello: one baptism
ello: one
ello: lord
ello: One
ello: 38
ello: 2
ello: Acts
ello: Lord
ello: is
ello: Jesus
ello: 7654321 0 blast off yeaim bored
ello: 8
ello: 9
ello: 10
ello: made request to be remove jajajjajaa the ello is leaving lol
ello: aint it bed time kim lol jk
ello: lol
ello: I guess im chatting
lamontvige: Who is chatting? Who is chatting?
ello: gn kim
ello: but i go in at 1100am lol
ello: Me too
Kimberly: LoL... I should be sleeping !
ello: o_0
ello: ops i mean get bak here
albino: hey now get bak here lol
Kimberly: No one :P
ello: who wants to chat?
ello: :P
ello: I have return lol
ello: 12
ello: 11
ello: 10
ello: 9
ello: 8
ello: 7
ello: 6
ello: 5
ello: 4
ello: 3
ello: 2
ello: 1
ello: alas she left again lol
ello: yay kimmy is bak lol
lol: -
lol: -
ello: o_0
lol: -
lol: -
lol: -
lol: -
lol: -
lol: -
lol: -
lol: -
lol: -
lol: -
ello: Hacking my saying huh ???????? lol
ello: I did as joke :P
lol: just wondering
lol: did you post this yesterday? ello: Stopi peeking on my profile i see you lol
ello: Come bak kim :/ lol
ello: :P
ello: I was thinkthinkthink
lol: so you were or were not going by that name before?
ello: ello such a chasey name :P
lol: maybe
ello: Maybe
lol: were you calling yourself "ello" on here yesterday too?
ello: lol
ello: Shes gone again o_O
ello: Nate kept that room going got to give it to him :P
ello: wb kim
Kimberly: Yeh... :/ lol
ello: I miss the peeps from the -escape :(
ello: im albino in profile by the way good to chat with ya again
ello: cools
Kimberly: No not really....
ello: So any danergeous things you done lately maybe bungie jumping lol
ello: ah ok :P
ello: o_0
Kimberly: Sorry.... I had deleted my old Facebook
ello: but no one goes lol
ello: they have apostolic vison chat
ello: oh well lol
ello: I try to write you on facebook but you never wrote bak lol
Kimberly: LoL funny
ello: lol
ello: beats me cant rember my id been so long
ello: you still fliping over dirt bikes lol
Kimberly: Who!?
ello: im old the escape member
Kimberly: I haven't either.... Who are you?? LoL
ello: Havemt talk to him in forever
ello: its cool kims hows nate?
Kimberly: Sorry I'm on my phone lol..... Everytime I get a text I have to close this out
ello: dont think so
ello: yahewwwwwwwwwwwww
Texasgirl: thought I knew, but I may be wrong..
ello: texas as well
Texasgirl: where are you from?
Texasgirl: hi
ello: wb texas
ello: Proof she lefft again lol
ello: kim you mmust be bored stay put lol
Texasgirl: aww goodnight ello..
Texasgirl: welp people there is at least some good info there
albino: been there done that lol
Texasgirl: lol
albino: everyones apostolic nah lol
Texasgirl: more people should join EA!
albino: More ppl shhould go in chat room :P
albino: whats up dardevil kim lol wazzzzup kim
Kimberly: Heyyyyyy!!! (:
ello: zzzzzzzzz
Texasgirl: Hope your parents are well
Texasgirl: Well text me me when u want hope all is good
Texasgirl: How goes it?
ello: Good to be off work Good to be off work
Texasgirl: Talk to me or text don't mock, u ol jerk lol
Texasgirl: (day off face ) bored somebody else talk
Texasgirl: 😇😛😁😁😁😁& #128513;😁😁😁
Texasgirl: :p
Texasgirl: Ohh I get it.. Dork
Texasgirl: changed it
Texasgirl: not true. unless my page been hacked, then I will change password
ello: how does the guy who drives the snow plow get to work in the moring haha
ello: Acts 2:38 yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ello: Stopi peeking on my profile i see you lol
ello: wazzzzzzzzzup
Texasgirl: My bad.. It says "new? Click here to join"
Texasgirl: Seems pretty dead there but lotta great info and preaching and blogs
Texasgirl: They changed it..unless they changed it again.. Just go to the site and hit create acct I believe and then u are good
Tammy: how do you do that Texasgirl ...I thought someone had to invite you
Texasgirl: My God is awesome, He can move mountains, keep me in the valley hide me from the rain..🎤
Texasgirl: did yall know you can now join EA with no referral? way more dead site than here though
Texasgirl: hi
PilotPreacher98: Hi
Tammy: ok
wayne: Tammy u know where my # is
Texasgirl: And the blessing must be huge tho.. Whatta week!!!!ty Jesus
Texasgirl: Never forget the devil always fights the hardest when the greatest blessings coming.. Not giving him glory tho
Texasgirl: Hey rdsee . Hope all is well for everybody on here tonight.
janay: hi
rdsee: Hi texasgirl.
meagain: hi
meagain: hi
wayne: No shame
Lol: A technically savy person knows how to Pop out shout board.. ain't nothing hidden
Tammy: ok bye bye
wayne: Sure u we can call
wayne: Got to go GOD bless u
Tammy: well do you want to text?
Tammy: true
wayne: That would be nice..but we live to far apart
Tammy: I would like to know how you date in different states?
Tammy: jojo did message me and tell me I should date you LOLOL
wayne: Mean i dont think so
Tammy: me either ...
wayne: No chat:(
Tammy: over me? I'm mean lol
Tammy: you ever chat with anyone? everyone use to do that on here wonder what happened
wayne: I though men on here would fall over there self for u
Tammy: Lords Great but no men either :0(
Tammy: Thank you
Tammy: I just got off work
wayne: Happy mothers day
wayne: How about u
Tammy: think you'll ever find one?
Tammy: that's funny
Tammy: LOLOL
wayne: In GOD wonderful in girls not so good
Tammy: hows life?
Tammy: hi wayne
wayne: Hay tammy
Tammy: Wayne are you giving out your number again? LOL
wayne: Texasgirl ill be your friend you can call me 4044210053
Texasgirl: I was trying to make a singles group on facebook, but none my friends are single Apostolics
Texasgirl: comment with your email info if you aren't a paid member
Texasgirl: I need some real friends. if anybody needs a real friend, message me, or leave a comment on my wall have great church yall.
:): yeah God's word is all that matters, when our heart is right. if it isnt then we follow what WE want disregarding God altogether, just saying
rdsee: Read and Obey ACTS2:38 have a wonderful day getting ready for that Great day!!!
rdsee: In the end GOD'S WORD is the ONLY THING that will matter.
:): in the end, everybody does whatever THEY want, even when God is telling them no...keep it in mind.
janay: hi hi
rdsee: thank you and God bless you.
rdsee: If there is anyone on here who is age 25-45 female single never married no kids and you are apostolic visit my page.
rosi: thank you for the compliment! thank you for the compliment!
rosi: hi sleydig8807
(: Booo!
jojo53: Hello
Kimberly: :-)
rdsee: have
rdsee: Not a paying member yet cannot send mail.Hvae a great day and God bless all.
:): `
:): `
:): `
:): `
:): -
:): -
:): -
:): -
:): -
:): -
Hi: Rdsee try answering your messages you might be surprised at what you find.
Texasgirl: Bless y'all
Texasgirl: Sorrow looks back. Worry looks around. Faith looks UP. Author: Unknown
rdsee: tammy loves am soooo happy
Tammy: rdsee try praying wonder no woman likes you LOLOL lord
Tammy: Good prayer Wayne
rdsee: I think i just saw a woman with a beard on here...uuuuuuhhh don't know what to say.
rdsee: visit my page i want to see how many visits i can get.God bless Everyone!!!
