Tammievaughn46: Praise The Lord! I am a newbie . Looking for single brothers who are kind!
Jimmers: Have a great weekend everyone! Let His light shine through you and keep smiling
Mountain Goat: Never disagree with Gods gift, you know, His blessings for you. If it's not working properly, simply read the "Owners Manual" Hallelujah!!!!!!
Jimmers: *venison lol
Jimmers: Love the fall! Cooling temps, changing colors and VRNIDON!!
Jeann: Good Morning and God Bless!
ElaineB: Good morning and Happy Fall Friday, ya'll!!! 54 degrees in South Arkansas....YAY!!!!
Jimmers: More folks need to listen to Jeff Arnold these days for sure!! Hello to all you newbies!
Amber: Praise the lord, church!
Thepreacherwhorolls: Thank you. Good morning..
ElaineB: Thepreacherwhorolls......I loved your profile. I pray my daughter finds someone like you.
Thepreacherwhorolls: I think people will be offended my profile which is good; I have to stop listening to bishop Jeff Arnold lol..
Rena: Hello I'm new here
Thepreacherwhorolls: Hello I'm new here
ElaineB: I get on and check for messages and then get back off. I guess a lot of people do that.
Scott: Blessings
ElaineB: Good morning! Happy Wednesday to you all!!
tintin: hello
Ralph: Hi
Mark: because hardly anyone is ever on here
Ron: just curious why don't it show anyone online?
tintin: great morning everyone God blesses
NewJourney: hello
tintin: hi
Ralph: Hi
Jimmers: Happy Sunday indeed! Another youngster baptized in Jesus name!!
Ambi: No idea where 995 came from 😜
Ambi: Hello! Happy Sunday 😎🙏🏻☝🏻️💃 995;
Jimmers: Good thinking Meme. God has delivered me out of a life of alcohol and depression. He's just good like that!! Anyone else?
Meme: Testing one two three....hello folks give a shout out if you love God and he has brought you through1 Anybody want to testify?
DwainNelson92@yahoo.com: Now that's funny. I don't care who you are.
Ron: Well exciting isn't exactly the word I would use
Jimmers: This place is too exciting
okcapostoliclady 45: Hello all
GG: Morning all!
Jimmers: Prayers to ya mountain goat. He knows and is able!!
Jimmers: Go ahead and post it 10 times just to stir things up lol
Lisa: Sorry about the double post lol
Lisa: Hello everyone!! Hello everyone !!!
ElaineB: Good morning!
Mountain Goat: All you prayer warriors, I need prayer immediately! God knows the need.
LiveGiveServe: JDA238 & holyghostguy07 are the same people. At 1 point he had the same pic on both profiles. Some info diff. Scammer?
Mark: Cb, put a picture of a celebrity or something. lol.
ChelleBelle: Since I can't deactivate my account i guess I'll put a picture up.
Adeline: Hello!
rickrickdeanh: What happend to the past threads?
Jimmers: Why all the grey??
ElaineB: Hello!
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