Amen: In Jesus name!
Amen: Amen Wayne
wayne: Lord give comfort to all singles on this site male and female
jhern83: New to this website..just wanted to say hi
rdsee: don't need no ball and
rdsee: I mean womAn only need one (1)
rdsee: only intrested in single never married women.
rdsee: Good luck and God bless everyone!!!
rdsee: now if we can just find one without a bunch of kids and not so far
rdsee: Yaaaaaaay its working i got a bunch of visits to my
rosi: hi there sleydig8807, thank you so much for the compliment, sweetie, you are a handsome young man too. too bad i'm not 30 years
Lol: So wish we could blog on here! So much to teach people!
rdsee: God bless you have a great day.
rdsee: and of course go to heaven some sweet day.
rdsee: and have a lot of fun along the way.
rdsee: and get old together
rdsee: then maybe have some kids.
rdsee: to take to church with me and maybe get married some day.
rdsee: wanted:female twentysomthing to fourtysomthing single never married no kids.
rdsee: wanted:female twentysomthing to fourtysomthing single never married no kids.
rdsee: good morning folks
Lol: -
Lol: -
Lol: -
Lol: -
Lol: -
Lol: -
Lol: -
Lol: -
Lol: -
oh Jesus: I feel like I am going to grieve myself to death. I just can't believe people can be so nasty
lol: funny
rosi: thank you so much for the compliment sleydig8807. you are a good looking guy too, if only i were 30 years younger
beware: lotta people on here are dishonest, for sick of liars and people that play games
Rebecca: I believe you can specify an age range. If you find a woman who is 35 or older,she probably will not specify that the guy should be younger.
Rebecca: Have you tried the Browse Profile function under Tools?
rdsee: can't find me no woman on here they all want somebody younger than 35
rdsee: means money to him he got a skunk
Tammy: <<<<<<<<<<<doesn't do possiums or skunks but thanks for the invite
Tammy: um does the word gross mean anything to you two ??
wayne: To late ant nonthing left but the smell
rdsee: them not possiums they is skunks don't go
wayne: Yea i cant speell goud
Tammy: did you say possium farm ????
wayne: I know im nuts.
wayne: Georgia and help me on my possiom farm.
wayne: Tammy im a southernnnnnnnn boy u can come to
ahappygrl: hey y'all
Tammy: I have a job
Tammy: I gotta find me a southernnnnnnnnnn boy
Tammy: lolol
rdsee: she needs to have a job if she wants me to move.
rdsee: when you are old as me you got to think about where will i make money to live on.etc.
Tammy: and its too cold upnorth for me
Tammy: someone has to move
Tammy: ya I'm too old for the long distance thing cause then
Tammy: true
rdsee: everybody is so far away.need somebody within a couple tanks of gas however far that takes
Tammy: nice guy we have been friends for years
Tammy: he comes to my area cause his mom lives here He lives Upnorth
rdsee: service was great!!!
Tammy: The first person I ever met on the internet was off here
Tammy: have you actually ever met anyone off here?
rdsee: lol just here for the fellowship scared of internet
Tammy: was yours?
rdsee: Great you had a good service
Tammy: rd your never gonna get a date with that pic :(
Tammy: Had a good service
Rebecca: Hi everyone! I hope all of you had a good service this morning, and this evening (if you have evening services).
wayne: Dead sea
Omar: I've been on here many of times
belinda: First time on here
belinda: Hi everyone
Omar: Hi all
Tammy: okk I'm in
wayne: Yea
Tammy: you mean a Steak ?
wayne: Ok how about stake..
Tammy: my ex husband was from KY lol
Tammy: awww why rd ?
Tammy: No can do Wayne ....are you nuts ?
rdsee: nope still
wayne: I know a place that has good possum...ha ha....
Tammy: lol well thank you. I'd probably take you up on that
wayne: Ok tanmy how r u if u wasnt so far away i would ask u 4 a dinner date
Tammy: rdsee musta got a date
Tammy: it's are you Wayne?
wayne: Where did everyone go
Brandon: What??!!
rdsee: have a great day!!!
rdsee: i need a date anybody like to have some fun?
rdsee: i was bored.i found this site.not bored anymore.
rdsee: dudes really should visit womens
rdsee: couple women been lookin at my page one dude.
uh: I farted hahahahahahahaha!!!!!
Tammy: shewww thanks
rdsee: its just a
Tammy: please tell me that your making a Statement with that dog ???
Tammy: LOLOL that's a cute dog Like it
Raelene79: Hello
rdsee: How do you like my dog?
HeavenSmiles: is everyone's weekend going?
janay: hi
rdsee: i am not a paying member so cannot return emails.
rdsee: All pretty women are welcome to look at my page.and send
HeavenSmiles: Good Morning!
titustracy71: hello
titustracy71: I dont think It matters who contacts who first
Omar: Sometimes it dont matter
Mee: * dang
Mee: If only! Guys wanna be chased these days all the dand feminism junk got it all messed up! like really dudes, man up!
Brad: I figure us men should be the initiators
wayne: This is a place to make friends. Girls have contacted me first
Rebecca: Who do you think should be the first one contacting someone on here-the man, the woman, or whoever is interested first?
wayne: What
Rebecca: I am just curious about everyone's opinion on something...
Mee: Whoops and no not mee.. I am a girl lol. Already had that on my name thing. Good luck
Mee: Just how many have on fav on remotes list
Mee: Cant
aupcgirl03: how do you see who favorited you?
Tammy: ok
wayne: Thanks tammy but i will pass for now...thanks
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
janay: hi
Rebecca: Oops. I did not mean to post that twice.
Rebecca: Hi everyone!
Rebecca: Hi everyone!
jim: hey
Kimberly: Hi
StevenC110: Howdy!!! Howdy!
jesussavesme: Shalom!
Searching4MrsRight: Hi Kim
Kimberly: Hi y'all !!! :-)
janay: hi Hi
Mee: The kingdom suffereth violence The violent take it by force
Mee: The kingdom suffereth violence The violent take it by force
lynnpg: praise the lord bro menleader
Ambi: Eph 5 19-21
Ambi: Praise The Lord y'all have a greattt day!!!
kay: praise Him
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
kay: you may need to log off and then log in to view when it is done
kay: then click submit and wait for it to upload
kay: select your photo choice from where it is save
kay: go to my accounts and select upload images, then click on browse
jessie: Trouble uploading photos
kay: oh please jessie
jessie: Please help
Ambi: you too. nice talking to ya
kay: sorry I have to go
kay: nice talking to u Ambi, hope well talk sometime again. God bless and be strong in the Lord
Ambi: Amen! Whew try to get it all straight perfectly everyday.. And we will never be perfect but striving
kay: one day at a time
kay: every day what I have to do yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never be mine, Lord help me today show me the way
kay: the good old song say: one day at a time Jesus, thats all I'm asking of you to give me the strength to do
kay: amen, and as a result many will be caught unaware, not been watchful for His coming and will be left behind doom.
Ambi: im not perfect by any means, and I strive to live everyday better than yesterday..not better than anybody
Ambi: :( scary thought. I think these days we have desinsitized ourselves so much we forget there is really a hell besides just heaven
kay: do you know that because of Gods mercy many will end up in hell, they take His mercy for granted and continue in sin
Ambi: yeah was part of my good ol spiritual warfare training! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!
kay: He will be picking the church out of the church
kay: surely theirs a price to pay and liars in church!! dont be surprise, not everyone that call Him Lord will be among the sheep
Ambi: realizing God is soo awesome and powerful..He can heal any affliction, He can show you what you need to do..
Ambi: yeah, some definitely do ignore the warnings on purpose even when God confirms it to them..they do it anyhow
Ambi: thankfully it isnt in man that walketh to direct his steps!!!!!
Ambi: true true he won't....I have said it before.. I have met more liars IN church then I ever did in the world and had I paid attention!!!
kay: I think they play blind to the warnings because they want to fulfill their selfish desires
kay: true, He is definately not going to come down from from heaven and warn us.We really need to pay attention. I agree
Ambi: sometimes warnings come through others as well, and I would take heed regardless..people can def be so goldfish like
Ambi: RIGHT! a friend got on to me for saying something..I said, sometimes God will send you warnings we have to pay attention!
kay: thats why we have to arm ourself and be sensitive as some hungry sharks may appear as gold fish. deceptive
Ambi: bad intentioned people I mean
Ambi: exactly and swimming with blood hungry sharks more often than goldfish ha ha
kay: yes, got to put out the extra effort. Its like fighting to keep your head above the waters. Got to stay alive
Ambi: amen! we gotta grab ourselves and shake ourselves..I been forcing myself to do things in progress up here!
kay: yes, that true. I'm wonder what will wake them up if they cant be by the spirit God
Ambi: yeah, doesnt take much to figure some people out..then some leave you wondering
kay: not really, its like throwing out a bait and many fishes will be heading towards it
Ambi: yeah some aren't for sure..been praying that we all wake up from slumber!!
Ambi: ooh yeahhh, i said that the other day to a friend of mine..sorry, trying to not talk in text..I am smart lol
kay: read a few profiles as well and it makes me wonder if these people are really children of God
Ambi: oh Lord, she had some goofy guys talkin to her aha ha yeahh..
Ambi: lol yeahh
kay: have to be careful, they have motives. Not all is genuine
kay: Thats true, u can sometimes tell what they will look like base on thier level of conversation. POOOOOOOOOOOOR
Ambi: oh and I have learned most guys wanna see your pic on here.I took all my stuff down for now..
Ambi: ok awesome here too.. BUT it would be different awesome I am sure
Ambi: wow I bet church there is awesome!
Ambi: I think anyhow..but it is always nice to meet some nice friends as well
Ambi: :( awhile bk I said it only takes 1 person, & if u meet him on here, it is WELL worth the 49.00 for several years membership
kay: I havent meet much, I guess I'm not their type, but I'm still hopeful in meeting some of Gods wonderful people
Ambi: and God will separate them..
Ambi: oh and met some not so nice ones at all :( where good is evil is always present
Ambi: ugh extremely hot there already! wow
Ambi: yeah, pretty cool, met some nice people on here. appreciate it much..since I deleted my everyone's apostolic page years back
kay: extremly hot
kay: what do u think about this site, have u been enjoying it
Ambi: coollll!!!!!!!!!!....ok really pretty hot there now, right?
Ambi: oooohhh
kay: jamaica
Ambi: what bout u?
Ambi: Texas
kay: where r u from
Ambi: amen me too..and thankful for it ALL
kay: I'm bless
Ambi: I am good, thank you for asking, and you?
kay: how r u
Ambi: oops it is rt click, this frame and then open frame in new tab..for windows anyway
Ambi: anybody that doesnt know how to pop out shotboard/chat thingy..right click and go to open in new tab and then click and view all yw ;)
Ambi: heyyyy sista
kay: hey there
Ambi: ohh wait it DOES have candy..candy crush saga :P
Ambi: hateful ones? :( sorry that is hapning, Ada
Ambi: got me a new phone..this one got candy in it..jk
Ada: Thanks. I was wondering too. I don't want to cause trouble, I'm just sick of getting hateful messages from people who are supposed to be Christians.
Ambi: no fiddle over here..prolly a for dummies book..not insulting ya
Ambi: dont think ya can block em Matt, just report em...
Ambi: hey peoplessssss
Matt: Anyone know how to block someone?
kay: hello hello
andy: hello
Aaron: Kimbo!!!
Kimberly: Kimberly!!!!! :P
Aaron: Haha I know u don't Kim! :P
Kimberly: Yeah I play the violin hahaha not!!!!
sjb: Hello
Aaron: Anyone play violin/fiddle?
Searching4MrsRight: Hi
:): Y u call urself bull?
Bull: Hey
:): cool stealthmode heh heh heh
Meeee: Right in the heart :(
Meeee: Shouldda wouldda couldda gonna bite u shortly..
sjb: Nite
sjb: Nite
Amber: God bless you
Amber: Gotaa lot to do tomorrow i mean
Amber: Well i am beat.. Got a lot to do.. G'nite
sjb: Yea i really cant stand humidity
Amber: Not that bad where i am.. Some are worse of course
sjb: Isnt texas humid
Amber: On my phone
Amber: Me too
sjb: Yea it is im also typing from my phone
Amber: Ohh
sjb: Yes oregon is about the prettiest ive seen so far
Amber: Hot in Oregon? Hmm
Amber: *slow
Amber: Lol this site updates sliw ha ha
Amber: Prolly pretty there tho
sjb: Yep during winter but where i am summers can get pretty hot
Amber: Ohs oregon brr lol
sjb: Oregon
Amber: And u?
Amber: Texas
sjb: So where you from
Amber: Cool ) praise tha Lord
sjb: Jus got out of a good service
Amber: Yay
s j b: Pretty good
Amber: Good and u!
Amber: Oops just saw that
s j b: How are you
Amber: Goodnight brothers... And sisters )
s j b: Finally some one answered
Amber: Hi
s j b: Hello
Amber: hi yall
StevenC110: Just wanted to say "Howdy"!! To all the Visitors to this Site!! Blessings!!..;)) In Jesus Name!!
rachelrae: well i'm praying for ya! ~Psalms 37:4.. well im switching over to my call of duty game so i'll talk to you later!
Searching4MrsRight: Goodnight beautiful
Searching4MrsRight: But meanwhile. I serve Him at church, work, home.
Searching4MrsRight: I depend on God to send her my way or push me in her path. I don't want to be single any longer :/
rachelrae: i think its kinda complicated to find someone period. :( but good luck to you! i hope you find that perfect sombody! haha
Searching4MrsRight: It seems complicated to find some1 on here.
Searching4MrsRight: Im blessed thank God.
rachelrae: yeah.. still young.. and lovin it. its going. how are you?
Searching4MrsRight: Hows everything going
Searching4MrsRight: I saw yours.. you're pretty young.
Searching4MrsRight: I saw yours.. you're pretty young.
Searching4MrsRight: Hi Rachel O this is my member profile name if u like to see it ir msg me.
rachelrae: heyy :O)
Search4MrsRight: Its me Ricky
Search4MrsRight: Hi ladies, its right.
Aaron: Hi Haley!!
Haley: Hello Everyone!
Ricky: Hi sally
Ricky: Hi Rachel
rachelrae: Hey guys! ;)
sally: Be Blessed
sally: be happy
sally: rejoice
sally: sing
sally: dance
sally: SHOUT
sally: hey yall
Hi: Beware: micahj he's a scam artist still married among other things.
Aaron: I sent ya an email lol
Kimberly: LoL!! Read my profile....
Aaron: I have one but I haven't been on in a while lol
Kimberly: Facebook?
Aaron: Awe pooey lol. Well then
Kimberly: I'm not a paid member :/
Aaron: Hey can u send messages? Or are not a paid member?
Kimberly: Haha
Aaron: Hahahaha ok!!! That works too!
Kimberly: Not tiny! Not big but not tiny... LoL
Aaron: Lol e lol well ur probably a tiny thing too!!!
Kimberly: Wow!!!! I do good eating 1 lb!
Aaron: Hahaa that works too!!! I can eat bout 15 lbs lol
Kimberly: Umm idk usually as much as I can handle lol depends how hungry I am ?
Aaron: How much can you eat?
Kimberly: Me too!!!!
Aaron: I love me some crawfish that's for sure!!!!!
Kimberly: Haha!!!!
Aaron: Crawfish???? . I'm totally coming there lol
Kimberly: Well .... Work.... Eat crawfish )
Aaron: Oh wow. Nothing to do?
Kimberly: I don't really have any... Actually
Aaron: What's your big plans?
Kimberly: Yes I am!!!
Aaron: Yea!!! you ready for the weekend Kimberly?
Ricky: Or look at mine and inbox me O
Ricky: Curious to see your profile... Mine is "Searching4MrsRight"
Ricky: Say what's ur username :-)
rachelrae: That's great! As am I.
Ricky: I'm blessed sweetheart
rachelrae: im awesome ricky! how are you?
Kimberly: Awesome!!!
Aaron: Pretty good!!! Can't complain really! :-)
Kimberly: Going good! How about you?
Aaron: How's it going
Kimberly: Hello!
Aaron: Hi kimberly
Kimberly: Hi
Ricky: Hi Kimberly
Kimberly: Hello!!! How is everyone?
:p: Ull never find the right person if u dont let go of the wrong ones.. Hey dont want ANY anymore enough is enough
Ricky: How are you Rachel.
ninja: Eh I was bored. So here I am.
rachelrae: Hey Ricky
rachelrae: -Ninja- Howcome you're on here?
Ricky: Hi everyone
ninja: So how come your on here?
ninja: Smart girl ;)
rachelrae: Hahaha! Omw.. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for some weird notes.. ;)
ninja: Reading and watching.... ha. If you ever get a note with a black hand print....beware!!! Means they're after you lol
rachelrae: Mhmm.. In this case though, wouldn't it be.. They're always "reading".. Haha
ninja: Yes it is what they would say. Because *looks around then whispers, they're ALWAYS watching.....
sally: Well i guess i was
rachelrae: I can guarantee you however that I am not the dark brotherhood.. But that's what they would say too, huh?
joe: I say What.
Bob: i say HOW
rachelrae: Haha! Batman.. Pretty epic..
sally: I think you two are just alike.
bob: How about me?
joe: What about me?
Sally: Any good looking guys on here?
ninja: Oohhh I can't tell ya that. I'm like batman. Gotta have identify secret. Or you could be dark brotherhood trying to find
rachelrae: When your not being sneaky... Dun dun dun haha I def know how that is. So what's your real name ninja? Or is it ninja?
ninja: When I'm not being sneaky, its pretty good
rachelrae: Haha it goes... ;) what about you?
ninja: How goes it in your part of the universe?
rachelrae: heyy
ninja: Heya rachelrae
rachelrae: How's it going guys?
ninja: Hi Beth!!!
Beth: Hello everyone
Ricky: Hi ppl
Ricky: HHi Rachel Hi Rachel
rachelrae: :P
uhh: whats up with people not emailing you back. what the heck is wrong with people. At least say HI back!!!!
mike: hello
mikenassans: praise the lord everyone
Aaron: Are you gonna be on here for a bit? I'll b back in a couple hours
Aaron: Yes this is very true!
Haley: Well, hey if i want to be a doctor, got to do, what i got to do haha
Aaron: Pre-med huh? Sounds pretty intense!
Haley: That sounds fun haha, and this medical thing for my Pre-Med class!
Aaron: Putting up laundry and getting ready to go workout. Whatcha studying?
Haley: Just Studying! what about you?
Aaron: Haha so what's up
Haley: aha yess
Aaron: Sweetness!!!!! :-)
Haley: Hey!
chris: hey every one!
Haley: Yeah! Your the first person i've chatted with
Aaron: I've noticed that at times too. Yih can catch people on here on the chat thingie tho lol
Haley: This is simple, but theres no one to talk to!
Aaron: Haha yep! I like simple stuff lol
uh: what the heck is wrong with people. cant even say Hi back! or im not interested. just retarded
Haley: Pretty good! Thanks for asking haha! and yeah i'm starting to notice!
Aaron: I'm pretty good! You? Ummm there's really nit much to this site really. Pretty simple
Haley: How are you! i'm new to this, so i'm not to sure what to do on here
Aaron: Hi Haley!
Haley: Hello!(:
Ricky: What is everyone up to today
Ricky: Im truly blessed, praise God.
rachelrae: awesome! and you?
Ricky: How are you Rachel
Rachel Rae: Hi Ricky ;)
Rachel Rae: Ninja- you play on Xbox live?
Ricky: Hi ladies.
ninja: Yea I play some cod here and there rachel
Rachelrae: Anyone play call of duty black ops on here?
Tammy: wooohooo !!
yourfriend: COOL!!! I met a woman on here!!!!!
Aaron: Hi Ellie!
Ellie: Hello! Anyone on?
Tammy: hi hi
LC: Hello
wayne: Lucky you
yourfriend: To many to choose from.
yourfriend: Number of matches 1650
yourfriend: Visitors 326
wayne: good that means i wasnt left behind lol
michelle: lol he hasnt came back yet.
Hello?: Hello?
shout: shout
wayne: Where is everybody? Did jesus come back or what
pipai: Hello
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
Hmm: who*=how.
Hmm: You'd be surprised what folks believe while still being "one of us." It's also impossible to note who learned someone is off this site.
wayne: I dont think he is one of us
Tammy: Wayne don't worry bout mo he's just very unhappy person LOL
Tammy: bye mo lolol
yourfriend: What's Happening
Whoami: First one to guess correctly applause :P I'm bored
wayne: you need the mind of christ lean not to your own understanding
mo: Your opinion means nothing to me...I have a mind of myown...
mo: Sticking your head in the sand never works...
mo: Im not a enabler...
wayne: Thats why you should give tithes not pay tithes its not a bill
mo: If the preacher is stealing I would!
yourfriend: Would you attend your church week after week and not pay your tithes?
yourfriend: to Include the offending username
yourfriend: dressed, it's likely a scammer profile. Please report it immediately
yourfriend: If you view a profile with a photo where the woman is provoctively
yourfriend: Report Likely Scammer Profiles
wayne: I guess it doesnt make much diffrence
lynnpg: praise the lord apostoilc
Tammy: ohhh sorry :(
wayne: I cant send messages
Tammy: are you still having trouble with your account? or can you send messages
wayne: I guess so
Tammy: LOL you just miss everyone else Wayne ...
mo: Good morning sunshine!
wayne: That has born again..GOD BLESS U
wayne: Sometimes i think u the only one on this site
wayne: Hi tanmy im glad u got a blessing at service
joe: Supppp
Tammy: had a really really good service tonight Thank you JESUS
joe: Wooooohooooo
Tammy: Amen !!
joe: Ditto
jesussavesme: A blessed Sunday everyone!
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: .
joe: ..
joe: ...
joe: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ..
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: ...
mo: Hyuk
mo: I see why im single now lord please change me
mo: Jesus fill me with the fruit of the spirit amen
mo: I see beauty in all gods people please forgive me
mo: Im sorry for all the mean things i have said on this site
mo: Pray 4 em....
mo: Spinsters r ugly inside n out stay away f4om them evil doers...
mo: May I make one suggestion...merle norman could be your best freind if u let him...
mo: Who ask u bonehead...thats why your single ignoramus...
wow: Get a Job wacco
wow: with an evil attitude to boot
wow: mhorja you are not so hot at all ...............pretty darn ugly if you ask me
mo: Hutoo
mo: Only thing worse than a bitter old man is a ugly bitter old woman...
mo: Sup????
LOLOL: nothing like bitter old men
aupcgirl03: Y'all trippin.
Monique: Praise Jesus! You all have a blessed day
uto: Holy conv. Please
Kimberly: I'm big fat and ugly just look me up! Haha!!!!
mo: This site is loaded...if ya kno. What im mean...
mo: Welcome to paridise rdsee!
rdsee: God bless you all. Have a great day.
rdsee: any big fat ugly women on this site?
rdsee: any single never married women with no kids and a lot of money and pretty on this site?
rdsee: hi
mo: Thats so wonder no one wants u...
mo: Hate
mo: Dont ha y e cause I can have anyone and u cant find no one...
mo: God is angry with the wicked every day!
mo: Remember Gods wrath against evil doers!
mo: Lol...did u forget that all liars shall their part in hell?
wow: Ladies beware
LOL: because he's always on this board and he is rude and mean .......BEWARE of Him
LOL: I see the wacked out bully psyco is still on the shout board Ladies watch out for mhojr2........Is wacked out and evidently has no job
mo: Good morning sunshine!
mo: Lol
mo: Ioom....
mo: Tieh...
mo: Hi
Kimberly: Heyyy people!!! wassssup??
mo: Sup boo?
Haley: Hi(:
rdsee: have a great day
mo: Never pc but always JC!
uto: Prace be unto you
mo: Im praying God takes your hate and fills u with love! In Jesus name!
mo: No wonder your miserable...all u do is hate your brothers n sisters n report them
mo: Report till it makes u happy u miserable example of a christian
mo: Thats fine I cant stand backbiters...
wow: yes you need to get off the site you are mean and nasty and I reported you and a bunch of others because you call people names and mock
mo: If u hate Gods people find a site with infidels
mo: If u hate Gods word then stay off this site
mo: Im quoting scripture..stop hating...u sound like an infidel
mo: How many times were u dropped on your head as a baby wow?
wow: mo you are need to get off this site .......We all need to report you............You are NOT Apostolic
mo: Its in the old testament if u kno what that is ..
mo: But ass is go read that verse...
mo: Moron isnt in the Bible moron...
mo: Moron isnt in the Bible moron...
mo: I recommend u mind your own buisness...
Tammy: Amen !!
AM: Recommend you read Matthew 5:22 before calling someone a moron.
Tammy: hi janay
Tammy: wow .....
mo: Heyyy
janay: hi hi
mo: Moron...
mo: U
mo: Pray that God sends the ability to not be be such a hater
mo: To hey...when u learn what humor is u can talk to me...dont be so stupid
hey: mo .man quit being so desperate not attractive not attractive man
hey: rdsee have you been married before?
rdsee: would love to meet single never married woman with lots of money and verry pretty anyone like that on here?
uto: UU sound too desprate
mo: Talk to me sista!
mo: Hoveround??? Can I ride too???
mo: We can use your cane to prop up the hood or the trunk!
mo: Walker??? problemo!
mo: crutches too!
mo: Ps bowlegged welcomed here!
mo: Know anyone???
mo: And cant see out the other???
mo: bout a girl thats blind in one eye...
JoJoJackson: Hello all
Alleluia: Every dating web site has some scammers. It is the fact of the days we live in. Most of the people are for real.
Darkmaiden: Fake profiles on here!! Scams!!
uto: Don't waste your money
mo: And is very witty!
mo: Ill settle for a real ugly girl if she makes me laugh !
rdsee: Can i borrow $49.00 so i can join this site?
rdsee: Any real pretty single never married women with lots of money on here?
mo: Sup?
pento29: Ok a guy named lancer..he wont look at these chats. Anyone know him
q: hheyhedxhnn
q: nnanana
q: jJajajaja
q: hhvcvb
q: Just goofing
(: Whats with all the letters weird
q: jjjfcbbbnnn
q: Hddfbbnbb
q: Hhccfbnn
q: hhddbnnn
q: fddfgh---------$$$&'((((
q: .
q: 3<------------------------------8
hey: hey rdsee you ever been married before ?
mo: Single or divorced
Kimberly: Thanks!!! I just have a sore throat :/
rdsee: any single never married women on here?
chris: aww! feel better!
mo: Whats wrong?
mo: Prayin u get well soon kimbo!
Kimberly: Uhh I'm sick! :(
pento29: Helllloooo
pento29: Lancer
pento29: If they wud get on this chat they wud see
Kimberly: Yeah same here....
pento29: Yeah me too.. People wanna chat but I can't talk. Ha.. Hmm
Kimberly: I'm unable to respond to messages on here, because I'm not a paying member :/
pento29: Yep
Kimberly: Hi!! Hello!! Hey!!!
tera: I've got to pay for a membership.. I can't write anyone. Lol
mo: Relax and dont visit the site again...
mo: Get over it...stop being so
SimpleApostolicGirl: Actually I click on the delete button, give it the 24 hours and my account is still there. I have done it about 8 times.
mo: Maybe u r ocd...or adhd...
SimpleApostolicGirl: I cants seem to delete my account no matter how many times I try.
mo: Hey u
Darkmaiden: This doesn't seem to be run very well?
Darkmaiden: This doesn't seem to be run very well?
mo: Sup?
Darkmaiden: Hello!
mo: Hello pilgrims!
h: aaahhhheeeeehhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh
mo: Preach it!
Tammy: Amen
8: Don't stop believing God's promises for your life whatever it takes!
8: amen!!!!
mo: Sup !!!
(-: 1 timothy 1:18
(-: that thou by THEM mightest war a good warfare;
(-: This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee,
(-: For all the promises of God in him [are] yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us. 2Cor. 1:20
hi: maybe you need to update something or it might be a virus. well it might be the devil too lol
me: The site keeps logging me out! :-(
:P: :P
(-: hey hey
(-: out
(-: shout
mo: Yo sup
(-: waasssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!
mo: Suuuuppppp
Kimberly: Hey! Hey!!
hi: yesh they are bananas :0)
chris4him: bananas
chris4him: lol
hi: banana
hi: somebody feed the monkey already !!
hi: no idea how chat works, it is always empty :( ppl usually clowning on shoutboard as you can see
chris4him: anybody here?
chris4him: how does this chat work??? im new
chris4him: hello
ryan: your loco man
(-: you stole it from me whaaaaaaaaahaahahaaaaaaaaa!
ryan: eat your bananana then lol
(-: I want a bananananananannananan
(-: bananananana
(-: nanannanannanannnanannannan
(-: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
(-: bbbboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
(: lalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalallalalallalalal allallalalallalala
8: ;)
chris4him: hello
:D: Like a friend atm..
:D: Love him.. So hilarious and stinkin adorable
:D: Ohh i would keep one guy if things were just a little different not mo or rdsee sorry guys
:D: There are a few goodlooking men...most with bitter attitudes..
Jessica: Hey wheres all the good looking men??!!?!
:D: And the goodlooking ones aren't all taken or frigid.. They are selective just like you all are..not surprised bout the attitude from KY boy
:D: Yall stop arguing on here and being rude.. What if your shenanigans run off the woman of your dreams??
:D: God answers prayer!!
mo: All the goodlookin women r taken or
mo: Hahaha...
rdsee: any good looking women on here?
ha: mo get a life ...............lord
mo: Talk 2 me...
mo: Will u?
mo: If u will let me...
mo: Know this...I can help u!
chris4him: aloha
jennifer: hi hi
mo: Hey sweetie sup?
mo: Now u kno sista!
mo: And if u dont know....
mo: And if u dont know....
mo: U can focus on what really matters!
mo: Jus think how lucky u r 2 b single!
mo: PTL!!!
mo: Good morning!
mo: Hello
Alleluia: Thank You JESUS that you took my baggage, tore my name off it, and disposed of it for me, once and for all!! Woo-Hoo!
Alleluia: We all have baggage, some of us just refuse to pick it back up after checking it with JESUS!
rdsee: what is the name of the people who own this site?
rdsee: can be
rdsee: not a nut look ok no ex wives not krazy no baggage got a couple bucks tell ya more when we get to know each other.
Hmmm: well depends are there any got lots of money NO BAGGAGE No CRAZYY Ex wives GOOD LOOKING SWEET Men on here ?That AREN"T NUTS?
Ha: I know satans songs because I used to be his slave but now jesus blood set me free from sinful songs
mo: The response has been overwhelming...
mo: Call me....
mo: Anyone available for a date this Sunday?
albino: sup peepsssssssssssss
mo: Hey u!
rdsee: sat 3/16/2013 have a great day!looking for single never married woman with lots of money and she is pretty anybody like that on here?
mo: She needs it...obviously
mo: Can we all just pray for ha right now?
mo: U listening?
mo: How do know so much about satans song ha?
mo: Doesnt anyone wanna go on a cruise anymore...
mo: I need a vacation doesnt everyone?
mo: Is that a song satan?
Ha: More of satans songs mo
mo: Jamaca Bahama....come on pretty mamma...
mo: Ps...if u have to ask...u cant afford it...
mo: What do u think?
mo: What does the Bible say ?
rdsee: how old is to old or to young?
Amber: Beautiful day.. Thank you, Jesus )
Amber: 6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:Phil 1:6
me: Hello All
yo: :-P
yo: :-)
yo: :-)
yo: :-)
mo: Yuuuuuuuup!!!!!
mo: Hand?
mo: Pitbull got your tongue?
mo: Sup?
mo: I like yo be fair so im looking for a beautiful 40 yr old or a realy ugly 20 yr old
Alleluia: Praise Jesus For all He has Done! Praise him on the tumbrel, Praise him on the Drums, Let everything that has breath Praise The Lord!
Alleluia: :-)
Artisia: robertpegg is NOT Single!!! Unless his so called divorce went through... Don't trust him.
Alleluia: $49.00 for 9 years, seems like a bargan to me!
Alleluia: My membership was for 9 years, so I may still meet someone.
Alleluia: I haven’t met anyone but I didn't waste my money. I am supporting an Apostolic dating site, and that is Awesome to me! It may bless someone else.
Me: not looking good up in here..wasted my money nobody loves me but Jesus woohooo :0) smile is ahmazing
Agree: it only takes ONE right person, if you find the ONE right person on here, I believe 49.00 for several years membership is a bargain
Agree: mudbug the email issue was fixed, unless a person doesnt have paid memberships of course, they can only receive
Agree: amen, agree..don't say single if married, divorced, or in a relationship or engaged. hello..
Mudbug: I have seen where some have said they cannot send emails or communicate very well here ?
Mudbug: I have seen where some have said they cannot send emails or communicate very well here ?
Mudbug: New to the site. Can someone tell me if its worth paying for full membership?
Mudbug: Hello
rdsee: why do people on ssites like this say they are single when theyare not?
mo: Hollal
Alleluia: Praise God everyone! This is the day that the Lord has made, I will REJOICE
Me: talking in 4s lol..34 24..isnt this a math riddle ? :P
Aaron: Lol why a 24 year old guy?
Me: I will take a 24 y.o. Guy any day
Annie1978: How about 34??
rdsee: male seeking female way younger than 60 more like 30 maybe
christian2luvu: female seeking a christian male 60-70. any seekers, also
christian2luvu: hello
christian2luvu: hello
mo: Suuuuuuuop
mo: Hey u!
Tammy: mo you wouldn't have a guilty conscience now would ya ? LOLOL
Tammy: wow I didn't know that was laundry LOLOL you reveal too much there buddy
mo: only problem is people who try to hang my laundry without me asking them to...hang your own laundry! LOL
Tammy: Is it Miriam ? In St Pete ? I will pray too
Christian2luvu: Will pray
Amber: Ty
Amber: A sis fell down almost a whole flight of stairs. I hear she is in icu. Please help us pray.. It was at my old church.
mo: At are age its even more limited
mo: Can't be too careful with a site that has a very limited audience...
Tammy: seriously though there mo Nobody cares LOLOl
Tammy: mo you got a problem ....Little paranoid aren't we LOLOL
Tammy: Hi jojo....hows Texas? lol
Christian2luvu: Where r those nice elderly Christian guys?
Christian2luvu: Hello
mo: Sup boo?
mo: This is how we do it!
mo: Ptl!
mo: Hallelullah!!! Wooooohooooooo!!!!
mo: But thats water under the bridge...lets move on!
mo: Its no secret now....capice? Lol
Tammy: your secret is safe ,,,,,capice ?
Tammy: oh lord....
Sighhh: Charity seeketh not her own.. I will gladly give up my happiness for the sake of your happiness.. Love is like that.
whoops: B-)
whoops: dork :P
whoops: lol if you refresh on somebodys page it counts their views again..creeper :P
mo: And I definitely dont advertize...capice?
mo: Sweetheart I dont kiss and tell
Tammy: hi Alleluia
Tammy: no Linda from ASN days ?
mo: U thought wrong boo
Alleluia: Hello everyone!
Tammy: I thought you got married mo
mo: Later gators!
mo: Sup kimbo?
mo: Take those sunglasses off when im talking to u!
mo: Como esta usted?
mo: Hola chicas! Lol
mo: Sup homies?
Christian2luvu: From Crowley, la
Christian2luvu: 65 female
Christian2luvu: Hello
rdsee: anyone 32-81?
roger: any one 18-23?
roger: hey
mo: Sup peeps!
siscrystal: ok how i get it lol
siscrystal: hi sis Hi sis
Clarification: hello everybody
mo: Sup my boo?
mo: Sup. Kimbo?
mo: Tgif!!!!
siscrystal: cool no one in the chat room but you get to listen to some cool music worth going in just for the music.
Texasgirl: Thankful for it tho yall
Texasgirl: Happy friddaaay to those who have a life :p worrrrkn
mo: Sup lil pup?
mo: Hey u!
Aida: Heyy everyone!
mo: Rah rah rah!
mo: Lets get goin!
mo: Rise n shine !
mo: Sup people!
Tammy: true true true I can't Take the Fake
mo: N plz dont fake it....theres 2 many of those....
mo: Now put a smile on that kisser!
mo: Ikr!
Tammy: wooohoooo Happy Happy Happy
mo: I will rejoice and be glad in it!
mo: This is the day the Lord has made!
mo: Come on everybody get happy!
mo: PTL!
Tammy: Happy for ya Matt
mo: Hello!
mo: Sup?
Hi: Praise God Matt
confused1matt: Ya'all keep the faith.
confused1matt: Praise the Lord, she walked right in the church doors all the way from Tennessee..So I'm not looking anymore
me: stay calm and be a princess
hi: congrats clairification
Clairification: Going to Nevada for spring break!
Clairification: Got 85% on my test...All to God for helping me because it was a hard test.
Clairification: Hello everyone! So thankful I passed my Trimester 2 of my ISOM classes!
mo: Ms spiritual???
mo: Hmmmmm....
mo: Or ....nm ...
mo: Hey wow r u adhd?
mo: Sup boo?
mo: Wat up
Yowsa..: Shout out!
mo: Hello!
mo: mhojr2
Tammy: you first mo jo
Kimberly: Hello again lol!
mo: Whats ur profile name?
Tammy: funny
mo: Wow ! Jus my type! Howd u kno?
Tammy: mo jo
Tammy: well I'm 5 foot 1 and a half, 110 pounds.......I don't know if I believe you LOLOL
mo: Well there a few bones in the
mo: I weigh 270 lbs and am 6 ft tall...all
Humbled: Good morning
Kimberly: Hi!
Tammy: and how much do you weigh buddy ?
Tammy: LOL I'm not skerd mo but I asked you first
mo: Sup boo?
mo: Sup?
mo: Im a texan too!
mo: Hey tx gurl!
mo: R u lonely???
mo: Hi r u ms spiritual?
Hi: Mo is estimated to be 12 y.o by all accounts.. :p jk
mo: Dont worry I wont hold it against u! Lol
mo: U first tambo old r u? And how much u weigh?
:p: ;)
Tammy: how old are you mo ? let me guess
mo: Amen!
Tammy: crazy go up to My account and pull it down its under Buy Membership
Tammy: lol mo you are funny can I get an "Amen" ha
crazy: how do you join this site?who do you send your money to?
mo: Hiya!
mo: Someone read someones mail again...whoop whoop
mo: Hello!
Ha: I do not know how to have any fun......I am a prude
Ha: hi my name is Miss Spiritual and I am a Troublemaker ....(please note and Stay away from me )
oh lord:
oh lord:
oh lord:
oh lord:
oh lord:
oh lord:
oh lord:
oh lord:
mo: When did the chest pains begin?
mo: Rescue......doesnt have a clue..plz
mo: Someone is hurting...bad. ..
mo: 911
Ha: Someone is posting wordly song on here we love GODS music can I get a amen
mo: For da memories...
mo: Ohhh lala
Tammy: tanks
mo: Sup kimbo?
mo: Great job tambo!
mo: Youl be my prayer when I get old!
mo: Your in my soul!
albino: What's. good
Tammy: you are my um *#^&* your my bestfriend
Tammy: You'll be my breath should i grow old
Tammy: hey I remembered Rod baby right ?
mo: Ima gonna let u pass...this time wink wink
Tammy: oh wow ...............sorry don't know the words loolol
mo: Your in my heart your in my soul...
mo: U should know ...everywhere I go
mo: Tonight until forever!
mo: Cry me a river...
mo: Oh well...
mo: U were suppose to continue with the lyrics!
mo: Its a song tammy! Lol
Tammy: mo you need to calm down ...........
Tammy: lots of people on hereeeeeeee
Tammy: wowwwwww
mo: And I need u here with me...
mo: The kind of love that lasts forever..
mo: U know are love was meant 2 be!
albino: wazzzzzzup peeps :P
Ambi: Funny, mo.. Thought i knew who this was but now i All kinds of confused.
mo: Boo u!
friendship: friendship to hi-
friendship: we
friendship: friendly arent ywe?
hi: lol yeah. thanks sista..I was like huh then I saw your profile name lol
friendship: best wishes to your computer then
hi: only awake cause computer messed up..updating it :P
hi: best wishes to whom? I am single toooooooooos
friendship: best wishes
Hi: Sooo does every guy call himself "mo" on shoutboard ? Lol
Ambi: tehe
Ambi: Boo who? :p wah lol
mo: Sup boo?
Hi: --
Hi: --
Ambi: :p
Ambi: Booorrdd
Hi: Who wouldda thunk it! March already, dannng!!
rolandc4774: lol on this site
Alleluia: Deteriorating Fast where you live? Or Fast on this Site? LOL
rolandc4774: Goodness, I need to find a wife fast. Things are deteriorating fast here. Lol haha.
Alleluia: Hey Confused1matt – I put my email address up for 1 day- when email wasn’t working. But I realized every Spam and Scammer would use it as well. LOL
Alleluia: He was convicted and took down the photo right away. He thanked me for pointing out his error with love, and from a Biblical perspective.
Alleluia: One was dressed without a shirt and posed in a provocative manner. I sent him a message nicely and Biblically pointing out his error.
Ronnie: if a guy is in a muscle shirt and shorts most likely he is not apostolic pentecostal or his church has no dress code
:P: whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :P
Cool: Awesome admin!
confused1matt: Oh. ok I'll take it (My email) off. Now you know why I call my self "Confused1matt" lol
hi: what about guys in shorts and or muscle shirts can we report them too
me: Adding your email address to your profile even as a member helps other people who are not members to cheat this site out of money.
me: No you can't add your email address to your profile. besides it opens you up for spam and scammers.
Ronnie: Artisia I agree with you about Nays profile so everyone be alert
confused1matt: so, since I am a paid member I can include my email address? I didnt know that
Artisia: No single men in my church either, unless I want to count the guys under 21. LOL
Artisia: Anyone having any luck meeting someone? Only a couple guys in my state.
Artisia: God it good! (All The Time) :-)
Crystal: Hey (:
Artisia: Hello
mo: Sup baby baby!
Artisia: Yes the Pic on Nays profile is from a college brochure; If it is a legitimate profile, why the fake photo?
Hi: Nope not Nay.. Just saw the pic before
Ronnie: Hi, thanks for that info, But its not Nay right?
mo: Its a new yr with new surprises for everyone!
mo: Cmon everybody get happy!
mo: Sup peeps!
mo: Sup?
Hi: Nays pic is actually a pic from a college brochure.. Seen it before..cant say if shes legit tho..
Ronnie: Beware of nay, the picture is blurry and not legit, no information, non U.S residence, be careful
Heather: Aloha from Hawaii!! :] God Bless!
mo: Yeah n thats y they love me so baby...
Tammy: oh lord a know what they say about texas don't ya
mo: But I am acommidating ...
mo: No I only talk texas baby baby!
Tammy: we got alotta dat down here from da northeners
Tammy: awww soooo you talk like a massachuteits person ..........I see
mo: Im from that great land mass...u know ms.? Lol
mo: Thats country bsby baby
Tammy: tambo ? is that sorta like rambo ?
Clarification: Going to become a Trikke dealer view online if purchase say Elizabeth D. from Ohio so I can get credit. Thanks! God is good!
mo: Sup?
mo: Hey u!
mo: Sup tambo?
Tammy: funny mo ....
Tammy: wow glad your ok
Hi: Amen i did. No major deal but it so couldve been..
Wayne: Who ever you are
Wayne: Thank GOD you are ok
Hi: wrecked my car trying to get to church. :/ I am ok. everybody have a great day
Hi: Aww xoxo lol grats
mo: If lovin u is wrong...I dont wanna be
mo: Sup
Hi: Nice weather
Tammy: 80 breezy and Sunshininnnnnnnnnnnnn here in da south
Hi: Anybody elses emails sending multiple times since site email fixed?
Hi: As i look back over my life.. ... Ive been Blessed.. Gota testimony
Hi: Gotta get back to werk :(
Hi: ..thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end..
Hi: Hows the weather in WI and the deep south yall?
Hi: Ptl bro Brad and mo
leftywi: PRAISE THE LORD! bro and sisters-this is bro Brad from WI
mo: Sup peeps!
Hi: I will praise the Lord with my whole heart
Hi: ---------
Hi: ------
Hi: :p almost
Hi: Hey, person whose real name rhymes with mo
mo: Hey u
Hi: zzzzzzz
Hi: Lol :0)
mo: Chillin like a villian ...
Hi: Hey u.. On lunchbreak.. Sup?
mo: Hey u! Sup?
Hi: Ppl dont wanna take on a battle if u dont let them know the odds of them winning
meeeeeeeee: payday tomorrow ;)
meeeeeeeee: weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning!
meeeeeeeee: :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
meeeeeeeee: boooorrrrrrrreeedddddddd
meeeeeeeee: ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼ϒ 8;☼☼ send yo some sunshine
meeeeeeeee: awesome church last night..God is so cool ))
hi: if you don't talk to her someone else will..for the rest of your life..
hi: Good luck..
hi: for a few mins, but..jerks deserve that
hi: Mo, just call the girl. Geez..whattaya got to lose? what is the worse that can happen? well if you were calling me, you'd get an ear full
crazy: God is good and (some)people are crazy how is all you people doing today?God bless you and have a great day!!!
mo: C)
mo: No ty!
mo: This is crazy... So call me maybe!
Hi: Yw
Hi: Hello maybe
mo: Call me maybe..
mo: Sup
Kristigirl: Thanks! All better
Hi: Email
Kristigirl: Any tips on how to access "paid areas" after you have already paid and payment was processed?
Tammy: thank the Lord !!
mo: Woooooohooooo
Hi: Ptl!
leftywi: THANK YOU MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS,GOD your so great!
leftywi: God kept me salf on my way to work and back 60 miles on blinding snow ,wind ,and ice coverd roads
Hi: Praise the Lord
Hi: Cool.. Seeing some changes on this site.. Goodjob admin
mo: Wooooohooooo dentist bound ....ill have lil gas plz!
Joleen:): Im glad to hear that Tammy we did too! Hope y'all have a good day
lynnpg: praise the lord everyone
Tammy: we had sweet healing presence of the Lord in our services ...was wonderful
Joleen:): Praise the Lord everyone hope you all had as lovely a day as I was blessed with <3
mo: Hey u sup?
leftywi: love sundays,cant wait til church this morning-and preservice prayer
mo: Ikr
me: Amen!! I love the house of the Lord!!
Lol: It is a great day to go to the House of the Lord!
mo: Sup
Hi: Thanks so much for All your kind words.. Have a great evening
hi: lololl.......big ole bullys
mo: Where would we be without big bertha!
mo: Lets shout out for all the lovely big mommas!
Hi: Welcome to the zoo, brother tdcman
Hi: " big ladies" huh?? Sounds like you're the bully
tdcman: My fist time here
hi: and Big ladies Please stop bullying to get You a Man !!!!
hi: competition and jealously will get you No where and in trouble with the Lord
SouthernSweetheart: Goodmorning Everybody on this Beautiful Day God has blessed us with!!
confused1matt: lol "hi", but aman. I expected that response. Aman?
hi: everybody have a greattt daaaayyy
hi: his is also not the author of confusion, confused1matt ;) jk
confused1matt: God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind
confused1matt: Aman
Miss Chievious: yes..Sun is shining here, because God lights up truth..and literally it is shining too praise God..
Lol: The sun is shiny somewhere!!! Not here but somewhere it shines on, and keeps our earth at a proper temperature!
Lol: So much in life to be thankful for!
Lol: ;)
Lol: The shout feed seemed a bit depressing, so I am going to flood it back to a good place.
lol: Happy Weekend!!!!
Miss Chievious: and I wouldnt have put my profile back up with pics..
Miss Chievious: if this is who it sounds like that is..
Miss Chievious: if I missed you, I would be trying to talk to you and havent whatsoever, not in text or email or fb or anything..
Miss chievious: Then it certainly explains why u r still single at your age.. U point the finger at eveybody but you never look in your own mirror to see your flaws
Miss chievious: If u think u know me and dont want to be in my life, delete me from fb.. Starting to seem like i know who this is, and if thats the case
Miss Chievious: I dont live ungodly at all.. am i perfect, no.. Neither are u
Miss Chievious: if u mean i miss u.. Nope, dont miss any guy i ever met on's Sad u want to put all women in the same category.
Miss Chievious: U dont even know me.. if U mean y i put miss chievious, i was being silly..
mo: Will its obvious y u put miss....
Aaron: Climbing in yo window, snatching yo people uppp
Amber: reported her to admin
Amber: creepy and gross..
Amber: pass
Amber: who is the admin of this site? getting emailed by a lady at least 4th email from as many paid profiles..
Miss Chievious: and if you ignore all women and we are supposedly all depraved then why are you on here lol o.O
Miss Chievious: and I only putt MISS Chievious cause I was being silly
Miss Chievious: women are not ALL depraved, where did you say you are from?
leftywi: whats up sisters and brothers
mo: No man can please a woman...only God can fill their depraved hearts and minds...
mo: Its a win win!
mo: MISS CHIEVIOUS ive found if u ignore them they go away faster!
Aaron: Girl problems on here eh?
Miss Chievious: just saying..girls get sick of sending texts and them not being replied to..if somebody cares they SHOW it..I say that with love, brother
Miss Chievious: oh and Mo, if your girl spends more time with her friends, maybe you shouldnt ignore her.. keep your wallet on u not in her hand
lan: So, Matt....what are you confused about?
lan: oops new at this
lan: seen you earlier, seen you eariler seen you earlier
lan: good morning
confused1matt: good morning lan63
Miss Chievious: Amen sista!
Tammy: Thank the Lord your not Stuck with the wrongggggggg person lol
Miss Chievious: Not that a girl would mind roses 24/7 for life what? I will treat my guy like a prince or at least a duke..
Miss Chievious: Agreed ha ha ha :0) have a great day all.. And hey we have God in truth.. Better than roses 24/7 for life!!!
Mobile: Just think of all the money we'll save today!!
Mobile: Happy Valentine's day to all my fellow members of the apostolic buffet of lonely heats.
leftywi: bro brad from wisconsin more snow got to love it
Miss Chievious: Mo, where you from? Missouri, right? or ? lol
Miss chievious: Lol yes sir, i meant idc bout valentines day either way.. It is just another day, commercialized for sales lol
mo: Hallelujah!
mo: Omg! Can u feel the love people! Its all around us and it is the Lord and he is all you or I ever need ! PTL!
mo: Wooooooohoooooo
Miss Chievious: hey u! :P on Valentine's Day :0)
mo: Hey u! Happy Valentines day!
Miss Chievious: :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P and :P
Ambi: o/praise the Lord ;)
hi: lol Mo!
hi: lol Mo!
mo: Hope everyone has an early happy Valentines day!
confused1matt: nice talking to you clarissa. keep the faith. God will give you your prince charming
jart: At first glance: this site is a waste of time and $ because of it's weak search engine. Primitive chat (here) 150 letters or less.
mo: U my freind...are not...
mo: I am a trained professional...
mo: One second guys...dont try this at home...
mo: And I expect nothing less from you...
mo: Ive always dreamed of a woman that takes all my money...talks bad about spend more time with her freinds..r u up for the challenge?
mo: This is a one time offer ladies...will you be my valentine? Xox
hi: hellooo brothers and sisters...mostly brothers tho ;)
Hi: Do not join
Dixiegirl: Email is still NOT working. And I took out all the apostrophes.
Alleluia: Thank you Admin for finally figuring out what the issue with the mail was, and for fixing it!!! God bless
mo: Omg...oh no they didnt..
AJ: Someone just went all out Conway Twitty on here
mo: Hello darlin...nice 2 cu...its been a long time...
mo: Sup?
mo: Hey yall!
mo: Hey
Neat: hi people
hi: cool and he cleared off all the did all yall have messages in sent mail when you tried to send before (and couldnt) or no?
confused1matt: Thank you sir. I like this site. God is good
lol: thank u for all your hard work admin!
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